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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The last confessor 2 Episode 13 & 14

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🩸The Last Confessor🗡️
(She’s the last of her kind….)

#season 2
Episode 13




Isabelle took her gaze away from princess Debby’s and stared at her feet, feeling really awkward because of the princess glare on her.

It’s the first time the both of them are just meeting but she could tell that the princess didn’t like her. And she concluded that, if princess Debby is gonna be a pain in the neck to her, she would avoid her and stay a hundred miles away from her so she wouldn’t get into trouble.

“Welcome princess Deborah.” Everybody bowed with a heart warming smile.
“It’s my pleasure.” Princess Debby courtesy with a charming smile that could melt even the hardest heart.

“Take her to her room and attend to whatever she needs.” The king finally spoke out.
The maids quickly bowed and went to meet the princess. Two of the maids went to the carriage and carried her bags she had brought along.

“Thank you my king.” Princess Debby smiled with a bow.
“You’re welcome princess Deborah.” The king said plainly and started walking into the palace.
Princess Debby smiled and with Sandy beside her, they walked into the palace with the princess gown trailing behind her and giving her another beauty.

Isabelle turned and followed the other maids

and servants that where gonna prepare the meals the king had ordered upon the princess arrival.

Isabelle didn’t know why, but she felt really sad that the king had gotten another lady he was gonna marry.
Don’t be selfish Isabelle! Wouldn’t the king get married and have children? She chastised herself sternly.

She sighed and ran her hand through her hair that was touching her shoulders.

She got to the kitchen and ordered everyone to get to work immediately and they all obeyed her and started getting busy with different things.

“Wow!” Princess Debby breathed out a sigh of relief as she plonked herself on her queen-size bed. She looked around the room and it looked gracefully and befitted a wealthy queen like her. It was up to her taste and she was pleased with even the decorations of the room.

“Wow! This room is beautiful princess Debby.” Sandy smiled, showing her beautiful set of white teeth.
“Yeah and it sure suits a queen like me. I’m pleased with everything here.” Princess Debby smiled ecstatically.
“Just drop it and leave. I’ll call you when I need you.” Princess Debby waved her hands at the two maids that came to drop her remaining bag.
“Yes, my princess.” They chorused and bowed lightly.
“Hey!” Princess Debby snapped at the both of them and they stopped waking to turn around and look at the princess.
She was already sitting on her bed, with her eyes scrutinizing them like they were dirt and irritating.

“Now, let me give you

a stern warning the both of you, you address me as as *my queen* and not my princess. Am I understood?” The princess asked with a glare and she didn’t forget to put an air quotation in *my queen.*

The maids turned and glanced at each other and they looked shock too.
“But my princess, you’re not yet our queen and we can’t address you as one.” The first maid said politely.
“What!” Princess Debby flared up and got up from her bed and matched angrily to where they stood.

“How dare you spit out such trash from that useless mouth of yours! Huh! How dare you! I’m gonna be your queen very soon and so, I deserve to be address as your queen.
The king is gonna get married to me after all!” Princess Debby smacked and slapped the maid that had spoken to her.

“I’m sorry my queen.” They both bowed their heads, still looking shocked and speechless.
“You can leave! Dirty and ugly things.” Princess Debby said scornfully and eyed them disdainfully.
The maids bowed and walked out of her room.

“Princess Deborah, that was harsh and it’s your first day here in the palace and you haven’t even spent even up to an hour here. You should try to be a little nice since you just got here.” Sandy said softly, staring at the princess.

If Sandy wasn’t her best friend, she would have smacked her hard across her face and pull her hair so hard that her scalp would hurt so much.
No one tells her what to do, not even her mother.
“Sandy! You should know that what you said, I hate it. If you weren’t someone so close to me, I would have smacked you so hard.” Princess Debby scoffed and pushed her hair back gracefully.

“I know my princess. You wouldn’t want to make everybody your enemies in the palace on your first day would you? And besides, it can make you not have chances with the king again.” Sandy sighed softly and sat on the princess bed.

“I don’t give a damn Sandy! I’m gonna be queen and I’ll definitely get rid of any of them that pisses me off.” She retorted with an eye roll.

“Suit yourself princess Debby.”


The table was set with different delicacies and drinks and different aroma filled the air that one could literally salivate from just peserving the sweet smell emitting from the different delicacies.

“Confessor!” The king called lightly as Isabelle turned to leave the royal dinning table with the other maids that had come to serve the royal family.
“Yes… my… king.” She stuttered and turned around to face the king.
“You forgot my favorite drink.” The king said lowly. Isabelle released the breath she didn’t know she was holding.
She didn’t know why, but she had suddenly felt so nervous when the king had called her name.

“Oh! I’m sorry my king, I’ll just go get it.” She bowed and walked away.

Princess Debby glared scornfully at Isabelle as she walked away. She didn’t know why, but she doesn’t like the her.

Okay, maybe she does know why she hates her even when she hasn’t gotten to know her properly and meeting her for the first time too.
The truth was that, princess Debby was jealous of Isabelle’s beauty and she wouldn’t lie, even in her maid uniform with no makeup on and get just tied in a messy and loose bun, she still looked really beautiful.

She feared that, Isabelle might be a treat to her in the palace but she was gonna tell the king to fire her and make her leave the palace.
She doesn’t want a commoner as low as maid to compete with her in beauty.

She’s supposed to be the most beautiful girl in the palace, if not the whole kingdom since she’s a queen.

“Your eyes are gonna hurt with way you’re glaring hard on the innocent girl that has even walked out.” Sandy said lowly, more like a whisper.
“Whatever!” Princess Debby rolled her eyes and forced a smile when she saw queen Hapitha looking at her.


“Isabelle?” The king called lowly, holding her wrist. Isabelle stopped moving and she almost swallowed her tongue because of how nervous she was.
She felt a tingling sensation and all eyes were on them.

“My king…I already…. Brought your drink for you.” She stammered nervously.

“I know….I want you to sit beside me and eat dinner with the royal family.”


Episode 14


“What! I’m never allowing this thing! This commoner to sit and dine with us. It’s an insult to my pride and status and I’ll not allow her!” Princess Debby yelled angrily, already on her feet.

“She’s a commoner and a slave and people like her should eat the remnants from the table. Sit on the floor too and even eat whatever that falls from the table because people like her don’t deserve to dine with kings and royalties.” Princess Debby said harshly.

Isabelle couldn’t help but sob painfully.
She turned around and ran away with tears pouting out from her eyes in fast current.

“Isabelle come here!” The king ordered but Isabelle was already out of sight.

“How dare you!” The king said angrily and slapped princess Debby hard across her face.

Princess Debby could swear that she heard loud bang in her ear that lasted for some seconds.
The slap was deafening and very painful.
Princess Debby held her flushed cheeks and gaped at the king.
The king glared at her and walked out of the dinning room.

She swallowed the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes but tears blinded her eyes.
The king had just slapped her?
Since the day she was born, she has never been hit on before neither has she even been shouted on.

But now, the king had raised his hand and slapped her, what even her father has never done to her in her whole life.

Her mother has not even raised her hand to smack her but the king had done soon and it left a bitter taste in her mouth.

The king had smacked her hard because of that commoner?
Because of a nobody.
Because of a person who wasn’t even up to the ground she steps on.

The queen, princess Rayna, the prince and Sandy were all staring quietly at her and it even made her to fume more.
She threw her food away and stomped away angrily.

“Excuse me your highnesses.” Sandy bowed and trailed behind her princess.

Princess Debby got to her room and plonked herself on her bed and sighed despondently.
She was still in shock and she was really very angry by the king’s action towards her.
She never imagined Jim to raise his hand to slap her especially for the first time of meeting. He slapped her because of a common maid. He wanted the maid to dine with them which was absolutely unacceptable and absurd.

Why would the king do such a thing?
Was she someone special to him?
But why would a commoner as low as a maid be special to the king?

And why the hell did the king take sides with the maid by smacking her because of what she thinks she said right?
She still found everything really ridiculous.

“My princess…what you did was just too outrageous and very bad. It would make the royal family have a very bad impression on you and you know it’s just your first day here in the palace and you haven’t even spent up to 12 hours yet. You don’t want the get in the bad books of everyone.” Sandy exhaled deeply and stared at the princess.

Princess Debby glared angrily at Sandy and rolled her eyes. If Sandy was someone else, she would have ordered for her to be severely whipped for such utterances.

Princess Debby hates to be told what to do or reprimanded. She prefers doing her things just the way she likes it.

“Sandy, you should know that if you were someone else, I’d have ordered for you to be punished.” Princess Debby groaned out and sat on her bed.
“This is the second time you’re doing what I hate. You don’t reprimand me, no one does. Don’t take advantage of the fact that we are best friends, almost like sisters, to go against me.” She added.

“I’m just saying what I think is right. You’re my best friend, more like a sister and I’ll never mislead you.” Sandy said and walked up to Debby and held her hands in hers.

“Yeah, I know. You should know me by now.” Princess Debby said simply.
“Just be careful my princess.” Sandy said.

Isabelle got to her room and wept bitterly.
What did she ever do to warrant such from the princess that she barely even knows?

Why’s her life always turning from bad to worse?
Why do people hate her that much?
Was she cursed never to be happy?

She sobbed harder till she fell asleep with fried tears on her cheeks. And even in her sleep, she was still muffling her tears.


Isabelle felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom. She opened the toilet and poured out everything in her stomach – she almost even vomited her intestines.
She felt so dizzy and lightheaded and all she wanted was to go back to sleep again but she couldn’t as she had just woken up earlier and it’s morning already.

She felt another urge to throw up and she did. She emptied literally everything in her stomach.
When she was done, she flushed the toilet.
She walked to the sink and washed her mouth. She washed her face also and stared at herself.

She looked a depressed widow. She had dark circles around her eyes and her hair was disheveled. Her eyes were red and a little puffy.

She looked pale too.
She hated the sick feeling and it made her even feel more depressed.

“Perhaps, it’s because I didn’t eat dinner last night and I had cried myself to sleep.” She thought to herself as she continued to stare at herself on the mirror.
She was almost even scared of her own self.

She ran her fingers through her hair and walked gingerly back to her room.

She peeled off her clothes and walked back to the bathroom. She got under the shower and turned it on. She let the cold water cascade down her nude self and it made her shiver.

She tried as much as possible to shut down her mind from the events of the previous night.
Right now, the best thing she was gonna do is avoid princess Debby so she wouldn’t get into trouble with her.

When she was done dressing, she left for the kitchen to join the other cooks to prepare breakfast for the royal family.


Isabelle didn’t go with the maids that had gone to serve the royal family breakfast, she was trying to avoid seeing princess Debby and oh! Also the king. She wasn’t ready to face the king just yet.

“Where’s Isabelle?” The king asked a maid that had brought fruits to the dinning table.
“She’s in the kitchen attending to other things my king.” The maid replied with a bow.
The king nodded and signaled for the maid to leave and she left.

Princess Debby was sitting beside the king and she had heard what he asked the maid.
“Humph! Isabelle! What a lame name!” She huffed to herself.
She was also gonna find out what exactly is going on between the king and the Isabelle of a girl.


“Isabelle!” Isabelle heard a hard knock on her door. Her heart almost jumped out of her chest and she almost swallowed her tongue because of how nervous she was.

She could tell the person outside was Draco and she knew that it was the king that had sent for her.
She wore her slippers and went to open her door.
“Yeah?” She yawned lightly.

“The king sent for you and wants you… now!” Draco said coldly. Isabelle nodded her head and walked out of her room, closing the door gently behind her.

As they both walked quietly along the hallway that leads to the king’s room, different thoughts filled Isabelle’s head.

What exactly is the king gonna do to her?
Was he gonna punish her severely?
What she did was very rude of her – walking out on the king. And the king can even order for her execution.

What was he gonna do to her?
Have her locked up and whipped?
Or draw sexual pleasures from her body?

She continued to think until she noticed that they were already standing in front of the king’s room.

“My king, she’s here.” Draco said from outside.
“Let her in and you can leave.” The king answered from within.

Draco signaled for Isabelle to go in and nervously, she opened the door and walked in.

She saw the king sitting on his chair rolling up a scroll.
“Good day my king.” She bowed in obeisance.

The king didn’t turn to even stare at her and it made her less nervous.
She took her gaze from the floor to stare at the king as he wrote on his new opened scroll so effortlessly.
“Come closer and kneel!” The king ordered icily, still writing on his scroll.

She didn’t hesitate and soon, she was kneeling before the king.
“You know you are to be punished for such temerity and disrespect by walking out on me yesternight right?” The king groaned lowly.
He stood up and crouched gently before her.

“Yes… my… king… and I’m sorry.” Isabelle stuttered out a reply.
“You should never try such again – no matter what. Never leave until I tell you to.” The king said plainly.
“Yes my king.” Isabelle nodded her head.

“You can leave!” Isabelle thought she had heard wrongly as she still continued to kneel.

The king didn’t just tell her to leave without punishing her – did he?
“If in the next few seconds you’re still here, you’ll bear the consequences.” The king said.
He was standing in front of his window with his hands behind his back.

Isabelle hurriedly stood up, thanked the king and walked out of the room.


“Hey, Isabelle are you okay? You look sick and pale.” Choice observed.
“I’m fine.” Isabelle said lowly.
“You doing look fine to me and I’ll suggest you see the healer because you look really pale and sick.” Choice said with concern and went back to what she was doing.

They were preparing lunch for the royal family.
“I’m fine Choice.” Isabelle shrugged plainly.


Ciara’s heart almost left her chest as she heard loud footsteps towards her direction.
It’s been days already and no one has even come to give her food or even water.
She was extremely weak and tired. She looked really unkempt.

Her hair was so rough and tangled. It was a whole lot of mess.
The footsteps drew more closer and heartbeat increased.

Just then, she saw the king and four guards behind him and cold shiver ran down her spine as he stared at her.
And then, in a low but gruffy tone, the king ordered,

“Open the gate.”



What would be Ciara’s faith?
Next chapter is😋😋😋

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