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Through the shadow 2 Episode 5 & 6

✍️ Written by ✍️ Angel Louis 💗
💅 Faith Louis Ebirim 💅
🥀 Episode 5 🥀
Seon stared at Louisa. Her cheeks were red and her mouth all swollen and klzzed. He could see the expression of shock on her face.
“Louisa please let me explain” He begged as he saw Louisa’s hand pointing at the door, gesturing him to leave.
“Just give me a moment to clear things up for chrissake Louisa” he pleaded rashly. Running his hands through his hair.
“I can no longer keep up with this Louisa, with such pretence. I try to act like nothing’s wrong. It hurts me so much. Seeing you act the way you do.
You keep on pushing me away and it gets me off the grid. I’m loosing my mind and it hurts so much Isa.
It’s like you piercing a blade into me. You detest me so much, you detest my pres£nce. Why? What have I done to deserve that? I try to do everything to please you, to plant a smile on your face. But my efforts seems like it’s wasted. What have I done wrong Louisa? Just tell me and I’ll do anything to make amends.
Pushing me away won’t change my feelings for you because I am already In love with you.
I LOVE YOU Louisa! I am not crazy. I am so much in love with you. And you pushing me away, it’s not just fair. I really can’t keep up with that. I jus….
“Get out” Louisa mumbled staring at seon In bewildment.
Seon paused. Staring bluntly at his Boss.
“Please Louisa just give me a chance. I am not joking about my feelings for you. Please… Just one chance and I’ll prove to you how serious I am about th…
“GET OUT!” She shouted at him. Silencing seon instantly.
Shocked and hurt by her reaction, he picked up his files and left with worried steps.
fv¢ked up! Big time fv¢ked up!🤦🏼‍♂️
Bayley paced to and Fro in her apartment. She has never been disappointed in her entire life before. Seon referred her as ‘Loosed’ . There’s nothing wrong with seductions. That’s part of her business. It’s what she does, seduce men and get laid for money. But seon is different. She likes him that’s why she tried to seduce him earlier today.
Seon is the only man that has ever refused her advances. How strange. Too bad. She wants him so much because he’s got everything a woman need in a man. He’s got a fitted body and it drives her crazy.
No man in his right s£nses has ever pushed her away. Considering the killer shape she has.
Damnnn!!! Seon is really one hell of a man to refuse her. How sure is she that blood runs through his veins😒🤷.
Louisa picked up her lighter, then dropped it. She picked it up again. And once more dropped it. She’s got a cigarette twigged in her middle f!ng£r. But seems she got no appetite for it.
Cigarretes are normally a thing she uses to relieve herself off her worries. But it’s kinda different in this case. She’s got no appetite for it.
She finally sighed in defeat as she threw it away from her.
She has a lot on her mind. Cigarettes and drinks used to be her den of comfort. But now, it doesn’t seem like it.
She laid helplessly on her bed, heads up, her eyes fixed to the ceiling.
She hasn’t really been herself since seon visited. Her mind has been filled with the thought of him. As his words kept re echoing into her ears.
She turned sideways covering her ears downwards with the bed cover.
What has he done to her? She asked soberly.
Apart from the feelings she’s got for Ciara, seon seemed like a pest inside her.
She keeps seeing his face and it gets her mad.
Whenever she sees him next, she’s gonna plant her fist on his face. And she’ll make sure he bleeds.
Talking about love, Love is an overstatement.and it’s meant only for the weak. The vulnerable who just needs someone to be there for them.
But she isn’t weak. She isn’t vulnerable. She never wants to be.
‘fv¢k love’ she cursed. ” To hell with it… There is nothing like Love… Love is….”
She stopped and then thought for a while.
“If there’s nothing like Love,what do I feel for Ciara?. I bet that is totally different”:she added.
After everything she has suffered, she has refused to be vulnerable.
There’s nothing like Love!.
She concluded.
But those big words never changed the fact that her heart sti had the thought of seon.
She felt weak and so restless.
” I am going to work tomorrow and he’s gonna undo whatever nons£nse he did to my to heart.he’s gonna remove himself from it. I don’t care how. He is gonna do it!” She fussed out.
Thinking of what she’ll do to him the next day at work.
“Good morning Boss”
“Welcome Boss”
“Good morning Boss”
“Good morning”
Everyone greeted as they saw Louisa Walk past them that morning heading to her office. Answering none of their greetings. She wasn’t in the mood for any of them.
No one had expected to see her today. Though they never knew where she had been all these while.
“Good morning Miss Sullivan. Welcome back. I was beginning to get really worried. Thought of paying you a visit after today. But Thank God you are here” Mrs Dawkins greeted.
“Thank fv¢k! Tell seon to report to my office this minute” she ordered not minding whatever Mrs Dawkins was saying.
“Mr Nichols? I haven’t seen him. He isn’t at the office now!” She replied instantly.
Louisa frowned. “He isn’t what?” She arched her brow.
“Not in the office by few minutes past eight? I don’t get. Who is this boss here?” She asked checking her watch.
“It’s his first Time Miss Sullivan. He has never kept this late” she replied.
“Hmmmm” Louisa exhaled..”when he comes, tell him to rush down to my office!” She added.
“Okay . No problem Miss Sullivan” Mrs Dawkins Replied.
🌹 Episode 6🌹
Ten minutes,
Twenty minutes…..
Thirty minutes…..
An hour, two, three, four, five and still, seon was yet to come.
‘what’s wrong?’ Louisa asked. Why wasn’t he at work today? Is something wrong with him? Or Maybe he just can’t face her after the incident of yesterday.
Many thoughts clashed her head. He’s the main reason she came to work today. And he isn’t around. Work now is really boring. Too bored she thought as she unconsciously worried more about seon.
Really? She’s worried about seon? Since when? She asked.
Seon is definitely gonna tell her what he has done to her.
What’s all these mixed feelings about?
Getting worried about seon is supposed to be the last thing on her mind. But it seems to be the sub-thought of the day.
Since he’s not pres£nt, tomorrow she’ll be back for him. Tomorrow they will talk and she’ll finally penalize him for taking a day off for himself. She concluded angrily arranging her desk. For now, she’s done. She’s done for today and she’s heading home. She picked up her bag and made out of her office.
“Abs£nt Again?” Louisa snapped.
“I’m afraid so ma’am” Mrs Dawkins replied Loftily.
“Three days Abs£nt? What’s going on with him?”
“I can’t tell ma’am”
“Did you contact him to know the reason for his abs£nce?” Louisa asked with a furrowed brow.
“Yes I tried contacting but his line never went through. I tried it’s two contacts but none went through” Mrs Dawkins retorted.
Louisa’s face fell, what’s wrong with him? Is he okay? Or has he resigned from his job because of the hostile treatment he received from her days back? She worriedly asked within herself.
Many worried thoughts fl!pped through her mind. Oh God hope he hasn’t quit his job. He better not!
Why does she even care? She asked within herself. She isn’t supposed to care. But awfully. She does.
Mrs Dawkins screened Louisa’s face. She saw her worried expression
“Is there a problem?” She asked
“Uhn. Nope no…”” She stuttered.
“Okay. Can I go now? I still have some…
“Give me the address. Seon’s address” Louisa cut in.
“Wait. What?” Mrs Dawkins arched in a meaningful way.
I want his address Mrs Dawkins. Is there a problem with that?” She ¢0¢ked her head at her with a slight frown.
“Of course not. I’ll go get it right away” she replied and left.
Mrs Dawkins almost chuckled out. An d
Address? Seon’s address? Is this a dream or what? Louisa is asking for a guy’s address. This is history. Louisa isn’t thinking of paying him a visit right? She asked no one in particular as she went through the address book of each employees.
It didn’t take a minute before she found seon’s address. She copied it out and left back to Louisa’s office.
“Here you go Ma’am” she handed it over to her.
“Thank you. I’ll be back sooner or later. Just take care of my office. And if there is any visitor, you know what to do.” She ordered picking up her back.
” No problem” Mrs Dawkins replied as she watched Louisa leave her office.
“Number eight Marine slate House” she read out from the paper.
She scrutinized the big building before walking over to the door post.
She pressed a little button on the door which gave out a ding-dong sound.
The door soon opened revealing a smartly dressed lady.
“Come in please” she gestured as they both stepped in.
“How can I help you?” She asked.
“I’m here to see someone in Block two” she replied.
“Block two room what?”
“Block two room Five ” Louisa retorted as the receptionist nodded.
She brought out a big book and began fl!pping through the channels pages.
“Seon…. Nichols?”she said placing her eyes on the name that appeared on block Two Room five.
“Yeah. It’s seon Nichols” Louisa nodded abruptly.
“Okay. Just walk straight over to the elevator. Input B2 and R5 on it and it’ll take you straight to Block two. Then the third room to your left written ‘005’ is his Apartment.” She gave out directions to Louisa who nodded in return.
“Thanks” she muttered and left for the elevator.
She applied the method the lady had given her and in no time she was in Block two. She took the left route and stopped at the first third room. Which boldly had number ‘005’ on it.
She took a long deep breath to calm her nerves before knocking. She tapped gently on the door again and again. But there was no response.
Isn’t he around?
If he wasn’t, the lady would have told her earlier.
She shoved aside her thought and gently slide the door knob. Luckily it wasn’t locked. ‘maybe he’s sleeping’ she thought as she gained full entry.
She hadn’t fully taken the room in place when her eyes suddenly fell to someone on the bed.
“Seon…” It escaped her mouth.
She quickly walked over to his bedside.
“You are at home. You’re here. You’re….
She paused abruptly when she saw he was asleep. She frowned h@rd. Sleeping? Sleeping soundly when he’s supposed to be at work? Arrgh. She grunted.
He’s got some nerves. She huffed “seon… ” She tapped him on his bare back.
*fv¢k!* She cursed under her breath as she felt his body. He is burning up. His temperature is high.
“Seon…” She fearfully called.
Sein opened his eyes slowly to see Louisa standing in front of him. Is he dreaming or what? Or was he seeing double 😒?
“Seon….you are burning up. You are sick!” Louisa fearfully stated the obvious.
And that was when seon knew he wasn’t dreaming. Neither was he seeing double. His Boss, Louisa Sullivan is the lady standing before his bed.
But what’s she doing here?
TBC ✍️
You better have a good explanation Louisa😏


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