The prettiest of them all Episode 16 & 17

Raymond POV
I’m so glad that Danny showed up on time. I can’t even begin to imagine what I would have done if something had happened to Diamond.
“I promise to never leave you again” I said and hvgged her ti-ght
” You’re squashing me” she complained and I chuckled
“I’m sorry, do you forgive me” I asked and she nodded
“Princey, will you come to the birthday p@rty tomorrow” she asked. What!, It’s her birthday
“Why didn’t you tell me since”
” I wanted to tell you but you didn’t want to talk to me” she said and I felt guilty
“Oh, I’m sorry, so how many gifts do you want me to buy you”
“I’ll be turning seven so buy me seven gifts” she said and I chuckled
“Diamond, you’ll be eighteen tomorrow” I said and she looked confused. I laughed at the look on her face it was so funny and cute too
“Whatever bring me a lot of gifts and invite that your handsome friend”
” What!, His he more handsome than me” I asked her but she just laughed and ran off
” Diamond come back here and answer me” I said and chased after her
Clarissa POV
I was so angry, imagine I had to spend an hour at the police station just because of that thing called Diamond. My mom had called the police and I was re-leased based on false accusations.
I would have dealt with that stupid detective if he wasn’t related to Raymond’s and as if that was not enough. I still had to attend Diamond’s birthday p@rty because my dad would be around.
It’s a good thing my dad is no a social media kind and person if not would have gotten me into trouble. I watching as the event planner decorated the whole place for the p@rty. It was going to be a costume p@rty.
I alre-ady had plans for this p@rty. Diamond is going to regret waking up from this coma.
Raymond’s POV
I laughed at Danny’s as soon as he c@m£ out.
” What the hell is this Ray?, I can’t wear this” he complained. His costume was that of a pumpkin and he looked ridiculous in it
” Well, you have to, it is the wish of the celebr@nt” I said. Actually Diamond didn’t pick that costume, I did. That’s what he gets for trying to look more handsome than me. I should be the only prince in Diamond’s eyes
“Easy for you to say, you’re to say, you’re dressed like a prince” he mummur something else I didn’t hear and walked off. We finished getting re-ady and was about to leave. When one of the guards chuckled and the rest bur-st out laughing
“Sorry sirs” they said when they where done. I wouldn’t blame them. I was also trying to control my laughter
“That’s it, am taking off this stupid costume” he said and was about walking off but I dragged him back into the car.
Danny’s POV
We got into the car and drove off. After about thirty minutes we arrived I laughed at the interior decoration of the house. I thought Ray’s mom was a fairytale freak.Diamond is even freakier. The whole place was designed to look like a fairytale land. It was as if we entered another world entirely. There was even a real forest or is it fake.
” Dude, you know all the women in your life are crazy” I said laughing
“Don’t remind me” he replied
Students filled the whole place with their different costumes. Immediately we c@m£ down they rushed towards us and started taking pictures of I and Ray.
👥 OMG, Ray looks so dreamy today, I love his prince costume
👥 I LOVE YOU,RAY” one yelled and we just chuckled. Ray blew a k!ssat her and she fainted. Girls are such drama queen. I was more concerned with hiding my pumpkin costume which was really drawing attention, When Diamond c@m£ in.
Everyone’s attention went to her, I could hear oohs and ahhs In the crowd. She looked really beautiful in her ball go-wn, like a real princess. There was a girl with her also beautiful in her fairy costume.
I looked at Ray and almost laughed my heart out. He seemed lost like he was in a trance and his jaws dropped open.
” Get over there, before someb©dy else gr-abs her” I told him while I left to go get me some fairy.
Clarissa POV
I watched as Ray walked up to Diamond and pe-cked her while the students cheered. Not long after my dad c@m£ and took Diamond away. Good perfect time to enact my plans.
I put on my costume which looked exactly like Diamond’s and a wig. I took Diamond’s phone which I had collected earlier and texted Ray
” Hey princey, meet me at the forest let’s pl@yhide and seek, plssssss”
Gosh 🙄🙄, Diamond is so stupid. I left for the forest and waited. Not long after as expected Ray c@m£.
“Diamond where are you, come out it’s dark and not a good time to pla-y” he said. I waited for him to come a bit closer then I ran, as I ran he saw me and chased me all the while calling Diamond’s name
He c@m£ close to me, caught me by the arm and turned me to face him. Before he could see my face I k!$$£d him and he reciprocated.
“Diamond, what’s wrong with you. He said and pushed me back. ” CLARISSA”
“What the hell is wrong with you, are you mad” he yelled
” Yes I’m mad, I’m mad for you Ray, why can’t you see that?, why can’t you see me?, I’ve always been in love with you Ray. Why can’t you just love me back?” I yelled also
” I love Diamond and will always love her, so don’t waste your time” he said and walked away
“I’ll get you Ray, I’ll get you even if I have to get rid of Diamond” I said to myself and smiled as I watched the video of Ray k!ss!ngme.
Morgana’s POV
I can’t believe that Desmond how dare he. He had the guts to give the power of attorney to all his estate to his daughter Diamond, leaving only 40% for me and Clarissa. I pick up my phone and called him, Clarissa’s real dad.
📞” Hello my love”
📞” Shut up, I don’t have time for this. I have someone I nee-d you to kill”
📞 “Is it that son of a bit-ch”
📞 *No, it’s his daughter, Diamond. I’m not re-ady to kill him yet but soon”
📞 ” K, when do you want her dead”
📞 Tomorrow
📞 Kk, your wish is my command
Diamond, I warned you not to interfere with my plans, I was willing to give you a second chance but since you choose to interfere you are going to have to join your mother.
Diamond’s POV
I woke up this morning feeling very happy, my dad had to go back for some businesss dealings. He only c@m£ yesterday for my birthday and to have me sign some do¢v-ments which he said I should keep safe.
I took my bath and headed downstairs. Raymond had called to say he would be late that I should stick to Jessie and not go near the evil princess. I wonder why.
I got into the car and was driven to school. As soon as I c@m£ down the students c@m£ crowding me.
👥Nice p@rty yesterday, you looked really pretty
👥Who decorated your house, can you plea-se s£nd me their details
👥 When are you going to have another p@rty, plea-se invite me
I just nodded to all their comments and went inside the my clas-s. The lecturer was yet to come and I was chatting with Jessie when she got a call. I checked the caller it was Danny.
“Isn’t Danny that guy that dressing like a pumpkin yesterday and was following you about” I asked her and she blu-shed and nodded
“Why are you blu-shing’ I asked but she denied it and left
“Poor Diamond, you know you trust to easily and that’s why you always get hurt” I heard Clarissa say behind me but I ignored her
“Listen Diamond, I don’t hate you” she said and sat down ” I’ve just been trying to teach you an important lesson that not everyone is to be trusted. Take for example. Princey”
“What happened to princey” I asked and she laughed
” Wrong question baby, you should be asking why is princey lying to you”
“Princey is lying to me” I asked confused
“Yes, he doesn’t love you, he just pities you because, you know, you’re mad”
“It’s a lie, princey does love me and I’m not mad” I said alre-ady in the verge of tears
“Okay you don’t believe me, check your phone I texted you the video, just do me a favor and don’t cry here” she said and left
I took my phone and pla-yed the video. I saw Ray k!ss!ngClarissa and telling her that I’m mad and he loves only her
” No, this can’t be true” I thought and ran out of the clas-s.
I ran to my car, crying and told the driver to take me home.
It happened in the twi-nkle of an eye. a car from nowhere hit ours. My driver c@m£ down to meet with the other driver
“Run, Miss” he shouted before he slumped down dead.
I sceamed
But I’m scared for Diamond, what will happen to her
At least now we know that Clarissa wickedness is genetic, like mother like daughter.
Jessie’s POV
I was busy talking with Danny, that guy has a way with words, I was enjoying the conversation when I saw Diamond ran past crying. I called her but she didn’t answer. I ran after her before I could get to her, her driver had driven off.
I walked back to clas-s while trying her number but she was not picking up. I got into the clas-s and saw her phone lying there. I pick it up and saw a video of Ray and Clarissa. I was curious to know so I pla-yed it
“Oh no” i thought. I could tell the video was edited,well most of it, but am pretty sure Diamond with her childish br@in wouldn’t figure it out. I quic-kly took my phone and called Ray, thank God he picked up at the first ring
📞 Uhm, Ray I think Diamond might be in danger
📞 What do you mean danger?, Isn’t she there with you?
📞 No, I think she saw an edited video of you and Clarissa k!ss!ngand also you calling her mad
📞 Damn it! Have you tried her number
📞 She left her phone behind
📞 fv¢k!, Call Danny tell him to track down her car’s location and s£nd it to me, am on my way” he said and cut the call.
I kept on having this de-ep feeling that Diamond is in trouble, Diamond I hope you’re okay, I thought as I quic-kly called Danny
Diamond POV
I ran as fast as my legs could take me, I couldn’t see the bad man any more but I knew was behind me. I ran till I got to a dead end, I turned and c@m£ face to face with the bad man
“Get away from me” I yelled but he just laughed
“Ah, I love people like you, always running thinking you can escape death” he said and chuckled
“I’m the princess and I order you to go away” I yelled again. He looked confused at first then he laughed
“Oh, I almost forgot you are mad”
“I’m not mad”
“Ah, and fiesty too, too bad you’re beautiful, all this beauty is going to go to waste” he said and t©uçhed me on the face. I quic-kly gr@bb£d him by the hand and bit him ha-rd . He yelled then pushed me to the floor and sl@pped me
“Enough chitchat, die bit-ch” he pointed the gun at me and was about to shoot when someb©dy kicked the gun from his arm. I looked at the person very well it was princey.
They started fighting hand to hand, I was so scared to even cheer. Princey had pushed the bad man to a wall. When he suddenly brou-ght out a knife and stabbe-d princey with it and princey fell to the floor
I rushed towards princey, he was bleeding, the bad man instantly picked up the gun and pointed it at me but princey stepped in front of me blocking the bullet. I refused and stepped to the front but he dragged me back.
“Stay put, am the prince, you’re the princess” he said and stepped to the front
“And so am the one he wants to kill, and you’re alre-ady bleeding, you took the knife, I’ll take the bullet”
” You’re still a child, do you think bullet is a joke, stay one place let me do my job as a prince”
“I can see that the both of you are mad” the bad man yelled ” stay still and st©p confusing my bullet, since you both are eager to die I’ll make it happen” he said and c0cked his gun.
The fear that had gone before resurfaced. I heard a gunsh0t and I closed my eyes expecting to feel some pain but I didn’t, when I opened my eyes I saw the bad man on the floor with Mr handsome pumpkin behind him holding a gun also.
I felt so happy to see him, I turned to hvg princey but he was on the floor, he had lost a lot of blood and was losing consciousness. I called his name but he didn’t answer and his b©dy was out cold. I began crying
” Princey, plssss wake up I’m sorry” I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Diamond and Ray are funny ooo. You’re standing in front of death and you’re arguing, if it were me, lemme not say anything sha. But princey plssss don’t die ooo. Diamond still nee-ds you