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Through the shadow 3 & 4

Written by;💘Angel Louis{Faith Louis Ebirim}💘
🥀Episode 3🥀
Louisa chuckled within herself.Jonathan Bucks,a good Man?…Really???..Though he’s dead.died of food poisoning three years after his wife Natasha’s death..if Jonathan was a good man as everyone keeps saying would he have done what he did to her?? Or was that his way of showing her his goodness?is that how good people behave??…
If that’s really their way of doing goid then she’s better than everyone..
Five dark years growing up in the hands of the Bucks taught her alot..she p@ssed through thick and thin…they made her miss her parents so much.
Louisa had many times shoved those black memories move on at least.
She missed her mom,…her dad.
Getting over their death wasn’t easy at all…till date,she blames herself for their death.dragging them out of town to buy her groceries.she was lucky to have survived the incident.all thanks to her mom,Martha Sullivan who wrapped her in her arms to prevent Louisa from ghastly injuries.
Mr Sullivan wasn’t left out.he hit his head on the windscreen and p@ssed out..
During this course,their car summersaulted and laid upside down.trapping the trip inside,with the petrol splashing out of it’s tank.
Martha still had louisa between her arms..they were both awake and conscious if their state but couldn’t move.
Lucky enough,some onlookers came to the scene to rescue anybody they could.
“Please…he…lp…save my dau…ghter”she pleaded faintly.
Blood dripping from her nostrils,and head…there were cuts all over her arms which she wrapped her daughter with.
“Mama I’m not going any where without you and papa”Louisa cried…clutching her mom so tight.
“No baby…you’ve got to go…I and papa will come alone once you get out”
She gave her an @ssuring smile.
“Is that a pinky promise?”Louisa pouted.
“Yes it is”
She finally let go of her mom as they carried her out.
“I love you”…Martha whispered as she watched them take her little girl away.
They were headed to another vehicle..they’ll quickly rush the little girl down to the hospital while they figure out a way to bring out her trapped parents from the car..
The ambulance is on its way…but before it’ll arrive,they needed to do something before the situation gets any worse.
Entering the vehicle,there was an explosion.
Louisa g@sped…..”No…”she gave out a high pitched cry…unable to believe it.
Her mom, he dad……their car…..Fire💥🔥🔥🔥.
She instantly jumped out from the vehicle and started running towards the burning car..
“Mama…..papa….don’t leave me….no”….
She cried more…as she ran….her legs were growing cold…
Her parents are inside the burning car….
She can’t ….she can’t….
…..she….needs to…save them…
Wailing Louisa was quickly held by some people who followed her from behind.
Seeing she could no longer go over to the burning car,..she p@ssed out.
Martha and Jake Sullivan still had the chance to survive,but the car’s leaking petrol fused with the slight sparkling and gave out an explosion…
That was how she finally landed with Mrs Bucks….her dad’s younger sister.
Louisa wiped her face,she hated crying…it makes her feel weak and so vulnerable.
Some memories are better left forgotten.
Her suffering only began after the death of Mrs Bucks…leaving her at the mercy if her husband,Jonathan Bucks.
Some experiences she doesn’t want to share.memories and her past that made her what she is today.secluded,weird,freak,and different from others.
She’s this way not her fault…
Nobody understands her pains…she’s never ready to let anyone in…
No one can console her injured spirit,her bleeding heart..
She needs no one to love her,she love herself for herself…
And she’s good with that.
It was really dark ,dim lights could only be seen from streets light and locked houses. Louisa really got some nerves to walk alone by herself at that hour…
Getting closer to her house,she stopped.
Something was off…faint noises…she wasn’t alone.
She managed to trace it to where it was coming from,..
It was behind a store,….the voices became clearer.
“Let me go” a little feminine voice cried.
”Come here sweet, I ain’t done with your”
A croacky voice pulled the little girl by her hair..
”Ouch….you’re hurting me…let me go”she cried out in pains.
“That’s what I do bitch…I hurt prettys like you”
Louisa watched keenly…what’s he up to??she asked herself.
Then she heard some tickling sounds…
The croacky voice was unbuckling his shorts…
It finally dawned on Louisa what he was tryna do.
He was going to rsoe here….
Louisa can’t allow that..she could already hear the soft whimper from the girl.
She needs to do something.
“Come here baby….I’m ready for you”
He dragged her by the hair and pushed her h@rd to the ground.
“Leave me alone….help! Help! Somebo….
But he covered her mouth.
“Shut up…you’re gonna draw attention… me love….you’ll enjoy this”
He said running his hands all over her body.
Thats it….Louisa has seen enough.
She bumped out of her hideout.startling the both of them..
“You heard the girl,let her go”.
He quickly stood up from her..
“Look who’s come to join the party”he smirked..
“I said let the girl go”she repeated..
“Or what??”he drew closer to Louisa…
His £r£¢ted d==k stretched out from his shorts…
This guy has no shame…Louisa spat out and gripped him by his d==k…
“Aaaaarrrrrgghhhhh”..he gr0@ned..
“Hurts huh?”louisa pressed it h@rder…
”Let me see you f==k her this…useless fool”she cussed releasing it.
He fell so h@rd in the floor gr0@ning in pains…nothing pains more than this….he writhed his teeth and swallowed h@rd tears.
“What have you done Bitch”…
Louisa smiled,she loved the sound of that..
She walked past him and move over to the scared little girl…
“Who are you…what are you doing out here in the dark”
“I’m Cara I….”..
Hold the phone….
She’s younger than louusa expected,she could yell from her voice.
”Youre just a kid”
Louisa said staring deep at her…
“You are a foolish f**ker”
“How old are you Ciara?”
“Twelve….am twelve “she answered shoving her hair from her face.
Louisa turned to the middle aged man…
“You’re still here…huh?? Scrambled out of this place….you searcged the entire city and couldn’t find your mate….shame on you!”she cursed.
“You better leave here before I cut that thing dangling between your rotten legs”
She stormed….
At the sound of that,he jerked up from the floor and scurried away…
“Cara where do you live?….your parents??who are they??”sge asked but ciara shooked her head not saying a thing…
Louisa exhaled
“You look exhausted….pretty tired I guess…come along with me and stay at my place tonight…
We’ll talk about this tomorrow….and maybe you’ll get back to your parents….they must be sick worried”…
Louisa carried her and left for the mashion…
Both looking tired..
Lo us a couldn’t help but wondered what a twelve years old girl could be doing outside by this time of the night….
Anyway,tomorrow ,….she’s gonna find out.
🍰EPisode 4🍰
Watching the little girl sleep so sound gave her jellies in her tommy.Ciara looks so pretty even in her sleep.Louise can’t help but wonder what a twelve years old would be doing at in the dark at that moment.
Was she an orphan like her?
That question hunged on her l!ps.whatever it is,she’s gonna find out tomorrow.
Sleeping now for Louise seemed to be a problem,her eyes were darting wide awake.she wondered if she was the one running out of the bar few to get s good night sleep few moments ago.
“Seriously I better not waste my time..”$he said to herself.
“Goodnight Ciara”$he mutters before leaving the room.
The mansion was really quiet.and Louise was feeling hungry too.she’ll just have to make a toast and coffee.that’ll certainly do.she thought and made way into her kitchen.
She went through the br£@st and brought out three eggs.she continued with her cooking procedures.nothing tastes like her toasted bread made with special recipees which she learned from her mom.Good thing she learned how to cook pretty earlier than her has always been a thing of ease.
Minutes after she has eaten,she went to her study room and turned on the lights.she’s got lots of work to do tomorrow,since sleep has refused to come she’ll start with some today.
She gently brought out her busines files end gently placed them on the table.
LINTEL COMPANY LTD was formerly owned by her late father,now her.its a popular company which sold varieties of stocks and commodities.It has branches all over the country and around.Managed solely by a twenty two years old Louisa Sullivan.
When it comes to business,she’s very strict.not like it isn’t her usual style.she’s always strict.always….
And behind those strictness laid her beauty.
Her bright brown eyes,black silly hair,small round cute l!p, a perfect curves pretty face and a curvy A**.
Many men has eyes on her but they are scared to approach her.
Fear of the unknown😂.
Louisa only had a friend.Bayley Necter.they’ve been friends since college.inseperable.
Only Bayley knows her darkest secret and blackest nightmare.
Though unlike Louisa,Bailey is lvsty and have her ways with men.she isn’t as rich as her friend but she’s okay with the money she gets from her conquests.
Call her a prostitute or whatever,she doesn’t care nor see it that way.she takesvit as her daily business.
An idea struck Louise,she doesn’t have her way with children.she isn’t jovial and friendly to was she gonna handle ciara’s Case?.Even though she’s trying to get her head into her business files,she just can’t.
Ciara’s case is glued like a magnet on her head making her not concentrate.
How was she gonna handle ciara tomorrow morning when she wakes?
Louisa knows herself more than anyone.she doesn’t smile neither laugh.only scoffs and chuckles when she’s about to do something Nasty😂.
How was she gonna start interrogating Cara?
Like how??
*Hey girl,who’s are your parents ?let me f**king take you back to them*
*Ciara hope your guts are back,now you can find your way out if this mansion and back to your parents*
How does that sound?
Gosh she sounds so ridiculous.Louisa thought slamming her face.
Now she finds trouble thinking of how to talk to a Lil girl.
But wait?
Maybe bailey can help…maybe she can!Louisa’s face lit up as she quickly dialed her number.
“Hello bay”
“Hey Isa what’s up”
Hayley shouted trying to make herself audible to Louisa.
Louisa knows the sound of that.Bayley isn’t at home.she’s in her usual spot.A club,he favorite place to get a conquest.
“C’mon bay isn’t it late. For that?aren’t you supposed to be at home? $leeping?”
“Hunnhh….don’t start now,stop that will you..I’m just a casual girl running her business”
She shouted again ,struggling with the background music which seemed to be overcoming her voice.
“Can you please excuse yourself from that hellhole…?? I can barely hear you”
“No worries…on my way out already”
Bayley sashayed her way out from the crowded bar..eyeing every man seductively.
“Am out…so what’s the call for? Don’t tell me you got into another fight with a drunk”
“No….no…it’d not that…there seems to be a problem”
Louisa stated sounding serious.
“What’s that”
Bayley asked feeling concerned.she knows louis never complains of a problem unless its beyond her power.
“I saved a twelve years old girl from a rapist this night on my way home”
“Holy cow! Twelve? @lmost raped?” Bayley g@sped.
“Just surprised as you are.but that’s not the problem though..she’s safe with me here ,sleeping in one of my rooms”
“That’s generous of you….so if that’d not the problem.what’s is it then?”
“The problem is this….she’s gonna wake up tomorrow morning”
“Hell yeah she is that a problem?do you wish her dead?”
“No not like that….you know what I mean…
I don’t know how to do this bay…I don’t flow well with people.I’m grumpy ,heart,weird,psyco and all.
Crao am gonna scare the shut out of her.I’ve forgotten how to start a conversation neither to smile…
How will I cope with this?…
I looked into her eyes this night and it wasn’t okay . I saw pain,lost,bitterness and anger init .eyes can’t hide the know that yourself.
She looks like she’s going through hell and I don’t wanna add to it.
Help me out on this Hayley please”
Louisa please.
“But Louise I have a date tomorrow”..
“Please bay you can shift it.I really need your know I don’t beg for favors unless its pretty important”
Louisa added coldly..
Yeah that’s true.
“Okay …okay…fine I’ll come”
She shrugged.
“Thanks so .much. Be here by 8@m or 7@m …just come anytime before she wakes up please I’ll really appreciate”
“Okay…no problem/
“Goodnight”Louisa said.
“Goodnight”Hayley said and ended the call.
“So much for friendship.Now she’s gonna cancel a date with Dillon …how awful”
She huffed and went back into the club..
Louisa😂Small girl wantu fall your hand😂.
Bayley please help your bestfriend on this😔😪
Only you knows why she’s this way.😔
Only Heavens knows what little ciara is p@ssing through.
I feel for her guys😪😔😫


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