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The twelfth disciples episode 16 – 17

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 16
By: Faith Lucky
He stood up as soon as our eyes met. Goodness, what is Danica doing with him, huh? How could she put herself in so much danger? How could she risk her life this way?
He sniffed and turned to back me. I saw his hand go over his face and when he turned to face me again, the tears were gone.
“Where is my grand daughter?” I asked painfully.
Greeting him as the royal prince had actually skipped my mind and well..dmn it!
He obviously looked surprised as well.
“She’s being worked on, ma’am…”
“What happened to her?” I cut him off. “What was she doing with you? What happened to my daughter? Why was she shot??” I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t control the angry tone of my voice.
He was silent for a while.
“I’m sorry, ma’am. It was all my fault”. He said lowly, his sad eyes on the floor.
“She had accompanied me to a party but unfortunately, a stray bullet hit her”.
“Goodness!” I muttered and turned away, my palm on my forehead.
My God, Danica. What the hell has she been done??? She went out with the prince?? But she told me she….she told me she had an urgent work to attend to. Was she lying to me?? But why??
Tears threatened to drip my eyes at the thought of it, but I just decided to wave it aside. Her well being was more important at the moment.
“Where is she? I need to see her” I said h@rdly, my gaze avoiding his.
I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of the prince- the same people I’d tried so h@rd to avoid for 18 years. Hlw could Danica do this to me?
“You can’t for now, ma’am. The doctors are still….”
He was suddenly interrupted when the nearest door opened and a doctor walked out.
Oh!! Thank goodness
Without hesitation, I ran to him immediately.
“My daughter, doctor. How’s she? I need to see her,please. How’s her condition?” I gibbered but he let some seconds of silence p@ssed
“Calm down, ma’am. She’ll be fine” he gave the reply that made me heave a huge sigh of relief.
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The prince was standing close as well.
successfully gotten the bullet out of her but….she’s still unconscious and one more disturbing thing; she lost a lot of blood and would be needing a blood transfussion”.
Well, that didn’t sound like a problem to me.
“Perfect. There’s no problem at all, doctor. You can make use of my blood”,I answered quickly.
“Are you sure you’re strong enough to…”
“Please, it doesn’t matter. She’s my grand daughter and our blood type should match. Just get on with it, please”, I said desperately and he glanced at the prince.
“Okay then. Come with me. We need to run some tests before the transfussion”. He stated and started walking away, but I hesitated and looked at the prince.
you for your help so far, my prince. Thank you for bringing my grand daughter to the hospital and alerting me about it. But please and please, I want you to leave. I hope you don’t see this to be rude, but I really don’t want to have anything to do with you or anyone close to you. I don’t want you around me. So, I beg you in the name of everything you believe in, leave. Right now” I forced a strict stare at him and after that, trailed behind the doctor.
I was stunned at the woman’s reaction. Why does she want me to leave? Like…I couldn’t understand her.
But when she spoke, I could see so much anger in her eyes, so much anger and hate. Where was it coming from? Why the hate?
I ruffled my hair and went to sit on a bench close by. Leaving – there was definitely no way I was doing that.
I bent my head as I sat and hoped for the best. I just wanted her to be fine.
“What do you mean you couldn’t find her? Where is she??” I yelled angrily in front of the car as they gave me reports.
“We have no idea, my prince. We waited for her at the agreed location which was the mall, but she didn’t show up. And after an hour, we decided to go to her apartment. The door was opened, but there was no one in. No one at all”, he replied and my anger multiplied.
Argh!! Is she trying to make a fool of me or what?
I gritted my teeth and stayed silent for a while.
Nobody fools me. Nobody at all. We had a deal and I always get what I want.
want you to give her until tomorrow morning”. I turned to him and said.
“If there’s no news from her, go back there and burn down her house”.
“Yes. My prince” he bowed.
After some time and tests with the doctor, I left the room with a wool over the punctured part of my arm. I got out to the waiting corner and met the prince still seated there.
What? Didn’t he leave already?? I thought I asked him to leave??
His head was rested on the wall with his eyes closed. He looked really tired.
I stared at him for a while, recalling how evil his family was and what they had done to me.
I sighed and went to sit elsewhere, far from him.
I leaned my head on the wall and closed my eyes as well.
This is going to be the last, Danica. As soon as you’re well and out of here, we’re leaving the city.
I don’t care if Kim comes with us not, she can stay and ruin her life if she wants to. I’ve tried my best for her already, waited 18 years for her, but there seems to be no change. And I can’t kill myself for it.
So, at this moment, your life is more important to me and as soon as you’re well and out of here, we’re leaving the city.
“Mum?” I heard a familiar voice and opened my eyes to see Kim walking towards me.
It was more like she’d busted out of my thoughts because I was just thinking about her.
Her brows were furrowed in surprise as she stared at the prince whoose eyes were now open.
“Wh…What’s going on?’ She looked at me and asked, standing closer to me now.
“I saw your letter on the table. Why’re you here?”
“Its Danica”, I sighed.
“She was shot and brought here by the prince”,
“The prince?” She whispered. “What’s she doing with him?
“She had…accompanied him to a party”, I paused and looked at the prince who was staring at us.
“A stray bullet hit her”.
“Stray bullet?” She arched her brows the more.
“But she told you she was going to work, right? How come she was at a party with the prince?”
I shrugged.
“That lying bch!” I heard her mumble under her breath.
Although, it wasn’t clear, but I think that was what she said.
She crossed her hands and looked really angry. Well, she was the least of my problem at the moment.
“So, where is she? And how long will it take to get her healed up?” She asked impatiently, but I didn’t reply the stupid question.
She was about saying something else when suddenly, I saw the doctor walking towards us. Ahh! Thank goodness!
I sprang on my feet and rushed to him immediately, not looking back at Kim or the prince.
“Doctor, how’s she? Has the transfusion been done?” I asked eagerly, but the expression on his face wasn’t encouraging.
“Actually ma’am” he adjusted his stethoscope.
“The blood group doesn’t match”.
There was a few seconds silence.
“Wh….What blood group is she, doctor? Because I’m A+. So, I was thinking she should be…”
“Well, she’s O+” he cut in and my bewilderment began.
O+?? How’s that possible??

I turned and looked at Kim.
“You’re A+ right?” I asked, but she was mute.
Her expression was strange.
“Kim! I’m talking to you! You’re A+, right?” I repeated.
“Y…Yes, mum” she stuttered twitchily.
“And Rich@rd….Rich@rd I know was A+ as well. So, why’s Danica’s blood group different from both of you?”
Episode 17
I stared into her face for answers, but she wasn’t giving me any.
“Kim!” I called huskily. “Talk to me. Why’s Danica’s blood different from ours? That shouldn’t be possible”.
Her face was pale as she didn’t say a word, still. Goodness. What’s going on?
I looked at the doctor who was having a suspicious look on. No, this wasn’t the right time.
“What do we do now, doctor? I….I think there’s a little complication, a….a little mix up somewhere. My daughter and I will talk about that later, but for now, how do we get blood to her since ours doesn’t match?” I faltered in speech.
“Well…..we could get from the blood bank. But that’d warrant you paying extra money”, he answered.
Good lord! Where do we get extra money from?
“Give it to her,,doctor. I’ll take care of the expenses”,I suddenly heard the prince say and snapped my head to look at him.
“We don’t need your help, my prince. We can….”
“With all due respect, ma’am. Time isn’t on our side. We need to carry out the blood transfusion”, the doctor cut me off, making me keep my mouth shut.
Dmn it.
I glanced at the prince, then took my eyes away.
“I’ll begin the process”, the doctor noted and left.
“But…how’s it possible? Why’s Danica’s blood group different from yours?” I heard the prince ask and glared at him. Then, I turned to look at Kim.
“We need to talk. Now!” I said bluntly and walked out, expecting her to follow
She followed me out to a quiet place.
“What’s going on, Kim?” I stood to face her. “What the hell is going on?? Talk to me!” I yelled x but they didn’t seem to have any effect on her as her face remained cold.
I scoffed and shook my head.
“I’m sorry, mum” I finally heard her say and uncannily, she ran away.
“Kim!!” I called after her but she didn’t stop to look at me.
“You pathetic scvmbag!” I punched him h@rd in the face.
“How could you fail an easy job?? How?? All you had to do was shoot Nathan, but you ended up shooting an entirely different lady. Are tiu so worthless??”
His nose was bleeding and he struggled to maintain his stance on the floor where he sat.
“I’m sorry, My prince. The lady had gotten in the way and….”
“Shut up!” I rasped and hit him h@rd in the face again.
“Don’t use your incompetence as an excuse. If you had been focused, there’s no way you’d have missed the target!”
I lifted him by the collars of his shirt.
“If you don’t finish this up, I’ll kill you”, I warned and pushed him roughly on the floor.
Pathetic failure.
“Tomorrow morning, you can finish it up. But for tonight, I want you to target someone else – Eric”. I gritted and he bowed immediately.
“Yes, my prince”.
I was alone for a long time, just resting and on the verge of sleeping.
I was so tired, my muscles were weak, my eyes were heavy, but I couldn’t think of leaving. No, I couldn’t. Not without saying Danica, at least.
It was more than an hour and I think I must’ve slept off a bit but was awakened by my phone.
Oh! Not again.
I looked and as expected, it was mum. Maybe, I should just calm her down a bit.
“Nathan!” She squeaked as soon as I picked up.
“Mum” I mumbled.
“Goodness! Where have you been, Nathan? I’ve been calling you for like…uncountable times now. Even your sister called, the guards called, we….”
“I know, mum. And I’m sorry. I just….” I paused and itched my brow. “I was just busy”.
“Busy? Busy with what exactly? I got some news that there was a gunshot at the party where you went. Are you alright? What happened to you?”
‘I’m fine, mum. Please, don’t worry about me.
“Of course, I’m worried, Nathan. Where are you?”
“I’m fine, I promise. Just…don’t worry about me, please. I need some time alone. I promise, I’ll be home soon”.
I ended the call.
Oh, geez. I wasn’t in the mood to talk much.
I dropped the phone beside me and leaned back on the wall.
Where are the women, by the way? Danica’s mum and grandmother. Where did they go?
The thought niggled at me, but I decided to wave it off and have some rest.
Shorty, I heard footsteps and opened my eyes to see the doctor. I sprang on my feet immediately
“My prince”, he called, his face giving some encouragement.
“How’s she, doctor?” I asked, my voice really dull.
Dmn…I needed some sleep.
“She’s fine now. And she’s awake”, he replied and instantly, every trace of sleep vanished from my eyes.
“She’s awake??” I asked, astonished and he beamed with a nod.
“Oh goodness! Can I see her?” I asked.
‘Of course. Come with me, please”. He replied and started leading the way.
I sat alone in the p@ssage for a long time, unable to think clearly.
I felt bothered – troubled. Yes, cause I knew there was trouble.
What was Kim hiding from me? What exactly? How can Danica’s blood group be different from ours? That isn’t possible.
Her father was A+. Her mother is A+. So, why would hers be O+? That doesn’t make s£nse – no way.
My head was bent towards the floor for a long time as it felt so heavy.
After a while, I felt a pres£nce and lifted my head to see it was Kim. I stood on my feet immediately.
“Kim!” I snapped.
She was looking sullen.
“You finally decided to show up, didn’t you? Where did you go?” I asked, but she was mute.
“You better don’t give me the silent treatment this time around, or I swear, you’ll see a different side of me. Talk to me, Kim! What do you know about this?? Why’s Danica’s blood group different from ours?”
“Just let it go, mum. I came to ask if you have any cash with you. I need to borrow some money. Please, its urgent”, she answered, making me gob smacked.
Immediately, I walked closer to her and slapped her.
“Do you really think I’m joking?” I asked.
Her palm was holding her cheek, shock written on her face.
“Do you think this is some worthless joke??? Danica’s blood doesn’t match ours and you’re asking me to forget about it? Are you insane??”
“You really wanna know the truth?” She half yelled, her palm leaving her face.
“You really wanna know the truth, mum?? Well, that’s because Danica isn’t my daughter!!! That little br @t can never be my daughter, but the pathetic daughter of Maya!!”
My jaws dropped.


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