Unconditional love episode 11

It was a Friday evening and I had signed the divorce papers I then knew that it was all over, Sekela stayed in my arms the whole time and cried to leave with me but Jeremiah didn’t allow it. I went home and we-t Amos’ shi-t with tears that night and I’d refused to take anything that belonged to that house because I wanted to start a new page
Five months pas-sed and we were a week away from starting our exams, Amos and his dad had been of great help and I was only a while away from giving birth . Amos refused me to do any work but I wasn’t having any of it that was until he told his dad who convinced me, he also bought the baby stuff. They treated me like a baby that they even had their house help do my chores and told me to focus on taking care of the baby and my studies, Bertha was forbidden to ever step foot in the house by Mr Kabaso but her and Stacey being best friends she never did and rumor had it that she just packed her belongings and left Jeremiah’s house when he’d gone to work and called him saying she was never pregnant after we got divorced. I was watching a do¢v-mentary in the living room when Amogelang c@m£ in excited
Amo: sis we’re having a talent show at school and my three friends and I are also contesting so we’ve decided to work together and come up with a great performance
Me: wow! that’s great news so what are you performing?
Amo: little mix’s ‘Shout Out To My Ex’
Me: mmm! sounds interesting
Amo: let me show you how we’ll perform
Me: yeah go ahead
***She pla-yed the song and sang along***
Amo: This is a shout out to my ex, heard he in love with some other chick, yeah yeah that hurt me I’ll admit, forget that boy I’m over it
I was drafted back to what Jeremiah and I shared until she c@m£ closer to my face and continued singing snapping me away from my thoughts
Amo: shout out to my ex you’re really quite the man you made my heart break and that made me who I am. Here’s to my ex hey look at me now well, I, I’m all the way up I swear you’ll never bring me down
At that point she’d helped me up and we were dancing together until I got tired and took my seat breathing heavily
Amo: how’s the performance?
Me: awesome and I’m sure you guys will win, I’ll surely be there to support you
Amo: thanks sisi
She hvgged me ti-ghtly and the door swung open then Amos c@m£ in with a hvge smile on his face
Amos: my two favourite people
***He hvgged us both***
Me: how were clas-ses?
Amos: good, you’re re-ady for the exams?
Me: more than re-ady
Amos: that’s awesome, I’m in the mood to go out so can we?
Amo: I have to rehearse, I’ll join you guys some other time so let me love and leave you guys
***She went away***
Amos: so?
Me: let me get changed
I went to put on a white, bo-ob tube, above the knee dress and gladiator sandals then tied my hair in a ponytail, I took my phone and purse then Amos k!$$£d my hand and walked me away leading me to my side of the car then went to his and drove away. He asked me what I wanted but I insisted on doing grocery shopping first since we were almost running out of stuff in the house, we got to the mall and entered a supermarket where we did our shopping and Amos left me before we could pay for the items and asked me not to move but he took long and my feet were killing me so I decided to search for him in all the rows of the supermarket and saw him in the row of cosmetics and toiletries and I couldn’t believe what I saw so I walked closer and my legs bec@m£ wobbly……….
I really wanted to surprise Mumba because I knew she wouldn’t tell me what she wanted if I asked her so I told her to wait for me before we could pay for the items we’d got and rushed to get her red gr@p£s which were her favourite then as I was rushing to the bakery section to gr-ab her a blackcurrant cake which she was craving lately, I pas-sed throu-gh the cosmetics and toiletries row where I saw a woman dressed in black p@n-ts and yellow vest seated on the floor hvgging her knees and rocking herself back and forth as she sobbe-d with her basket of items on her side so I got curious and approached her to ask what was wrong, I got on my knees
Me: excuse me Miss, what’s the problem?
***I saw that she was actually a lady and not a woman***
Lady: my world has come to an end and I don’t think I can take it
Me: want to talk about it?
Lady: my mother just pas-sed away and my son is fighting for his life in the hospital when he got hit by a car when he was returning from school. I really can’t do this on my own.
Me: what has your husband or fiancé done about this?
Lady: I only have a baby daddy who denied him before he was born
She held on to my T-shi-t and leaned her head on my che-st, I felt sorry for her and had no other option but to hold her her as she cried and I consoled her then helped her up while we were in that state and heard a voice behind me which startled me
Mumba: looks cosy here
***I felt the girl hold on ti-ghter to me as I slowly let go of her***
Mumba walked closer to us and I slowly got the girl off me and I was surprised to see her face dry like she never cried
Mumba: ALICIA!!!!!!!
To be continued…