The last confessor Episode 15 to 17

🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)
Episode 15
Isabelle felt her legs become weak. The King? Staring at them?
When did he get there? And what was he doing there?
Princess Rayna who was backing his direction was yet to see him, but when she turned, she did and shock reflected on her face.
“My King!” She bowed immediately before running to him.
He just stood with his hands crossed behind him, his long robe displa-ying royalty and of course, he was with his guards.
“Brother!” Rayna called when she stood in front of him. “Y…You didn’t tell me you’d be coming. I mean….” She paused and glanced at the confessor.
“Is there a problem?” She whispered.
Caesar stared at her briefly before taking his eyes to Isabelle. If not for the fact Rayna had spent enough time with Caesar, right from when she was a kid, she’d have helplessly shivered anytime she was with him.
There was just something about him – something she couldn’t explain. He had this powerful aura, an overwhelming fragrance of dominion that always lingered around him. No one could explain it. No one at all.
“You’re here”, he finally spoke out.
“Yes, brotner. I….told you I’d be coming here today…..with her” Rayna replied, hoping he hadn’t forgotten the order.
He was silent for a few seconds, then dismissed her.
“You can leave, Rayna. nee-d to handle somethings over here”.
Rayna’s brows arched as she glanced at the confessor.
She wanted to ask “with the confessor?” But knowing her brother hated being questioned, she just swallowed it down and bowed.
“Okay, brother. I’ll be on my way now”.
And she left.
As Isabelle stood alone in front of the King, she couldn’t help but panic. Why did he just show up all of a sudden? Was he so eager to punish her? She had been thinking she’d have sometime to rest before returning to the palace to face him, but seems she was wrong
She had her head bowed, but not hearing a word from him for a long while, she decided to look at him and there she found his eyes on the target behind her – the one she had successfully sh0t at. The arrow was still there.
“On your knees”, he suddenly said, icily, and without thinking twice, she let her knees sink to the gras-sy ground.
Her gaze was on the floor alre-ady and slowly, she heard him walk towards her.
“You disobeyed me in the throne room” he said curtly, taking some slackened steps towards her.
Isabelle stiffened a little but didn’t move.
“How dare you?” He st©pped in front of her. “How dare you disobey me in front of my fellow kings?”
Isabelle gulped ha-rd , not knowing what to say. Maybe, an apology might help.
“I’m sorry”, she muttered and the next thing she felt was a sl@p on her face.
She winced.
The sl@p burnt her cheek, but she tried not to t©uçh it.
Caesar dropped to a crouch in front of her, watching her seethe.
“You don’t disobey me, Isabelle” he gr-unted, his eyes directly on her face. “No mattwr what, you don’t disobey me.
“You’re to do exactly as I say and what I want”.
Isabelle’s hands were fisted beside her, trying control the feelings. Caesar lifted his hand to her face and gr!pp£dher jaw, so her eyes would be f0rç£d to look at his.
“I should’ve killed you, Isabelle”, he gr-unted. “But I didn’t. And for that, you owe me your life. Your b©dy and soul….belongs to me, don’t ever forget that. You’re mine and it means you’ll do exactly as I say for as long as you’re alive. You’re my slave, Isabelle and a slave only lives to plea-se her Master.
“I’ll do whatever I want with you; you’ll get used by whosoever I chose. Your dignity, Isabelle, belongs to me. Do you un-derstand?”
His hand was holding her face painfully as he f0rç£d her to stare directly into his eyes.
She heard everything he said but didn’t respond. She didn’t think she had to, but Caesar picked offense in it and let go of her jaws. He moved his hand to her che-st instead and circled her n!ppl!.
“When I ask you a question…you reply” he stated and pu-ll-ed her n!ppleso ha-rd , Isabelle gave out a sharp cry.
“Do you un-derstand?” He gritted and this time around, she nodded immediately.
“Yes, yes. plea-se…!” She whimpered, going throu-gh unbreable pain from the n!ppl!.
Caesar gro-an ed at the discomfort on her face. It plea-sed him.
“plea-se, plea-se….it hurts” her voice cracked and almost immediately, he let go of it and stood up.
“Guards!” He called. He didn’t nee-d to raise his voice.
Isabelle was still trying to recover from the earlier pain.
Three guards showed up immediately.
“My King” they bowed.
His eyes were on Isabelle.
“Take off the confessor’s clothes and do whatever you want with her”. He said and Isabelle’s eyes dimmed.
Episode 16
What? Isabelle’s eyes dimmed immediately.
Do whatever they want with her? What does he mean by that?
“Yes,,My King”, the guards replied immed and set out to work, taking off their clothes.
Panic filled Isabelle’s eyes, but she tried not to react. She couldn’t worsn her punishment. But if those boys succeeds in tou-ching her, she might probably die.
One of them c@m£ to her and getting hold of her dress, he r!pp£dthe ti-p off like it waa a piece of rag.
Isabelle whimpered and fisted her hands to prevent her from reacting. She was still on her knees.
She looked at Caesar, and the cold expression on his face frightened her the more. Gosh! Isabelle could see the hatred right throu-gh his eyes.
She thought of begging him, but debunked the idea, concluding he wouldn’t listen.
The guard str!pped her and pushed her down on the gras-s.
“No”, she whimpered, her hands still fisted beside her.
She couldn’t bear them tou-ching her. She couldn’t.
The first guard got on t©p of her as soon as she was la-id on the gras-s and it took Isabelle a lot to prevent herself from fighting back. It took her a lot.
He opened her legs and inser-ted a f!nger into her and she let out a gro-an .
“Argh!” She cried painfully, tear escaping her eyes.
At that point, she almost lost it. She almost lost her patience and gr!pp£dthe guard by the n£¢k, but remembering she was vulnerable in the hands of the King,,she tried her best to control herself. She had to do it.
The guard sli-pped out the f!nger and took down his trou-ser and Isabelle’s heart splitted into two.
She looked at Caesar,,wishing he’d just have pity on her. She was at his mercy.
But on the extremely handsome face of his, rested an angry look. A vengeful look.
The guard spre-ad her legs wi-der and brou-ght his d’ck close to her entrance. But just when he was about pushing it in, the King st©pped him.
His voice was rasped.
Isabelle’s breath hitched, there was a pause in her system.
The guard turned to look at the King.
“Get away from her. I’ve gotten what I nee-ded” he instructed and without hesitation, the guard stood up from her b©dy.
But Isabelle was stunned. What does he mean ‘gotten what i nee-ded”?
Caesar stared at her with an empty expression. Well, he had only wanted to see if she was still going to disobey him by fighting the guards off. Those were his only Intentions at the moment.
He gave one final look at her before turning around and walking away.
Isabelle whimpered and gr@bb£d her torn cloth from the floor, putting them on. Two guards had left with the King, while one stayed behind. She wiped the tears that dr!pp£dher eyes and as soon as she was done dressing up, she left with him. He was probably there to make sure she didn’t try to escape – not like she had any plans to, anyway.
As soon as she got to the palace, she went straight to her room and took a nap. She didn’t care about the kitchen. She just wanted to sleep.
And as she did, she couldn’t help thinking about her life. What else would she encounter in the hands of the King? For how long would she suffer with him?
Would her life ever get any better ⁉️
Episode 17
“Confessor! Confessor!” Isabelle heard her name in her de-ep sleep and fluttered her eyes open.
It was the maid – Mia.
“Wake up,,confessor. Sorry to disturb you, but we have some work to do in the kitchen” Mia’s timid voice c@m£ again and she f0rç£d her eyes open.
Oh! How exhausted she was.
She grumbled and sat up, looking throu-gh the window. It was evening. How long did she sleep?
“Come on, confessor. Just a few more hours and we’re done for today” Mia urged her and stood up and Isabelle did same as well.
“What else is to be done in the kitchen?” Isabelle asked as they walked out of the room.
“Just a few things to fix. Don’t worry, we’ll be done in less than a minute”.
Isabelle didn’t respond but walked quietly beside her. And after a long walk, they got to the Royal kitchen.
Finally – Isabelle gr-unted in her heart. She could ha-rd ly wait.
The maids in the kitchen were not really much and Isabelle wondered bitterly why she had to be called up on. But Naya was there.
“slee-ping beauty is awake,,huh?” She sm-irked as Isabelle walked in.
‘I can’t believe you even had the guts to think of slee-ping during working hours. Such nerves, confessor. You really think you’re still in your little camp of witches, huh?”
As usual, Isabelle gave her the silent treatment and just went to take a stand in front of the big table.
The it get maids in the kitchen stole glances at them and Naya, feeling embarras-sed, walked up to her and gr@bb£d her arm.
“You don’t treat me like a fool, confessor. Don’t you have a ton-gue?” She growled.
Isabelle scoffed:
“I don’t un-derstand you, Naya. What do you want me to say? You want me to return the insults you l@yon me? You want me to talk back at you? Are you so eager to be called a b’tch?”
Naya’s eyes glazed and burnt with anger and surprise.
What?? How dare she?? No one has ever spoken that way to her – no one at all.
“How dare you?!” She rasped and tried hitting the confessor, but
again, Madam Gloria intervened.
“Oh! Naya, not again”, she sighed and Naya lowered her hand which had been suspended in mid air.
Her che-st burned as she glared ha-rd at Isabelle.
“The King wants you to make him a plate of fish tacus. You should concentrate on that, plea-se”. Gloria added.
Isabelle noticed Naya’s eyes melted a bit at the mention of the King’s name and his request.
She took in a de-ep breath and turned away from her, going over to her own table.
Fish tacus – that was one of the King’s favorite and since Naya was his only cook, she felt glad ma-king it for him ovef and over again.
Her anger towards the confessor less£ned a bit as she set out to work immediately – ma-king the King’s favorite. She felt honored – yes. Honored to be his only cook.
Isabelle turned back to her table as well and started with her work.
Fish tacus – That was her sister’s favorite – including her.
During their time together, that was what they mostly fed on and preferred.
After a while, she stole a glance at Naya and noticed she was doing something wrong – she was mixing two of the ingredients wrongly. Huh? Was that how she prepared hers?
She shrugged off the thought and tried to focus on what she was doing.
Minutes later, there were mumblings in the kitchen – maids whispering amongst each other.
But she flin-ched when she heard one of them say…”The red sisters”.
Her knife fell from her hands immediately.
The red sisters???
“I wonder what they’re doing here anyway. Heard they’re with the King pres£ntly” another said and Isabelle felt like throwing up instantly.
No. It wasn’t possible.
The red sisters – in the palace???
King Caesar sat on his throne, his index f!nger on his jaw as the three red sisters stood in front of him, their veils over their heads.
The red sisters were a p@rticular set of gifted ladies that worked for a cruel and powerful King – King Miley.
He ruled one of the Most powerful Kingdoms after Caesar and the red sisters were more like his errand girls.
They were always dressed in red and had a veil over their faces.
Standing in front of Caesar, Caesar knew they were there to deliver a message from their King.
“May you live long, King Caesar” the one in the middle bowed, then lifted her veil and looked at the King.
They were always beautiful.
“To what do I owe this plea-sure, dear sisters?” Caesar asked unruffledly, his f!nger still on his chin.
“We are here for peace, great King, with a message from ours”. She paused for a few seconds.
“Our King wants the confessor transferred to him”.
King Caesar’s brows knitted in surprise, but he tried not to show it much.
“Transferred?” He repeated. “And for what reason, if I may ask?”
The second sister unveiled her face and answered:
“Few years ago, the King bought the confessor from her father. He sold the confessor to him, signed the agreement with his blood. So, the confessor belongs to the King.
“But she had gone into hiding with her sister, running away from the KIng’s grasp. But now the King knows you’ve captured her, he wants her back.
“Hm” Caesar listened attentively, ruminating on it when they were done.
How true could this be? He thought. The confessor was sold out to someone?
There was a long silence in the room, but the sisters tried their best to maintain their patience.
“I don’t know how true this intel is. So, id nee-d to verify” Caesar finally said.
“King Miley ordered us not to return without the confessor, My King” the first lady said abruptly.
“If your King has a message for me, he should make use of his legs. I don’t answer to some errand girls. Now, go back and convey my message to him” Caesar snapped, the coldness in his voice.
The sisters exchanged glances at each other, then covered their veils back on.
“Well said, my King. We’ll take our leave now” the one in the middle said and simultaneously, they turned around and left.
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