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The twelfth disciples episode 12 -14

The 12th
(His Royal Majesty)
Episode 12
By: Faith Lucky
Bitna’s Pov:
I sat on my my bed as I racked my head over the work in front of me, my books opened carelessly.
Why was this being so difficult huh?
I tore out a lot of pages after wrong trials. But one fact about me – I never give up.
Suddenly, the door opened and I lifted my eyes to see it was mum.
“Bitna darling, you’re still in bed? Don’t you have cl@sses today?” She asked as she held the door.
She was looking natty and dressed to kill – as always.
Well, mum was one pretty woman.
“I do, mum. Still need to finish up my @ssignment” I replied tiredly, rolling my eyes back to the book.
“Oh, dear. Didn’t you finish it up last night?” She asked and I shook my head sideways.
“Hm. I wish I could be of help. Anyway,, I’m off to work already. So, take care of yourself, okay? Your dad will be home soon”.
She walked up to me and planted a sweet peck.
“Okay mum. Bye.
“Um….mum, will you be going for the Royal banquet tomorrow?” I called back her attention.
“Oh..that!” She sighed.
“Well, I’d love to, Bitna. But tomorrow might be a really busy day for me. Anyway, let’s see how it goes” .she smiled and stroke my hair.
Her phone started ringing immediately and she pulled it out from her bag.
“Oops! Need to go already. Bye honey. Love you” she said as she ran out of the room.
“Love you too, mum” I mumbled with a light smile as the door finally went close.
I took in a deep breath and took my eyes back to the books, resuming work.
I needed to find the answer to this. I was the best student in school.
I’m not exaggerating but…yes. I was the best student and had won an award last session. I guess that’s one of the reasonsmy parents are so proud of me.
I continued solving and after a long while, I let out a cry of as I finally fixed the puzzle.
I’d gotten the answer.
I giggled happily as I cross checked the answer. Ahh!! Thank goodness. At last.
I let out a deep sigh of relief andstarted arranging my books into my bag. I was still in the process when my eyes suddenly caught with something interesting on the tele.
I arched my brows and took up the TV remote – quickly, increasing the volume which I had decreased when I was studying.
Nathan was on tele and that was what gripped my attention.
A huge smile came up on my face.
But what’s he doing? It doesn’t seem like one of his commercial ads.
“I know you’re out there” he said from the tele.
“And I hope you can see me”.
It was more like a video and hesat , facing the television screen.
“You saved me yesterday, but ran away just before I could see your face.
“Please, I really want to see you, I want to know you. I….I promise not to hurt you. I just…want us to talk and you’ll be rewarded for your time”.
He paused and brought out a bracelet from his pocket, holding it out to the screen.
“I know this belongs to you. And to the rest of the viewers out there, please, if you know anyone who owns this, let me know and you’ll be rewarded.
And the screen went off.
My face crumpled up immediately.
Who is Nathan looking for that much?
Duri’s Pov:
(1st prince)
I parked my car in the deserted area and looked through the mirror before stepping out.
I looked around to be sure no one was watching. Well, of course. Who could be here in this jungle?
After making doubly sure, I proceeded to my location, walking through the bushes. And after a long walk, I got to the snug looking house.
There was no need knocking on the door. So, I just brought out the spare key from my pocket, inserted it into the keyhole, and the door was opened.
I walked in – slowly – and met the sitting room quiet and empty.
“I’m here” I announced my entrance, hoping she’d come out.
But there was nothing.
I dropped my car keys on the center table and sighed.
“Where are you?” I called out again and this time around, heard her footsteps.
I turned swifty and saw her coming in from the bedroom, her face crinkled up in smiles.
“Son?” She hushed and my eyes beamed.
“Mum” I muttered and rushed to hug her.
Danica’s Pov:
As Nana and I walked to her house, she tried all she could to make me cheerful bybringing up interesting stories and jokes.
As we walked through the woods, I stared at the spot where I had seen the prince and my heart suddenly gave a leap, making me forget a bit about the pains I’d been feeling a while ago.
Nana had almost noticed the way I stared so keenly at the place. And I quickly took my eyes away.
Finally, we got to her house and met her mum about leaving.
Ahh! Thank goodness we arrived in time. She was already outside the house.
“Mum? Are you going out?” Nana asked as we stood in front of her.
“Ah; yes. Did you deliver my message?” She asked, riffling through her bag for something.
“Yes. Um…mum. Danica is here for the banquet stuff. She’s agreed to be among the cooks” she said and her mother paused to look at me.
“Oh! Is that so?” She asked and I nodded.
“Well…as you can see,I’m on my way out already. So, don’t worry, I’ll talk to Hannah about it. And by tomorrow morning, you’ll come here, and I’ll take you to her. You know, the cooking starts long before the banquet. So, you’ll need to be there by morning….”
As she explained, Nana left us and went into the house.
“Do you understand?” She concluded. .
“Yes, ma’am. Thanks a lot” I smiled warmly, rubbing my palms together.
“Um…ma’am, please…I’d want this to be a secret…between us. I wouldn’t want my grandma getting to know about it, please” I said.
“Of course, of course. I understand, dear. You don’t have to worry about it.
“I’ll be on my way now. Bye”.
“Bye ma’am”.
And I watched her leave.
Phew! Thank goodness..
“Danica!!!” I suddenly heard my name from the room – Nana screamed my name.
I flinched and ran into the house and found her facing the tele.
“What is it, Nana?” I asked, perturbed at the way she had screamed my name.
But her eyes were glued to the tele and I also looked at it.
Nathan?? On a live video?
“Danica…..isn’t that your bracelet??” Nana asked and my heart nearly left my chest.
Episode 13
By: Faith Lucky
Danica’s Pov:
My feet wobbled immediately and I felt my whole system shake.
Oh my God! What’s happening? What’s Nathan doing??
“Danica!!” Nana yelled my name again, but I was completely speechless;
Nathan was looking for me?!?
The video ended and Nana switched off the tele and turned to face me properly.
“Seriously, Danica. What’s happening?? Isn’t that your bracelet? Or it’s just a coincidence??” She asked, her hand on her waist.
I felt my heart beat rapidly, my lungs became dry.
The prince was looking for me?
Minutes Later
“So, you mean you saved the prince?” She asked, sounding more calm now. And I just nodded.
She ran out of words and scoffed
“This is so crazy.
“So….what will you do, Dan? What if your mother gets to see the news? She’d definitely recognize the bracelet”.
And that was my worst fear.
“I don’t know, Nana. I don’t know what to do. I…I had no idea he’d look for me” I replied, anxiety resounding in my voice.
She paused and scoffed.
“Why did you run away in the first place? Why didn’t you just stay and…maybe talk to him or something?”
“Whaat?? Are you kidding me, Nana? Its the prince we’re talking about here! Do you think it’s easy talking with him?” I
asked, abacked and she sighed.
“Well…I understand. But ..what do you do now? He’s looking for you. Are you…meeting up with him?” She asked and my eyes dimmed.
“Whaaat?? Hell no!! Grandma would definitely kill me if she gets to find out. Besides, I….I don’t think I can face him I mean…what would he do? Or say to me?”
“Oh! Danica” she exhaled deeply.
“But it seems he doesn’t even know your face. Didn’t he you see properly?”.
“I….I don’t know. But…he was still a bit unconscious. So, I’m thinking he couldn’t see me properly. That explains it”. I replied. .
For a moment, we were silent.
“Why don’t you just go to him, huh?” She asked calmly.
“It’s no big deal”.
I shook my head vigorously.
“I…I can’t face the prince, Nana. I can’t. It’s royalty we’re talking about here. Besides, I don’t think I wanna get involved in too many scandals” I concluded with a bitter sigh.
“So….what if grandma gets to know about it somehow? What will you tell her?” She asked and I shrugged.
“I don’t know, Nana. I really don’t know. But I hope…she doesn’t see the news”.
Bitna’s Pov:
In school….
I came out of my car and met Jeong and Hana already waiting for me.
“Bitna! Thank goodness you’re here already!!” Hana exclaimed and showed her phone to me immediately.
And it was just what I expected.
“Have you seen this? Prince Nathan is looking for a lady” she said and I felt my cheeks become hot.
“It’s the talk of the whole school, Bitna. Everyone has been on it”.
“Who could this lady be? He said she saved him” Jeong said.
But for a few seconds, I was speechless.
“I also saw the news this morning”,I said dolefully, my voice coming out low.
“This is the first time Prince Nathan’s looking for someone this way. How did she save him? And why’s it so important?” Hana asked, but I couldn’t say a word.
I felt my whole systems become shattered.
Then, I stopped walking and faced them.
“I just hope he never finds her. And either ways, I’m still gonna carry out my plans for him. The banquet’s just tomorrow” I said with a forlorn smile.
Danica’s Pov:
After spending enough time with Nana, I decided to return home before grandma would.
I actually didn’t want to attend the banquet anymore, but Nana was still able to convince me and I had to stick to the plan.
When I got home, there was nothing to cook. So, I just slept and waited for grandma to return. Perhaps, she’d come home with some items.
I was so obsessed with the prince looking for me, I actually dreamt of him the previous night.
Yeah, I did. And in the dream, he was calling and running after me. But I didn’t turn to look at him.
G©sh! I needed to get this out of my head.
I yawned out of sleep and sat up on the bed.
Oh my! Today was the Royal banquet.
It was finally today.
I left the bed and rushed into the bathroom for a bath.
I came out when I was done and found something to wear.
Well, I chose something really simple cause I knew I’d be wearing an apron all through and might probably get dirty. So, there was no need dressing heavy.
One of the reasons I feel comfortable going was because I’d be spending most of the time in the kitchen and might not meet any of the princes at all.
Besides, prince Nathan didn’t see my face and somehow, I wanted to see him again.
I took my mini bag and left the room when I was done dressing. I knew there’d be nothing to eat in the kitchen. So, I didn’t bother going there. I just headed to the sitting room.
On getting to the sitting room, I met grandma tidying up.
“Hey! You’re ready?” She asked as she shot me a stare.
“Yes, granny. Good morning” I said feebly.
“Good morning, baby. How was your night?” She replied.
“It was okay”.
With the look on her face, she didn’t seem to know anything about Prince Nathan looking for me. And I guess that was goodnews.
Thank the saviors, we didn’t have a tele at home. And I just hope she doesn’t get to see it from her workplace or something.
“When will you be back?” She asked.
‘Uh…I don’t know. Maybe later in the evening. Or at night” I shrugged.
I’d been able to lie and convince her that Nana and I were going for an urgent work as cleaners in a mansion.
“I’ll be on my way now, granny. Its almost late”I told her and turned towards the door.
“Hold on. Your hair’s so rough. Come on, now. I’ll fix it for you” she held my hand and made me sit
She quickly got a brush, returned to me and started brushing hair.
“I hope you’ll find something to eat over there?” She asked calmly as she worked on the hair.
“Yes, granny. Don’t worry about me” I smiled.
“I’ll be leaving for work soon. And on my way back, I’ll try to get us some food” she further said.
I could tell she was feeling really bad.
“Don’t worry, Granny. I understand. We’ll be fine” I smiled at tapped her hand.
We remained silent for a few seconds.
“Granny” I called
“Can I ask you a question?”
“Of course, dear. What is it?”
I paused before proceeding.
“Why…Why do you hate the Royal family so much?”
She stopped brushing my hair, stared at me from behind.
Then, continued.
“The Royal family are dangerous, Danica” she said.
“They may act nice to the world, but they’re devils in human forms. They’re murderers”.
My eyes drooped at the mention of that word.
Have they taken someone close to her before?
“I don’t want to have anything to do with them,Danica. And I also want you to avoid them as much as I do. The reason I’m here is because of your mother who’s in jail. I just want us to be close to her so we can visit her from time to time. But as long as she’s out of jail in a few days from now, we’re leaving the city immediately”.
My heart skipped instantly.
Leaving the city???
I was too speechless to ask more questions as I reminisced on the previous.
She finished brushing the hair and parked it into a fine ponytail.
Then,,I stood up
“There! All done” she smiled lightly as she touched the neatly parked hair.
I stood to face her.
“Granny…” I called feebly.
“What exactly did the royal family do to you? Why are you running from them like a plaque?”
She stared into my eyes, sighed and placed her hands on my shoulders.
“Hurry up, Danica. So you don’t get late for work” she said softly and walked away.
Hm. What do you think?🤔
Finally, its time for the banquet🥰
I know you’ve all been waiting.
Episode 14
By: Faith Lucky
Duri’s Pov:
I unlocked the door as usual and walked in and this time around, I met mum in the sitting room, eating some pops.
She stood up as soon as she noticed my pres£nce.
“Son!” She exclaimed and rushed to hug and I welcomed her, of course.
“Mum; how’re you doing?” I asked, stroking her hair.
“Well…can I ever get better? I’m stuck here – alone” she said with a feign smile.
I sighed and walked to the dining, while she followed.
“The banquet’s taking place today, right?” She asked and I nodded as I started bringing out the things I bought from my bag.
“How’s the King? Does he ever speak of me?” She asked again.
“You know he has nothing in mind but to punish you, mother;” my reply hurt her.
Her eyes dimmed and I felt a little guilt.
I sighed and placed my hand on hers.
“Don’t worry, mother. Very soon, you’ll be out of here. I’ll make sure you won’t have to continue hiding for the rest of your life” I told her and a gleam of hope shun in her eyes.
“How’s Ara? Is she still cooperating?” She asked.
“Yes. I’m forcing her to cooperate. She’s still on our side”
“Good” she nodded agreeably
“You need to hold her tight, Duri. She’s an important @sset to us”
“I know”.
I opened one of the packages I brought and we started eating from it.
“What about….your step mothers? And siblings?” She asked and I suddenly felt irritated.
“They’re still breathing. Someone made an attempt on Nathan’s life two days ago” I told her and she gave me a beady look.
“Did you do it?” She asked.
“You know me, mother. If it were me, I’d make sure he doesn’t come back alive” I gritted angrily.
“Good. You need to relax, Duri. Our plan should come in steadily without suspicions. We need to follow the steps” she scrawled and I nodded after talking a deep breath.
‘Let’s quickly eat, mother. I need to leave for the banquet”.
“Of course” she mumbled and we continued eating, more silently now.
Eric’s Pov:
I sat under the shade as I sipped me from my bottle of Chapman while I fed my eyes with the nice view of s£xy ladies swimming in the pool.
A smile touched my l!ps as I spotted her – Vivian.
She was outstanding.
Her shape was so perfect and well exposed in the p.ant and br.a she wore, giving her a killer look.
Dmn! Such beauty is definitely gonna be sweet.
My phone started ringing immediately, snapping me out of my wild thoughts.
Oh! Who is it??
I checked and discovered it was my sister – Odeya. And I gr0@ned.
“What is it?” I asked as soon as I picked the call.
“Where are you, Eric? It’s almost time for the banquet” she said in her usual disrespectful tone.
“And what’re you now? My secretary?” I said with my left arm apart like she could see me.
“Its almost time and you’re out there, probably having some loose bches” she snapped.
“Watch your tongue, deya I’ve warned you countless times and won’t warn you again”.
“Fine. Whatever. Mum was the one who asked me to call, okay? So bye”.
And she ended the call.
Arrogant brat.
I exhaled as I dropped the phone on the table beside me and just then, Vivian stepped out of the pool.
Her hair was dripping w€t, her waist shaking as she climbed out.
Dmn! She was an awesome beauty and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of her.
I snapped my f!ng£r towards one of my guards and he rushed over.
“I want her” I whispered, my eyes on her.
“Who? The s£nator’s daughter?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yes,my prince” and he set out to work immediately.
I watched him as he walked over to her, stopped her and started delivering the message.
She turned to look at me and smiled a bit and that smile lit my heart. At least, that was leading to a green light.
She started walking towards my table with the guard, but he stopped far away so she could reach alone.
“My prince” she beamed as she finally got to where I was.
“What a pleasant surprise. I had no idea you were here”.
“Hi Vivian” I smiled at her.
“Catching some fun, I see?”
“Oh! Yes,my prince. The weather’s a little hot today. So, I just decided to take a swim” she replied.
“Yeah, yeah. True”.
I nodded and sl!pped from my drink.
She was still standing.
Well,when you’re with a member of the royal family, you don’t sit unless they tell you to.
“Um…shouldn’t you be at the palace, my prince? The banquet’s just a few hours from now” she said.
“Ah! That’s true” I sipped from my bottle again.
“Well…let’s say, I’ve been delayed by a disturbing sight”.
“And what could that be, my prince?” She asked and I grinned at her.
She probably noticed and blinked rapidly.
“Um…your guard said you wanted to see me. I hope there isn’t a problem, my prince?” She asked.
“Of course, not, Vivian. It’s just that…your sight has been very disturbing”. I told her and she squirmed her brows.
“How,my prince?”
I sighed and dropped the bottle on the table, then placed my hands on the table.
“I’ll go straight to the point, Vivian” I began.
“I like you. And I want you. Five minutes is enough for me. We can do it in my car”.
I could notice the awe look in her eyes as she scoffed and looked at me.
‘My prince…” She chuckled, but my face was very serious.
And she stopped smiling.
“Hold on; are you serious?” She asked, looking surprised.
“I don’t joke with such issues, Vivian. You should’ve heard about me” I answered and she scoffed, licked her l!ps.
“Well..” She blinked rapidly.
“I’m sorry, my prince. But..I’m not as cheap as you think. I don’t just give my body out to any random guy I see”.
Her reply stunned me.
“Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take my leave” she bowed and turned around to leave.
“Nobody says no to me, Vivian” I halted her and she turned slightly to look at me.
“I’m not saying no, my prince. I’m just telling you I can’t”.
And with that, she walked away.
I felt my systems burn as she walked out on me.
How dare she??
My guards came running to me immediately.
“My prince” they bowed.
“Should we go after her?”
I stared angrily as she walked away, her pretty @ss
swaying left and right and it angered me to the bones that she said no to me.
Nobody says no to me. I hated rejection.
“Let her be” I said gruffly to the guards.
“She’ll definitely come to the banquet. And I’ll make her pay for it”.


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