Until I met you episode 31

Episode 31
Writer: NICKY
“What in the world is happening here?”he asked coming in.
Regina was also shocked to see him but the guys were rushing towards him. “Who are you? How dare you come in here”the first guy said in anger. He moved to hit him but dave threw a punch to his face causing him to fall. The other guy tried to hit him with stick and he collected it from him. He hit him with it instead and kicked him to the ground. The two guys stood up again and they were fighting. Dave overpowered and beat them badly. One of the guys pu-ll-ed out a gun and pointed it to him trying to shoot.
“St©p!”regina screamed and he st©pped. I let out a breath of relieve staring at him. Dave walked up to us staring at me. “Are you ok? How dare you guys do this to her?”he said looking at my face. He left me and stood up to face regina. “Why again are you doing this regina? You’re going too far. How dare you hurt her?”he said with anger in his voice.
“Why did you have to come here? You shouldn’t have. You just put both of you in more danger by coming to rescue her”she said looking at him. As they were talking, I was alre-ady trying to lose the rope tied to my hand.
“I think you’re bad but I don’t know you’re this worst. You have no conscience at all. re-lease her right now or…”one of the guys hit his head with a stick and dave fell to the ground. “Oh no”I said in tears
“Good. I don’t want to hurt you but what? You’re still trying to side with her till the end?
What you can’t get, it’s better you destroy them. That’s my rule”she said looking down at him. “No. How could you guys do this to him? Dave”I said crying. I have loose the rope used to tie me and got down crying beside him.
“Get up dave. plea-se get up”I said tou-ching his face. “Why would you do this regina? This is unfair. I thought you promised not to hurt him”
She signaled to one of the guys and he went to bring something. He poured down water from a bowl to Dave’s face. When he was conscious, I got a little relieved. He got up looking at me face. “Are you ok?”he asked. “You have to be OK first”I said sobbing and he hvgged me ti-ght as I cry. “Hmm. Love in Tokyo. How I wish to be loved too”regina said and dave re-leased me. He turned to her but we were still both on the floor. “What do you want exactly? I’ll do anything you want but plea-se let her go”he said. “Why would I let her go when I want her?”she asked.
“Ok. You want me? Fine. I’ll sacrifice myself but plea-se let dave go. Don’t you t©uçh a hair on him”I said looking at her. “Really? Sacrificing yourself for him? What are you guys? Romeo and Juliet?”she asked laughing. She waved the gun in the hair looking at both of us.
“Who should I take first? You? Or you?”she asked pointing the gun to us.
All this while, Dave was looking around and I don’t know why. Is he trying to do something?”I thought to myself. My dress was messed up alre-ady and bruises were over my face as they sting so bad but I think my heart stings the most. Dave got up facing Regina. “Ok. What exactly will make you st©p?”he asked staring at her. “I told you earlier. Nothing but her”she said looking at me. The guys were staring at us with one of them pointing his gun straight.
“Ok.”Dave said. He looked at me and win-ked.
When he hvgged me the other time, he said something to my hear.
“I promise we’ll be fine ok. Whenever I wi-nk at you, just lie down on the ground ok don’t move.”I remembered and quic-kly la-id down. I heard crumbles and raised my head slowly. He was wra-pping his hand around Regina’s n£¢k pointing the gun to her head. How does he manage to get that from her?
“Drop your gun or I shoot her”he said to the guys. Regina was breathing heavily looking at the guys. The guy with the gun, stare at him pointing his gun then he dropped it down slowly.
“Hands up”he said and they both raised their hands.
“What do you think you’re doing?”regina asked. “Me? Oh I’m trying to save my love”dave said smiling.
He began to move back with regina still pointing the gun at her. He nodded his head at me and I got up from the floor still feeling scared. “Sorry. The police should be here any moment from now”he said. “How dare you!”regina said in anger. I was walking slowly behind dave because my leg had an injury which was bleeding. I tr!pp£dand I fell down out of stamina. I hit it against the chair and it was even bleeding more. Dave left regina and quic-kly c@m£ to me. Oh no. He doesn’t even care she might hurt us again but let her go?”Are you ok.”he asked looking at my bleeding leg. He re-moved his shi-t and tied it around my ankle to st©p the bleeding. This time, Regina picked the other gun from the ground and was moving to us. I g@sped and dave looked back too. “Drop the gun you’re holding or I shoot her”she said and dave dropped the gun. “Don’t worry just trust me ok. we can do this. I promise you we’ll be fine”dave said to me and got up raising his hand. “Ok. You won. But plea-se don’t shoot”he said to her. I sat there staring at them. “You’re trying to prove smart huh? Not even you can get in my way.”she said looking at dave. “plea-se drop the gun. We can settle this with words”dave said to her but she didn’t.
“No. Enough of all this! Her pres£nce is annoying. Sorry I have no choice”she said and pointed the gun at me. Her eyes were full of anger and I guess this time, she’ll shoot. I closed my eyes expecting the worst. She pu-ll-ed the trigger twice with the sound filling my ears but I couldn’t feel anything on my b©dy. I opened my eyes and saw dave before me. “Its ok. I promised to protect you”he said smiling. His eyes shut and was falling. “Noooo”I said looking at him. Tears streamed down my cheeks uncontrollably and he fell on my shoulder. “Noooo. Dave why!”I said crying and shaking his b©dy. My hand and cloth were filled with blood. The gun fell down from Regina and she was staring at dave in shock too. “Nooo this can’t happen. plea-se look at me. plea-se get up! Dave!”I said crying like a baby but that doesn’t do anything. His b©dy didn’t move or listen to my cries. My heartaches so much that I think I couldn’t breath again.
I heard the police siren outside and soon they were inside the building pointing guns everywhere.
“Drop your weapons and hands up”the police said and that was all I could remember.
I opened my eyes to found myself in a hospital be-d. I got down from the be-d quic-kly trying to go out. but someone took my hand.
I looked up and saw dave. “Where are you going to? Your leg is hurt”he said looking at me. “Why are you here? You were hurt”I said in surprise. He was smiling at me. His b©dy was perfectly ok without any blood stain on his cloth. “What happened? Your cloth is….”I said looking down at his cloth. I look at mine and could still see the blood stains.
The door flung opened and I saw dad and Rachael walking in. I looked beside me and dave was gone.
“Wait! Don’t go. Dave wait”I said and dad quic-kly c@m£ to me. The doctor got in too and c@m£ to my side. “Are you ok? What happened to you?”dad asked hvgging me. “We have to put her to sleep. She nee-ds treatment”the doctor said taking me to the be-d but I jack off his hand. “Where’s dave? What happened to him? He’s hurt. You nee-d to treat him first. I’m fine plea-se save Dave first. I’m ok”I said crying. “They are treating him. plea-se ma’am you have to receive treatment too”the nurse said holding me.
“I said I’m fine. plea-se let me see him. It’s ok if I see him”I said. Rachael c@m£ to hvg me crying too. “It’s ok. Anna. Dave will be fine. Get in be-d and let them treat you”she said.
After my treatments, I was permitted to see him. When I got to his Ward, I saw him lying in be-d. I walked in and sat beside his be-d taking his hand in mine. I asked the doctor and he told me Dave was sh0t at the back twice. They re-moved the bullet but can’t guarantee he’ll survive yet.
I sat there looking at his face and tears streamed down my cheek. I pictured him smiling at me and wiping my tears but he’s not. He was lying in be-d unconscious.
“Why do you have to get in the way? You risked your life to save me. Why would you take some bullet for me? I’m feeling bad because I think everything is my fault. You’re in this situation because of me. plea-se wake up for my sake. plea-se you have to get up”I said crying. The machine started ma-king some sounds and the doctor and nurses quic-kly get in.
They were running around doing all sort of things while I stood there in confusion. After a while the sound st©pped and the doctors faces were full of disappointment. “What wrong? Is he ok? Why are you guys not doing anything again?”I asked looking at them.
“Ma’am. He’ll be fine but you have to go to Ward first uhm”he said with a fake smile. I knew something was going on.
“plea-se tell me what’s wrong? Don’t lie to me. I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying beside him”I said to him.
Dad and Rachael got In too looking at the scene. “Sir can I see you in pri-vate?”he asked my dad and he said ok.
“Tell me anything. I’m his girlfriend. Don’t say anything pri-vately. Say it now. He’s ok right?”I asked.
“Ok…Ehm. Sorry we lost him at last”he said. “W..what! No. You can’t… Nooo!”I screamed in tears and before I knew it, I fell in the h and of dad and bec@m£ unconscious again.
To be continued