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The pact episode 41 & 42





A month later,

Monday, the rays of the sun shining brightly into my room awaken me, rising to my feet, I kneel at the side of my bed and say my regular morning prayers, I pray in a soft and quiet voice for several minutes and when I am done I open my YouVersion Bible app and start reading my devotion for the day, today’s devotion is titled ‘’the best way to start and finish your day.’’


‘’don’t begin your day by scrolling through your phone or listening to the news. And don’t end your day by filling your mind with something on TV. None of those things are going to feed your soul,’’ I read out loud.


The devotion emphasizes developing a habit of starting and ending your day in God’s words. Robert downloaded this bible app for me and for the last couple of weeks I have going through several devotions in the morning and at night- I must say the devotions have blessed me and helped me get closer to God. With everything that was happening on social media, Robert challenged me to join him on a 30 day social media detox. We both had to delete and deactivate our social media platforms.


And guess what? Today is day 30 of the social media detox. I still can’t believe I made it this far, you know social media has always been a huge part of my life, I built businesses there being a brand ambassador for different brands plus my entire life was literary been showcased on social media. There was a time when I could never put down my phone because I was always trying to create content and please my audience but when I started this challenge, I had to change my entire routine.



in the days I would wake up and instantly get on Facebook but now when I wake up, I start my day with a prayer, read through my devotion and head straight to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea without touching my phone. I am glad I took Robert up on this challenge, I feel refreshed and there’s just this sense of freedom that has swept through me that I can’t begin to describe in words.

When I am done with my devotion, I stand up then I put on my robe and slippers, I am about to walk out of my room when my phone rings so I turn and pick it up from the table, stare at the screen before putting it to my ear.

‘’Hey Robert!’’ I exclaim.

‘’Child of mine!’’ He says and I roll my eyes like I always do when he calls me that. So my relationship with Robert has improved considerably over the last month and I now appreciate him. He is a great guy and my mum is lucky to have him, aside from the Sondashi’s, he has been there for me and has helped me get back on my feet.

‘’Isn’t it too early to be dramatic?’’ I roll my eyes again.

‘’I know you just rolled your eyes.’’

‘Don’t I always do that when I am talking to you?’’ I laugh.

‘’How are you?’’

‘’I am great, how are you daddy?’’

‘’You just called me daddy?’’

‘’Mistake number one.’’

‘’My heart is melting.’’

‘’Oh please.’’

‘’Slept well?’’

‘’Yes, you?’’

‘’I did, how is my grandson?’’

‘’Your granddaughter is fine.’’

Robert and my mum are so certain I will give birth to a boy but I think its girl, I even have a few names lined up.

‘’Good to know he is fine, I just called to check up on you and to congratulate you on finally making it to day 30 of the social media detox challenge.’’

‘’Thank you so much, I am glad you pushed me into this. We need to celebrate this victory, how about dinner but the bill is on you.’’

‘’No problem child, I will pick you up.’’

‘’It’s a date.’’

‘’Sure, anyway take good care of yourself I will see you later.’’


Rob,’’ I reply before hanging up.

Heading out of the bedroom, I walk into the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea then I sit down and slowly drink it.

‘’Morning!’’ Stella as she walks into the kitchen. Stella is my new house help, she started working for me three weeks ago after Jessie stopped working. I don’t even know what happened with Jessie, one day I got home and she was gone, she just left a note stating that she had gone in search of greener pastures, I tried getting in touch with her but to no avail.


‘’Good morning, how are you?’’

‘’I am fine.’’

‘’What should I prepare for breakfast?’’

‘Don’t worry about breakfast, I am heading out soon for a breakfast meeting.’’

‘’Okay, will you be back for lunch?’’

‘’No, I will be proceeding to work after my meeting, I will get something from town and also don’t prepare anything for dinner for me, Robert will be taking me out later after work.’’


Heading back into my bedroom, I take a quick shower and get dressed for the day ahead.

This morning, I am meeting up with Lee to present the divorce papers to him, speaking of Lee we haven’t interacted much over the last month. As I took time to reflect on everything that happened between us, I thought it best we go our separate ways. I still love Lee and I would have loved for us to work out but I don’t see a future with him- from the start this marriage was founded on lies so we better go our separate ways just try to pick ourselves up.



I walk into the café and spot Lee instantly then I walk towards him, rising to his feet he welcomes me with a hug and pulls a chair for me to sit and I do just that. Before we even get talking, I order myself something to eat.

‘’How are you?’’ He asks.

‘’I am fine, you?’’

‘’I am okay, how’s the baby?’’


‘’You look beautiful, you have that pregnancy glow.’’

‘’Thank you.’’

‘’So you are serious about the divorce?’’ he asks when I present the divorce papers to him.

‘’Yes, I have thought about this and I think it’s for the best.’’

‘’I don’t know what I will ever do to make you believe that I didn’t cheat on you, Aisha trapped me.’’

He has told me this story a number of times and I just don’t buy it, Daddy P tried to get some information about this issue but hasn’t found anything yet, in fact he had to leave everything hanging so he could take care of Palesa who has been down for some weeks. They are currently not even in the country as she is receiving medical treatment in South Africa.

‘’We have been through this already.’’


‘’I have signed please do your part too.’’


‘’You know I don’t even want anything from you, in fact I will pay you what I said I would at the start of this pact. And then like I mentioned last time, we can co-parent if you are interested but if you are not then I will have to raise her by myself.’’

‘’Is there anything I can do to change your mind?’’

‘’Nothing, please sign. If you love me as much as you claim to, allow me to move on.’’


Grabbing the paper, he signs the papers and hands them back to me.

‘’Thank you, you will hear from my lawyer about the next procedure,’’ I say rising to my feet. I don’t even wait for him to respond before I grab my bag and start walking towards the door.



-Chapter 42-



My heart shatters as she walks out of the restaurant- things were not supposed to end like this, I love Kristian and I would have loved for us to raise our baby together. The last couple of weeks I pleaded with her to hear me out but she refused. She blames me for everything that happened and yes I know I am at fault for falling into Aisha’s trap but couldn’t she have given me a chance to explain my own side of the story?

‘’Lee!’’ a familiar voice startles me from my reverie.

‘’Aisha! What are you doing here?’’

‘’I came to get lunch and I saw you sitting over here looking sad, everything okay?’’

‘’How can everything be okay after what you did?’’

‘’I am sorry Lee, please forgive me and let’s start all over again.’’

‘’Start all over as what?’’

‘’You know I still love you.’’

Clicking my tongue, I stand up, ‘’make this the last time you follow me around.’’

‘’Please don’t leave.’’

‘’You are such a fool,’’ I yell, causing everyone to stare at us.

‘’I am a married man can you stop following me around!’’ I say even louder before I leave.

The mare sight of Aisha infuriates me.



When I leave the café, I drive straight to the office and engross myself in work activities. Because I am so busy, I find that the day passes quickly before I know it, it’s lunch time and my stomach growls with hunger. I eat quite a lot these days. It’s not even funny at all. I am even scared of how much I weigh by the time I give birth to this beautiful child of mine.



up my phone, I am about to place an order for lunch at the cafeteria when there’s a knock at the door and Dante appears. He is carrying a platter filled with food which he places on the table by my side. He walks out and returns with a bottle of milkshake and water, these two he deposits on the table.

‘’I noticed you have been busy so I decided to bring lunch,’’ he says.

‘’Thank you so much D, I am actually starving,’’ I rise to my feet and rush to the bathroom where I wash my hands.

‘’You are more than welcome.’’


Dante is our Advertising Manager, he and ~I have been working closely for the last couple of weeks and in him I have gained a new friend. I have actually made more friends being at Sondashi Inc. than I have~ my entire life.


This place has ~been good for me, when I reported back for work after my one week break, they organized a welcome back lunch for m~ e and offered words of ~encouragement and support. When they didn’t judge or call me names, that’s when I knew what Daddy P meant by saying, ‘’we are a family and we stand together.’’ This place is home, I wouldn’t tra~ de it for anything in the world. When I walk back in, I sit down and instantly start eating and he watches me as I quickly feast on the Nshima, Fish and kalembula. This combination is everything for me and I love how the woman from the cafeteria cooks her dishes.

‘’Thank you so much Dante,’’ I say a couple of minutes later as I take a large sip of my water.

He falls into pearls of laughter, ‘’you should have seen yourself a few, a couple of minutes ago.’’

‘’Don’t even mention it, this child makes me eat like a pig, I swear I was starving.’’

‘’I am glad I came by in time.’’

‘’Is the milkshake mine?’’

‘’Of course.’’

‘’Thank you,’’ I smile, grabbing the bottle of milkshake before opening it and taking a large sip.

‘’Pure bliss!’’ I exclaim.

‘’So how are things with Lee?’’ he asks as he starts eating his own food, Dante is not a Nshima person, he got himself some rice and beef stew.

‘’I handed him the divorce papers.’’

‘’You did?’’

‘’Yes, It was long overdue, I wanted this over and dusted with.’’

‘’Are you sure of the decision you have made?’’

‘’I am more than hundred percent sure.’’

‘’What next?’’

‘’The court will grant us a divorce in a few weeks.’’

‘’And the child?’’

‘’We will co-parent if he is interested, otherwise I will raise this child alone. My mum raised me alone and I turned out fine.’’


you are happy then I am happy too.’’

‘’Thank you friend, so tell me about that girl you have been crushing on.’’

He smiles, ‘’I just found that out she is taken.’’

‘’Oops! That’s really sad.’’

‘It’s okay.’’

‘’You are a great dude, you will find someone.’’

‘’Thank you.’’

We continue talking until he finishes his food.

‘’Thank you for having lunch with me Kristian.’’

‘’You are welcome.’’

‘’I have to meet a client in town, I will see you later.’’

‘’Alright, take care.’’

‘’You too,’’ he winks before he walks out.

The rest of the afternoon, I move from one meeting to the next and by the time it’s time to leave I am exhausted. I just want to go home and rest. I don’t think dinner with Robert will work tonight. My back hurts and I have a slight headache. When I finish packing my stuff I call Robert and tell him I won’t make it for dinner and he agrees for us to reschedule.

‘’Thank you Rob, I owe you one.’’

‘’You are welcome darling, take good care of yourself and my grandchild.’’

‘’I will.’’

‘’Love you.’’

‘’Love you too.’’


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