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The office during summer episode 11 & 12

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 11&12

★ ★ ★ ★

“Hello?” He asked.
“Who’s this?” He further questioned.

“I. Will. Kill. You” A de-ep voice [email protected]£ from the phone and the cigarette stick which was still in between hisl-ips fell down his mouth, and in slow motion, It crashed on the tiled floor.

“j£rk!!” Phil screamed.
“At least, You could have called me when I was about having that nightmare!”

“Maybe, I would have avoided the nightmare! What a wrong timing to call! Aiish! I’m hanging up. Next time, call me when its right and don’t call me too late. I need to sleep cause I work extremely late”

“I didn’t call to have any conversation with you. Can’t you see I’m threatening your life?!” The de-ep voice [email protected]£ again.

“Next time,, you can threaten me! But why threaten me this late and at the wrong time! I lost my smoke cause of you now!!” Phil sobbe-d, pretentiously.

“What kind of-

“I’m hanging up! Bye!” Phil said aloud and hung the call.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

He fell down with his bu-tt and held his che-st ti-ghtly.
“The fv¢k. What and who the hell was that?”

“I really tried in acting cool. Oofff!” He inhaled de-eply and dropped his phone on the floor.


“Mum… Are you asleep?” Scarlett asked, softly.

She was staring at the ceiling while tou-ching the duvet over her and Marie.

She now sleeps with Marie, rather than her old room she once shared with Samantha.

She only visits the room occasionally.

Marie coughed a bit.
“I guess you just woke me. Why? Can’t you sleep?” She asked, with her eye lids still closed.

“Samantha? Don’t you miss her?” Scarlett asked, avoiding her mother’s question.

Marie opened her eyes, and all she saw was pitch darkness. She blinked and sighed de-eply.

“I….miss her” Scarlett whispered, calmly.

“How do you think she’s faring?” Scarlett asked, another question.

“Let’s not talk too much. Just go to sleep” Marie finally spoke out.

“Mum. That ra-pist-

“Scarlett! Mind what you utter!” Marie warned.

“But he really [email protected]£d Samantha, your own first daughter!! I wished he died that day! Why did he have to live!” Scarlett cried.

“Because he deserves life! He can’t die since he’s an innocent kid…”

“Innocent kid, my foot! Do you think Samantha lied?” Scarlett arched her brows.

“My sister can’t lie about that for no reason!!” Scarlett almost yelled.

“Scarlett! Its late, plea-se! I don’t wanna talk about the past! Its been years now. Move on. All I know is the boy is innocent. He never [email protected]£d Samantha!”

“And why do you say so? Were you threatened? Were you there when all this took place”

“I don’t wanna talk much. plea-se, sleep!”

“Mum,,, Can I ask one last question?” Scarlett was crying now.

Marie sighed and closed her eyes. She turned her face over to the other side and took her b©dy dee-per into the duvet.

“Samantha,,, Do you think Samantha lied about being a victim of [email protected]£?” Scarlett asked.


“Yes or No?”

“Yes! Okay!! Yes! She lied!”

“And why do you say so!”

“Scarlett, You clearly mentioned that was your last question. If I hear any more word from you, I promise to leave this house for you,,, right this moment” Marie warned.

Scarlett scoffed.
“Then, I had better leave this place for you instead. I’m really disappointed in you, mother” She said, and stood up from the be-d.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Scarlett? Scarlett? Where are you going to? Where are you?” Marie asked, worriedly, now sitting upright on the be-d while tou-ching the be-d and stretching her hands around the air.

“Oh Scarlett. You just don’t un-derstand but in time, you definitely will cause I’m a bit puzzled myself” Marie sighed after hearing the door ban-ging.


With her pajamas, rubber sli-ppers, tied up hair and crying face, Scarlett walked throu-gh the sidewalk.

Few people were around the streets. Everywhere was busy.

They was a big [email protected] that day so no one sle-pt but [email protected] all throu-gh the night.

Scarlett sniffed loudly and entered a big tent where drinks and meat were sold.

She checked her pockets and saw change of cash right in there.

“That’s a relief. You were there, when I needed you. Thank you, money” She smiled and sat down on the free table around.

Everywhere in there was busy and noisy.

“Ahjumma (Older lady) 2 bottles of soju plea-se!” Scarlett said with a loud voice while raising an arm.

“2 bottles of soju,,, coming!!” The woman replied and Scarlett smiled.

“Mind if I seat here?” She heard a masculine sweet voice.

She raised her eyes up to see the most handsome man ever. He’s so h0t and cool at the same time.

Written By Sommy Pearl F. On Fb

“Daebak(Awesome)” Scarlett whispered, staring straight at him.

“What?” He muttered.

“Go on. Sit” Scarlett gestured, chuckling.

“Thank you. I’m sorry if I inconvenienced you. But the seats are all filled up” He said.

He was Phil. He had left home to drink himself to stupor since he was fidgeting about the threatening call he received.

“Its fine. Its really a jackpot for me to be facing such a hansome man like you while drinking” Scarlett smiled.

“Ye?(What?)” Phil asked, and raised his both brows.

“No,,, Nothing” She shook her head.

Phil smiled and nodded.

The woman brou-ght in a tray of 2 soju bottles and Phil ordered 5 for himself.

The woman nodded and left.

“5??!” Scarlett wi-de-ned her eyes, showing him all 5 f!ngers.

“I drink 10 at times” He chuckled, ru-bbing his hair.

“Wow. I like men who are heavy drinkers just like you”

“It’s nothing. Light drinking isn’t something a fit man should be proud of” Phil win-ked.

Scarlett giggled.
“I’m also a heavy drinker. Its too bad I have only few dollars with me. I had to get 2 for myself cause of it” She explained.

“Mind if you join me when the soju lands?” Phil asked.

“Really??!” She asked, in excitement.


“Wow. Its my plea-sure. I really wanna get drun!ktonight!!” Scarlett shouted and Phil laughed.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

The woman [email protected]£ and dropped the tray of 2 more sojus on the table.

“Hold on, Ahjumma” Phil said.

The woman looked at him.

“I clearly said I wanted 5. Why are you dropping just 2 here?” He arched his brows.

“Omo! I’m sorry. I guess I made a mistake. I’m gonna bring the remaining 3 now”

“I will be right back and I’m really sorry again. Hold on, plea-se” The woman said, re-ady to leave but Scarlett st©pped her.

“No. Its fine. We’ll manage this” She said.

“What? You sure?” The woman asked.

“Hey,,, What are you talking ab-

Scarlett quic-kly kicked him from un-derneath and he whimpered lowly.

“We are good. We are just gonna have this” Scarlett said.

“Well, If you say so then” The woman said and left.

Scarlett bowed down lightly and faced Phil who had an obnoxious look on his face.

“Geez! That scared the hell out of me” She held her che-st.

“Just smile and let’s just manage this, huh” Scarlett added

“I don’t like this” Phil [email protected] ed, childishly.

Scarlett chuckled.
“Here, Kumbe!!(Cheers!)” She said, raising her [email protected] of filled soju.

“Kumbe!!” Phil replied and cli-cked his filled [email protected] with hers.

“This is life” Scarlett said, after chvgging down her own.

“Swears,,,, Krrrrr… So sweet” Phil smiled.

“Kumbe!!!” This [email protected] word was the most used word said in that very table.


“Arrgg!!! Where… are my 5 bottles! I want my 5 bottles now!!” Phil said, shaking his head.

Scarlett cli-cked her ton-gue and scoffed.
“Just 2 bottles and you’re alre-ady drun!k? I thought you said you were a heavy drinker?”

Phil chuckled.
“That j£rk! I’m gonna kill that j£rk first!” He said, and suddenly fell down from the chair.

“Huh!” Scarlett yelped.

She quic-kly ran to him, bent down and tapped him.
“Hey! Hello? You can’t stay here! Wake up! You need to leave cause I’m leaving now! Hello?!”

“Hey!!!” She shouted.


“Oww… My head. fv¢k. Its seriously spinning” Phil grunted and held his head.

He was also nauseous and fatigue.

He stood up and walked to the refrigerator.

He opened it and took out a bottle water which he opened immediately and began to gulp down heavily.

He looked around and [email protected]
“Where am I? This…This isn’t my place! Where the fv¢k am i? Did I lodge in a small motel or what? I lodge in h0tels and not motels!’

“What…happened last night? Huh! Phil! remember! Oww.. My head,,, Its fv¢king hurts”

“Is there any hangover soup, meds or perhaps shower around?” He thought looking at the poorly furnished house.

He sighed de-eply and struggled to find his way into the shower.

He finally got to it, went in and pu-ll-ed down his clothes.

He showered and got a short white towel around, which he wra-pped around his [email protected]!st.

“Feels more like it…” He sighed de-eply, with a short smile and walked out.

The first person his eyes fell on when he left the door was an unknown lady in her early twenties.

She was facing him, wearing a short blue towel and a white towel over her head, which wra-pped her hair stylishly.

She was wearing a floppy sli-ppers and by the look of it, She definitely wanted to have her bathe.

They both shared intense stares and after noticing they were both half n-ked.

They opened their mouth wi-dely and let out a loud scream.



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