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June 18, 2021


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The last wedding finale

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Final Episode




The moon seemed to be running with Ubiji and co in the forest of mount doom. It was a well known dangerous forest that only hunters with extra power go there to hunt. Grasses flung on their legs especially that of Ubiji. He couldn’t run with the wounded leg, therefore Chisom supported him with a hand and encouraging him as well.

However, the security men had sighted them with their torchlight which illuminated at that area. Ubiji knew the next thing would be to shoot them, so he shouted, “Lie down!!”

Kate was the first to do that before others. Immediately, sound of gunshot echoed in the whole forest. Some animals that heard it ran and flew away making noise all over the place. Though none of the bullets touched Ubiji and co but were at close range to their legs and heads. They even heard the sound of some of them flying above their heads.

“Crawl and depart! Hide!!” Ubiji instructed the girls.

They could be seen crawling with their belly to different hiding places. Chisom made sure she never left Ubiji’s side, so she crawl with him until both hid under tall shrubs while Kate and Loveth hid behind different trees. Their sympathetic nervous system activated thereby increasing the rate of their heartbeat, blood pressure and sensory hormones. Thank God they all wore jean trousers for easy locomotion and comfort. Already, their

white tops had turned to brown, some part of it had also torn off.

Nevertheless, all watched from their hiding places to see the security men closer to the arena where the gunshot escalated. Their torchlight moved at different angles searching for them but there was no sign of seeing even their shadow.

“They are hiding” the commander of the men said to the hearing of everybody. “Search for them. They are not far from here” he concluded.

The search commenced with the help of torchlight. One of them drew closer to Chisom and Ubiji. His torchlight occasionally flopped across their faces but he couldn’t notice their presence. He became too close that with a stretch of hand, they would touch his shoes. Ubiji looked at Chisom who returned the look vehemently. They tried to cease their breath in order for it not to expose them. Just as the man wanted to leave, a gunshot sounded: another man shot it in the air just to scare any of them. Hearing the sound, Chisom made a short screaming voice. It would have extended if Ubiji had not covered her mouth with his hand. Though it was already too late coz the man heard it.

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He turned sharply going back to that spot.

“Leave here now!” Ubiji whispered to Chisom.

“Why? I mean what about..”

“I said leave!” He interrupted her harshly before she silently sneaked out of that place. The man flashed his torchlight to see Ubiji alone then shouted with gunpoint, “Out of there now!”

He came

out with his hands up in the sky. Others concentrated on them flashing torchlight on his face to the extent he couldn’t see a thing again. Chisom used that opportunity to join the other girls at the tree where they watched what was happening.

“What’s your boyfriend doing?” Kate whispered to Chisom.

“I don’t know” she replied.

Kate twisted her mouth disdainfully at her. “Now you believe he’s your boyfriend abi” she said.

Chisom looked at her but couldn’t find a proper response to her statement. Obviously she had nothing to say. Therefore she concentrated on Ubiji and the men again.

“Who’s that?” the commander of the men asked as he was approaching to Ubiji.

“One of the escapes, sir” the man who pointed the gun replied.

“Then what are you waiting for? Shoot him!”

The man cracked his gun in the hearing of other girls, so Chisom ran out immediately and said, “Please, don’t shoot him, shoot me rather”

Instantly, the commander also cracked his gun to shoot and the sound of different type of gunshot echoed in the forest once more. To the amazement of Chisom and Ubiji, upon all the gunshot, they were still standing alive: the security men weren’t the people shooting, another unknown gunmen from nowhere shot them all to death. As the two lovers were still trying to understand what happened, Loveth and Kate were dragged out with their faces covered and hands tied by these unknown men. Suddenly, they felt their own faces covered with black bags too and hands tied. They men hit them to unconsciousness…



The sun rise from the east, it’s ray reflected on the face of Ubiji who slightly covered his face to reduce the intensity of the light. Everywhere became clear. He looked around him to see Chisom, Kate and Loveth lying on the ground. He also noticed that they were in a wooden cage. He extended his sight to see people with camera and other movie appliances. Though he became happy at the sight of that because he loves acting which is his God given talent but he didn’t understand where they were.

“Hey, Chisom” he tapped her and other two girls before they woke up. All surveyed the environment too to notice that they were not only in a cage but also in the same forest of mount doom.

“Where are We?” Kate queried.

“Oh thank God!” Loveth exclaimed then others stared at her. “Why looking at me like that? At least we have seen people who do not only have cameras but also cell phones which means we are a bit close to home

“Don’t be too sure of yourself” Ubiji averted his eyes from her. Chisom observed his wounded leg to see it swollen up. He also observed it through her eyes but kept quiet.

“The bullet needs to be gotten rid off” she said silently almost romantically.

Ubiji stared into her eyes but averted them without a word from his mouth. That left her embarrassed and disappointed. Therefore she said, “I’m sorry I….”

“Hey!” He interrupted her. “This is not the right time. We aren’t safe yet” he added.

Just Then, a man in a red t-shirt and jean trouser appeared before them. He had beards all over his jaw, the complexion of his skin is black. On his face is a per of transparent eyeglasses.

“Good morning, I’m Sam, a movie director” he began. “Who are you people and what are you doing here in the forest of mount doom? The dwellers of this forest brought you to us last night after explaining that gunmen attacked you. You are lucky, the only reason you weren’t killed too was because you were unarmed. So tell me, who are you?”

“We are the citizens of Anambra state” Chisom began. She told their story from beginning to the point they all stood face to face.

“Pathetic!” Sam exclaimed. “How can people be so wicked to slaughter their fellow human beings for money? Thanks to your God and this young man who saved your lives”

“Oga, I no understand. Are you saying that we are safe now?” Kate queried.

“You are safe with use” he opened the cage for them. “We have been on this camp close to a month trying to shoot a movie..” he explained as they went to a movie scene where a newly recruited actor kept making unnecessary mistakes. He couldn’t just act the scene properly. “Cut!” Sam provoked.”How long are we gonna spend on this scene because of you?”

“Can I help him out?” Ubiji requested.

Sam turned to him. “Have you acted before?” he asked.

“No, but I know I can do better”

“Okay, let’s try” he handed a script to him.

Ubiji glanced through it, understood his role then the tape rolled on him acting until done.

“Cut! Perfect!” Sam became impressed…


Back to the home town of Mr Desmond, Anambra, policemen filled his compound. There has not been a trace of her daughter or the girls she went out with. The wife was devastated crying a cry of “Had I known.” All hope lost the moment Ubiji’s number also became switched off too coz he was another option to see the girls. Just as the men deliberated in the living room of Mr Desmond, his cell phone rang then picked it up instantly.

“Daddy!” Chisom shouted on the phone.

“Chisom!” Mr Desmond stood up happily.

“Daddy, please, come pick us”

“Where are you?”

Chisom told him their location then he boarded a flight to Enugu immediately. Within some minutes he returned with them to Anambra through a flight too. Ubiji was rushed to the hospital while others also received treatment. The girls told their story and Mr Desmond called the policemen in Enugu giving them the address of the slaughters. They went there, killed Cynthia and Bright while others were arrested.


Ubiji recovered after some weeks. Already he had been chosen by Sam to act for him. So he arranged his bags in his one room apartment to leave to the camp where their movie shooting takes place. Nelson, his friend, sat on his bed looking at him. He couldn’t believe what he passed through in saving Chisom and her remaining friends.

“So what’s your plan now?” he broke the silence.

“About what” he returned the question.

“About Chisom”

Ubiji glanced at him. “Nothing much, I think God just used me to save her life”

“But you still love and want to marry her” Nelson wanted to know.

Ubiji suspended what he was doing then stared at the ceiling. He brought down his head and said. “Yes, I still love her”

Nelson smiled after hearing that. Chisom and her mother entered into the room that moment. The two boys couldn’t believe their eyes! They watched both of them behaving apologetically emotional in charisma. Chisom knelt down.

“No no no” Ubiji rushed and pulled her up.

“We’ve come to apologize officially for all we did and said to you. Please, forgive us my son” Mrs Esther said from behind. “Now we understand that no man should be underrated, and God can work through anybody, not only men of God. Please, accept our apology”

“Apology accepted, and thanks be to God” Ubiji replied smiling.

“Thank you” Chisom and the mother hugged him.


Ubiji became the next famous supper star in town after the exposure of the movie video he shot. From there, his life changed for good and there was no hindrance for his wedding with Chisom which became THE LAST WEDDING she attended.




NOTE: This story is not a real life story. Is hundred percent fiction. It never happened anywhere, if it does, then know that it’s just a coincidence. Thank you.

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