The last confessor Episode 13 & 14

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 13
For a second, Isabelle’s eyes caught that of Caesar as his cold gaze rested on her and quic-kly, she lowered hers to the floor. She couldn’t affect staring at him for more than a second.
“She really is so beautiful,isn’t she?” One of them asked, a luring smile on him as he li-cked his lowerl-ip.
“Undoubtedly. The confessor b’tches are always beautiful – beautiful but evil” another replied and Isabelle felt a stab to her che-st.
Oh…The Rada’Han on her n£¢k. They were so lucky.
“I must commend you, Caesar, for doing such a great job in capturing her. It must’ve been so difficult” another said
But the introverted Caesar said nothing; nothing at all.
All he did was stare at Isabelle and no one could tell what exactly was on his mind.
“Surely, you won’t have a problem with us examining her, would you, Caesar?” The fourth King asked and Isabelle could swear her heart st©pped beating.
Whaaat??? Examine her???
She lifted her eyes from the floor to look at Caesar and her heart skipped when she saw him nod.
“Not at all”.he said with a wave.
Oh, creators! She cried in her heart. He gave them the go ahead!
She bent her head immediately, fighting so ha-rd to maintain her stamina.
“Take off your clothes, confessor. Would want to know what those b00bs look like” the second King said and Isabelle couldn’t help but flin-ch.
Take off her clothes? could it be possible she had misheard him?
She stood still and didnt make a move as she badly wanted to believe she was mistaken.
“Is she deaf?” Another asked. “Or do you nee-d a wh!pto enhance your hearing ability?”
Then, it bec@m£ clear to Isabelle. They really wanted her to str!p – go n@ked in front of them. But how can she do such a thing? That isn’t possible.
She lowered her head and didn’t move still, fear eating her up.
“Talk to her, Caesar. Why’s she being this disobe-dient?” One of them asked, staring angrily at Caesar.
Caesar was silent for a few seconds before speaking up
“Do as they say”, he commanded and Isabelle felt another skip in her heart.
He was in suport of it! Well, of course, how wouldn’t he? When he hated her with so much pas-sion?
She ti-ght£ñed her hands against the ti-p of her dress but still didn’t move. She couldn’t do it; no way. She couldn’t.
Then, King Phill-ips tood up and marched towards her
“You really are so stubborn, aren’t you?” He growled.
“You think this is one of those times when you and your evil sisters take control of everything?”
As he drew closer to Isabelle, she panicked but tried her best not to move. She didn’t want to. She hated displa-ying her weakness.
King Phill!pgot to where she was and got hold of her dress, but she pu-ll-ed away immediately, arousing a g@sp from the King.
“Don’t t©uçh me….plea-se” she said lowly, her head bowed in respect.
She didn’t want anything that’d push her into a fight with a King.
“How dare you?!” King Phill!proared and sl@pped her ha-rd across the face, her long hair c@m£ wh!pping all over.
It stung, and took her a lot to control her hands from fighting back.
“On your knees! Now!” He snapped and Isabelle f0rç£d herself to kneel.
“This lady completely lacks respect”, another King remarked.
But isabelle didn’t care more about the comments. All she wanted was for them to let her go.
“Now, I’m ordering you one last time to take off your clothes, or you’ll be killed for it”. king Phil!pcommanded, but as usual, Isabelle didn’t move.
He was Abu hitting her again when Caesar’s voice interrupted him.
“Guards!” He called and Phili-p’s hand got suspended in mid air as two guards c@m£ running in immediately.
“My King”, they bowed in unison.
“Take the confessor to my chambers and tie her up”, he commanded, his eyes only on Isabelle who was staring at the floor.
“Yes, My King”, they replied and went for her.
King Phil!pwas muddled.
“What’re you doing Caesar? I’m not done with her” he grumbled.
“She’s stubborn and won’t comply. So, I’ll punish her myself. Let’s get down to other business, plea-se” he replied simply and opened a big book in front of him.
Despite the fact she knew there was a greater oubis coming her way, Isabelle felt relieved that the King had intervened and st©pped the others from tou-ching her.
She didn’t want to imagine what would’ve happened. There was no way she’d have been able to hear it.
The guards lifted her from the floor and took her away, out of the throne room.
They took her to the King’s chambers as instructed and tied her up, her hands to her back. And as Isabelle sat on the cold floor, she couldn’t help but whimper.
What had her life turned into? What? Why does her own case have to be different?
Oh! If only she had known. If only she had been better in the past, she wouldn’t be paying for her sins now. She stared upwards to the ceiling and pondered.
She was there for a long time until the door suddenly went open and taking a look, she found the princess – Princess Rayna.
“Yeah – she’s here”, she snorted as she walked in with a guard behind her.
“Hurry up! Untie her quic-kly!” She said and Isabelle felt surprised as the guard walked up to her and started untieing her.
“It’s just your second day here, confessor. And you’re alre-ady getting into trouble with the Kings. Such nerves, huh?” Rayna huffed, her hands crossed below her che-st.
“Anyway, you’re going out with me. I was able to convince my brother to let you go. But as soon as we’re done, you’ll be back here to serve your punishment from him. Do you un-derstand?” She spoke in her usual eloquency, but isabelle didn’t say a word.
The guard untied her and she stood on her feet, feeling relieved.
“Come on, let’s go”, Rayna said and began walking out of the room while Isabelle hesitated a little.
She was going out with the princess? But what makes them think she wouldn’t try to escape?
Episode 14
Isabelle followed the young princess to wherever it was she was taking her.
They walked for a long time, two guards behind them and walking throu-gh a hallway,,they st©pped in front of a room. The princess opened it and went in and Isabelle followed
“You wait here, while I get re-ady”, she instructed Isabelle and walked into an inner room, a separate room.
Isabelle thought of sitting on the be-d since she was tired, but she tried not to. The princess was quite troublesome – she knew. Besides, she’s been throu-gh worst before.
She thought of sitting on the floor but, no. She didn’t want to look weak or low.
Suddenly, the door opened and Isabelle turned to have a look. It was a young woman – royally dressed. And Isabelle didn’t nee-d anyone to tell her it Was Madame Hapitha – Rayna’s mother and the King’s aunt.
There was a stun look on the woman’s face that startled Isabelle.
“What’re you doing in here?” She asked icily. “And where’s my daughter?”
She wore a long royal go-wn – so long it swept the floor. Her hair was parked and had dazzling beads round it, her make up was neutral. Then, she had a paper fan which fitted her outfit and status.
Isabelle was taking note of all these and didn’t realize she should’ve given an answer to the Madame.
“Are you hungry to lose your ton-gue?” Her voice was strict. “I asked you some questions”.
Isabelle lowered her head immediately and answered: “The princess is in the inner room, Madame Hapitha, and she asked me to wait here for her”.
The Madame glared ha-rd at her for some seconds without saying a word. Isabelle felt another pres£nce at the door and lifting her to have a look, she found Princess Roseline – the King’s said finacee.
Her gaze was cold on her as she stared silently at her and Isabelle could see the hatred in her eyes.
The inner door opened immediately and princess Rayna c@m£ out.
“Mum!” She called, a little surprised. She scurried to them immediately.
“You’re here. Is there a problem?”
“What’s the confessor doing in your room, Rayna?” Hapitha asked with a ha-rd glare on Isabelle.
“Oh! I told you about it, mum. She’s going out with me” Rayna replied and there was a few seconds silence.
“Be careful around her. When you’re back, see me in my room”,
“Okay, mum”.
And the Madame turned around and left.
But Roseline – she stood right there at the door, staring quietly at Isabelle. She was pretty, yes. But the scrawl on her face almost sheathed it.
Isabelle tried not to spare a look and finally, she left.
“Hey; enough of the drama. Take this”, Rayna snapped into her thoughts as soon as the princess left and Isabelle turned to look at her.
She handed a sack bag to her and Isabelle could tell they contained bow, arrows, cans…
Were they going hunting?
“Now, just a friendly advise”, the princess said.
“Although, I’m not supposed to tell you this because…my brother, the King, wanted it to be a surprise. But because I’m too kind, I feel you should know.
“I know you must’ve thought of escaping, but trust me, that should be the last thing on your mind. The Rada’Han around your n£¢k has something extra to it. My brother has the control, so if you try to escape, he’d press the control and you’ll be electrocuted immediately. Meaning, you’ll die – a very slow painful death at that”.
Isabelle flin-ched. Her hands moved to the Rada’Han on her n£¢k in surprise and she g@sped when she found it. The knot was there. The princess wasn’t lying. So, she wasn’t just wearing an ordinary Rada’Han? It contained something that could get her killed if triggered?
Now, she un-derstood why they were so comfortable with her leaving the palace with the princess. They actually had something they could control her with.
The princess sm-irked when she saw the discomfort on the confessor’s face. And with pride, she said: “let’s go”.
They got to the stables and made use of a horse and while the princess rode on it, Isabelle was made to walk on foot behind her.
The journey was a little long, but when they finally arrived, Isabelle discovered it wasn’t a hunt, but a training ground.
“Damn it!” Rayna cursed, still sitting on the horse.
She had expected the other princesses to be there when she arrived because she wanted to flaunt the confessor being with her – the last confessor. But unfortunately, no one was there. No one at all.
“Where did they all go to, huh?” She mumbled as she got off the horse.
Isabelle just studied her.
She let out a huff and took the bag from Isabelle, opening it and bringing out the arrows and bow.
Hold them, and give them to me when I want”, she said in a ha-rd tone, handing the rest of the arrows to Isabelle.
She fixed the one she had into the bow and facing her target, she re-leased the arrow towards it.
But it failed.
Isabelle watched keenly and was amazed that the princess had interest in archery – just like her.
The princess took another arrow from her, fixed it into the bow and faced her target which was a standing plank some meters away. But just like the first time, she couldn’t meet it as the arrow hit the wrong place.
“Damn it!” She grumbled.
The creators knows she didn’t like archery. She was only doing this because she wanted to master it. One of the princesses from the neighboring Kingdom was quite good at it and she had been using it to gain the prince’s attention – Prince Dillon – Rayna’s crush.
He was a young charming prince from a neighboring Kingdom and Rayna had always had her eyes on him, but he doesn’t. But he’s a fan of archery and the other princess was trying to use it to her own advantage by always displa-ying her arch skills whenever he’s around.
Rayna figured it had to st©p. So, she decided to learn the skills as well and displ@ythem for the prince whenever she meets him.
She had taken the 5th arrow from Isabelle, but there was still no results and this time around, she gr-unted.
“I hate this!” She said angrily, throwing the bow on the floor.
Isabelle looked at her observingly.
“You’re not focused, my princess”, she finally spoke out and Rayna snapped to look her.
The position of your hands and eyes matters a lot when doing this”.
She moved towards the princess, picked the bow from the floor and taking an arrow, she dropped the rest on the floor.
“What’re you doing?” Rayna snapped.
But, de-ep down, she was dying to see what the confessor had in mind.
Isabelle ignored her and fixed the arrow into the bow, then faced her target.
“Make sure your hands are directly pointed at it”, she hushed.
“Keep your eyes strainly on the target, draw the bow at a lengthy position, then pu-ll….!”
And whooop went the arrow.
Rayna g@sped when she saw it landed straight on the target. She was amazed.
“How the hell did you do that??” She squeaked, but Isabelle just lowered her gaze and didn’t say a word.
She was overly excited, but suddenly recalling she should be mad at the confessor, she wore her usual frown.
“Next time, don’t t©uçh what’s mine without my permission”, she snapped and gr@bb£d the bow from Isabelle.
Isabelle lifted her head to look at her, but her heart st©pped beating when she found the King, staring at them.