The vampire princess Episode 5 & 6

5 /6
The Vampire Princess 👹👺
Episode 5..
“And what if i say I am not re-ady to give you”
I laugh out loud then replied
“You know me so well Axel,You know what I am capable of doing so don’t pl@ywith my terror”
“I have always been wondering Vera..What is so special about the ring💍😏
Why is everyone craving for It?
What does the Ring entail?”
“You really want to know about the Ring💍”
“Yes I really want to..
“The pelvic ring💍belong to the ancient god of Vampire👹
It was found by the foot of the god 19 years ago and it is going to complete 20 years at the end of this very year…..
The ring is gonna clock twenty by December 31 of this year
Once the ring 💍 clock 20,The ring bearer must stand un-der the full moon🌕🌝 and it is said that a heavy power is going to fall on him
The ring bearer will be the most powerful of all the seven powerful Clans
The seven powerful Clans are the 💪Werewolf💪Vampires💪Wolves 💪Fairies💪Mermaids💪Beasts and Snakes💪
The one with the ring will be the most powerful ever..No one will be able to ever defeat him/her
So now tell me…Why won’t everyone Crave for it??”..I explained
“Hmmmm..but How are you the owner of the ring💍”He asked confused
“The day the ring was found was the day I was born so my Father dedicated the ring to me as the only Princess of Xaxie and his only daughter💪”I explained
“The ring was safe until your Father c@m£ to steal it away from the Cave..
Immediately the ring c@m£ out of the Cave..Every of the other Clans felt that the Pelvic Ring💍is on Earth so they are all searching for it”I added
“So are you telling me that Werewolf,Wolves,Fairies,Mermaid,Beast and Snakes are after me?”He asked
“Not after you,They are after the ring💍..They don’t know the Ring is with you they are still searching around with their powers”I replied
“plea-se get the Ring out of me💍😭”He begged
I used my hands to cu-p his face then we kept eye contact
I felt him shivered
“I don’t want to hurt you Axel..I just don’t want to harm you”I said and to my surprise he hvgged me
“How then are you going to get what is for you”He whispered
“I will look for a way to get the Ring without hurting you but for now Promise me that you won’t flee and you will always stay close to me because danger can occur at anytime”…
“I promise you Vera😘”He replied
I felt a slight headache..That usually come once in a while
“What are we gonna eat for dinner”Axel said walking into the kitchen
I don’t just know why I don’t wanna hurt him
My heart don’t just want him to feel pain💓💓
“You can’t get me my best meal😏”I said giggling
“I can”he replied then went out of the house…
After some minutes,He c@m£ back with An Indian Slut then win-ked at me then he stylishly left us alone In the living room
Axel can be so Crazy but Anyway he brou-ght my meal and I have no choice but to devour her hungrily…
de-ep in the Cave (Xaxie)
“Princess Meravera is close to the ring💍👾..She should have been with the Ring by now but she is refusing to Acquire it”The King said angrily
“You know I will never watch my Fiancee on Earth like that..”Kayla said
“So what step have you taken..”The Queen asked him
“I make use of My magic mirror to monitor her movement
Meravera is with the Ring Bearer instead of killing him and taking the ring..She decided to keep him,Protecting him from all other Clans..
Vera don’t want to hurt him…She cherish him⚘
Your Majesty👑I am so scared..I don’t want to loose Vera to a Human and I am scared we will loose the Ring too Remember it’s just 2 months to the End of the Year”Kayla Explained
The King rage with Anger😡
“Why will Vera Ever do this?”The Queen shouted then the King Added
“Kayla…I want you to go to the Earth
Not only because of the Ring💍
I want you to destroy and Kill that Guy with the Ring👾👹
Make sure Vera doesn’t love him coz she belongs to you😡
And Make sure you bring back my Vera…..
The Vampire Princess👹👺
Episode 6..
“Get your as-s here..Everywhere is boring”I called out to Axel from the living room
“Yup Vera”
“I was thinking of inviting Dave over”I said
“Dave don’t pl@ywith his education “He replied
“I s-en-se Danger,something terrible is about to happen and you won’t believe the fact I am scared😓”I said with an emotionless face
“Anything that makes you scared could definitely kill me…do you know where the Danger is coming from or maybe we should run away from here😣”He replied with fear over him
“I don’t know where the Danger is coming from and I will not advise us to runaway…I will fight till Death rather than die being a Coward👾”I said looking br@ve💪
“You are a Princess of one of the Powerful Clans,You are powerful💪and You are br@ve but I am Nob©dy,I am…
“Shhhhhh….I gat your back”
I went back to Mellington to continue my Highschool
Axel promised not to leave India..I will make sure I check on him every weekend..
I went back home to Mrs Angeline
She hvgged me ti-ghtly saying
“Welcome back Sweetie💓”
“Thanks mom..Have many surprises for you”I replied
I kept Mrs Angeline company and after some minutes I went upstairs to prepare for school tomorrow
I know tomorrow will be somehow fun
The Next Day
Getting to school the next morning..The first person I saw was Dave
“Hey Vera
“Hey Dave..How are you doing?
“How is India and how is my best buddy doing?”
“Pretty Good”I replied flinging my hair as we both went to Clas-s
“Guess you have a bunch of gists for me”..
“Nothing much but Axel was nothing but fun😘😘”
“I wasn’t actually expecting you at school this Friday”He said
“Home would have been Dead know mom will have to go to work and I will be left lonely😏”I explained
“Are you coming for the Friday p@rty?”He asked
“Sure”I replied
“Starting from 6pm-9pm..I will come pick you at home”
“Okay will be expecting you..💋
School went exactly like a Friday should be
The Music Clas-s..The Sport Clas-s Everything was Fun
Finally it was closing
Dave gave me a ride home and all throu-gh he kept teasing me
He is a kind of funny guy
“You guys will be good together💓”He tea-sed finally as I alighted from the car
“You dumb”I shouted then he drove off
I was busy arranging things together for the p@rty
At least I should look Smart,Cute and Beautiful😊 but suddenly I felt a call from the Cave
de-ep in the Cave (Xaxie👹)
The King, The Queen,Princess Meravera and Kayla are seen sorting out some Issues..
“Why are you sparing the Ring Bearer?”The king asked Vera
“I am not Sparing him..I am only protecting him”She defended
“Protecting him for what?? When you know you are supposed to kill him and bring back the ring💍”The Queen shouted
“But mom I think he has a good mind and trust me I will look for a way to get the Ring without hurting him”…
“Human being???..Good mind???..If they have a good mind why will they steal the Ring in the very first place😏👾”The king shouted Angrily
“It was his Dad”Vera seethed
“Are you out of your s-en-ses Meravera”The Queen said moving closer to Vera
“I know you pretty well Vera..
You kill without Mercy👹
Human life mean entirely nothing to you😡
You are Fearless😘
You are heartless👾
You have no heart 💔💔
For you to have this sudden urge to protect him then you have some kind of feelings for him”Kayla said with Anger written over him
Vera went suddenly speechless
Do I really have feelings for him😏?
Kayla said I have no heart but he was wrong
I have a heart to love❤
“Do you have a feeling for the Human?”I heard Dad husky voice
“Vera remember the fact that you are not a Human and living in the Human world doesn’t makes you one..You are a VAMPIRE
What if the Human doesn’t catch an Inch if feelings for you in return
Vera you are a VAMPIRE and you are gonna get married to a VAMPIRE
You belong to me and Mine alone🔐”Kayla added
“What makes you all feel I have any feelings for Axel..What gave you that as-surance..
I don’t love him..I don’t catch feelings easily and I am a girl with a strong heart ❤”I shouted summoning all courage
“Then why do you not want to kill him😏,Why are you protecting him?”Kayla asked
“Why don’t you all trust me ..I have my own plans”I replied
Kayla laughed wickedly then said
“If I make my investigations and discover the fact that you have any feelings for him..I will make sure I kill him and serve you with his blood👹👹…