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The last wedding episode 6

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Episode 6




Before the security men harkens to the voice of

Cynthia in the slaughtering room, Bernad and

Loveth had made it into the underground tunnel.

Chisom and co had also made it there trying to

run towards the direction given to Ubiji by


“This way” Ubiji led the way while Kate and

chisom followed him. Unknowingly to him, his cell

phone fell down in the course of breaking the

floor. As they ran through the tunnel, Bernard and

Loveth followed behind.

“Run! Run!!” Bernard shouted.

However, Bright drove on the room with his body

guards, his phone rang then he picked it up when

he saw the caller to be Cynthia.


“We have a situation sir”

“Go on”

“Bernard has escaped with the girls on detention”

“Fuck! How dare you say such a thing to me?

Listen, if you don’t bring them back or kill them

all, you’re dead” he hung up the call then

connected to the security men. “Listen, you fools,

do not leave those idiots until you bring their

heads to me”

“Copied, sir” a voice replied.

Bright body chemistry suddenly changed to

melancholic, he couldn’t bear the gravity of what

just happened, therefore he ordered his driver

saying, “My friend, turn this car back to base”

Immediately, the driver carried out the


Already, the security men had flicked into the

tunnel with heavy guns which had torchlight

above the barrel to enable them see through the

tunnel. Chisom and co could see their torchlight

from afar, that made them hastened up running

for their dear lives. Bernard led the road, Ubiji

remained the last man behind while the girls were

at the centre. They got to a point they were

matching on muddy and watery ground which

indicated that they had drew close to the exit.

“Come on, guys, hurry!” Bernard increased his

speed likewise others. Suddenly, they did not only

hear the sound of gunshot but also felt the bullets

hitting the walls of the tunnel.

“Jesus!” the girls shouted. Ubiji’s mind sank

down to his stomach without letting out a shout.

The race took about thirty minutes before they

were able to see a ray of moonlight coming from

the exit coz the more they ran, the darker the

tunnel. The security men kept chasing and

shooting them too. Chisom fell down in the

process, the next person behind her was Ubiji

who stretched his hand for her to grab.

“Take my hand, stand and be strong” he said as

both stared into each other’s eyes. She couldn’t

believe it. A man she humiliated, insulted and

underestimated was the one who is not only

saving her life but also encouraging her to be

strong. She couldn’t thank him enough.

“We are almost there, hurry!” Bernard shouted.

“You have to take my hands now” Ubiji repeated.

She grabbed his hand strongly then stood up on

her feet before the continuation of the race of life

and death. Meanwhile, they had outrun the

security men to the exit which was just a fit

above the ground. Bernard raised his hands to

push it open but sadly brought them down.

“What’s the problem? Open it” Ubiji told him.

“It is locked” he replied.

“That can’t be!” he rushed to the front, raised his

hands too and shook the metal vigorously, yet,

nothing happened.

“Oh my God!” Kate exclaimed. “What are we

gonna do now? Does it mean we all gonna die

here because those men are after us?”

Nobody replied her or said anything thus,

generating a tranquility in the tunnel. They only

heard chipping of crickets and footsteps of the

security men. It got to a time that their torchlight

became visible from afar. Seeing that, Loveth

shouted, “Please, do something!”

Bernard and Ubiji joined hands in pushing and

shaking the metal hoping that the key would

crack opened. As they struggled to open it, the

security men also hurried to meet them. Their

torchlight became very close and moving up and

and down the tunnel.

Chisom gently met the two guys and said, “Wait”

they stopped and looked at her for a solution. She

observed the key carefully then pulled out her hair

parker which is in form of a led. She slowly put it

into the keyhole as everybody watched her and

before ten seconds, she unlocked the key. “Done”

she pushed the metal opened.

“Go! go!! go!!!” One of the securities shouted from

a close range.

Already, the girls had climbed out of the tunnel

leaving Ubiji and Bernard.

“Go first, man” Ubiji told him.

“No, you go first” he insisted. Immediately, the

sound of another gunshots took over the tunnel.

A bullet caught Ubiji’s leg as he tried to climb

while another caught Bernard in the stomach.

“Aaahhh!” he shouted in pains with a hand

covering the hole created by the bullet.

After Ubiji climbed, he stretched his hand for him.

“Take my hand, bro!”

“Bernard, come on, hurry up!” Loveth added.

“No” he shook his head negatively smiling at her.

“What’s he doing?” Chisom asked.

“I think he’s not coming with us” Kate replied.

Bernard struggled up with the padlock then hung

it on the metal covering the exit to lock it. He did

that admiring Loveth for the last time coz he

wasn’t gonna make it alive. That’s why he

wanted to sacrifice his life for them to live. When

Loveth observed that, she said, “No, no, no,

please don’t do it. I beg you”

“I love you” he told her and locked the tunnel.

Instantly, more bullets killed him. Loveth cried.

The security men finally came closer to find the

tunnel locked. They also tried to push it open but

couldn’t do it. So they had to carry dead Bernard

back to the unknown place.

However, the remaining three girls stopped

running when Ubiji finally fell down due to the

wound created by a bullet on his leg. Only then

did they realize that he was shot. They could see

his trouser stained with a lot of blood. As Chisom

sat down to ease the pain, so as Loveth sat on

the ground crying for Bernard. Only Kate took

time to observe the environment. She looked left

and right to see nothing but tall trees and shrubs

without a single being or residence with the help

of the moonlight.

“Where are we?” she asked. The question didn’t

interest others coz they were still carried away by

their sad emotions. From the knowledge Chisom

acquired in school, she tore out the part of Ubiji’s

trouser where the bullet entered and used it to

stop the bleeding. As she tied it across the

wound, Ubiji stared at her admiring her beauty

once more. Their eyes met severally but they

never said anything to each other. After she was

done, she said without looking at him, “Just

manage, I will take you to the hospital and you’ll

be fine”

“No, thanks” Ubiji struggled up with her.

“What do you mean?” she then looked at him.

“I said no, I’ll take myself to the hospital” he

clarified then averted his eyes from her surveying

the environment too likewise others. “I guess we

are in a forest” he added.

“Which forest?” Kate queried.

“I don’t know”

“Does anybody have a phone?”

“I think I do” Ubiji searched for his phone but

couldn’t find it. “Oh no”

“What?” Kate wanted to know.

“I have lost it” he replied.

Loveth didn’t care, she only wept on the ground.

Chisom show little or no concern too due to the

replied Ubiji gave her earlier. She sat beside her

on the ground trying to console her.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Kate was still


“We walk” Ubiji replied.

“To which direction?”

“Any direction”

They remained quiet for a while until Ubiji broke it

saying, “Let’s start going” he looked at the two

girls on the floor. “Chisom, we have to go now”

She stood up with Loveth without saying a



The security men had carried dead Bernard to

Bright who boiled in anger after he was told that

others escaped. He stood in the midst of them all

right outside the compound. Already, customers

had gone and the gate locked. Therefore only the

slaughters and the security circled beside the


“You all are idiots!” Bright began. “You allowed

those nincompoops to escape from my secrete

domain. You must pay dearly if you don’t bring

their bodies here for slaughtering. They are in the

forest of mount doom, and they haven’t gone far.

This is the key to the exit of the tunnel. Take it

and go back there and bring to me the heads of

those nincompoop here tonight” he threw the key

to one of the men. “Now, go! go!! go!!!” he

commanded while the men troop into the tunnel.

The moon light illuminated the forest. That

enabled Ubiji and co to see the ground in which

they walked through. As they walked, they noticed

a ray of light coming from behind: those were the

security men. Loveth was the first to see it.

“Look” she said pointing backward.

“Oh mine! They are the same men. I guess they

must not leave us alive” Kate said.

“What do we do now?”

“We run” Ubiji replied even when he knew that he

couldn’t run. As a matter of fact, he sat down on

the ground . “You girls should run” he instructed.

“What about you?” Chisom became amaze at his


“I’ll be fine” he replied her.

“No, I’m not leaving you here” she stretched her

hand for him then said, “Take my hand, stand and

be strong”

Those were the same words he told her when she

fell down in the tunnel. So he smiled along with

her, grabbed her hand and the race continued…



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