Until I met you episode 32

Episode 32
Writer: NICKY
Everything felt like a dream but it’s not.
I opened my eyes again looking around. I saw Rachael beside me. Immediately she saw me, she c@m£ to my side. “Are you ok? Are you feeling better?”she asked. I managed to get off be-d and got down walking to the door but I stumbled and fell.
“Oh no. You should be careful”Rachael said helping me up.
“Where’s dave? Why is he not here beside me when he knows I’m sick?”I asked her but she was quiet.
“So heartbreaking we lost one of our beloved celebrity. Dave Kingsley. May his perfect soul rest in peace. He was claimed murdered…..” Rachael took the remote and switched off the tv.
I moved back and sat on my be-d. “Is that true? Dave died?”i asked. “Uhm. I’m so sorry for the lost”rachael said feeling bad.
“Why him of all people? Why dave? Why would death kill the good people leaving the evil and bad ones behind? This is because of me.”I said sobbing.
Rachael c@m£ beside me patting my shoulder.
“This wouldn’t have happened if we never met. It won’t happen if I have rejected his proposal. He died because of me. Oh no. What should I do?”I said crying with my heart aching. “It’s not you fault Anna. Dave really love you. It’s fate not your fault.”she said.
“You have to be strong ok? I’m very sorry for everything that happen”she hvgged me crying too.
The following day, I visited where dave was buried. I didn’t want to go at first because I couldn’t st©p crying every minutes his memory come into my head.
I got to his burial ground and sat on the floor beside it.
“You’re so bad and selfish. Why would you leave me without thinking what I might do to myself later? Why would you die in my place? I didn’t tell you to do it for me. I didn’t tell you to die for me. Why would you take those bullets and pains without thinking twice? I know you love me but that too much dave”I said and tears run down uncontrollably. “Remember what you said to me? You said you won’t go anywhere without me. You promise to be there even when I’m not looking. You promised to do anything just for my happiness. Is this what you meant? Death? Oh no. Why do you have to do this to me?”I said crying out loud.
My eyes were blurred with tears and my heart was filled with pain.
I couldn’t st©p crying. I was there till evening not leaving. My heart couldn’t take it any longer and I thought of suicide. If I die, I didn’t lose anything. I’m just feeling sorry for dad. But I don’t think I can live without him.(dave) I should be the one buried here anyway. It’s better I go to him and we can both rest in peace. Can’t take the pain alone in my heart forever.
I thought to myself crying.
I noticed a bright reflecting of light from above. It was so bright I could resist from looking up. I looked up and……
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“Annabel plea-se wake up. Doctor do something”noises and sounds of machine filled my ear drums until I opened my eyes yo reality.
“She’s breathing. She’s alive”a voice said. My view wasn’t that clear so I couldn’t see those people beside me. “Annabel are you ok? You got us really scared”Rachael said crying. He face was swollen and I guess she must have cried for a really long time. I saw dad beside me too with his face full of worries and concern. “What’s happening here?”I thought to myself looking around.
The doctors then began to give me some treatments.
I stood up from the hospital be-d trying to sit but my b©dy was in so much pain. “You have to stay calm. plea-se don’t move”one of the doctors said. “Where’s dave?”I asked. “He’ll be fine. He’s still in the operation room”rachael said. “Nothing happened right?”I asked and she nodded her head. I have to go as quic-k as possible to see him myself. I can’t stand to let what happened in my dream c@m£ to reality.
After the doctors and my family left to let me get some sleep, I couldn’t blink an eyes or sleep for a second. Immediately I saw they were gone, I climbe-d down from my be-d but my stamina was not that strong so I have to hold things to support myself till I got to the entrance.
I managed until I finally got to where dave was. I looked inside and saw no one there except him lying on be-d. I sighed and opened the door slowly to go in.
I got to his be-d and sat right beside him. I looked at the matching beside him which I saw in my dream. I pray nothing bad happen to him. I believe he’ll be fine.
God plea-se save him.
I can’t live if he dies. plea-se save him from this bad accident. I prayed in my heart with tears dropping. I was holding his hand in mine. Immediately I remembered how it happens in my dream like that, I wanted to re-move it to avoid everything repeating in real life but I couldn’t re-move my hand. Why is it ha-rd to do?
I looked at his face and his lashes were moving. “Dave! Can you hear me? Are you ok?”I asked wiping my tears. I looked more closely and his eyes opened a bit. He was looking around the room. “Are you really awake? Thank God. Thank you. I was really scared”I said crying. He looked at me trying to raise his hand to my face but it fell back. “Its ok. Don’t move. I’ll call the doctor.”I said trying to get up but he squee-zed my hand causing me to sit back. I looked at his face wondering why he did that. “Ar…are you okay?”he managed to asked in a very low tone.
“Again? Will you st©p worrying about me and look out for yourself? You nee-d to be fine too. St©p worrying about me for Christ sake. plea-se”I said and tears started falling again.
“I’m sorry. I made you cry”he said looking at my face. “You got me worried and sad. I think something is going to happen. plea-se don’t leave me”I said crying and hvgged him on be-d. He lifted his hand to my back stro-king it. “It’s ok. I’m fine if you’re fine too”he said.
I went back to my Ward after some times but still scared something bad night happen. The doctor c@m£ in to check on me. “How’s dave? He’ll be fine right?”I asked him after he was done.
“He should be fine. Can’t believe he survived that after loosing so much blood but he was lucky the bullets hit his shoulder and not somewhere very fatal or else, it would have been another story from this”doctor said.
I got a little relieved by his words. “But ma’am”he said looking at me. “What’s that? Any problem again?”I asked.
“Not really. I’ll like to tell you this too if you weren’t aware of it”he said checking some files he was holding. “Ok. What’s that. plea-se tell me”I said feeling more curious. “Are you aware you are pregnant?”he asked and I was shocked.
“Pr.. Pregnant?”I asked.
“Yeah. We carried out some tests and discovered you’re 8weeks pregnant. During the time of the accident, you b©dy went throu-gh a lot of damages due to some shocks but so sorry we lost the baby. Sorry to break the sad news to you”he said but I was too shock to know what to do.
To be continued