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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The mermaid in love final Episode

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The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}

[Two crazy fishes in love]♥

💎Episode 20💎

By: V»praise.✍️



~[Escape plan]√
~Semi Final~

✨ Jim’s 💖

I took a warm bath and slid into a trouser and a handles shirt made of marvelous chiffon ..

“It looked good on me” I said and smiled at myself for the first time..

I sat on the bed 🛏️ checking it out. The softness and silkiness of the sheet. It was good like that ours back at home..

I laid and the soft mattress and was about waning to when Zara bursted in panting.
“What happened, why are you running like a someone been chased by leopard?” I asked..

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She managed to calm her nerves and spoke.

“Jim, the hour has come. Please don’t hesitate to follow me else you will to regret forever”

Jim doesn’t understood what you she meant. He stood confused and Scared..

“Please can you tell me exactly what is happening?” He asked in state..

“Ok, fine I will tell everything you need to know but first let’s get out of this castle” she said pulled him closer weird..

Leaving the castle 🏰 and back to his home and family was all Jim wanted all his stay of hostage.

“Then to where are we going?” He asked for the last time before she embraced him.

“To wherever that would be safe for you. Laying down here is the worst thing ever. Now look around” she said and Jim turned to his distress. He saw two wild cat staring at them and the good dressed, scented began to stink and suddenly was darkness forming in one part of the room.

“What?? Why are they here? When I came in I saw nothing. Everything was good and calm” He asked More confused.

“Like I said the hour has come for them to hurt you. They would have put you to sleep feed on you if not for my intervention” she muttered..

That was the truth. Jim would have been dead by now because before Zara’s arrival he was sleeping.

She embraced him as usual so they could varnish but to her dismay she has no such power again..

Her Father had really done something. She has all outside maybe it was because she went to him..

She hum some word as usual and again nothing happened..

“Let’s run for your life.” She muttered and dragged with herself..

They ran as fast as their legs would and finally the arrived at the back gate of the castle 🏰.

She spoke some blingual, complicated word and pushed the gate thinking it would get opened. But heavily locked.
Sounds of footsteps was heard behind them.

“Shit!! We’re dome” she muttered.

“Who are they and why are they following us?”

” They already knew we are leaving.. Did see anyone?” She asked looking frightened.

“What then do we do soonest” Jim asked.

Zara thought for a while and she nodded and muttered..

“Let’s go. I will visit the great Queen. ” She said
“I shall do the forbidden” she muttered to herself.

She looked at the left and turned. The was a big pot there. “Over there” she said and pointed at the hole

“A hole, Why, I mean what for?” Jim questioned.

“Just follow this is no time for question and answer. Well it leads to the great Queen Talia my grandmother” she murmured.
Jim looking shocked and stern..

She pulled him behind and together they went into the hole..

After walking for about an hour, Jim got exhausted and thirsty.

“Zara I’m tired I can’t go any further please help me” he said almost sitting down.

“Not now, we are almost there” she said and pulled him to stand erect.

“For long we have been Walking true bushes and mud. No house, no where to rest” Jim said..

“We are not here to rest and besides it’s dangerous resting here. Here is the graveyard of the great Queen Talia and soon we shall reach the spot” she muttered.

“You mean we’re in a graveyard all this while and you never tell me?” Jim asked..

“Fine, sorry for that.”
She apologized
” Let’s move on they’re after us” she said.

They began to run again for another hour.
I can’t tell how far they went but it took them longer time.
Finally they arrived at the spot. A small, relatively tall dark house. Designed with white custom..

“Here we are. The grave of the Queen Talia. She was buried deep down in this house but no one has ever went in except my father. We do visit but not inside” she lamented.

“Ok, what are we here for?” Jim asked.

“To seek powers and help on how to escape from their hostage and exacerbative condition.” She muttered..

Just then a great wind storm began blowing…

“Hold on to me, she is here” she said and immediately grabbed her dress which prevented him from been storm away.

“Oh, great ancient mother of the sea arise for your daughter has come for a help” she said as if taking to someone…

“Who are you talking to?” Jim asked..

“She, my grandmother she is here” Zara replied..

Suddenly a great deeper voice sounded and it echoes..

“What is that, a great daughter seek?” The voice asked..

I was shivering with cold and trembling with fear.

She went on her knees and began
“Mother, your daughter is in love ❤️ and I seek you to help me show love to him that I love”
“Help? Do you know coming here is dangerous and forbidden?”

“Mother I’m ready for it consequences for the sake of LOVE” she replied shedding tears uncontrollably.

“Daughter what exactly do you want?”

“Mother, I want to take my man out of this kindom. They have planned to kill him” she muttered.

They have really to planned to destroy Jim so none of them could marry him.
And besides the father won’t permit such to happen. Marrying her daughter to human and bore Them children was forbidden. Now princess Zara is deeply in love with a human..

“Daughter what you shall I give to you. I’ve seen your tears. Clean them up for I was once like you.. love show faster than sign”

“Thank you mother” she said then looked at me with a smile..

“Straightforth your hands and receive it” The voice commanded.

Zara did as she was told and suddenly a bunch of key appeared in her opened palm..

“That is the key to unlock the gate” the voice said and soon everywhere became quite..

“The key, she gave us” Zara said excitedly raising the key in the air .

“Now let’s go opened the gate and leave at once..”
She said and they hurried back to the castle 🏰.

Everywhere became noisy again. Footsteps approached so fast.

The problem was which of the key would open the gate.. it was a big black iron gate..

“Let me have the keys” Jim requested..

She handed it over to him.
Boom! It shocked him. They keys fell on the ground mess. One removed from the bunch alone.
“Sorry for that it was because you’re a mortal.” She said and chuckled..

She picked the one alone and tried for the first time and it open..

She looked at Jim and tears dropped from her eyes.

No she was leaving her parents. Her sister,her pet and everything behind just for the sake of LOVE ❤️..
She pulled the gate opened and heavy water wave gushed into castle throwing the both of them to ground.

Quickly she transformed into a Mermaid held Jim by the hand pulled him up.
You know how fast a mermaid swim. She swan with full speed like a jet and the landed on the water surface.. it took them no longer time to arrived.
Suddenly her fish tail disappeared and sank back but with the help of Jim.
He pulled her up and they landed on the seashore..

Jim look around and sun 🌞 shone very brilliantly. He was home.. he smiled and jumped up despite been tired. He was over joyed. He jumping, shouting and dancing…
He was back to the earth..

💎Episode 21💎



Finally Jim was to the earth..
He was over excited. He danced. Sang and jubilated..


I Could hardly believed Zara left with the man I love..
Jim!! I cried all day wishing Jim could return.. Zara has forsaken the Noble kingdom of ours.

“Hey daughter” Her called from behind..”

“Yes mother,, Chizara is so dreaded and heartless. Is there no other way you can help bring Jim back to me?” She asked crying.

“Daughter calm down she would regret her awkward attitude.. please stop crying” she said.

“Mother, with the much power in Zara won’t she misused it?” She asked caring.

Yurka is a woman with clear conscience but at time jealous..

“Hmm,, that sounds good of you. The moment she left, her powers left.. Don’t worry she would one day seek your forgiveness. Not yours alone but ours” her mother muttered…..
She embraced her mother and sobbed…
Meanwhile, the king felt heart break and embarrassed..

” How Could a trusted daughter of this kindom do a thing forbidden as this for the sake of God knows thing called love..” he often shrieked..

In the fast three days, there was grief in the mermaid world…

🌹 Jim’s ✨

Wow!!, I was back on Earth again. It seems like a dream. I pinched myself to be sure I wasn’t sleeping..

It had been hours we landed on the seashore now but she isn’t talking nor reacting…
Just buried her face down. “Perhaps she is tired” I thought to myself..

“Are you alright?” I asked her caressing her jawline..

“I’m good just that……” She paused.

“What? Please tell exactly your problem” I said and stared directly into her hazel eyes..

The was silence and Jim held her in his arm.. bubble of tears gathered in her eyes.

“Why are you this sad. I expect something different from you not tears. Please share with me your worries” Jim asked..

“I just left my parents with no intention of going back.. I did the forbidden for your sake… I missed my sister’s love. You the only one I know and have now please promise me you will love like a woman of your heart till the sun 🌞 goes down” She said and tears gushed down from her eyes..

Jim never cleared his intention of towards her but deep down they both loved each other.

“Jim, from the bottom of my heart, you will be the woman I will spend the rest of my life with.. you shall bear children for and we shall life happily forever” Jim lamented and pulled her into a hug..

They were both seating on the mud and a while Jim made her stood..

“Love stand up let’s get going. The sun is shining too high” Jim said with broad smile on his face.

They stood up and did some little washing and set on their journey to Jim’s parents…

🔱 Chizara’s ⚔️

The moment we landed on the seashore, I remembered my parents and the extreme love which they show towards I and my sister..

I cried profusely and I got tired.. I felt weak in the knee. It seems I don’t have much energy.. My powers left me that minutes. I noticed it.. who knows what pain my parents are now.. who if the kingdom has been destroy from the water that gushed in..

I formed in my eyes and my heart felt broke and guilty.

He urged us to start going.
“How do I cope? My energy was lost. My knee weak. I felt thirsty and my stomach groan from hunger besides I haven’t walked that much on land”I thought as we almost exit the river sight..

Jim was confused, he never knew the place he was.. The right to get back home.. just littered around and fortunately he saw some seamen. He walked to them politely ask asked them after exchanging pleasantries..

“Please were can we get any nearby bus stop here?”

“Bus stop? I guess you don’t know where you’re but let me you’re 1000 miles away from the main lane”

“Ok, fine please which can take to at least locate the lane” he asked.

“Hmm,, bro it’s a very unhealthy for you to leave and walk alone through the dark wood. … Wait are you lost? And who is this extra beautiful woman behind you” he asked..

“Thanks for that but just show me the way. Actually we’re lost.” He demanded.
I don’t know why some people won’t face their business…

“Well,, look up” he said and did he pointed towards a track path direction.

“You see that track road lead to the main lane but ist very dangerous with the black wood. It usually continue demonic spirit and spiritual animals always attack people there” he said and him jerked.

“Really?” He managed to asked..

“Yeah but I help you. Look over those are my teammates. We came in trope in a van so we weren’t afraid” He lamented.

“Help ? Of what help will a mare mortal be to my supernatural being behind”Jim thought.

“Not knowing that Zara had lost her powers”

“Let’s walk that way our van is packed there I will give you a drive to wherever you wish.. hence you admit you are lost” he said teasing.

“Fine we’re lost but won’t you be quarrelled for living Your site here to come with us?” Jim asked caring..

“Nevermind I am the boss in charge of the project. Our project is to build a well defined structured house for tourism..” he said and smiled..

I looked at Zara and she looked pale and confused. I guessed it was due to our long conversations. I went back to her kissed and hugged her just to lighten her mood..

We followed the man. I mean the God sent and he took us in his van. I help Zara, lifted her up and placed her in the car. She was all smiling..

I could still remember the address of our house. So I told the man and he assured us to be there in due time..
I exhaled in relief and keep teasing Zara. It was all fun..
I was extremely happy going back..
A thought flashed me.
“Do you know if your parents have packed out of that house”
The house is ours and there is no way there are packing out…

❤️ Jeff’s ✨
School session was over again and I started a part-time job.

I drove back so tiredly. I stepped down to open the gate myself hence there was no gateman..

Just then a car horned behind. “How could be in the car?” I asked myself. We’re not expecting any visitors…

“Maybe there are armed rubber”
I quickly opened the gate and went in banged the gate behind…

I rushed in and met Jim’s parents on the table. I mean eating on the dining table.
I greeted them and told them that I saw a car behind while I entered.

They got worried as a knock came on the gate…

We all went out and they asked me to open the gate.

🎶 Jim’s 🔱

The person I saw just now Jim… The man dropped us and I thanked him very much including Zara.. she told all her fear.

“Your parents might reject me to your partner” she sneer.
“Don’t worry about that. The choice is mine” I assured her..

I laid a gentle knock on the gate…
I waited for a while and sudden the gate opener was Jeff..

Jeff!!! I screamed and bounced.
He exclaimed my name too and we hugged each other like never..

I rushed to my dad and hugged and to my mum hugged and kissed her forehead. Surprise and shock was written over their face. But last the accepted their fate as in reality not dream.. it was a very big throw up..

“Who is that beautiful lady?” My dad finally asked..
“Hmm” I said and smiled.
“Her name is Zara for now dad let’s go inside we need to rest” I said and went.
Mum embraced and dad did as well.
I quickly rushed to my room and left her with mum..

I got refreshened and joined them. I showed her my room and she did her freshen and she changed up into her light blue gown provided by my mum..

We were served Food and we eat.. later that I narrated everything that happened to them and thanked God and goodness. Mother also thanked her for bringing me back.. Though many questions came up but she answered Them brilliantly.
The introduced our church and she did her best and great.
Three months latere, we arranged for our wedding though it was with in our family.. It was all good and enjoyable. The celebration was very fantastic…. I really love seeing each day I wake up…… Thanks goodness for letting me get to princess Chizara…
At time we share memories about Yurka and her parents but gradually she forgot them and focused on earthly life..



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