The unknown attack Episode 12 to 15

12 to 15
Episode 12
So had to plead for them to follow him, but they refused to go with him, he pleaded and pleaded until papa zion decided to follow him out of pity. when papa zion got inside their room with Michael he saw Gabriel lying dead on the be-d with Tina crying near him, so he went close to where Gabriel’s b©dy was lying to confirm if he was actually dead, but to his greatest surprise he was truly dead and this made tears to drop from his eyes.
what exactly happened to him? papa zion asked
I don’t know, when I woke up this morning I found him dead. And he was sound and healthy last night before we went to sleep but this morning when I woke up I found him like this. “Tina explained crying likewise her son Michael but her baby was still slee-ping. After everything Gabriel was later buried by his family members.
After the burial of Gabriel, Tina was still mourning for her husband, many people c@m£ to sympathize with her including her friend Franca.
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“do you want to kill yourself crying? plea-se is okay, is only Good that knows why your husband died, plea-se be strong for your children .”Franca said while consoling her
I don’t know who I have offended that is after my family, they have killed my four children, that one is not okay now they have succeeded in killing my lovely husband who gives me joy, now tell me what am still living for? Tina said in agony
plea-se take it easy on yourself because if you kill yourself, who will take care of your two children? plea-se try to take it easy on yourself, I also feel your pain .”Franca said
I should take it easy when my family are dying without me knowing the cause of their death, even the pastors and my neighbor who got involved in my family problem also died and you said I should take it easy, I just feel like killing myself so that I will not see all this happening again. “Tina said crying
is okay my friend, I un-derstand the pain you are pas-sing throu-gh now, we will be having a crusade in three days time so am inviting you to come, once you come this crusade all this things happening to your family will be over, you see our pastor is a very strong man of God and I know he can deliver you and your remaining children from all this things happening .”Franca said
That was what my late neighbor said, but at the end Of it she died along side with her pastor, even my own pastor who c@m£ here to pray also died the day he left our house, plea-se I don’t want to involve you in all this I beg you for the sake of your life. “Tina said
Episode 13
My dear! nothing will happen to me as far as I believe in God, so try and come to the crusade with your children .”Franca insisted and Tina finally agreed to come to the crusade in three days time with her children.
The next day afternoon, Tina was washing her children’s cloth, while Michael her seven years son was pla-ying in the compound, so Tina called him and he went to answer his mother
Go and check if your sister have wake up. “Tina said
“but mummy!! it have not been long that jewel sle-pt, I don’t think that she have wake up by now .”Michael said as he don’t want to go because of the pl@yhe was pla-ying
just go and check her first because I don’t want her to cry like yesterday when she woke up from sleep, go and check before you continue with your pla-y. “Tina yelled and then Michael went to check his sister, on getting there he f0rç£fully opened the door to check his sister, but what he saw shocked him, he saw the scary old woman with a vulture head sitting on the be-d with fear he screamed which made Tina to rushed inside but before she could rush inside the old woman had alre-ady erased the memory of Michael so that he can not remember anything after that she turned back into their baby and lie down on the be-d slee-ping.
Michael!! what is it? why did you screamed? Tina asked and Michael bec@m£ confused on what to say because he didn’t remember anything about the scary old woman he saw.
Episode 14
Nothing mum, I was just erm…..erm…. “Michael said stammering
“Just for you to check your sister and you are screaming, mtcheeew…. plea-se shift let me go and check my baby myself, so Tina went to check her baby and she was slee-ping peacefully.
After that day, Michael bec@m£ scared of his little sister jewel and still he did not remember anything of what he saw about his sister but he is scared of her, even if his mother tell him to carry jewel he will refuse, so Tina decided to ask him the reason why he is avoiding to t©uçh his sister.
Michael!! what exactly is the problem? you don’t pl@ywith your little sister anymore and you don’t even carry her again why ? Tina asked
nothing mum, I just don’t feel like to pl@ywith her or carry her again, my spirit don’t want me to come close to her again. “Michael responded
jewel is your sister, you have to be close with her, don’t mind whatever your heart is telling you okay? Tina warned him
okay mum have heard you. “Michael said but inside him he was still scared of his sister without knowing the reason.
The next day which was the day of the crusade, Tina bath her baby and son Michael, after that they dress up and left the house, as they got outside Tina st©p a bike man which will take them to the church that they are hosting the crusade, so they entered the bike and it st©pped them in front of the church and Tina paid him off. After the bike man had left, Tina started heading towards the church, as she got to the entrance of the church, suddenly her baby jewel started developing h0t temperature, immediately Tina noticed this she brou-ght out the baby from her back, and she found out that the baby was alre-ady weak due to the high temperature, she bec@m£ very surprised because the baby was okay when they left home.
I nee-d to rush your sister to the hospital, her b©dy is very h0t. “Tina said
no mum, let’s go inside the church so that the pastor will pray for her. “Michael suggested
“her temperature is getting out of hand, I nee-d to rush her to the hospital the two of you is all I have for now and I wouldn’t want anything to happen to any of you .”Tina said and then she went outside the church and st©p another bike man who took them to the hospital, immediately the bike man st©p them in front of the hospital jewel b©dy get back to normal, and the high temperature st©pped, when Tina t©uçhed the baby’s b©dy it was okay and this make her to get confused.
“Am really confused, your sister’s temperature was high before, but now her b©dy is okay, I don’t really un-derstand what is happening again. “Tina said confusedly
mum! that was why I told you we should enter the inside the church for the pastor to pray for her but you refused and insisted on bringing her to the hospital, now her b©dy is okay, don’t you think that is strange? Michael her son said
yes is very strange, I know that my enemies are at work but this time they will not succeed in killing any of you again, I will still take her inside the hospital for the doctor to check her, I want to be sure that your sister is okay, after that we will go back to the crusade whether devil likes it or not .”Tina said and then took her baby inside the hospital with her son Michael following her.
Episode 15
When she got inside the hospital, she saw one of the nurse who directed her to the doctor’s office, so the doctor check the baby.
“Madam! there is nothing wrong with your baby, her temperature is okay. “the doctor said after he examined the baby
but doctor!! I know what am saying, when we were still in the church premises her b©dy was very h0t but immediately the bike man dropped us in front of this hospital her temperature bec@m£ normal, am really confuse because this is strange. “Tina said
you don’t have to be confused, that is children for you. “the doctor said smiling
hmm….. since you said that there is nothing wrong with my baby, no problem I have to rush back to the crusade because I don’t want to miss it. “Tina said and immediately jewel cast a spell on the doctor
no,no,no…… you don’t have to go back to the crusade because your baby nee-d rest, so take her home .”the doctor said strangely and Tina bec@m£ very surprised of the doctor’s sudden attitude
But doctor!! I thought you said that my baby is okay, why telling me to take her home? she asked surprisedly
nothing just take her home, she nee-d rest. “the doctor said, so Tina have no other choice but to go home. when she got home, she began to think of everything that happened to her baby right from the church and in the hospital.
“something is not right here, why is it that when we got in front of the church that jewel’s b©dy got h0t, but on getting in front of the hospital her temperature bec@m£ normal, even the doctor who was talking fine suddenly change and started behaving strangely when I mentioned to go back to the crusade, something is definitely wrong, does this whole thing have anything to do with my baby jewel? no I don’t think so because jewel is still a baby of one year that doesn’t know anything yet, but I still remember about the dream my late husband told me about our baby turning into an old scary woman that almost stabbe-d him in his dream, not only that two days ago I asked Michael to go and check jewel who was slee-ping, not too long that he went inside he screamed, but when I asked him of what made him to scream and he said nothing, ever since then he is not going close to his sister again, to show that something is wrong and today the doctor who behave strangely, hmm…. let it don’t be what am thinking .”Tina thought to herself and later she waved off the whole thought from her mind.
Back in the church after the crusade, the pastor st©pped Franca when she was about to go.
your friend you told me about didn’t come to the crusade again? pastor Joseph asked
yes pastor! am even surprised that she didn’t make it to the crusade today .”Franca replied
hmm… I have a revelation about that your friend when the crusade was going on, a demon is living with her in the house, and that same demon is the one who have been responsible for all the mysterious things and death happening around her, as am talking to you now the demon is planning to kill she and her son in the next two days to accomplish her mission in that house. “pastor Joseph said
OMG!! but where did the demon come from? plea-se pastor do something to save my friend and her children. “Franca pleaded
your friend brou-ght the demon into her home without she knowing do to desperation. that is the problem with human beings, anywhere they hear that they are performing miracles they will rush to that place without thinking twice if the miracle is from God or not, all they are after is miracle. “pastor Joseph said
pastor I don’t un-derstand all this you are saying, what has this miracle of a thing got to do with the demon behind all this things happening to my friend? Franca asked
my dear it has many things to do with what have been happening to your friend because that is where her problem started, but don’t worry I will do something to save she and her son and not children. “pastor Joseph said and Franca bec@m£ more confused of his statement
I don’t un-derstand pastor, my friend have two surviving children, a boy and a girl but you keep on mentioning only her son .”Franca said confusedly
you will not un-derstand, anyway first thing tomorrow morning you will take me to her house because if I don’t go there tomorrow your friend and her son will die .”pastor Joseph said
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