The ghost of Annabelle episode 4 – 5

The Ghost Of Annabelle 😨
Episode 4 & 5 😍
What?” I heaved a de-ep sigh and she repeated herself: “What is your de-epest, darkest secret?”
“I wonder why you’re asking me this; you know I have no skeletons in my cu-pboard.” I said and she grinned.
“I don’t mean skeletons in your cu-pboard.” She paused and after some minutes, she added: “We all live in glas-s houses and those who live in glas-s houses nee-d not throw stones at each other.”
“So what exactly is your question?”
“I mean what is that that you will rather tell no one, not even yourself?” Immediately she spoke those words, my head pounded and my heart beat an icy tempo. She closed her eyes and ru-bbe-d her temples, eager to know what will come out from the ti-p of my ton-gue. She deserved to know what was going on in my life but I couldn’t tell her that my heart’s de-epest secret was my stabbing Annabelle to death.
Gritting my teeth and looking for words to make known to her that she was all that mattered to me and there was nothing I kept hidden from her, she suddenly sealed myl-ips with her middle f!nger and told me not to say a word. At that point, I shivered as I looked into her eyes, feeling a tiny icicle of dre-ad against my spine.
“All that matter to me is you.” She whispered to me before we went catching fun and having a really sweet night.
Shuddering at the thought of anything that will incite the continuation of yesterday’s tete-a-tete with Mabel, I woke up before her and prepared a surprise breakfast.
‘What is this? Is this how to fry egg?” Angela asked funnily when we were having breakfast together.
“C’mon, taste it first naa.”
“Ooh, this is nice baby, where did you learn how to cook?”
“I did a lot of cooking years back in the university.”
“But I would not watch you do this as far as I’m around.” She said and I shook my head laughing out loud.
“Abegi, let me hear word.”
As we were eating, my phone beeped and when I saw the caller’s name, I didn’t want to pick it up.
“Who is that baby?” Angela quic-kly asked and I didn’t know what to say. It was Mabel and I didn’t want to spoil my relationsh!pwith her, neither did I wanted to lose Angela. It was a dilemma of some sorts, keeping her only as a friend and not allowing anything to put Angela and I asun-der.
“It’s my office colleague.” I told her firmly.
“Hello, what is it again?” I answered the call, forming a frown.
“Why are you talking like this Andrew?” Mabel said from the other end of the phone.
“I would be seeing you later this evening. Is it fine by you?” I asked hoarsely.
“See you later then.” She said with a chuckle before ending the call.
“Who is this colleague of yours? I was thinking there’s no work today being Saturday, where will you be meeting her then?” Mabel asked and looking at her straight in the eyes, I felt obliged to tell her the truth.
“It wasn’t a colleague; it was my late girlfriend’s friend.”
“You are pla-ying games with her abi?”
“It’s not like that. She’s just a friend.”
“If you don’t tell me the truth now, I’m leaving and I will never return.”
‘It’s you I love and not her.”
“So why the games? You think I’m a fool abi?”
Angela stood up and headed for the kitchen and from there, she went to the be-droom. I followed her behind, calling her to st©p and hear me out but there was something about her – something peculiar that made her mistrust me. She had seen me with other girls and must have wondered if she was the only one that occu-pied my heart’s loving centre.
“Angie, I’m sorry.” I said, holding her from behind.
“re-move your hands off me.” She shouted and picking up her bag, she headed to the sitting room. I followed her, trying all I could to placate her but she wouldn’t listen.
As soon as she stepped her feet out of my house, she fell down. I immediately held her up.
“I’m sorry dear.” I said and she stared at me.
“Don’t sorry me.” She shouted and blinking her eyes angrily at me, she walked out on me.
Episode 5 💗
As Mabel and I were eating at the “Peppermint Restaurant”, there was a feeling I wanted to feel but I did not feel. I burrowed into myself and my feelings for her began to die away. I admired her, her beautiful face and flawless acquaintance with the English Language. I liked her dress s-en-se and walking steps but the more she stared at me with her eyes narrowed, the more I was losing interest in her; she was just an attrac-tive lonely career lady, looking for a husband. I began to visualize her being with me, being my fiancé and future wife but my thoughts didn’t rhyme with my heart’s core and besides, I didn’t want our relationsh!pto get so inti-mate because I was never really pas-sionate about loving her.
“So how’s work?” She asked smiling. At that instance, a strange silence engulfed us. I was hesitant to speak even as she was calmly waiting for my response.
“I lost my job.” As those words fell from the ti-p of my ton-gue, she exclaimed: “What happened?”
“It’s a long story but to cut it short, I’m looking for a new job.” I said sharply.
“Ooh, that reminds me…the bank where I’m working is recruiting new members of staff.”
“What are you implying?”
“You can work in the bank for the meantime. At least half-bre-ad is better than none.”
“As cashier or what?” I chuckled and she raised her eyebrows, looking at me as though I wouldn’t want to work where she was working.
“Of course naa. Working in the bank is a lucrative venture, you know.” She whispered.
“I know but I don’t know anyb©dy there to make the way for me.”
“What am I here for? I will help you.”
“I’ll really appreciate.” I said and she stood up and k!$$£d me.
“I’ll help you baby.” She as-sured me.
I was alre-ady looking at our relationsh!pthrou-gh the lens of the past tense but with the promise of a job, I decided not to end it immediately. She asked me to come with her after we had had dinner and I couldn’t respond to the contrary. On the table next to us, a family of a father, mother and son were eating and chatting as we gingerly walked out of the restaurant.
At her house, we watched a movie before we went to the be-droom. I showered and just when I was about to join her on be-d, my phone beeped. It was Angela. She had refused to pick my calls since she left my house and I wondered why she was calling me at such an odd hour. I answered the call with a muffled voice.
“Hey baby, how are you?”
“I’m fine dear. I’m really sorry about the other day, it won’t happen again.” I promised.
“Can I come over for the night? I’m really missing you.”
“I’m out of town dear but when I return, you would have the whole of me.” I lied and she laughed out loud.
“But do take care of yourself for me ooo.”
“I will and you take care too.”
Three weeks later, I got a job as a cashier in “The People’s Bank” and that drew me closer to Mabel. Had I a voice, I might have woven a nest of songs for her, for helping me secure the job. Not that I loved her; not that she was my dream woman. “How will it be for me?” I was sunk in the river of thoughts. My love for Angela had started so naturally but my affair with Mabel had always been conditional. Although she helped me get the job, I was reluctant to take our relationsh!pa step further. Anyway, I thought how dicey and risky having a relationsh!pwith her could be especially when Angela was still my perfect woman.
“What’s up?” Mabel greeted me after closing from work one evening.
“Nothing much.” I responded, looking at her with her beautiful smile.
“I hope you like the job?”
“It’s nice. I like it.”
“I can see it in your smile.”
“abi ooo.” I was hesitant to speak further.
“Take care dear.” She said as she opened the door of her car.
“I will and you too.”
I was entranced by her care and concern. I wondered if the power of her admirable tenderness would make me truly fall for her. My repressed de-sires and pas-sions were beckoning my attention. Comparing her with Angela would be an exercise of futility. Angela was like a nightingale singing at sundown, transparent as white clouds. She had the softness and majesty of roses. She had the unparalleled quality of loving patience, losing her was tantamount to a calamitous calamity. She was so exceptional in my eyes.
While on my way home, I st©pped at a supermarket to purchase some toiletries. A group of young women were there, surrounded by older men. With their hair loosed and eyes staring at the items displa-yed for sale, they threw their head up and down to the rhythm of the songs they were listening from their ear-pieces.
When I c@m£ to the cashier to pay for the items I picked, her eyebrows danced over a demonic smile as she watched two ladies quarrelling because one of the lady stepped on the other’s toe.
“Your money is N7000,00.” The cashier said.
Removing the money from my wallet to pay, the cashier’s face changed into Annabelle’s. I screamed and ran out of the supermarket.
To be continued