Untamed Libr@rian – episode 1

Untamed Libr@rian
Episode 1
A Story Written by Larabae13…
Mrs briggs peaked into the office and smiled at the young woman who sat at the desk doing inventory of the new best sellers,she wondered why a beautiful young woman will dress herself in dreary colours and doesn’t the ti-ght way she packed her hair gives her headache? “we are opened clara” she said. Clara Hilton looked up and pushed her tortoise shell glas-ses to her face “ok mrs briggs”.
“I’ve told you to st©p calling me mrs briggs call me anna” she frowned at clara. “Ok anna I just keep on sli-pping” she smiled sheepishly at anna “you know I’m still trying to get used to being here….it is not like the libr@ry I work in canada if not for my late aunt’s will,I won’t be here,but it is time for a fresh start anyways”. Anna smiled sympathetically at her “we all loved your aunt suzy, she was a good old crone with steel in her backbone….but we didn’t know that she has a family because she lives alone in her big old house with only her cat”. “I didn’t know that I have an aunt too until her lawyer called me, that was when I knew my mother was estranged from her family because of my father” clara told anna.
The bell jingled from the door signaling the arrival of people into the libr@ry. “Good morning Alan” mrs briggs greeted cheerfully “what brings you to our libr@ry today? Because it’s been years since you stepped foot into this libr@ry” Clara found her eyes straying to see the handsome young man called Alan who just entered the libr@ry.
Goodness gracious! He is tall! She thought,are those eyes green or blue? She couldn’t say because it wasn’t either. Her breath quic-kened and she could hear the sound of her heart pounding like ban-go drums,those shoulders…Oh Lord, what is wrong with me? I haven’t been affected by a pretty face before, this is sure the love-and-leave them type of guy. Thank God he is not my type or he can be, she thought.Snap out of this clara and listen to what they are saying.
Alan kevlar grinned at mrs briggs knowing that the grin would soften her up a bit “aw anna, what do you mean by I haven’t stepped foot in here in a while? Aren’t you seeing my foot here now?” He said. He then heard a g@sp behind anna ” is this the new libr@rian?” He asked anna,all Alan saw was a petite woman in a dark brown get-up with a ti-ght up hair and old glas-ses “hi miss….” “Oh sorry,Alan this is clara hamilton,late suzy adler’s niece who inherited the big old house and she is also our new libarian. Clara,meet Alan kevlar of the kevlars,they’re one of the oldest family in this town.” Mrs briggs inser-ted.
“Hello,Alan” Clara greeted. “Nice to meet you Clara” He answered. Wait what? Was that a Se-xy ** voice coming from clara? It couldn’t be let me get her to talk again.He thought ” so, how are you holding up? Being a new town and all” he asked. “I’ve been settling in well, I like the quiet not like the noise in the city” clara answered. Oh it sure is a Se-xy ** voice! Alan took a step back and patiently he checked her out again….she is beautiful if she try and loos£n up her hair which is dark as sin by the way,and those clothes are hiding lot of curves even the without the glas-ses she has blue eyes that a man can drown into and then he smiled inwards.
“So what brings you in here Alan?” Mrs briggs asked “yea I almost forgot why I c@m£ in here.Mother told me that I should get her the new novels written by her favorite author. She said you know the author alre-ady and you shouldn’t forget to come for tea soon” he told her, from the corner of his eyes he saw clara arranging the books in the children’s corner. “Yea the books, let me get them for you. So how are you preparing for the Labor day? I know mary your mother would be ma-king her guest list for the Labor day p@rty even though it is a month away,bless her soul.” Anna said as she handed over the stamped libr@ry books to Alan. Alan laughed and said “when I left the house now,she had mrs potts the housekeeper bringing out all the china and cleaning them”. “Gotta go now anna,I’ve got many appointments to see to.” “See you later Clara.” He left. “Isn’t he a sweet boy?!” Mrs briggs beamed at Clara who has showed up beside her.yea he surely is.Clara thought.
She got home and sorted out her groceries putting the bags away in the drawer. She brou-ght out her gardening tools and went outside to tend to the neglected garden cutting the weeds around the roses and petunias.the sun was still shining bright when she gathered her tools and went inside for a cool drink, as she was drinking a chilled orange jui-ce,her mind wandered to Alan and how handsome he looked in his blue t-shi-t.”He probably has tons of girls fawning over him and he enjoys trampling on their hearts…oh but he makes me shiver” she said to herself “I wonder how se-x will be with him it sure won’t be bad cos he looks like he what he’s doing both in and outta the be-d,a pity I’m too plain for his type” she sighed “enough of this foul mood Clara let’s go do some baking to bring sanity back to us” she got up and went into the kitchen to do some baking,she contemplated in baking a cake or a bre-ad or maybe some chocolate ch!ps cookie would do then she got to work and forgot about Alan for a while.