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The unbreakable v!rg!nEpisode 8 to 10

( kwin ammy sanctus)
Episode 8
Monday [email protected]£ and hurriedly she prepared for school . mama stood at the door watching her pretty daughter as she wore her shoes humming happily.
She shook her head with smiles..
What could have put those precious smiles on her face?..
She wondered..
Quit staring and come in..
Am not a telly”
She said with a slight laughter.
She’s happy this morning..
What’s the secret?”
Mama asked as she walked in and sat gently on her be-d.
“Don’t you think, that you’re too old for such talks?..”
She asked grinning.
“Old indeed…
Come let me see your wounds..”
Mama gestured as she walked towards her and sat beside her .
The wounds has healed and the scars is clearing off..
Sooner or later, it will disappear without any trace .
Mama sighed heavily remembering the incident .
Well God has really fought the battle for her.
Father Anthony has tried to [email protected]£ another innocent girl again and he was caught red-handed.
They dismissed him from priesthood.
Even though Mama was happy that the culprit was later caught but she felt that the priest needed a second chance to mend his ways.
She sighed heavily..
“…. So mama what do you think?..”
She asked but mama’s thought was too busy to listen to her girly chattering. She paused staring at her mother, wondering what’s suddenly wrong with her.
She called loudly snapping her out of her thoughts.
” Erh..erh…
What were you saying Nma..?”
“What’s wrong with you?..
I have been talking to myself all this while”
Mama sighed again..
“Am worried my daughter…
What if something similar happens to you again..
What if they hurt you again?..
I won’t bear it.
Since yesterday, I have been having this feeling that something is not right somewhere…
plea-se my daughter don’t …”
She placed a f!nger on her mother’sl-ips interrupting her.
“Its okay mama.
Nothing will happen to me..
Just don’t think too much.
God will never allow any harm to come to me…
I promise you mama that I will protect my vir-ginity with my life..
Even if it is the last thing I will accomplish in my life…
I will do it …”
She said smiling throu-gh her tears and mama hvgged her instantly.
” I believe you my daughter…
Nothing will happen to you.
Be careful ”
” I will mama”
She smiled hvgging her ti-ghtly.
“Did I miss something here?”
Onyinye asked with smiles…
“Look who’s here…
Mama we will be on my way now…”
She said picking her school bag .
“Take care of your self..”
Mama called after them watching their retreating figures.
“I will mama”
She yelled after her.
She just smiled…
Her daughter is her pride
Time sped up quic-kly and before you know it , dismissal bell was rang…
She sat waiting for onyinye who had gone to ease herself …
She waited and waited …
Students leave one after the other…
Where could she be!?
She wondered
And when she couldn’t wait anymore she took her bag and left to her home.
She was so worried and scared as she trekked alone the lonely path on her way home.
Skibo and his boys smiled lvstfully as they sighted their prey..
She is so beautiful that they couldn’t wait to devour her..
They waited patiently till she trekked towards them…
“Look who we have here”
She heard the familiar annoying voice and froze to her sp©t.
What does he want!
Fear gr!pp£dher.
” I told you right..
That am gonna have a taste of you…
Didn’t I?..”
He sm-irked
” well I think heaven has answered my prayers…”
” no…
Don’t try any nons-en-se with me ”
She warned in a shaky voice.
” boys seize her..”
He commanded..
” don’t come near me..
Jesus …Mary and Joseph…
Save me ”
She screamed trying to solicit help from the holy family.
” shut the f–k up..
Let me see who’s gonna save you”
He said ruthlessly.
With a quic-k swift, they dragged her to an abandoned uncompleted building re-ady to defile her .
Nob©dy they believed will save her…
Episode 9
Onyinye sat down on her be-d feeling so guilty
Betrayal !!!…
That’s the worst thing you can do to a friend..
Just like judas she has betrayed a friend and a sister …
” God …
What have I done?”..
She cried as uncontrollable tears rolled down her chubby cheeks…
” go and save her…
Do something…
How can you betray your sister and your friend? “…
Her subconscious mind yelled at her as she sobbe-d loudly..
” No need doing that..
They must have carried out their plans”..
After using the rest room , she rushed out to meet chidinma who’s waiting patiently for her in the [email protected] but Daniel blocked her path instead sm-irking devilishly
“Not so fast sweetheart..
Where are you rushing off to?..
To meet that peac0ck?”..
He scoffed loudly …
” not your business …
You son of a b—h”
She cursed angrily but that statement gave her a bitter pills , she won’t forget in a hurry.
He [email protected]£d her n£¢k and twist her arm till it hurts badly..
” repeat that statement again and I will throw you to the bottomless pit..
He spat in anger as his heart burns with bitterness.
” am sorry just let me go..”
Onyinye pleaded trying so [email protected] not to break down..
” any word from you,..
I will tell the whole school how copper Henry f—-d you last Friday ..”
He threatened , griting his teeth in anger..
Onyinye’s heart flew to her stomach..
How did he know about her secret affair with copper Henry their Physics teacher?
She thought as unimaginable fear rose from the pit of her stomach and spre-ad to every [email protected] of her b©dy…
No she mustn’t let him win so easily..
Nob©dy must know about this..
Daniel watch her expression with great delight..
Time to strike
He sm-irked ..
” no ranting again b—h ?..
Daughter of an expired maggot ..
Pretender like you ”
” lies..
What proff do you have that am having an affair with copper Henry? “..
She yelled freeing herself from his grip..
” oh..
You want proff right?..”
He sm-irked
” I will show you ”
He di-pped his hand in his pocket and brou-ght out his phone and showed her the S-x cl!p.
She was shocked to the marrow..
How did it happen?…
She trusted and loves Henry so much that she didn’t give it a second thought that Friday evening when she gave him her vir-ginity..
But now ..
He had shattered her heart ..
Men are not to be trusted..
They’re always the same ..
Bitter tears ran down her cheeks..
” no..
It can’t be.
Henry can’t do this to me..”
She uttered when she finally found her voice .
” are you still doubting me now b—h?”
He sm-irked in triumph..
Skibo had really done a good job in videotaping the scene…
He owes him a lot..
” what do you want?”
Onyinye asked wiping her tears ..
” Good girl..
I thought you would never ask.”
He smiled innocently earning a deadly glare from her.
” am sorry to do this sweetheart but you all have to do is to go home without your friend..
We have some unfinished business with her..”
He laughed
” what do you want with her?”
” it’s simple ..
I wanna taste her punami ..
Just like how copper Henry handled you last week.. Simply go home and pretend like you never knew what’s going on..
I will s£nd her back when am throu-gh with her.. ”
” that’s betrayal to a highest dimension..
I can’t betray my friend..
She’s more like a sister to me..”
She objected angrily..
” then be re-ady to commit suicide by the time I re-lease this video to the school website..
Remember the positions of your parents in church…
If you want to live long..
Don’t dare double cross me”
He threatened ..
” you’re evil..”
She cried..
” says someone that has alre-ady betrayed her friend ”
He sm-irked ..
She ran away in tears not believing what she has put herself into
If She had said No to Henry that evening, this wouldn’t have happened…
” dear God..
Am sorry for my crime.
If you still answers prayers ..
plea-se save my sister chidinma”
She cried bitterly..
” someb©dy plea-se help me..
. save me “..
Nma cried helplessly as they tore her clothes to shred leaving only her undies for her..
Daniel li-cked hisl-ips lvstfully..
” you’re so beautiful just as I expected ”
His eyes darkened in de-sire as he felt h0t blood surging throu-gh him arousing him…
He bent closer and squee-zed her b©©b s slightly..
” go away from me…”
She cried..
” guy ..
Enter fast make we do quic-k and Vamoose from here”
Skibo said impatiently.
He’s alre-ady [email protected] ..
Daniel unbuckled his trou-ser and pu-ll-ed it off..
Nma shook in fear..
This is it…her life is over..
” hold her ”
He commanded ..
They advanced towards her but a sudden gunsh0t made them to st©p instantly..
” one move and you’re gone”
A voice said ..
They turned to see six heavily armed police men.
They were on their regular evening patrol when they heard strange noise coming from an abandoned uncompleted building .
On getting there, they were surprise to see a girl about to be [email protected]£d .
They had no option than to act fast..
Skibo tried to escape but he was sh0t and he dropped dead instantly..
They handcuffed the rest and took them to their station..
Chidinma was too shocked to say anything..
They just clothed her and took her to hospital for check up
” I can’t believe that you did something like this, son…
Am disappointed ”
Chief okoye yelled ..
He had [email protected]£ back from a business trip in Canada to receive the worse news ever about his beloved son..
Hurriedly, he went to the police station to see if he can bail him out..
Fortunately, the D.P.O is a good friend of his ..
Daniel stood before his father , handcuffed as he bowed his head in shame..
He couldn’t believe that his little adventure could land him in serious trouble , taking away the life of his best friend..
He sighed heavily..
If he had known, he wouldn’t have try any nons-en-se with that witch..
He’s just blinded by lvst …
” don’t just stand there moping at me like a lost sheep..”
His father barked ..
” am sorry Dad..
It was Devil that caused it..
I promise to be Good from now onwards ..
If you still want , I will go to London to further my studies after my WAEC..
plea-se Dad.. ”
He went on his kneels..
” am sorry..
Forgive me ”
He pleaded as a tear dropped down his cheeks..
His father was t©uçhed.
” don’t apologize to me..
Go to the girl you tried to defile and apologize to her..
If she forgives you..
Only then , will I accept you back as my son..”
He said
” Dad ..
I said that am sorry…
Remember that you’re the one I have in…”
” just shut up..
You will be bailed today..
Before you step your foot in my house , make sure you must have apologized to that innocent girl..
Am s£nding the driver to pick you up..
Useless fool”
He stood up and left his son wallowing in guilt and shame..
The female police officer @ssigned to look after chidinma had alre-ady brou-ght her home..
After the doctor had examined her and confirmed that no damage had been done to her…
She took her home , fortunately enough, Mama was not around to witness it..
Thank Goodness, else it would have increased her blood pressure..
” just take a good rest and try not to think much about what happened today..
You will be fine ..
” OK ..
Thanks so much ”
She said smiling at the kind police officer.
She’s so nice.
” alright..
I will be on my way now..
My regards to your mother ”
” what’s your name? ”
Nma asked as she watch her opening the door..
” prisca ..”
She replied , seems she’s finding it difficult to open the door..
The door to her room has suddenly develop fault and only a patient being can open it ..
She stood up from her be-d and gently opened the door..
” thanks dear..
I will see you later”
She announced as she hoped into their patrol car waving at Nma as it sped off..
Nma stood there smiling at her luck..
God had really been gracious to her these days.
First it was father Anthony..
Now her own [email protected] mate..
She shrugged, no matter the cir¢vmstances she finds her self in, she will never give up her dignity as a woman.
She sighted a Lexus jeep entering their compound and went closer to have a clear view of the [email protected]
To her utmost surprise, Daniel stepped out of the car.
He looks so miserable..
Even in this state he’s still very cute and adorable..
” what do you want ..?.”
She asked calmly
” can we talk?”
He pleaded..
“So that you will see an opportunity to [email protected]£ me ?”
She queried..
” No..
Not like that..”
He went closer and knelt down..
She was greatly surprised at his action..
” I know no amount of apology can make you to forgive me..
Am such a j£rk to think that I can steal your pride..
Am sorry..
Forgive me ”
He pleaded..
” I know that I have become your worse nightmare but I promise you that from today , I will become a better person..
Am really sorry ”
He said watching her expression..
The more he looked at her, the more he’s becoming weak..
This shouldn’t be happening to him..
He shook his head repeatedly..
” I forgive you..
You may go”
She finally said
” you said?..”
He asked to be sure..
” I said you should go and sin no more..
I forgive you”.
She smiled..
” thank you so much ..
You’re such an angel..”
He said smiling happily ..
As he turned to go ..
He st©pped abruptly as if he forgot something.
Nma stood watching him..
He turned and walked towards her..
” in a months time , we will be writing our WAEC and after that I will go to London to further my studies…
I hope to still meet you a good girl after I return…
When you go to university..
Don’t dare go wild ..”
He said with a slight sm-irk watching her intently..
But she just smiled..
Seems she’s add!çted to it.
” why are you telling me this young man?”..
She asked..
” I just hope that when I become someb©dy in life..
I will come back for you..
I will surely make you my woman not just that.
You will be the mother of my children..
And trust me , you won’t escape it”
He sm-irked , turned and hopped inside the car.
A warm feeling arou-se from the pit of her stomach and spre-ad to her b©dy..
Her heartbeat increased .
What does he mean by that?.
She thought as she watch his car leave her compound..
“He’s such a j£rk “..
She thought aloud and marched inside her room feeling suddenly restless..
To be continued

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