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May 6, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The last confessor 2 Episode 11 & 12

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🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)

#season 2
Episode 11



“I’m gonna f*ck you hard till you c*m and beg me to stop.” The king said with his voice thick and hard.
Isabelle felt aderaline rushed through her spinal cord. She shuddered in fright and closed her tight.

The king words, it had brought fear into her and it made her really scared.
He sounded really serious and she knew he met every of his words and that even scared the s*it outta her.

She couldn’t recall offending the king recently but the again, she knows she doesn’t need to offend the king before he punishes her.

Being Tabitha’s sister is more than enough for the king to punish her.
She shut her mind tightly so she wouldn’t feel the pain that was likely to feel, as she felt the king so close behind her.
Her legs shook and her hands on the table was starting to get weak for holding it for too long.
She felt too awkward standing that way for long and her back view too opened to the king.
Not as if the king hasn’t seen her all naked, but she felt damn nervous.

The king held her waist from behind and she felt his bulgy and hard thing

rubbing the edge of her butt hole and that increased her fear and anxiety.

She groaned loudly as the king finally push himself into her. She was still tight as always and it still hurt her like before.
She screamed loudly as the king forced his full hard length into her. He was too big for her to take in all of him and it was hell painful.

The king pushed in more and stopped – he didn’t move into her or ride her, neither did he pull out, he just let his d*ck deep inside of her.

Isabelle bit her lip to muffle her tears as the king d*ck was stuck inside her hole.
Why wasn’t he moving?
What does he intend to do?
She asked in her head but she was a little glad because it gave her a little time for her butt hole to adjust to his huge d*ck which filled her.

With full force and without any warning, the king drove into her and she let out a loud, piercing cry. His huge d*ck stretched out her butt hole and that t hurts like hell.

“Oh! Please stop! It hurts!” She whimpered in tears, holding firmly to the table so she wouldn’t fall.
The king rode in with force making guttural sounds and his hands doing justice to her bouncing boobs.

She squirm as he banged her hard and with his hands fondling roughly with her boobs which was surprisingly more sensitive now.

“Oh…” She moaned out softly.
The king pulled out

of her and used his d*ck to smack her butt and that made her squirm loudly.
It made her feel something that she hasn’t felt before.

He plunged into her again but this time, he rode her gently and Isabelle didn’t know when she started moaning out in pleasure.

King Ceasar soon spilled into her and breathed out heavily, pulling out of her.
Isabelle fell on her knees and breathed out tiredly, with beads of sweats running down her forehead. She was breathing so hard like she had just ran a marathon race.

The king lifted her up to the table to face him and spread out her legs wide opened for him.
She gasped lightly and tried to cover her face but the king brought down her hands.

Her face heat up because of how exposed her body was to the king.
The king smirked as he stared at her v*gina which was at a close view to him.

He made her raise her legs up and pushed in a finger and Isabelle whimpered.

“Ouch!” She moaned out.
He made the finger two and he began to finger f*ck her.

“Hum! Ha!” She continued to moan helplessly as the king f*cked her hard.
And then, she c*m on his fingers and the king smiled lightly in satisfaction.

He slapped her legs opened and pushed in his more hardened and erected member into her p*ssy.

She let out a loud cry as he pushed in his full length into her p*ssy which was still tight.
He pinned her hands on the table and continued to bang her hard, with her boobs bouncing helplessly.
She moaned and whimpered at the same time, throwing her head to different directions.

She was perspiring seriously and her hair was disheveled. She looked tired too but the king wasn’t going to stop.

For the third time, she c*mmed again.
He pulled out of her and took her left boob in his mouth and suckled it hard and it brought shiver to her body.
She moaned and threw her head in different directions as the pleasure was overwhelming and at the same time, it was painful.

Her boobs had become fuller and more sensible and she didn’t know why.
The king feasted on both boobs while she cried out in pleasure and the king made guttural sounds too.


“Kneel!” The king ordered sternly.
Isabelle managed to get down from the table and went on her knees, in between her legs hurting from the way the king had had her roughly.
She was breathing heavily and sweats were all over her face.
It was written all over her face that she had just had a good f*ck.

The king forcefully yanked her hair and brought her mouth closer to his long and hardened d*ck.

“I want you to give me a b*ow job – what I mean is that, I want you to suck my d*ck till I c*m.” The king groaned out.
Isabelle just nodded her head as she didn’t have the power to argue and besides, all the moaning, whimpering and shouting had made her loose her voice.

Obediently and so slowly, she wrapped her hands around his huge thing and pushed in into her mouth.
It was too big but she had no choice. The king pushed in all his length into her mouth till she started choking as it had hit the back of throat.

It was difficult for her to breath and when the king saw this, he withdrew a little while she sucked and stroked it gently.

She continued to do it feeling really bashful and her face had gone all red. And minutes later, the king c*m and when she tried to spit it out, the king sent a hard glare at her.

“Swallow it!” The king voice was low and gruff and that was all it took for Isabelle to swallow the whole c*m down her throat.

“Get out!” The king ordered icily and without hesitating, Isabelle hurriedly picked up her clothes, wore it hurriedly and limped towards the door and left.

The king exhaled and made his way to the bathroom to clean up.

As Isabelle left for her room, she wondered if the king had drew all the sexual pleasures from her body because his soon to be bride would be arriving and because of that, he wouldn’t be able to have s*x with her like before.

At the thought of the king bringing in another princess to be his bride, it left a soured taste in, her mouth. She didn’t know why, but she felt a sharp pain; like a knife being pierced in her chest.


#seaaon 2
Episode 12


Isabelle didn’t know that she was crying until she tasted something in her lips. She cleaned her lips and sniffed in sadly.

She touched her already wet cheeks and wiped her tears.
She laughed sadly, touching her cheeks.
“You’re crying. Why are you crying anyways?” She laughed sadly and more tears poured out from her eyes.

“Stop crying foolish girl. He can never be yours, so wipe whatever feelings you’re starting to develope for the king because you will only get hurt.” She chastised herself sternly, wiping her tears roughly from her face.

She dragged her tired and sore legs and started towards the direction of her room. Her thighs were sticky and she couldn’t wait to wash herself clean from the c*m and she could sweat that she could even perceive her own self smelling like s*k.

She got to her room and hastily got to the bathroom.

The king came out from the bathroom and tied his royal robe around his already dried body.
He combed his wet hair and use his hair towel to dry his hair.

He exhaled deeply and plonked hard on his bed.
His mind was troubled and he didn’t know what to do.
The feelings he was starting to feel towards the confessor was something that made him do confused – he hasn’t felt that way with anybody.

Whatever that feeling was, it wasn’t really a good one because, it would deter the him from having his intended revenge on her.

“She’s not Tabitha who made you kill your parents. She’s just her sister, so, why punish her for what she didn’t do.” His conscience chastised him.

“As long as she’s Tabitha’s sister, that equally as well, make her my enemy and she should suffer for the sins of her dead sister since I can’t punish the dead.” He scoffed to himself.

Draco who stood just outside the king’s door creased his eyebrows in confusion.
He wondered what was going on with the king to make him talk to himself?
He didn’t hear what the king had said to himself, but he knew he had spoken to himself because no one was with him in the room.

He continued to think deeply until his head started to ache.
This feeling – it was strange to him and somehow, he was sure the feelings was the one making him do things he ought not to do to Isabelle.

He isn’t supposed to give the confessor pleasure during s*x but make her cry and feel pains.
And his attitude towards her, he was beginning to act cool and soft towards her and that wasn’t part of his plans on making her pay dearly for her sister’s crime.

He was starting to be nice towards her and it’s not what he intended to do.
If there’s anything he had wanted to do to her when she first came to the palace, is to make her feel pains every minute she spends in the palace.
He intended to cause her so much that she would wish for death but death wouldn’t come.

But now…he couldn’t even explain the feelings he was starting to develope for her.
And these days, he couldn’t find the hatred he had towards her again.
Instead, it was replaced with a new feeling he was yet to still understand.

The king sighed for the umpteenth time and stood up from his bed. He slide in his legs in his slippers and walked gingerly to his window.

He placed his hands behind his back and stood in front of his window, staring outside his window.
He needed to keep his mind at occupied with nature things.


Ciara sat huddled on the floor miserably. She had dried tears on her cheeks and her was disheveled.

She looked like a depressed witch and she looked scary.
Probably if she sees herself in a mirror, she would scream at her own self in sheer horror and probably even, run away from herself because of how terrible she looked.

Her lips were thin and cracked. Her face pale.
She looked weak and hungry.

She had been there for almost 72 hours now and she hadn’t even tasted even a drip of water or any king of food too.

There’s no guard because there was absolutely no way she could escape.
The room was dusty and had only one small window that was really high and her legs were chained.

She had cried and screamed out her lungs but no one had come to her aid because where she was, no one could hear her voice.

She has been whipped severely and it had made her skin to have skin cuts at her back and her clothes that she has been putting on, where barely covering her whole body as it was torn and filled with blood too.

She was tired of crying and her voice had turned hoarse too.
If she knew that lying to the king would amount to such treatment, then she would have spilled the truth without thinking of lying.

But it still made her surprised as to why the king didn’t buy her story.
How come the king didn’t believe her and did not even want to listen to her again?
He didn’t even wait for her to finish talking before he shut her up.

She was utterly still confused.
She didn’t even know what to believe.

Truly, the king was unpredictable.


Princess Debby’s carriage finally pulled inside the palace and royal announcer blew his trumpet and announced her arrival.

“Her royal highness, princess Deborah has arrived!” The royal announcer said lowly and everyone who were awaiting her arrival all bowed.

Slowly and majestically, with so much grace and elegance, princess Debby alighted from her carriage, with her big flowing gown trailing behind her.
Sandy stepped out too and stood beside the princess.
Princess Debby looked so graceful and elegant and one could tell that was royalty because of the aura around her.

She speaks power and wealth.
Isabelle who was standing in the midst of the noblemen and slaves, servants, maids and the king, eyes suddenly met with princess Debby’s gaze. Princess Debby from where she stood, shot Isabelle a deadly glare that sent shivers down Isabelle’s spine.


Princess Debby hum🧐
Hope you’re not another threat to our Isabelle.⁉️🤔

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