The unknown attack Episode 10 & 11

Episode 10
Meanwhile Tina was at home expecting mama zion and her pastor to come to her house as they agreed but she have not heard or seen her.
I thought you told me that mama zion will bring her pastor to our house, why haven’t she show up yet, I used because of this to close from work on time just to be in the prayer but still they have not come yet, are you sure that mama zion went to her pastor’s place? Gabriel asked
yes!! she went to her pastor’s house as we agreed, I even asked asked her daughter of her mother and she told me that her mother went to their pastor’s house, let’s have patient she will come soon with her pastor. “Tina as-sured her husband
“if you say so, let’s continue to wait for them. as they were still talking, suddenly they heard a loud cry outside.
Honey did you hear that? Gabriel asked
yes I heard it let’s go outside to know what is happening. so they rushed outside but to their surprise they saw papa zion and his daughter rolling on the ground crying bitterly with mama Mary and other neighbors consoling them. Tina and her husband were confused on what was really going on.
“plea-se what is happening here? Gabriel asked confusedly
mama zion and her pastor was crushed to death on their way coming here. “mama Mary said sadly
what?? how do you mean by they were crushed to death? Gabriel asked in disbelief
their car was involved in an accident with a trailer which crushed them to death. “mama Mary said with tears
OMG!! not again, I can’t believe what am hearing, so mama zion is dead? Tina said in shock and that was when she realized that something is definitely wrong with her family.
All this is you people’s fault, if not for your problem my wife wouldn’t have go to our pastor’s house which lead to her death. “papa zion blamed them while crying with his daughter zion who was still on ground crying too.
“Am sorry I did not know that all this will happen, if I had known I wouldn’t have tell her to bring her pastor. “Tina said crying because she knew that mama zion died while she was trying to help her .
After the death of mama zion, everyb©dy in Tina’s compound started avoiding she and her family because they feel that they are un-der a curse, and this began to worry Tina so much.
Am tired of all this, people are avoiding us because they feel that our family is un-der a curse that is ma-king people around us to die. “Tina said in a worried tone
you will not blame them, if we are un-der their shoe, we will think the same thing, remember pastor Fred who got involved in this was killed by unknown person after he left our house that day, and also mama zion who wanted to help by bringing her pastor here also died in a terrible accident with her pastor, and not to talk of our children who have died by unknown attack, so all this things will make them feel that something is wrong with our family and they wouldn’t like to as-sociate themselves with us again so that they will not die, my dear let us just pray to God to save us from all this mysterious things happening to us. “Gabriel said
Episode 11
Some months later, Tina’s baby jewel clock one year and they celebr@te her birthday in a big way, many of their family members and friends also c@m£ to wish the baby well, Gabriel was very happy that his daughter have turned one year likewise Tina, people who c@m£ for the birthday p@rty took pictures with the baby and her family. After the birthday p@rty was over the people who c@m£ all went to their various home.
In the midnight of that same day, Gabriel and his wife were slee-ping in their room with their baby jewel. As they were all slee-ping, suddenly their baby jewel opened her eyes look around and saw that her parents were in a de-ep sleep, she stood up from her be-d and turned into the old scary old woman with a vulture head, she went to were Gabriel was lying.
“hahaha….. you fools, you all thought that am a baby, you don’t know that I c@m£ for a mission to wipe out all your family, you nee-ded a female child so I used that opportunity to enter into your family so that I will kill all of you to renew my kingdom, I will continue to kill you all until I accomplish my mission, Gabriel you are my next victim. After she finished saying that she laughed devlishly and opened Gabriel’s che-st with her hand and took out his heart and close back his che-st, after that she disappeared with his heart. As all this was going on Tina was still in a de-ep sleep without knowing what was going on. Not too long after the old scary woman disappeared, she reappeared and turned into their baby and went back to her be-d and to sleep.
When it was day break, Tina woke up and was surprised to see her husband still slee-ping because he was supposed to be preparing for work but instead he was still slee-ping.
“Honey! this one you are still slee-ping by this time, are you not going to work? she asked surprisedly but got no answer, then she close and tapped him to wake up but still Gabriel didn’t wake up, so she tapped him ha-rd for him to wake up but still he wasn’t responding, then her heart skipped.
Honey plea-se don’t do this to me, wake up I beg you. “Tina said while shaking him and also calling his name but still he did not respond and this made Tina to scream, immediately her son Michael rushed inside the room.
“Mummy!! what is the problem and why is daddy still slee-ping by now ? Michael asked with anxiety
I don’t know what is wrong with your father, he have refused to wake up. “Tina said still shaking her husband with tears in her eyes
Daddy!! Daddy!! plea-se wake up don’t leave. “Michael cried also shaking his father but still Gabriel wasn’t responding. so Tina told Michael to call their neighbors, but when he called them they refused to go with him because they are afraid to get involve in their family problem because they feel if they get involve that they will die that was why they refused to go with him.
Chai!! what a world, so jewel you are behind all this hmm…..
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