Untamed Libr@rian episode 2

Untamed Libr@rian
Episode 2
“Perfect! Just perfect!”Alan said to himself as he made another mistake in the file that he was altering.He just couldn’t st©p thinking about the libr@rian since he left the grocery sto-re on saturday and he has been having £r0ticdreams of her which is giving him ha-rd ons since saturday night and it’s monday he just couldn’t continue with taking cold showers and having sleepless nights,he nee-d to do something about this,he thought. His secretary walked in and handed him some more files she looked at his table and saw that he hasn’t started the first file “sir,is there a problem?” She asked because it was odd “no problem jemma you can go back to your station” he answered “ok if you say so sir” and she walked out. “I can’t keep on going like this I nee-d to do something on it”
After he finished from the office,Alan got into his jaguar and left for the libr@ry with a purpose on his mind and a determined look on his face.As he got out of his car in front of the libr@ry,he saw that they were alre-ady closing up and walked up to Clara and Mrs briggs.Clara saw Alan sauntering over to where she stood with anna locking up the libr@ry and her heart started beating fast with her hands getting sweaty,she was nervous all of a sudden.she tried smoothing her somber grey suit and smiled tremulously at Alan “hi Alan,sorry but we’re closed for today”she said shakily and cleared her throat.mrs briggs turned from where she was locking the door and smiled at Alan “Alan does your mother want another book?”She asked jokingly.Alan grinned at both of them and said”I’m here to take you out Clara” anna briggs laughed”about time someb©dy took this girl for a d@t£,I’ll be on my way now enjoy yourselves and do behave yourselves”. Clara stood with a pl@yof emotions going throu-gh her eyes from surprised to fear to happiness. “I’m sorry but I’ve got plans for tonight” she said.”No no no,don’t even think you can escape from this I won’t relent until you say yes”Alan insisted.”But I’m not dressed for an outing”she cried out “it’s alright just get in the car”.
The sun was just setting when Alan st©pped the car at a diner “you see that you don’t nee-d to dress up” he said and got out of the car with Clara too getting out of the car then they entered the diner and took a table looking out the window.A waitress c@m£ over ” hello there Alan we haven’t seen you here in while,how is natalia? I hope you are also hearing from james.So what will you have?”She said battering her lashes to him. “I’ll take today’s special and they are all fine….Clara what do you want?” Clara looked at the waitress with amusement and said”I’ll have what you are having” the waitress faced clara and looked at her dubiously”aren’t you the new libr@rian?you don’t look like you c@m£ from the city at all” she wondered what a lady who dresses like her grandma was doing having dinner with Alan. “Thank you but can you plea-se be fast with the food?” Clara inser-ted.”I’ll get right on it”the waitress said and went to give their orders to the cook.
“Penelope can be very blunt I apologize if she annoys you”Alan said with laughter in eyes. “I’m not offended just amused,she’s got eyes on you.women just like to fawn over you”said Clara “what about you?are u fawning over me?” “Don’t hold your breathe Alan I’ve got more important things to do than fawn over a handsome guy”She said with a tinge of pink in her cheeks.Alan laughed out loud”you do think I’m handsome!” She blu-shed.The food was brou-ght with penelope the waitress pushing her bust to Alan’s face when she wanted to place his food on the table “enjoy”she said and cat-walked back to the kitchen.Clara looked at Alan with a i-told-you-so look on her face and Alan grinning at her. “So Clara tell me,why a libr@rian?” Alan inquired as they ate.”I just love books and the feel of them,in all my twenty-five years I’ve been with books in fact,I re-ad libr@ry an archival information at the university.”She answered “interesting.I heard that your mother was estranged from the family that was why you didn’t know your aunt” he said. “Yea,news sure travel fast in this town…..one minute I thought I was the only one left in my family then the next minute I’m inheriting a big old house from a aunt I didn’t even know.when I was cleaning the attic I saw some pictures of my mother and her sister and also my grandparents it feels good to know that my mother had a family”she clarified “what about your father’s family?”He asked. “My father was the only child of his parent because they had him late and they died when I was young.what about you? I heard about you having a brother and a sister” “yea natalia and james are twins.Natalia has a gift and flower shop while james is away overseeing one of the corporations in europe.” They talked about other things and before they new it night has fallen.”I think it’s time for us to leave I didn’t know it has become late like this”Alan said. They got up and Alan signed his bill then they went out into the car.They went home in a satisfied silence,Alan parked the car in front of Clara’s doorstep and got down to walk her to the door “Thank you Alan,It was a splendid dinner but you don’t nee-d to walk me to the door”Clara said but inside she was shaking everywhere because she didn’t know what will happen next.”The plea-sure is mine and if I don’t walk you to the door how will I claim to be a gentle man?” Clara opened the door and was contemplating between asking him in and telling him goodnight out here. “Clara I’ll k!ssyou now do you want me too?” Clara stood eyes wi-de open and before she knew it she was being k!$$£d.Her heart began beating loudly with blood going straight to her head ma-king her light headed,good God! but he could k!ssshe thought her Bosom puckered up and she felt h0t and moist un-der.Alan de-epened the k!ss,devouring her like he couldn’t get enough of her,she tasted sweet with a heady scent of jasmine wafting throu-gh his nose.he growled de-ep and used his arms to press her more to his b©dy.Clara m0@n ed as he rained k!sses on her face and n£¢k,all thoughts left her as she felt his ha-rd ness against her b©dy,she shivered and m0@n ed with plea-sure and her legs felt weak. A car horn sounded somewhere near ma-king them jump ap@rt, they’ve even forgotten that they were still out on the porch, “for a libr@rian you k!sslike a courtesan,dang it! What are you doing to me Clara?”Alan said “I-I-I….oh gosh I can’t think! You do things to me that I can’t explain Alan”She responded. “Why don’t I take you to a proper dinner tomorrow night and we can talk about it?” “Umm….maybe….” “No,I don’t wanna hear a maybe just say yes” “ok yes” “good,I’ll pick you up by 7pm tomorrow” he said and stole a quic-k k!ssfrom her then got into his car and drove out of her house. Clara stood staring into space then shook her head to clear the cobwebs that is in her head then,she went inside and sat down ha-rd ,her emotions in shambles and she couldn’t even think straight.