The ghost of Annabelle episode 6 & 7

The Ghost Of Annabelle 😨
Episode 6 & 7 😍
One thing I never knew was that Angela was Mabel’s friend. My heart bled and grew numb when I found out and days pas-sed as my mind ruminated on the fact that they were really great buddies. I was driving out of the “Peppermint Restaurant” one afternoon when they were driving in. It was so amazing that none of them saw me as I maneuvered the steering wheel of my car, driving into the highway.
“I have gist for you.” Mabel told Angela.
“Wait a minute…let me eat something first.”
“Ooh, I’m also damn famished.”
“The waitress is alre-ady here.”
The waitress handed each of them the menu and they ordered some fried rice and chicken. I had as-sumed that they were mere acquaintances but they discussed and shared inti-mate issues about each other that made me conclude that they were more than mere acquaintances. As they were eating, drinking and conversing, they laughed and in their laughter, there was a certain kind of friendly as-s£nt that bespoke of familiarity. I wouldn’t have known if I had not driven back into the restaurant and sat at one end, watching them with keen interest. They were engrossed in their conversation to know that someone was looking at them.
“Angie, you know what?”
“What like what?” Mabel smiled.
“All men are cheats.” Angela said firmly.
“Don’t say that…I trust my guy ooo. He’s faithful.”
“Do you know what he does when he’s not with you?”
“I don’t but if he tries any $h!t with me, I will lynch him.”
As they chatted, they shared their life experiences, their de-sires, their dreams and pas-sions.
“Is your guy your first?” Angela asked with a chuckle and Mabel laughed out loud. She was surprised that she would ask her this. She had had many guys in her life and was thinking that she must have had a similar experience.
“My first love was Timileyin, a nice guy, handsome and ha-rd working. He brou-ght joy into my life and expo-sed me to things I had never known. This is to say the least.” She paused for a while before she said further. “Although I didn’t marry him, we are still good friends, and I often visit him and the woman he married. I was scared of living my life with him.”
“And why were you afraid of being his wife?”
“I loved him so much but he was bad tempered and almost nearly ended up beating me and I don’t want a husband who will be beating me all the days of my life.”
“Same thing here baby. I don’t want a monster for a husband.”
I stood staring at them as they talked. It was an enchanting sight to behold and I wondered how they met and bec@m£ bosom friends. The genuine smiles on their faces brou-ght confusion into my heart. I thought about the difference between the tyrant who exploit his or her countrymen and women with the political drum of tyranny and the family tyrant who tyrannizes by beating his wife and ma-king his home a dungeon in disguise.
My blood boiled and my heart throbbe-d with alarming crescendo. My sight could no longer contain the two of them talking out so freely and telling each other their loves and experiences. I stood up and walked to my car. As I kicked off the car, I saw them standing up and walking to Mabel’s car. I bend my head in order to avoid being seen.
While in the car, their faces were still radiating joy and true friendliness.
“My relationsh!pwith my guy had been in trouble for a while but I could see in his eyes that he truly loves me.”
“Is there anything like true love?” Mabel asked as she turned the car’s ignition.
“I believe there is true love but it’s ha-rd to find.”
“Do you think your guy truly loves you?”
“I don’t think so but he’s such a nice gentleman.”
“What is his name?”
“His name is Andrew.”
“Are you kidding or what?”
“That’s his name. I mean it.”
“Yeah. Does the name remind you of anything?”
“It reminds me of my guy too.”
“What a coincidence!”
“A happy coincidence really.”
I was following them from behind and didn’t know when a lorry almost hit my car. Obviously, I couldn’t continue to follow them but my curiosity was satisfied. They were friends and my mind’s preoccu-pation was how to go about relating with the two of them. I really loved Angela but I find it awkward to bluntly put an end to my seeing Mabel. It was a dilemma of some sorts and I wondered as I pondered what course of action to take.
Episode 7 ☺
Andrew has proposed to me.” Mabel told Angela over the phone.
“What a coincidence!” Angela exclaimed.
“Yes dear, my Andrew has also proposed to me.”
“Wow…this calls for celebr@tion.”
“Our engagement p@rty is even this Saturday.”
“You mean next tomorrow?”
“Yes dear.”
“I will certainly be there” Angela said with a smile.
In the stillness of my room, I later realized that I had made a gross mistake by proposing to the two of them. I wanted to live a life devoid of hypocrisy but I lacked the courage. I had been hiding myself beneath the mask of love. “What should I do now?” I locked my house and l@ythinking about the impact of what I had done and why I was confused un-der the circu-mtances. My nerves seemed to be on the edge and although I was gradually feeling such strong friendsh!pfor Mabel, Angela was the one I had always loved and she remained my idol. I was di-ving in the swimming pool of thoughts when my phone beeped. It was Angela, my sweetheart.
“Hello darling.” I answered the call.
“What’s up husband?”
“I’m great dear.”
“I’m calling to ask if you could accompany me to a friend’s engagement p@rty.”
“That’s fine. I’ll be there with you.”
The following day, I went seeing Mabel at her ap@rtment. I wanted to tell her the truth but I didn’t know how to start. I had never loved her, not even for a single day. She was beautiful but very arrogant, pompous and proud. I didn’t want anything to connect me with her. But I had alre-ady gone far with her.
“Honey, are you going shopping with me?” She asked.
“No.” I said firmly and she stared at me.
“Why are you frowning?”
“Mabel, there’s something I nee-d to tell you.”
“Is it concerning our wedding? Going for shopping?”
“No, there will be no wedding.”
“What? Is this April fool or what?” She smiled angrily at me.
“This is no joke. The thing is that I like you as a friend and not as a wife.”
“You mean you don’t want to marry or what?” She asked calmly.
“The truth is that I’m alre-ady engaged.”
“Who is the girl? You think you will use me and dump me? You’ve not seen my red lights yet.”
“I never planned this but it has happen. You have to go on with your life and I will go on with mine too.”
“You mean it just happened that you’ve been fv¢king me abi?”
“I’m sorry Mabel but I can’t marry you.”
She was grossly irritated. I un-derstood that it was difficult for her to accept the reality just as it was difficult for me to voice out what l@yburied in my heart. She sat down on the sofa beside me, trying to sound br@ve but I s-en-sed the discomfort in the briskness of her words. I cherished Angela and never wanted to disappoint her. When I was sad, she brou-ght me joy and because of love, I gave my whole heart to her. I had proudly proposed to her and I was re-ady to mingle my blood with hers on the altar of Eros and Venus.
“But there’s something I have to tell you.” Mabel said, taking care to look acutely disappointed. I was feeling so guilty that I made her upset but I had no choice.
“I’m all ears.” I told her.
“I’m pregnant.” She said and silence fell on the whole house.
“For who? Certainly not me.”
“Who else? You of course.”
I bec@m£ immediately too flvstered to think clearly. I tried to walk out on her but my feet remained glued to the tiled floor of the house. I drew closer to her and whispered some words to her.
“I love you baby; I’ll marry you.”
“I love you too honey; I want to be the mother of your children.”
To be continued