👹👺The Vampire Princess

Episode 3..




Periwy shouted in return

“The Snake World wants it”

“I am the rightful owner of the ring”I snapped

She laugh out loud then turned into a Snake

She curled herself around my neck

I inserted my finger into her flesh….Cutting her flesh out

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She tried biting me but i used my finger to cut off the snake head

The Snake fell on the floor and it turned back to Periwy👾…

She lay on the floor lifeless..After some minutes her body disappeared


“Your life is at Stake son.Meravera is on Earth”Dad said walking to meet me in the livingroom

“Dad..”I said really short of words

“No need to panic son…I already arrange your flight..You are flying to India first thing tomorrow morning”

“Okay….Dad”I stammered

This burden is just too much for me and I am living between life and death😣😣


I feel so uneasy getting to school this morning..Everything seems void

I can’t find Axel,He is not the type that do miss school and why is he not at school today🙄🙄

During Lunch,I went to meet his best friend

“Hii Dave..Have you seen Axel🙄”

“No but I am planning on going to his house today at least to check on him” He replied

“Plss..Can I go with you??”

“Why not”

“Thanks”I replied giggling

“Meet me at the parking lot once it is closing”He said then went to order for food

After English and Physics..The closing hour finally came

I rushed to the parking lot

“Get your ass into the Car”Dave teased then he drove off

“So who are you to Axel Kendal”He asked

“Just a Freind”I replied

“Um..That’s cool anyway..

“Why are you so worried about him” He asked with a smirk

“Just trying to care as a friend 💋”I replied with a shrug

The rest of our ride was silence until we get to the Kendal’s house

Dave knocked on the door and it was opened by a maid

We were led to the living room and shortly after Mr and Mrs Kendal came downstairs

I saw the man who took my ring away from the Cave eyeball to eyeball😡

I felt like killing him as Anger rage in me but I controlled it

“Good afternoon May I help you??”Mr Francis Kendal said

“We are Axel friend from Caritas Highschool,we came to check on him coz he is not at school today”Dave explained

“He travelled to India”Mrs Kendal replied

“When is he coming back??”I asked

“Not anytime from now”Francis Kendal replied frankly

I and Dave went out of the house and he drove me back home

“Why are you looking so sad daughter”Mrs Angeline asked

“Nothing”I replied frankly then wait straight to my room


It’s 9pm

I suddenly wake up from my sleep and felt so hungry💅

I need blood..

I rush downstairs and went out of the house heading straight to the Kendal’s house

I knocked on the door and the gateman was like “Who are you looking for??”

Is like this man do not know me

He refuse to open the gate so I pierced my finger through it,Making the door open at once

I place my teeth on the gateman neck as I devoured him hungrily

I rushed into the house then went upstairs

The first room I opened was Mr and Mrs Kendal room..They were sleeping peacefully

I switch on the light then laugh out loud

“Omg! What’s this?”Mr Francis shouted

“I am scared please don’t hurt us”His wife added trembling

I laugh again then said

“Francis do you think you are wise😏,you stole my ring,buried it in your son leg then send him out of the country”

“Plsss”His wife said

I walked towards them,They wanted to move but they can’t..I tied them down with my powers..I bit his wife on his neck sucking her blood

“She’s delicious”I said laughing devilishly

I used my finger to tighten Francis neck then I lift him up as I have onced did to his son.

“I am not going to suck your blood Francis coz you are fortified..I am going to kill you”I shouted then squeezed his neck

His head fell off Immediately then I disappeared 👾👾


My mouth was covered from behind

Turning back to see the face of the person

It was Vera

“I am gonna kill you”She whispered as she brought her mouth closer to my neck and her finger pierced into my leg


Episode 4….


“Vera plsssss”I shouted then wake up from my sleep panting heavily

Is Vera after me??

Does she wants to kill me??

Different thought ran through my mind

How on Earth does she know I am here

I pray God help me

I wasn’t able to sleep throughout the night..My mind was unusually restless😣

I tried calling mom and dad but it is not going through


I woke up as early as 7am

I arranged some cloth into the hand luggage then went straight to Mrs Angeline room

“Good morning mom”

“Good morning Vera..Hw was your night?..

“It was Adventurous Momma

I want to travel to India..how do I go about it”I asked

“You have to get a passport then go to the Airport for a ticket that is all by the way..What do you wanna go do at India”

“I wanna go visit a friend and can you take me to the Airport today?”I asked again

“Yh we can get everything processed today but you know what?..I am gonna miss you😘😘”

“I will miss you more but I just have to go and I promise to come back soon”I replied hugging her❤..

I quickly went to her room..Leaving her to dress up…I place my hands around my neck then I felt the necklace my mom gave me


Note:The necklace is to protect her from sunrays


We went to the Airport for some necessary preparation and I am to fly to India by 7am next tomorrow

Getting back home to prepare for all that awaits me..I saw Dave call


📞Hii Vera


📞Hey Dave how are you doing?


📞Why are you not at school today?


📞I went for some important stuff


📞Okay Vera


📞Dave I know you are so close to Axel


📞And so??


📞I want you to help me get the full details if where he stays at India


📞Don’t tell me you want to go visit him


📞Spare me that..Will you please help me get the address


📞What about your education??


📞Not that important..I have something more important to do with Axel


📞And is he your Boyfreind???😏😏


📞Spare me those Questions

Are you gonna send me the address or not


📞Fine I will get you the address…I will send it through SMS within minutes


📞Thanks Dave


📞You are welcome Lover girl💋

A big thanks to Mrs Angeline..She made me what am I on Earth

She got me cloth,shoes and mobile handset

Shortly after I saw the message from Dave

“Good to go Vera”I said to myself

“I am and will never change

I still remain Princess Meravera of Xaxie 👹”I added smiling to myself.

The day to leave for India finally came

I can’t believe Mrs Angeline was crying when we got to the Airport

I tried my possible best to hold my tears as I hugged her tightly

“I will be back soon”..I whispered

The flight stuff seems entirely new to me..I just did all what others were doing and with that I get along really well

Mrs Angeline instructed me to give the Address to the Cab Driver so I will not get lost and that’s exactly what I will do immediately I arrive at India


I received the news of my parent death yesterday and I can’t help but to cry all through if not for anything but for the fact that I am an orphan who is living between life and death😭💔

Every since that Ring was in my leg😔

I felt like there is a creature growing in me😓

I felt something in me and the Ring💍 made me fearless 😡

I know so well that there is a power in the ring which I don’t know how to make use of

There is a great💪power in that Ring and that’s why everyone is craving for it

The ring made me feel different from the real me and I will get to know the buttom of all this

I sat down at the living room looking at my parent pictures as tears flowed down freely

I wipe my tears immediately as the door bell rang

I am not expecting any visitor today so I reluctantly went to open the door

“Vera”I shouted with shock over me

“Nice seeing you again”She replied entering the house with a kind of weird smile

“You came for the ring right💍😏”I said giving her a evil smile too

“Of course”She replied staring at me Intensely

I looked back to her eyes then said

“What if I say I am not ready to give you…



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