Unconditional love episode 10

I started shaking before I could pick up his call then built my courage and went on
Me: h…he…hello
Jeremiah: the divorce papers will be re-ady on Friday you know where to meet
Me: Jeremiah, I want you to know that I’m pregnant we’re expecting a baby
***He laughed out loud***
Jeremiah: nice try but do a proper search of the father
Me: what do you mean? I was pregnant before I left the house, I wanted to tell you but this happened
Jeremiah: I won’t father a bas***d child
***He hang up***
My breathing rate changed, I was sweating and started seeing blurred double visions, I could hear voices but they sounded distant then I heard a familiar voice saying “breathe baby, breathe”. I felt my hood being taken off and the cold air hit my skin ” baby do breath in and outs,” the voice said again and I obliged, my vision bec@m£ a bit clear and I could see Amos in front of me he was the one talking and people had gathered around me. I felt better and he scooped me up bridal style taking me to the car, I cried all the way while he brushed my back…we got home and he parked his car then c@m£ to my side to scoop me up but I declined then he held my hand and led me away then Bertha and a woman I’d never seen c@m£ out from the main house then Amos squee-zed my hand and held my shoulder, I felt his anger building up when they both walked to us
woman: Amos, wifey is here she’s long been waiting for you
Amos: Bertha, you’re now trying to become an uncontrollable pest and you know better than to mess with me
Bertha: Mom, he’s talking to me like this coz of this who-re
He sl@pped her twice and she held both cheeks as they turned red
Amos: call her that again and I’ll show you flames, useless thing
woman: you treat your wife to be like trash just because of this……..
Amos: Stacey plea-se, I’ve never asked for any favour from you ever since you got married to dad but do this one thing for me and I’m begging
Stacey: w….what?
***She looked terrified of Amos***
Amos: never in a million years speak ill of this lady, ra utlwana? (are we together)
She quic-kly nodded her head and helped Bertha who was weeping on the ground up then he led me to the house, he opened the door and his sister, Amogelang ran to him
Amos: what time did you get in?
Amogelang: hi sisi
***She smiled at me***
Me: hi
Amogelang: I couldn’t stand the annoying Bertha so I decided to come here and cook
***We both just starred at her***
Amogelang: bro, I’m sorry I c@m£ in without your cons£nt but I honestly couldn’t stand her
She had puppy eyes that reminded me of my immediate young sister who was also sixteen
Amos: it’s fine Amoza
Amogelang: thanks so why don’t you two sit in the living room while I serve the food I prepared and we could catch some comedy show
Amogelang was so bubbly that she managed to engage me in their conversation which made me shift my attention to something else, she later washed the dishes and left then Amos c@m£ close to me and starred into my eyes ma-king my tears fall freely, I told him what happened at aunt’s and the call I got from Jeremiah
Me: we’re divorcing on Friday, I’m all alone
Amos: never say that again, you have me and can always count on me so let’s go throu-gh this together I’m with you so worry not
Amos Kabaso is the name, first born of Mr and the late Mrs Kabaso and my little sister Amogelang means a lot to me. Mother was a Motswana who was disowned by her parents for choosing to be dad’s p@rtner so they settled in Zambia and dad vowed to protect her with his life but she suddenly started experiencing b©dy pains and the doctors said nothing was wrong with her upon being taken to the hospital and she died a week later which broke me ap@rt and he married Stacey who is a gold digger 7 years later, all she does is change her weave weekly, go to day spa, do her manicure and other useless things. Dad was invited for lunch by his business p@rtner and we all went as a family, it was were I met Bertha who looked young and innocent and we were both doing twelveth grade by that time. I admired her beauty and her coloured skin did wonders to her so I told myself that I’d make her mine which I spent a year doing coz she was a ha-rd nut to crack and vowed never to let her go. We went to the same school where I took away her innocence and she was so scared that she told me never to let her go which I did, months pas-sed and the sweet, innocent, intelligent, humble Bertha bec@m£ a monster and every guy’s dream girl and I never blamed her since she was beautiful. I heard rumors of her cheating and denied it each time I confronted her until I caught her red handed and she asked for forgiveness but what I felt for her wasn’t the same anymore as I never paid much attention to her and as time went by she continued the same thing but it never hurt me anymore even if I caught her so I declared myself out of the relationsh!pwithout telling her. My friends and I c@m£ up with a crazy of idea of placing bets on winning girls on campus over and ma-king our way with them and my first attempt was a fourth year girl who I manager to win even though I was doing my first year and it gained me fame ma-king most girls throw themselves at me. My friends would place high bets on those that seemed challenging but I never failed and Bertha made it a habit to go after every girl she heard I was found with and since they were all short term I never made any effort to st©p her even though I knew she was slee-ping around.
We were once gathered in a friends room placing bets and I was told to try out Mumba and since my friends knew I’d never get her they placed high bets so I started ma-king my tries but she wouldn’t even look or talk to me, my friends kept calling off the bet saying it had been long and I’d failed but I kept asking for more time till we got to third year. I was from the libr@ry when I saw Mumba on the ground with a pink dress and it was drizzling so I quic-kly ran to her since everyone was just starring at her and I helped her up then picked up her books, I took her to one of my friend’s dorm where she took a bath and got her new clothes then went out to mingle with my friends. She got me startled when she she was done and we all looked at her then the guy’s gave me “Wow!!! you’re the man, you finally got her” look and I took her for lunch. I felt something different about her not what I felt for Bertha when I first met her and something in me told me to know her more even though I could see a ring on her f!nger which didn’t faze me……I went to the guys that evening and they had the money re-ady but I declined it and called off the bet which got them all shocked.
I started developing strange feelings for her and they grew stronger by the day no matter how ha-rd I fought them until I gave up and told Bertha about our ended relationsh!pwhich she said she’d never allow in her entire lifetime but it was her problem to deal with since she caused it. I’d become a happy person because I was with Mumba and I was sad at the same time because what she was going throu-gh was a lot for one person which pushed me more to make her mine for the strength she had and I was more than re-ady to face anyone who would come between us even if it meant her husband….
To be continue