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The twelfth disciples Episode 18 – 19

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 18
By: Faith Lucky
I laid quietly on the bed, my hands and body weak. There was a nurse beside me, working on my drip.
I felt slight pains and recalled what had happened a while ago. The gun shot – someone had tried to kill me. But who? Who did I offend? Why would anyone want to kill me, huh?
And the prince….where could be be? Was he hurt?
Although, the doctor had said my parents would be coming to see me soon, but I was still worried about the prince.
Shortly, the door opened and I looked and discovered it was the prince. Oh! Thank goodness. It saa more like he had emanated from my thoughts but seeing him made me so relieved.
I noticed his eyes beamed as soon as they rested on my face.
“Hey”, he cooed and rushed towards me, taking the seat in front of the bed.
“My prince”, I called weakly and he took my hand into his.
“Danica….try not to talk much, okay? How’re you doing?” He asked softly.
“I’m….I’m.I’m fine, my prince. Were you hurt?” I replied.
“Oh, Danica. How can you worry about me when you were hurt? I don’t have a problem. I just want you to get better, okay?”. He said and I nodded.
He paused for a second.
“Your mum and grandma should be here soon. The doctor”s on his way to get them” my heart skipped as soon as he said that.
“My…My grandma?” I repeated.
Oh my God!
“She knows I’m here?”
“Yeah. I had to inform someone from your family and when my guard had gotten to your home, he said your grandma was the only one he met”.
Good Lord. I’m dead.
Grandma knows about this?? She knows I was with the prince?? No; she’d definitely kill me. She’ll take me out of the city as soon as I’m out of here. She warned me!”
“Danica…are you okay?” The prince asked, probably noticing the new look on me.
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fine, my prince. I’m fine”. I mumbled and gulped nervously.
What do I do? Grandma would be so mad at me. I’m going to lose everything – everythin!
Goodness, no.
“Danica” I heard him call softy and looked at him, trying as much as possible to cloak my anxieties.
want to apologize for putting you into some much trouble. Seriously, I didn’t mean to, Danica. I’d never want to do anything that’d hurt you. And I know this only happened because you accompanied me to the party, but…”
“It’s okay, my prince”, I cut him off.
“I…understand. It wasn’t your fault”, I gulped h@rd again.
“I know but….I just want to apologize still. And I hope you can forgive me”,
I forced my l!ps to stretch in a smile as I stared at him.
Oh! If only he knows I had a bigger problem at the moment. If only he knows there’s a big possibility we might not see each other again after today.
was in so much trouble. So much trouble because of him.
Tears threatened to prick my eyes and it had to take me a lot to try to control them.
“What…..are you talking about, Kim?” I asked,,my voice coming out faint.
I could h@rdly control it.
“What’re you talking about?”
“You wanted to know the truth, mum. And that’s the truth! Danica isn’t my daughter”. She snapped.
I felt my heart split into two as her words hit h@rd at me. “Danica isn’t my daughter. She’s the daughter of Maya”.
No. No way. There’s no way that can be true. Absolutely no way.
I held my chest and turned away from her, my breath hitching. She was silent for a long time.
“How could you?” My tone was a whisper – shocked.
“How could you,,Kim? How could you lie to me? You’re….You’re lying to me”.
“I’m not lying to you. I’ve known this right from the moment Danica was born”.
What? Oh my God!
Another crack occurred in my heart again.
“Its all Rich@rd’s fault – partly tho. Rich@rd and I had an agreement!
“While I was still pregnant in jail, we had made plans against Maya who was also pregnant at the same time. We had planned he’d….he’d steal her baby from her soon as she puts to bed and sell her out to the Royal family so we could make some money.
“We wanted to achieve two things at that time. I wanted revenge against Maya for framing and putting me in jail, and Rich@rd wanted money. We heard the Royal family were putting up a huge sum for any parent that’d volunteer their child. So, Rich@rd and I decided to work in our own interest and we had agreed we’d be using Maya’s child for it.
I put to bed, Rich@rd took the baby from me before you could get there. I didn’t really have a problem with it in the first place, but not until I heard the fool actually switched my baby with that of Maya’s!”
What? Oh my God!
I turned quickly to look at her.
“Maya….Maya’s yours?” I asked, bemused and she nodded.
“According to the fool – Rich@rd – he claimed there was no way he could take Maya’s baby without keeping a replacement for her. And because he valued money more than his own child, he didn’t think and decided to give my baby to that wtch – Maya! before taking hers” she paused and sighed.
“That was how….the switch occurred. I never wanted it,,mum…”
“But you wanted to take someone else’s child for sale”, I muttered.
“She deserved it, mum! That lady framed me and made me spend 18 years in jail!!”
Another crack took place in my heart again. I had so many things to say, so many questions to ask….but I couldn’t. My l!ps were too heavy to speak.
“You had hated Maya even before she s£nt you to jail, Kim. You threatened her marriage; you tormented her”.
“Oh! Please, mum! I never tormented her. I only wanted to take what’s mine. Williams what’s mine before she took him away!”
‘Williams left you! He dumped you! Maya never took him away’.
“What difference does it make,mum? Are you seriously siding another woman over your own daughter?”
“My own daughter?” I scoffed, a tear scrolling down my cheek.
I stiffened and went closer to her.
“My own daughter?” I repeated. “I look you in the eyes, Kim, and I don’t even know you anymore. I don’t even know who you are. And somehow…I wish I didn’t even know you.
“You connived with your husband and took someone else’s child for sale, for murder. And even when your plans failed and the baby survived, you couldn’t tell me the truth. You didn’t say a word, Kim. Not a single word – for 18 years!
“Now I get…why you hated Danica so much. You hated her so much and treated her like your enemy, hurting the girl’s feelings over and over again. How could you be so ev1l,,Kim? How could you be so heartless?”
She huffed and turned to back me, making more tears spill from my eyes.
We heard footsteps and I quickly turned to see it was a nurse.
I cleaned my eyes immediately.
“Um…ma’am” she stuttered. “Sorry to interrupt but…I’ve been looking for you. Your daughter’s awake and ready to see you” she informed and just nodded before she left.
Oh Danica. She was awake. She was fine.
I turned back to look at Kim; anger eating me up.
“You disgust me, Kim. And I never wanna see you anywhere around me – ever again” I stated bluntly and walked away.
Episode 19
I wept as i approached Danica’s ward. Oh! I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
No way; I couldn’t.
My Danica wasnt my bl©©d. She wasn’t my grandma. How could this have happened? How?
Oh,Kim! When did my daughter turn out this way? How could she be so careless? I had tried my best to bring her up in the best way I could; I had tried my best to be a good mother to her and make her see the light. But she only turned out worst. Why me,,huh? Why my own daughter?
She’s all I have, yet had to turn out to be a monster. How could she even think of stealing someone else’s child and giving her out to be killed? How could she be so cruel?
The tears kept running down,but getting to Danica’s ward, I paused and forced myself to seize the tears. I couldn’t let her see me like this – no way.
I wiped my face completely and making sure there was no trace on my face, I opened the door and walked in.
Oh! Danica, she was right there on the bed- the prince sitting in front of her. I noticed a pale look crept into her face as soon as she saw me.
“G…Granny”, she stuttered and I smiled ruefully and went to her.
“My baby, how’re you feeling?” I cooed, holding her palm.
The prince stood up for me and I sat in his place.
“I’m…I’m fine, granny”, she answered nervously.
I could tell she was looking very worried.
“Oh! Danica, you scared me. Why did you take such risk, huh? You…you told me you were going to work, right? Why did you lie to me?”
She lowered her gaze and didn’t say a word, guilt and fear reflecting on her face.
In the course of the silence, for a while, I had thought of telling her that truth – telling her I wasn’t even her real family. But was I really ready for it? Was I ready to lose her? She was the missing disciple; giving her out might expose her and put her in more danger.
When I heard Rich@rd had taken her out for sale, I was angry and needed her back. And to make it worst, the royal family – being so ev1l – killed him as soon as he handed the baby to them.
Well, yes. That was what they do. Anyone that takes a child to them ends up being killed without getting a dime and that’s the reason I hate them so much. They are all liars and deceivers.
Rich@rd had gone to sell Danica, but didn’t return and when I found out about it, I vowed to take her away from them. That night, I had risked my life trying to steal her from the palace and since then, Danica’s been like a daughter to me. I protected het with everything I had. How could I possibly lose her now?
I bent my head and wept and she became surprised.
“Granny, I’m…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you cry. I’m sorry for disobeying you. I didn’t want to….”
“Oh,,Danica. Its okay. It’s fine”. I sniffed.
“I promise, granny, I’ll be fine. I’m getting better already. Please, don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry”.
“I told you not to worry about it, Danica. I’m not mad at you”. I clutched her hand tight in mine.
Oh God! This girl should’ve been with someone else – with her true family. She should’ve had a luxurious life, not this threatened one. How could Kim be so heartless, huh?
More tears pricked my eyes, but I fought them back.
I simply can’t lose her;I can’t just give her back. It might….it might endanger her life the more.
The most important thing for her at the moment was leaving the city. Yes, that was just it – she needed to leave the city. She shouldn’t be in the same place with her enemies. And I’ll help her achieve that – exactly.
I’ll help her stay safe. I already have some savings with me and as soon as she’s discharged from here, I’m taking her out of the city – somewhere very far from here.
I watched as the mother and child had a heart – felting moment and somehow, I felt bad and guilty.
Danica was in this condition because of me. And I don’t know, but I actually had a feeling whoever had done it was after me, and not her.
Countlesely, I’ve almost been killed and don’t think this should be something new to me. I somehow, had a feeling the bullet was meant for me and not her.
I was still in thoughts when my phone beeped with a message and when I opened it, it was from Mabel:
“Nathan, where are you?
Eric was attacked and is at the hospital right now. You need to come home”.
Nurse Emma
After escorting the woman to the ward, I walked away,,going to a quiet place to stay.
What argument was she having with her daughter? And what did her daughter mean by there was a switch between her child and that of Maya’s?
Well, Maya was actually a close friend of mine and I was wondering if it was just a coincidence because Williams’ name was involved as well and Williams was Maya’s husband. Could it just be a coincidence?
And earlier today…I was aware the blood group of the lady in question was different from her parents. Again, could it just be a coincidence?
I scoffed and thought for a while.
Maybe….there was no harm in being sure.
I reached for my phone and going through my call logs, I searched for Maya’s number.


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