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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The mermaid in love Episode 18 & 19

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The Mermaid in love ❤️ {18+}

[Two crazy fishes in love]♥

💎Episode 18💎

By: V»praise.✍️



✨ Jim’s 🌙

She told me how dangerous and harmful it is outside the castle. Now comes the consequence of disobedience.

I thought yurka is the eldest, she must know things better than Zara. But all lovely scene went by when those horrible creature appeared…

They came closer and she wasn’t acting. She could have less powers. I thought..

They turned out to Zara walking buoyantly.

She swinged her daggers in the air haphazardly and in apparency..

One of them moved forward to her and slided her dagger against his throat and a pale green liquid gushed out..
“Could that be his blood?” I asked myself and suddenly it fell drastically to ground and it transformed into dust.. the second moved forth and it collapsed with just a stroke. With an eye blink it changed to dust.
The rest 5 are muffled and winked at each other and the varnished..

I looked at yurka and she was panting at easement.

I turned and looked at Chizara. She has a fixed gesture at me. I wasn’t surprised..
She suddenly turned away and moved some steps to leave but I called her..

She continued walking heels.

“Please Zara wait” I said again with trembling tone..

“What do want from me?” I froze on

my track to her. I thought she would gladly accept me.

“Hmm, Zara calm down. Listen to him please” yurka added in plead from behind.

“Could it be that she doesn’t want me again? ” I asked myself.
“Yes, it might be so” I replied myself then shrugged..
I was really surprised and scared. I’ve not seen those kind of creatures before only on TV screen. So they exist. They are so scary. Had it been she didn’t rescued us, I would have become a meal for those things.
Hmm,, thank God for her intervention.„

“What exactly do you want? You hate me now let me go” she said looking very sad.

I never hated her, Just that I felt little pale in the castle and needed some proper ventilation.

“No Zara, I never hate you and can never hate you. Please don’t leave us here. Take me back to the dark room instead of serving as a meal to this unknown creatures.” I pleaded.

“You chose my sister against me. I have endangered in some many risk because of you. You ignored and ruined my prospectives.” She said looking stranded and tears rolled from her eyes tracing a part in the cheek..

I walked forth to her and left yurka behind.

I covered the distance between us and cleaned up her tears and looked deep into those eyes. I could see a blue snarled sea of love.

“You may not know the value of a moment till it becomes a memory”. She muttered.

I clearly understood her but I

kept and staring.

“Jim you don’t know how bottomless pit my heart expressed the you left me. Jim, if I must die then it would be for your love. I am ready to fight,kill be killed just walk with you in love” she muttered and her tears gushed down again.

Suddenly I pulled her into my arms and hugged her so passionate. I could hear sniffed.. I felt a kind of strength with her. My heart melted just with her words. She is so perfect.
After a while we disengaged.
Her hair was down and some strands were covering her face.
I waved it and drew her face in between my hands and kissed her. She reciprocated instantly by wrapping her hand on my neck making us more intact.. The cool atmospheric breeze blew her hair into my face Something was usually special about her kiss. It send spark down my body and my body spines in response. We kissed for a while and disengaged..
All this while was silence. I don’t even remember Yurka was at the scene.
“Would you like us to go else where better than here?” She asked and I was excited. I wished to know round. At least I am safe with her not yurka. “She must be staring in jealousy by now” I said to myself and turned back and she wasn’t standing any more.
“So she still have the powers to disappear and she left us almost devour by some stinking creatures” I thought.

“Yes please take me else were” I replied and she smiled and hugged me.
In a blink of an eye I found myself elsewhere. Very beautiful. I guess we’re in the green garden..

🌹 Yurka’s 🍑

She tried for saving us but not to take Jim from me. I wish I had the powers as she does. I can’t stop replying the moment in my head.
It was all splendid and awesome till those flaps interrupted..
The image of Jim hugging and kissing hurt me. It could have all be me.. now that they’re out of the castle,it time I exposed it to father so she would face her punishment for letting Jim out of the dark room.
Oh, God bring Jim back to me.
I was feeling hot. My head and heart kept spinning in recalling the last few immeasurable moment..
I slammed into the bed and gradually my vision got blur and I dazed off to sleep…


💎Episode 19💎


🗡️Chizara ⚔️

I knew it was never safe outside the castle 🏰. I hurried after them and saw Them surrounded by some smoke vampires. The dangerous ones . I thought never to help them but saw sincerity and mildness in Jim’s eyes. Left for yurka they would have died and eaten up. I drew their attention and make them face me for a fight.
I took a fought with them and kill two and instantly changed to dust. The rest 5 varnished.

I decided to leave without looking back at them. I knew very instantly they would return if my presence was gone because there was their abode..

Then he called my name. His voice so angelic. I couldn’t avoid hearing them. Listing to them, a wanted..

He came closer and kissed me like he never did before. I wasn’t all comfortable because the presence of those creature could be perceived in thin air.
I made him follow me to elsewhere..
The green garden came to my mind and we arrived shortly.
He was still in my embraced when we landed. I kissed him and let go of him. I comfort in his eyes not like back then..

“Where are we?” He asked scrutinizing the environment..

“They looked good right?” I asked smiling.
“Yeah, really good and cool. I love it” he replied smiling fantastically.

“Really, then we shall spend all day here” i teased .

“But you haven’t answered my question. Where are we?” He asked with a frown..

“My love. We’re in the green garden of the great Queen Talia.” I replied and held his wrist and together we walked to a whotet rope swing..
He Marveled at every thing he sees…

🎶Jim’s 🌀

The garden looked so beautiful. There was absolute silence. Short trimmed grass, rectangular bed of flowers and aromatic leaves. The air, scented by sweet fragrance of several flowers..

We walked looping stone path which led to a threshold.. there stood a marble fountain ⛲ and birdcage hang from the roof..
Further ahead stood the white mansion flanked by several trees and bushes gently swaying to the warm springs breeze..

It was a simple looking mansion with the green garden and yet
There was something magical and it..

It was the melodic sounds of gurgling water combined with the singing birds 🐦..

Suddenly a crow came flying. It startled at me and rested at Zara’s arm..

She Smiled. “this is Anya, one of my many powerful pets..” she muttered..

“Anya…..” I repeated and stared at it..
It has big scary made some sounds in whisper and flew. Zara nodded as if she understood what it has said..

“Do you understand what it just said?” I asked..

Turning towards the white swing and sat on it.

“Yes, I do. Anya is the only friend I have. We talk to each other and understood each other as well.” She said walking closer to me..

She went to him and they started playing. Like lovebirds 👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩..

They teased,played for a while and they got exhausted..
“I never know you could play as much” Zara said sitting on the ground resting her head against Jim’s arm.

“Likewise, I love the way you smile 😘.. what do you love most?” He questioned her..

“I love you most but before you was Anya. It thought me lot’s of love songs” she said.

“Really, can you sing for me?” He teased and caressed her hair..

“Yes, I would like to but I have forgotten some. Should I call Anya to sing for you?” She muttered.

“No at all, I don’t like that crow. It’s scary” he said.
“Scary but harmless” she mumbled.

“Princess Zara” someone spoke.
I turned my head and saw a tall,huge man standing at the threshold..
He has a golden crown 👑 on his head and a golden staff in his right hand while the left hand on his back..

His robes were blinking all gold. His eyes silver colored.. He looked like a king. Indeed a king.
I’ve not seen him clear as this before..

“Your highness” Zara bowed and spoke.
“You made me worried and came looking for you” He muttered and the sound echo.

“I’m sorry father but I need to have some fun with him” she said.

“But I never approved nor released him to you. You dared me and took him out” he yelled.

“Father, I apologise but I wasn’t the one who brought him out. Yurka does” she muttered with her voice trembling.

“Now get back to your chamber as fast as your legs can take you” he yelled.

“Ok your highness but… She paused. What about him?” She asked pointing at me..

“Now exit at once. I will take care of him” he muttered .

She turned to Jim and tears dropped down from her eyes instantly.

“No!” I mistakenly said. I never mean to talk at him..
Hesitantly Zara hummed softly and disappeared..

He stepped down the fountain ⛲ and come closer to my comfort..

“Tsk….tsk…” He chuckled. You have spoilt my daughters with this handsome face of yours.

I was confused. Was he complimenting me? Even the King?

“Your highness, I mean no harm” I said in a shaky voice.

He began to walk around me and my Heart fell into my chest. Has he finally decided to kill me?

“Come with me” he ordered looking alarmed..

To where? Oh, God help me.
I whispered..

“This way” he said and I followed him hesitantly..

I followed him through the hall of the castle. He was calm from mare look but who knows what his inside may look like.. I still don’t trust his innocent but scary face..

He stopped by a wooden door and made sign for me to enter..

“Go inside. There is a closet. Clean yourself and change your dress. I feel at home but if you try any silly attitude I shall slick your throat and feed on your blood” He threatened..

He closed the door behind and I exhaled in relief.

Finally he has freed me to live on my own..

I wish Zara is here..

🔱Chizara’s ⚔️

Where has he taken him to now. Who knows what he wanted to with him? Zara was confused. Fuming with anger,hatred and regret..

“I must get Jim out of this place. He must continue staying. They hate him and I regretted my actions..

I cleaned myself and slid into something light. Exit to find Jim. He must not die in his hand..



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