The unbreakable v!rg!nEpisode 5 to 7

Episode 5
For one week, she didn’t go to school, she stayed indoor as was instructed by her mother nursing her wounds and ached soul.
Sometimes, she wondered why God has decided to punish her this way
What’s the ess£nce of being pretty why there’s no peace of mind???
She just wished that she’s ugly …
Well not that ugly but something in between…
She sighed again, glancing at the wall clock in her room and counting the time , waiting patiently for her best friend to come back from school.
No nee-d waiting for mama cos she always comes back late in the evening.
You could be wondering about her siblings or anything related about her family but the truth is that she’s fatherless and the only child.
Her father died years ago even before she comes of age …
Mama had wept day and night for her beloved husband. She was advised to remarry but because of the love she has for her late husband, she decided to stay back and build his home with or without him .
She’s a trader and that has sustained her and her little daughter for many years now …
She will forever be grateful for maazi okeke her husband’s younger brother for his support even when others turned their back on her …
Mama is a strong woman
The boredom is killing her and she stood up from her be-d unable to take it anymore, her stomach rumbled loudly.
Oh God!!!!….she’s hungry .
She sighed again , opened her door and dragged herself to the kitchen .
Daniel kept looking around for any sign of Chidinma but he was greatly disappointed when he couldn’t see her at school for almost a week .
What’s the ess£nce of going to school when his heartbeat is not in school???
He sighed , but wait a minute…
Did he just call her his heartbeat???…
He g@sp and shook his head ..
He’s just missing her and nothing else…
“Just be honest with your self…
You have started developing feelings for her ….right???”
His subconscious mind jeered at him .
It can’t be..
Just that I miss troubling her”…
He concluded and just that, the bell rang for dismissal .
He packed his books and hurried outside colliding with onyinye who was in a hurry too.
” what’s wrong with you?”
Onyinye yelled in frustration.
“Am sorry …”
He apologized and she was surprised.
She has never seen him talk calmly to a fellow clas-smates talk more of her .
What’s the secret?
She wondered, something is definitely fishy somewhere.
She reasoned .
“plea-se can we talk?”
He pleaded calmly.
“OK ..
Go on am all ears.”
“Where’s your friend?..
I have not seen her for almost a week now …
Is she alright?”
He asked .
“Yes ..
She’s doing okay ..
Any problem? ”
She asked again and Daniel could s-en-se she doesn’t like his pres£nce.
Just tell her I said ” hi”..
He smiled at the last p@rt .
“No problem”
She said and stomped out.
“Can I at least give you a ride ?”
He yelled after her .
“Don’t bother …”
She yelled obviously irritated .
He sighed in defeat and entered his car but an idea struck him.
He sm-irked triumphantly, started the car and trailed behind her.
He must dig out where she or her pretty friend lives today …
Episode 6
s-en-sing someone’s pres£nce behind her , onyinye st©pped abruptly …
Scanning around again without finding any clue to her suspicion, she sighed in defeat ..
It must be her stupid imaginations , she thought and continue her journey to Nma’s house.
This has been the third time she has had the feeling that someone is following her but she ends up getting no clue to it…
Daniel heaved a sigh of relief..
He’s smart enough to hide each time she s-en-ses that someone is following her.
He had earlier parked his car at a safe distance and decided to trek instead ..
“That would be more safer than using a car”
He thought and smiled triumphantly at his thought..
He followed her till they c@m£ to a poorly built bungalow with rose flowers surrounding it ..
He sighed, that could be her house..
He hid behind the flowers and watch onyinye knock severally on the door …
Then the door opened and he saw the girl of his dreams standing right there before the useless rag that calls herself onyinye.
Oh!!!..she’s even wearing short sleeveless go-wn which expo-sed her cleavages and h!ps…
Is she really human?..
Her beauty is Extraordinary ..
He thought as he tried really ha-rd to control himself.
Everything is un-der control until he saw her smile ..
Her smiles alone broke every bits of resistance left in him and he decided to be a man .
He c@m£ out from his hiding place and called her name.
And when she turned towards the direction of the voice ,…
She froze in fear….
Staring at Onyinye she asked..
“What’s he doing here?”…
” no..
Don’t look at me that way..
I didn’t bring him here ..
I swear with my life”
She defended…
“If you didn’t ..
Then who did?..”
She asked not believing her…
What she experienced from the hands of father Anthony had made her not to trust anyb©dy again..
Don’t blame her.
“I did..
I brou-ght myself here..
I was wondering why you aren’t in school , so I followed her here and to be honest….”
“Get out of here “…
She yelled at him interrupting him..
” Nma listen..
Just …”
“She said you should leave here now…”
Onyinye barked
And without another word , he left feeling so hurt and unhappy.
She should have heard him out first.
“Why are you concerned about that b—h?…
Are you in love with her?”..
His nosy sub-concious mind jeered at him as he started his car..
” just shut up”…
He yelled in anger…
“She thinks she has it all..
Until she crawls at my feet begging for mercy ..
I will never let her be..”
He swore un-der his breathe
Gritting his teeth angrily as he drove home r0ûghly…
Daniel and his temper..
Onyinye sat down beside her friend ..
Helping her out with the t©pics they treated that day at school..
When we are throu-gh with biology can you help me in further Maths?”..
She pleaded softly pouting herl-ips which no one could refuse..
” No way…
Am not buying that..
You won’t bribe me with it ..”
Onyinye protested with laughter..
“Why not?..
You’re my friend..”
“But am not good in further maths…
The only person that can help you is Olisa ”
She sm-irked..
“No way..
You know, Olisa and I are not in good terms …
He wants to get in my p@n-ts and I won’t ever allow such”
She opposed angrily and onyinye couldn’t st©p laughing.
She had quarrelled severally with Olisa over his lecherous life style and the mere thought of asking him for help is giving her goose bu-mps.
He’s very brilliant, she admits but going to Olisa to ask for help is like borrowing money from devil.
He must surely ask for something in return which she’s not re-ady for.
“Then go to Daniel ..
He’s one of the h0ttest br@ins in our clas-s and I think he likes you too..
He wouldn’t hesitate to help you out”
She win-ked at her.
“You’re sick..
I have br@ins too ..
Only that I have been missing school recently”
She br@gged and onyinye couldn’t st©p laughing…
“Fish head”
Nma cursed and she roared more in laughter..
She just smiled, onyinye is right but she rather die than go to that sinful soul for help.
Episode 7
His name is Daniel chukwuemeka Okoye …
Born of the family of three ( two girls and a boy)…and the only son of his parents.
His mother died when he was five and he was raised by a nanny and combined effort of his sisters.
Chief okoye his father had given up hope of having a male child when suddenly , God decided to bless him with a male child at the expense of the life of his dear wife.
He’s a very wealthy man and it was rumoured that he used his wife to enrich his pockets but only God is his solace .
He had spared no effort in raising his only son .
Providing him all the comforts his wealth can offer, hoping that he would one day become very powerful and take over his numerous companies and businesses.
Daniel grew up a spoilt br@t.
What do you expect when he has virtually everything at his beck and call.
Money , good looks, popularity, intelligence…. Name them
Tell me why he won’t be full of himself ???…
He has everything but only one thing that he de-sires desperately to have which is beyond his reach…
He wants her..
To make her his woman..
To possess every p@rt of her b©dy ..
No!!!…that’s not enough …
He wants her desperately on his be-d and after that boast to his friends that he has tasted her forbidden fruits.
He wants to see her humiliated, shed tears of agony and weep everyday of her life .
That he must achieve.
He angrily horned at the gate several times to see the stupid gateman rushing to open the gate.
On getting down from the car, he gave him a ha-rd sl@p on his face.
” stupid man..
Don’t keep me waiting next time if you love this useless job of yours.
Useless fool”
He cursed as he marched inside the house in anger.
What’s the problem?
Who made you angry?”
His Nanny called after him.
She’s the only one who calls him by his native name .
“Nanny can you plea-se st©p calling me that bush name!.?..
And don’t bother about my lunch.
Am not hungry …
I will be in my room now.
Nob©dy should disturb my rest”
He said angrily and ran upstairs to his room.
She just shrugged and continued with her chores.
“Yes …
Skibo , you nee-d to see the way she insulted me..
I will teach that fool a bitter lesson”
Daniel lamented over the phone to his friend ‘skibo’.
He’s a deadly cultist and he is feared by many because of his involvement in crimes and atrocities committed in that area.
Yet Kelechi popularly known as ‘skibo’ always consider Daniel as his best friend.
You can’t blame him, they grew up together until Kelechi left to the north to stay with one of his uncles after his primary education.
There, he joined bad gang and strayed away from the right path.
” but wait o..
You sure say , you no get feelings for the girl?”
He asked
“No way …
I admit say the girl fine but you know me skibo’..
I don’t love..
I just want to teach her a bitter lesson she won’t ever forget…”
He said and skibo’ let out a dry throaty laugh.
“No reason am …
I go arrange the matter for you..
My boys and I go do am for you..”
He grinned
“No wahala..
I want to be there when the deed would be done…
No forget say I go be the first to enter…
Na me get the game”
He sm-irked
“No wahala ”
Said skibo’ as he let out an evil laughter…
Daniel ended the call, smiling in satisfaction .
Time to teach the b—h a lesson.
If he can’t have her…
No one will..
Be it in peace or in pieces…
He must get her la-id…
What happened next?
Fine out in the next episode..