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Through the shadow Episode 5 & 6

Written By:💞Angel Louis {Faith Louis Ebirim}💞
🍰Episode 5🍰
Louisa breathed down.Bayley was gonna help her out.that’s a relief.
But Ciara seriously reminds her of herself.she knows those scared looks,those pleading eyes.she’s hurt…ciara is hurt.
Louisa wished she could do something to help.but as they say,the blind cannot lead the blind.
Louisa still has her own dark memories which she hasn’t let go of.still clunched to her head like a glue.
Was she ever going to p@ss through this?
She asked herself.
She has no one to turn to,to pour out her pains.
She’s nicked a weirdo,freak,psych,fiery boss lady and all that…she’s use to it already.
No one can set things right.
No one can ever rewrite her horrid past.😥
She slide open her files but on a second thought..she now feels sleepy..she can’t help herself on this.
She quickly switched off the lights and headed to her room.
Louisa swayed round her bed that early morning by 8.she’s been awake since 5 diming her eyes fervently lost in thoughts.
Her thoughts captured on CIARA.
Who is this little girl?
Who are he parents? Does she have any?
How was louisa going to know all these when she’s got no interpersonal relationship wit others.
Screw her!…for the first time in the life she saw the side effects of her attitude.
Now she finds it h@rd to relate with an ordinary twelve years kid.
Louisa got ip from her bed again and walkef straight to ciara’s room to see if she’s awake.
This is making I her fifth check on her.all because she wants to make sure shes still asleep before bayley’s arrival.
She gently slide the door open,peeping quietly into the bright room.
She’s trying not to wake up the sleeping girl.she can’t risk it.not till bayley arrives.
But something isn’t right.the bed is ciara on it. Was she awake already??…no she can’t be.
Louisa gain full entry but still didn’t see she hiding? Scared or something??
Children are fond of hiding whenever they are scared and the first place that comes to their mind is the wardrope.she knows that because she did that too when she was tender.
She reached for the ward rope.shuffling all the clothes aside,but no ciara.she isnt here.
Where could she…..
“Looking for me?”
Louisa almost jumped out of her skin.
Ciara is awake and standing at the doorpost behind her. Looking stunted,she turned around.
Without a word,just a twitch on her bare l!ps.
“Good morning….i just want to thank you for saving me yesterday.
I wonder what would have become of me if you hadn’t showed up”
Ciara said coming closer to her.
But louisa was mute.she kept staring ,barely nodding her head.
“My name is CIARA COLE….friends call me C.C ”
“C.C….i see” louisa shrugged.feeling a h@rd lump on her throat.
She is finding it so difficult to talk.
O’God! Bayley where are you??
“Whats your name?”
Ciara smiled.coming more closer.
“Uhm…….my name is Louisa Sullivan”
She managed to say.
Ciara g@sped. Her mouth forming a perfect ‘O’
The little girl gently stepped backwards fearfully.
Louisa could see she was frightened.her eyes turning dark as she took more back steps.
“C’mon ciara dont be sca…..”
Louisa took a step forward.
“No…please don’t hurt me I beg you”..
Ciara cried out.
“Jeez! No I’m not gonna hurt you…I can’t do such. You have to….
Too late for further talks.Ciara already ran iut of the room I great fear.
Louisa knew it! F**k!
She’s really famous around as a freak..but she has never seen herself as a bad person.
She’s cold for a reason. She fights for a reason.
Its never her fault. Everything happening to her isn’t her fault.
Her lifestyle, change of behavior ,all these aren’t her fault.
Something triggered it😥.
For the first time in Louisa’s life, she felt bad for the names nicked on her.
Now w little girl is scared of her.All thanks to the so called good jonathan Bucks as everyone addresses him .
F**k them all. She cussed them taking out her phone,she dialed her friend’s number.
“Where the f**k are you?”
Louisa grunted bitterly.
“Good morning to you too, my night was lovely thanks for asking”
Bayley ethused .twirling her eyes.
“Where the f**k are you?”she repeated.
“Slow down isa…why the rush?”
“Ciara’s awake ..and scared of me”
“That’s bad…what did you say to her?”
“Nothing…i only told her my name”
“You shouldn’t have Louisa . Everyone knows who you are….even the animals does” Bayley snapped.
“Well i wasn’t thinking at the moment.
No idea struck me…i know the pressure i felt before telling her my name.”Louisa retorted.
“Uhn…you are so ridiculous…i wonder what you’d do without me.”
“Just run along bay please…before things gets worse. Or out of control”
“No worries…just give me five minutes”
“Alright”Louisa sighed out .and hunged up.
O’God help her.
Now she’s gotta find Ciara and make sure she doesn’t run out of the mansion.
💐Episode 6💐
Seon was done packing his bags.smartphone dressed on a sleeve shirt top and navy blue shorts.
“I’m ready” he said to his parents and his buddy. Aiden.
Seon Nichols is the only son of Rich@rd and Monica Nichols.Blessed with riches any one could dream of. Why has he decided to leave all this in search of a job? On his own.
With his father’s wealthy solely his,he never have to work for the rest of his life. But he doesn’t see it that way.
He wants to go out there and struggle like other youths.he wants to start from the scratch and know the value of money.he wants to make use of his certificate.
And most of all, he wants to forget his old rusty,lvsty and womanizing life.
He wants to be somebody.
Not by his father’s wealthy. But by his own sweat.
He has made up his mind.
“I know I can’t stop you..I’ve tried my best to talk you out of this but your mind is already mad up. I just want you to know that whatever decision you take in life am always with you.
You are still and will always be my little boy.
No matter how tall or old you grow….
Always remember your dad and I….
We love you so much”
Monica cupped her sin’s face and burst into expected tears.
“Its okay mom…I know and I love you too..I will always be your little boy no matter how old or tall I grow”
Seen @ssured pulling himself into monica’s warm embrace.
Seen his really going to miss tgis woman..
He’s made a decision no one understands tge reason why .
But right now,He’s doubt’s. Is he really ready for this?
Leave his town and go in search of something he already has.
He’s already tired of being a spoilt rich boy.
He wants to learn the h@rd way.
He dis£ngaged from his mom and turned to his dad.
”I trust you decision son. I believe you know whats best for you. Am so happy you are thinking like a man which you are already.
You are no longer a kid and we all can see that now.
But don’t forget to get out of trouble. Remember yourur mom and i won’t be there with the money to sabmve you as always.
Be good and show the world you are from a good family.
We love you seon. Go out there and make us proud”
Rich@rd clammed seon by his chest.
“Thanks Dad” seon pulled himself into his dad’s inviting arms.
Monica once more burst into tears.seon hasn’t lived very far from them before.even during colleges, he was always around.
Now her son has decided to travel to NEW JERSEY on his own..
She can’t seem to understand why or what happened gotten into her son.
“I’ll really miss you”she added ..
Son got hold of his luggage and smiled at his mom.
He’ll surely miss her.
“Seon you can still change your mind about the least,take onevwith you . it’s gonna save your cash”
Rich@rd suggested again. Causing seon ti frown.
“Dad i told you before…New Jersey isn’t a place where I’ll go to flaunt myself…I am a nobody there…im starting fresh even though it gonna be h@rd to cope.I’ll catch up.
I need just my clothes and not cars or money.
I wanna go out there and make good use of myself.
I wanna go out there and have a taste of suffering. I wanna know how it feels like.
I want to struggle like my mates to know if am fit.
You’ve already done enough by securing a job for me at new jersey…Heard its one of the best companies.
Thanks a lot for that.
And mom I appreciate your concern for me.I’ll surely miss you, this home,my friends. But I will come back as a fulfilled person. I believe its possible…
Or don’t you wish that for me too?”
“We do son” they chorused.
“So wish me luck”he smiled h@rd and headed out of the sitting room.
“Canon Aiden, help me with this will you” he added gesturing a bag to him.
“Goodbye of luck and remember we love you so much” they said as he made way with his friend out of the house.
“I’m really gonna miss you buddy”
Widen admitted truthfully.
“Me too…I wish I could change my mind about this. But I simply can’t. Its just a decision my spirit is made up to”. He cl!pped.
“No problem..but what about Andrea? Don’t you think she’s supposed to know about this.?? I mean she’s your girlfriend remember.;$he’lo be damn worried”
Yeah, he’s thought of that too.
“I know she will, that’s why I did not tell her about this. I don’t wanna hold memories of this place. I can’t be thinking of how to survive and also thinking of Andrea.
Besides, she would never have signed up for this shit…
She loves me because of my money, I’ve always got the cash to give her anything she wants without asking twice.
Just imagine how she’d react if I told her. Maybe she’ll try to talk me out of this.
Noe you see my reasons.. If am ever gonna find true love, she’ll love me for who am planning to be. A simple straight forward guy.
Not for my money or cute butt face.
No more hot chicks flocking around my balls for money. I’m done with them”
He deadpanned.
“Its good to know how made up you are for this. I trust you and wish you luck”
“Thanks man.”
“And please do not tell Andrea about my whereabout. I can’t handle her face at my doorstep. I know she’s gonna pressure you but please, you can’t tell her. Hold your ground ..
Please promise me that” Seoned Arched giving Aiden a stern look.
“I promise” Aiden nodded in response.
“Thanks bud” he patted him on his back.
Minutes later, they arrived the airport. Seon Nichols has already booked his flight to New Jersey. His plane would be leaving the next ten minutes.
“The flight to New Jersey will be leaving the ten minutes. All p@ss£ngers are expected to be on Board..
I Repeat.
The flight for New Jersey will………
The announcement went on and on…
“This is it man. Good luck from me. I’ve reached my limits”
“Thanks Widen…I will miss you”
He retorted as they both pulled into a warm embrace.
Aiden bade him once more before he left.
Son Heaved out repeatedly as he made way to his plane.. He muttered some words which only himself could hear.
“New Jersey it is…”he smiled
“A new beginning”.


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