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The office during summer episode 9 & 10

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 9&10






★ ★ ★ ★

Another interviewer pinched her brows and make a coughing sound.
“So, What are your hobbies, Scarlett?”

“Taekwondo” She replied, quic-kly.

“Taek…Taekwondo? Those fighting skills!” She half yelled.

“Yeah” Scarlett giggled.

“It says here in your profile, you got expelled from high school and you never went to the university. You got home schooled instead…”

“Unfortunately, It’s true” Scarlett replied, never allowing her smile fade off, from her face.

The lady stared at the others and they shook their head.

She danced her brows a bit and looked back at Scarlett.

“I’m sorry, Miss Scarlett Neil but we can’t hire you” She said, abruptly, relaxing her back against the chair.

Scarlett scoffed like she was expecting it.
“fv¢k it. If you’re truly sorry, Just hire me”

“What? F…Fu…Fu…fv¢k? How dare you use such vulgar language during an interview and especially in front of important people!” The lady said, and others hit their palms on the table which made a loud noise.

“Important people, my @ss! More like incompetent people. You just lost a rare gem by disqualifying me” Scarlett said, and stood up.

She walked fiercely to them and they all shivered in fear.

Most of them stood up, re-ady to take off in case she tries anything funny to them.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“What…What’s it?” The lady stuttered, as she saw Scarlett looking at her face de-eply.

“Can I have my CV?” Scarlett asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. Sure” The lady said, quic-kly and handed it to her.

Scarlett scoffed and walked out.

“Geez! I almost peed on myself! A taekwondo lady and an ex convict as my employee? Who invited her here!” The lady shouted, [email protected] [email protected]

“She startled me! Aiish!!’


Scarlett sat down on the iron gray bench outside, and sighed de-eply.

“This is my 13th interview” She sadly muttered.
“I guess no one is gonna even employ an ex convict like me”

She looked down at her black shoes and took the right one off.

She looked at the heel which was shaking since it was about to fall off.

“New shoes are far away from me” She thought, hitting the shoe heel on the floor, trying to push it inside.

Two ladies who were walking past her, whispered and laughed, watching her.

“I guess its a crime to be truly poor” She said, wearing her shoes back in.

Scarlett stood up tiredly and her eyes fell on the hvge TV used for advertisment by the road side.

She looked on when she noticed they were talking about RM Companies.

It was later concluded that a secretary was needed in RM company.

A secretary who would work for the CEO’s heir himself.

“Whoa! Daebak(Awesome)” She muttered.

“Should I give this a try?” She thought.

“And then get fired at once,,, again” She further thought.

“Let’s just do this!! Fighting!!” Scarlett shouted, with her fist above her nose.

People around got startled by her scream and looked at her.

“I’m sorry. Go on” She f0rç£d a chuckle and ran off.

“Oh great!!” She yelled, seeing the heel leave her shoe.

“Can today get any better?” She frowned.


Phil wore an expensive suit over a dark blue n£¢k tie. His black shoes were polished and very nice as well.

He was walking angrily throu-gh the mansion corridor. He wanted to see his father.

The moment he got to his father room door, He barged in there but when he saw him and his mother ma-king out, He ran out.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Oww! My precious holy eyes!” He screamed, ru-bbing his eyes, relentlessly.

“Son? We are done. Your father [email protected]£ too quic-k” His mother said, bluntly, with a loud voice.

A maid walking by, heard this and let out a low chuckle.

Phil bowed his head low in [email protected]

“Mum!” He barged in once more.

He saw them on the be-d, with the duvet over their bodies.

He sighed de-eply, as he watched his father take out a cigarette from the cupboard close by.

“No, You don’t!!” Phil snarled, and hijacked the cigarettes f0rç£fully.

He also seized the lighter he saw on t©p the cupboard.

“What now?” His father, Mr. Counters [email protected] ed.

“You promised me you wouldn’t smoke anymore- Phil paused and pocketed the items.

“And you promised me you wouldn’t get me another secretary” He added, pointing a f!nger at him.

Mr Counters smiled.
“Show me a CEO without a secretary and I’ll show you a man without a di-ck”

“Dad” Phil whispered, shaking his head.

“I guess you are the man without di-ck then. You don’t last anymore! Pathetic!!” Mrs Counter blurted.

“You know what? You guys should go on. Pardon me for interfering with your… your…whatever it was, you both were doing. I’m gonna take my leave and Dad!!,, I don’t want a secretary! I’m gonna fire everyone I see!”

“I don’t know why Mrs Keeper had to get married and leave Seoul!” Phil shouted and left.

Mrs Keeper was his last secretary. She got married, got pregnant and relocated with her family to Italy.

Phil barged out and Mr Counter laughed. His wife stroked his beards and he smiled again.

“Want another fv¢k?” He asked.

“With whose di-ck? Aish!” She muttered, and took her hand off his beards.

“That boy! He took my cigarettes! Hey!!!” Mr Counters screamed.


“Mum!!” Scarlett shouted.

“Yes, Lett?” Her mother replied, as she walked into the sitting room like she wasn’t even blind.

She was used to her own home so it wasn’t a big deal in moving around.

“I applied to…guess!” Scarlett voice suddenly got high pitched.

Marie chuckled.
“Don’t expect me to go that. Why did you have to bother yourself in applying for another job. You might get fired again. You’d better go back to your [email protected] time job” She said.

“Don’t tell me that’s an advice. As for me, I’ll continue to strive and push forward so that I’ll get what I want and de-sire most” Scarlett said.

Marie smiled.
“I trust you, nevertheless. I really love your spirit…”

“Anyways, guess the company I just applied for” Scarlett asked.

“Hmm… I don’t know. Just tell me alre-ady!”

Scarlett giggled.
“RM company!!”

“What? Really?”

“Yes! I just applied now via my [email protected]©p and they s£nt a message saying I should be in the interview around 9am on Monday. Two days from now!!”

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Wow. I’m happy for you. Fighting!!”

“Fighting!! Thank you, Mum” Scarlett went to Marie and hvgged her.


Scarlett went to be-d, and opened her cupboard. She took out a white but slightly brown paper.

It was looking quite old, and rou-gh.

It was the last thing Samantha dropped down for her before her [email protected] She had dropped it inside the cupboard.

Scarlett always re-ad it almost everyday. She pampered and treasured the letter well.

Scarlett inhaled de-eply, from the desk she sat down on and opened the paper, slowly.

The contents in the letter re-ad thus;

To Scarlett,

I warned you not to tell Mum!

I warned you to keep it a secret!

No one believes me anyway that was I truly [email protected]£d.

Even Mum doesn’t believe me!

She keeps calling the ra-pist innocent and good!

Everyone believes he is an innocent Mr. Feel.

Anyways, He’s seriously sick and be-dridden at the moment and Mum went to see him at the hospital.

Now, This is the right moment to leave.

I certainly can’t bear this pains and bitterness anymore. Its too much!

This anxiety, misery and discomfort!

Don’t ever look for me.

Who even knows if you will see this letter now that you were convicted and you are to stay 10 years imprisoned.


From Samantha.

“Samantha. You know the RM compaines we talked and talked about,, I applied there for an interview. Wish me luck” Scarlett whispered and tears ran down her eyes.


Phil is taking is bath for the night. He stoked his hair as water from the shower went throu-gh it, down to his abs, and his biceps.

He’s handsome, manly and so h0t. He has a Se-xy look and b©dy which makes every female craves, and screams for.

“So cold” He muttered, and wra-pped his white towel around his [email protected]!st.

He walked out and now, he’s dripping and charming.

His w€t and curly hair added to his looks. His w€t and dripping b©dy isn’t exceptional.

“Its been a long day” He said, as he took his lotion, facial cream and hair cream from his cupboard in his mighty and beautiful rich looking room.


Phil was slee-ping now.

However, He’s sweaty and [email protected] ing in his sleep.

His b©dy is shivering and he can’t help but turn his b©dy and shake his head, continuously.

He was having a dream.

In the dream, His mother was hvgging him ti-ght.

He looked quite younger. Apparently, He is a high schooler there.

Phil was crying while his mother consoled him, hvgging him ti-ghtly.

She broke the hvg and looked at his face.
“Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you. Whether you [email protected]£d her or not, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you anymore”

Phil quic-kly raised his head up from the be-d. He was breathing [email protected] and sweating profusely.

He stood up from the be-d, and rubbe-d his forehead.

“fv¢k!!. Why did it have to come back. It shouldn’t be in my memory anymore!!” He screamed, facing the mirror.

“I hate you!!” He shouted and punched the mirror [email protected] which shattered and inflicted wounds on his fist.

He wasn’t perturbe-d by this. He stood up and walked to his laundry room.

He took out the trou-ser he wore for that day and brou-ght out the cigarettes.

He was about to lit it when he heard his phone ringing.

He went back to his room and checked his phone.

He dropped the lighter but the cigarette stick remained in between his reddish temptingl-ips.

It was a pri-vate number.

“What’s this now? Calling me by 12:15am with a pri-vate number? You’ve got to be kidding me” He said, before answering the call.

“Hello?” He asked.
“Who’s this?” He further questioned.

“I. Will. Kill. You” A de-ep voice [email protected]£ from the phone and the cigarette stick which was still in between hisl-ips fell down his mouth, and in slow motion, It crashed on the tiled floor.


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