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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The prettiest of them all Episode 18 & 19

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By tesiwrites
Episode 18




Danny’s POV

It was a good thing I arrived on time. I quickly called the ambulance and they took Raymond who was bleeding seriously to the hospital while I took the gunman and Diamond to station.

Diamond was strangely quiet, just sobbing on her own, I felt sorry for her, she had to go throwugh all of this in her condition.

We got to the police station, while Diamond went to write her statement, I took the gunman to the interrogation room

“Who are you and why did you try to kill Diamond knight” I asked

” Listen, I don’t have any grudges against the girl, I was just fulfilling the order given to me” he replied

“Who sent you to kill her”

“You’re really stupid you know, so you just expect me to tell you, ah ah stupid” he said and laughed

“You’re going to tell me who sent you l, or else” I yelled but he just keep on laughing. I lost my cool and started raining punches on him before one of the guard on duty dragged me out.

“Stupid” he said and laughed again while cleaning his bloody lips

“Let go of me” I yelled at the guard

“You gotta keep your cool man” my colleague said to

me “listen why don’t you just take that pretty girl out there to see her princey, she’s been asking about him. While I finish the interrogation. I promise to get the information outta him” he finished and I nodded

“Oh, and be careful on your way to the hospital, I don’t know how the press got wind of the situation that place is crowded by fans and journalists”

“Okay thanks” I said and left. Immediately I came out Diamond rushed to me, she looked really scared

“Can we go meet princey now”

“Yes, and don’t worry, your princey is alright okay”

“Really?!” she asked with hope

“Really” we got into the car and headed for the hospital. It was a private hospice owned by Starz. As we drove I watched Diamond, she was still moody and she looked so innocent.

“Who would want to kill her” I wondered. We got to the hospital and I was shocked at the crowd I saw at the gate of the hospital. The securities were really busy keeping the fans away.

We drove in and head to the floor were Ray was kept. We got into the room and saw ma’am Jane, Ray’s mom. Immediately she saw us she rushed towards us and hugged Diamond

“I’m glad you’re okay, my princess and thank you for coming on time” she said referring to me

“Anytime aunt, how’s he?”

“He’s okay, just lost a lot of blood, bit he’ll wake up anytime soon, now Diamond don’t be sad a princess should always be happy okay”

” I’m not

a princess, Diamond is just a mad girl that puts princey life in danger” she said and started weeping

“And who said you’re are mad, come here dear, I know what will cheer you up, ice cream” aunt said and Diamond smiled, so simple minded.

“Danny stay here with Ray, I and my baby will go get a double scooped ice cream. Who knows maybe one of the fans brought cake” she said and I chuckled

Not long after they left, Ray woke up

“Hey bro, how you doing”

“Fine, where’s Diamond?” he asked while trying to stand up

“Don’t get up, she’s with your mom getting ice cream” I said and he chuckled

“How’s she?”

“Your mom is crazy, if that’s who you are asking about, while Diamond is devastated” he smiled weakly “I think she should live with you, she isn’t safe for now and you know her condition” I said

“Okay, I’ll call her dad. He would be really worried”

“Ah, I knew they would being cake” Aunt Jane said bursting in with Diamond. She was good a large cake and two ice cream sundaes

“Oh my, Thank God you’re awake Ray, I was really worried” she said dropping the cake and coming towards us while Diamond just trudged behind like she was scared.

“You were worried, but you still had time for cake and ice cream” Ray said and scoffed

“Ohhhhh, you are now well enough to question my worrying, do you know how much of my beauty I wasted donating blood for you. Infact I’m taking my blood back”

“Hmmmm, mom if I die, you’ll shed a lot of tears ooo”

“It’ll be tears of Joy, it’s even better that I waste my tears than my blood”

I just watched the drama unfolding before my eyes. This family will not kill me with laughter. That’s the way the mother and son behave when alone but if you see them outside they look as if they don’t have time for fun. It’s only Diamond that has been able to bring the playful side of Ray out in the open.

I glanced at Diamond, she was sitting at a corner staring at Aunt Jane, who was pulling Ray’s ear.

“Okay aunt, how about we go take some gifts from the fans outside and leave Ray and Diamond to talk” I said and took her by the hands

“Good idea Dan, at least I have someone that cares about my well being, not like some who wants to drain me dry” she said and glanced at Raymond who just laughed.


I watched Diamond keenly, she kept stealing glances at me with sad cute eyes

“Are you going to continue taking pictures of me with your eyes or are you going to come give me a hug” I said and she smiled weakly as she came

“So what’s with the long face”

“Diamond is a bad girl, she almost got princey killed”

“But princey didn’t die, princey is Superman”

“Yes, but Diamond is mad, bad for princey”she sobbed

“And who told you that you are mad?” I asked as I wiped her tears

“Clarissa, the bad man and princey”

“I told you, u were mad?” I asked shocked

“Yes, in the video you told Clarissa I was mad and you loved her”

“Is that why you ran off, how many times will I tell you not to believe what the evil classroom says” I said and she chuckled “you know what?, You are mad”

“Unh?” she asked confused

“Yes, and you know who else is mad”


Come closer let me tell you I said and she leaned closer “Mom”

“What!” she yelled and laughed

“Yes, so do feel sad any time someone calls you mad, because all the women in my life is mad, so it’s not your fault, it’s mine”

“Ah, so you are the one who made mom and I mad, I understand now. You are a bad princey” she said and smacked me

“Ouch, and plsss let this be a secret between us, don’t let mom know”

“Don’t let me know what”

“Mom, when did you come in, I was telling Diamond how much I love you”

“Diamond, tell me the truth what did he say” I looked at Diamond pleadingly

“He said you were mad, that he’s the one that made us both mad”

“Traitor” I exclaimed while she poked her tongues out at me

“Mom, you wouldn’t believe her over your own son, I mean she’s mad”

“RAYMOND!!!, so you have the guts to call me, who carried you for nine months mad, today I’ll show you how mad I can be” she said as she drew her sleeves up.

“Mom, take it easy, you know I’m in the hospital bed” I pleaded as she can towards me

Jessie POV

I left school as soon as I heard the news, that Clarissa is really evil, she didn’t even behaved as if her sister was in trouble, she only only went to the house in hope to see Raymond. She was even fully made up.

We arrived at the hospital the same time but the guards didn’t let us in.

“What the hell!, Don’t you know who I am” she yelled

“I’m really sorry ma’am but we can’t let anyone in with out confirmation” the guard said and walked off to make a call perhaps to get confirmation

“Plsss tell them it’s Jessie and I want to see Diamond” I yelled

He came back and let me in, clarissa tried to enter also but he didn’t let her in

“Sorry, miss Jessie only”

“What!!, You’re so getting fired for this” she said and stormed off while I just rolled my eyes

I got into Ray’s ward and was shocked to see him tied up to the bed, I couldn’t help but laugh

“Who did that to you?”

“Ah, thank God you’re here, can you please set me free, those crazy ladies, tied me up and went to get doughnuts from my fan” he said and I laughed

” So how is Diamond”

“I think the question should be how am I?, I was the one who got injured and they still beat me up”

“Well you deserve it, next time you make Diamond cry I’ll join them in beating you up”

“Great, as if two is not enough” he said and I laughed

“Okay, now to get serious, Starz released the contestants for this year’s competition”

“And so”

“Diamond is a contestant” I said and he chuckled

“I knew they would do that, they always have their way no matter what”

“Yes, but clarissa, won’t be happy about it, do I think Diamond should stay with you till after the competition to keep her safe and we still need to find out who tried to kill her”

“Poor Diamond, she has so many enemies, I just hope she gets well soon, so she can stand for her self” I said as my phone rang, I checked the caller, it was Danny

📞 Hello babe, plsss are you with Ray”

📞 Yes, and what’s with the commotion over there”

📞 Can you please give the phone to Ray” he was sounding stressed “okay” I saw and passed the phone to Raymond

“What the hell, how did that happen” he exclaimed as soon as he took the phone
“Bye” he cut the call and handed me the phone

“What happened”

“The man that attacked Diamond, just killed himself”

“What!!, this is serious”

Hmmmm, I reserve my comment
Thank God that princey is alright. Even though ma’am Jane wants to kill him for me.
Evil classroom, hmmmm, Sha continue what you are doing. Your time would come.

Episode 19
Semi finals

Morgana’s POV
I paced around the room anxiously await the call, I can’t believe she escaped again, it’s like she had some kind of spiritual guardian angel protesting her

“Don’t be silly Morgana, this is reality not a movie, she only escape by luck and one day her luck would run out” I assured myself. My phone rang and I checked the caller Desmond

“Hello love” I said as I picked the call

“Is Diamond there with you, I just heard the news” he asked anxiously

“Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, that’s all u think about, we haven’t seen for a month and u can’t ever ask about me”


“She’s fine okay?, She’s with Raymond, I thought you watched the news, stop stressing me”

“Good, but if anything happens to her, you won’t like my reaction”

“Are you insinuating,I have something to do with her attack” I asked feeling a little bit scared

“I’m not insinuating, I’m warning you, don’t think I’ve been blind to what’s happening, and also warn your daughter, I heard that she’s been bullying Diamond in school, if anything as much as a scratch get on Diamond, I won’t hesitate to remove both of you from my will and throw you out” he said and ended the call

I can’t believe this, I have to fix this I can’t lose everything I’ve worked for, Desmond is a man or his word, once he makes a promise or threat, he’ll surely do it. “I can’t wait anymore , I quickly called him and he picked on the first ring

“Are you safe” I asked


“Good, I need one last favour”

“What’s that?”

“Desmond, I need you to kill him”

“Finally, he finally crossed the line”

“Yes, he threatened your daughter and I”

“Wow, so how do you want him dead, accident like his wife or direct.

“Direct, he already has many enemies, so it won’t matter”

“Consider it done, milady” he said and I cut the call

I’m done being patient, since he can’t learn to love me, he has to die

Clarissa’s POV

I looked at the contestants of this year’s competition in anger, we were twelve in total, I wasn’t worried about the other ten, they were experienced,yes but I was better than them. I was more worried about the innocent novice who has gained a lot of fame in the last two months due to her association with Raymond.

“You don’t have to worry about her Clar, she’s inexperienced and also a child, who would want a child to be the face of Starz high” Sasha said

“Didn’t you hear that it was Starz officials themselves that insist she be part of the competition and she’s being trained by the almighty Ray, so she has every reason to be worried”Lisa, another friend of mine countered

“Way to be supportive Lisa” Sasha said

“It’s not about being supportive, it’s about dealing with reality” she said and they started arguing. Urrgh!, I wish the attack mom had planned for Diamond actually happened, I don’t know why that bitch is so lucky

“Will you both quit it” I yelled and they stopped immediately “arguing will not help the situation, the first round of the competition depends on public opinion, that is the people would vote and the first five would move to the finals, the runway. So we are going to have to make sure she doesn’t pass the first round” I said

“Wow Clar, that’s why I adore you, you are such a schemer” Lisa says and Sasha scoffed

“So slandering right” Sasha asked

“Of course, go to the news outlets, internets and co. I don’t care what we have to say about her, just make sure she doesn’t get through the first round of the competition”

I can’t afford to lose both Ray and my position in the industry, and I specifically can’t afford to lose to Diamond an inexperienced lunatic.


I laughed at the frustrated look on their faces, Starz officials had sent trainers to get Diamond prepared for the competition and it wasn’t going well. First for the photo shoot, Diamond wouldn’t hold a pose long enough for them to take the shot before she would go sprinting off.

“No Diamond, don’t smile, this is supposed to be a feirce pose” the photographer complained when Diamond gave them a wide smile

“But, I love smiling for pictures” she said and they facepalmed themselves

“That’s it, Javier take over I need a break” Romeo said. Romeo was the photographer while Javier was the runway trainer.

“Ok, mademoiselle Diamond, why don’t you sit here while we find the perfect heels for you”

“Don’t you mean shoes” Diamond said as she walked to where he was while he chuckled

“How do you love this” he said presenting a six inches heel

“Nope, it’s too high”

“Okay this” he presented four inches

“Still too high and don’t even think about bringing that” she said pointing at the two inches heel he was about to bring. “Can I just go with sneakers, or even better I should go barefoot it’s natural” she said to Javier who looked as if he wanted to shove her in a box.okay It’s time I intervene

“Baby, come here plsss” I said and she skipped happily to me “so why are you being hard on them’ I asked touching her hair

“Mom said l should give them a little craziness, a little attitude to punish them for not askiny permission before making me a contestant and to make them value me. Also the last time I did a photo shoot well you were angry” she said and my mind reflected back on that fashioned film

“Okay first I wasn’t angry at you, I was actually proud of you, second don’t listen to anything mom says infact no more girls talk that I’m not part of” I said strictly

“But it won’t be a girls talk if you’re there”

“Diamond….” I drawled and she smiled

“Ok I promise to do what you want”

“Good, now have mercy on these guys and show em what Diamond can do” I said and she walks to them “Ok guys she’s ready”

“Finally” “for reals?” Javier and Romeo was at the same time

“For reals” Diamond replied and have them that killer smile

“Okay guys, get the camera ready while I take this damsel to make up” Romeo said as he took Diamond away

“I’m sure red would look gorgeous on you, Thanks Ray” Javier’s said and ran after them while I chuckled and went to attend to other things. Desmond said he was going to drop by to see Diamond quickly since his plane would be flying by the house.

Jessie’s POV

I came to the house to meet Diamond with her dad, I have to say he’s quite fit and handsome for his age, I stood by the side of the door not wantings to interrupt their conversation

“Diamond, I’m sorry I have to go now, I can’t keep the pilot waiting any longer than he already has”

“But Dad, you promised”.

“I know, but something came up. Don’t worry I’ll be there at your fashion show”

“Pinky swear?”

“Yes, but only if you promise to win”

“Deal” they said and interlocked fingers

I smiled as I watched them, such a cute family too bad her dad for have time for her. The father walked past me and I greeted but he seemed to be in a hurry, cause he only acknowledge my greetings with a nod. I shrugging and walked towards Diamond.

“Princess, how was your shoot”

“Hey pretty, you’re here, it was great though I still find it hard to walk on heels, Javier would be here later though to train me some more”

“Hmmmm, don’t worry, I’m sure you would get it right before the competition. Let’s check if the pictures have been uploaded” I said and she agreed. I were online to Starz site and saw the pictures of the other contestants they looked really pretty even Clarissa, too bad she had to be an ass.

Then I came to Diamond’s picture, without even looking twice I knew she was the clear winner of this round. She looked ethereal, just like a goddess. I quickly closed my mouse when I realized I was practically drooling over my fellow girl. I looked at the likes and comment. The likes were too much so I just focused on the comments. The first comment wasn’t good at all

💬 Go back to the assylum where your came for, you look like a bitch

💬 You don’t deserve to be alive, you’re the reason for your mother’s death

The third comments had a link so I clicked on it and it led to a site were different memes about Diamond were posted and they were not good ones. What the hell is going on here. I knew Clarissa must behind this. I need to show this to Raymond

“Can I see ?” Diamond asked

“No baby, I’m sorry, this is grown up stuff, you wouldn’t understand” I said and went off to find Raymond. I saw him in his study working and receiving a phone call at the same time. He just works too hard, running his father’s company and being a model at the same time. I waited for him to finish with the call because approaching him

“Ray, you’ve got to see this” I said and showed the comments

“This is not good, she’s just at the early stage, a bad reputation is a no no”

“I thought so”

“I’ll call ICT to turn off commenting for the picture and also to shut down that site. What’s the name of that magazine”. He asked and I told him and He put a call to somebody

📞 It’s Ray
📞 I need you to shut down this magazine company” he said and told them the name
📞 I don’t care about freedom of the press, either they go or you both go
📞 Good, I give you five minutes. He said and ended the call.

This is a new side of Ray, strict and business like. Another call came in as we walked to where Diamond was. I was walking behind him when he suddenly stopped walking making me hit my face on his back.

I looked to see what’s made him stop. Oh Javier was here already training Diamond. I traced Raymond’s eyes to see he was staring at Javier’s hands on Diamond’s waist. If looks could kill Javier would be six feet under by now.

I watched as Raymond walked towards them and whacked Javier’s hands off.

“What was that for” Javier yelled

“Must you get close to her to teach her, infact don’t worry I’ll train her myself”

“What do you mean by that it’s my job”

“And she’s my girlfriend”

“Will u both stop it, I’m the one competing here” Diamond yelled and they both stopped

“Way to take charge girl” I yelled

“So who do you think should train you” Raymond asked expectantly

“Uhmm, I pick…. Princey, sorry Javier” Diamond said and Ray jumped up victoriously as he gave Javier a “in your face” look while Javier just rolled his eyes Javier said

“Whatever” Ray replied



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