The fault in our r0m@nç£episode 21 & 22

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 21
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
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(Silvania turns around to see Stephen at her back)

Silvania: Sir Stephen?

Stephen: (amazed) Wow. Where’d you learn to sing like that?

Silvania: (smiles) My mother taught me.

Stephen: She did well, Your voice is so unique and enthralling.

Silvania: (blus-hes) Thank you sir.

Stephen: You remind me of someone, A girl. She once sang to me after she rescued me from an accident. Her voice is quite similar to yours.

Silvania: (she stares at him, smiling) Really?

Stephen: Yeah. (he takes a bag of ch!ps from the cabinet) Anyways, Keep it up. You have a gift. (He sees her bandaged arm) What happened to you?

Silvania: I just had a little accident. But I’m fine now.

Stephen: Alright then…

(Silvania smiles happily as Stephen leaves the kitchen)

(In the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle)

Prince Erik: Dad, You’ve locked up that innocent mermaid, Alana, for about three days now. When are you going to re-lease her?

King Jerod: Till she’s re-ady to tell the truth.

Prince Erik: What makes you think she was lying?

King Jerod: (angrily) Because she is. End of discussion!

(A guard swims into the throne room)

Guard: (bows) My King… The mermaid you convicted three days ago said she’s re-ady to confess.

King Jerod: I’ve convicted a lot of mermaids the past three days. Be more specific.

Guard: The mermaid who said her name is Alana.

King Jerod: Hmmm, My son and I were just discussing about her….What a coincidence. Bring her to me!

Guard: As you wish my King (he bows before he leaves)

(Few seconds later, He returns with Alana)

King Jerod: Are you re-ady to tell the truth?

Alana: I wasn’t lying, My King. I saw those objects in a boat which sunk at the ocean and I can show you where it is.

King Jerod: (to the guards) Follow her and find out if she’s telling the truth.

(The guards leave the castle with Alana)

(Few hours later)
(They return back to the castle)

Guard: My King, She’s wasn’t lying. We did find a sunken boat with a lot of surface objects.

King Jerod: (To Alana) Very well. You have redeemed yourself, You’re now free to go.

Alana: (happily) Thank you very much my King.

(Alana hurriedly swims out of the castle)

Prince Erik: A wise decision, Father.

King Jerod: I’m sure if Marianna was here, She’d convince me otherwise….

(Next Morning)
(At Sir Griffin’s mansion)

Stephen: Morning Dad.

Sir Griffin: (he notices his corporate outfit) Where are you going this early? You have an appointment?

Stephen: There’s been some issues at the company and I nee-d to go settle it. At least I’ll be home before 6pm.

Veronica: Aren’t you going to have breakfast before leaving?

Stephen: No, It’s fine.

Veronica: (smiles) I insist. I made some pancakes.

Stephen: No nee-d, I’ll eat at work.

(He leaves the house)

(In the kitchen)

Silvania: Good morning Rose. (smiling)

Rosemary: What’s gotten you so excited today?

Silvania: Hmmm, I just feel like my dreams are about to come true…

Rosemary: (chuckles) You do realize we’re in the real world, With no fantasies.

Silvania: That still, It doesn’t hurt to dream big and pray that it comes to pas-s. (giggles)

Rosemary: Whatever. (points) plea-se help me take that tray of pancakes and tea to Madam Veronica’s room

Silvania: No problem.

(Silvania approaches Veronica’s room and hears her talking to someone. She then puts her ear to the door and eavesdrop)

Veronica: Hello?

Connor: (over the phone) I can hear you…

Veronica: Good, Because Stephen just left the house and he’s heading to Old Miller road, He’s driving a black Chevrolet car. Get your boys re-ady and do not make any mistake. Kill Stephen and make sure no one finds his b©dy!

Connor: I will.

Veronica: Excellent. (she hangs up)

(Outside Veronica’s room)

Silvania: (thinks) Oh no, Stephen’s step mom is planning to kill him. (she paces around) I can’t let her know that I overheard her…

(Silvania goes back to the kitchen with the tray of food)

Silvania: Where’s Rosemary?

Lucas: She went out few seconds ago. Any problem?

Silvania: (sighs) There’s something I have to tell you. I overheard Madam Veronica telling someone to follow Stephen to Old Miller road and kill him.

Lucas: (doubtedly) Silvania, Are you sure about this?

Silvania: Yes.

Lucas: I don’t believe. Madam Veronica is a really nice woman, She couldn’t do something like that.

Silvania: Lucas, I’m very sure. I know what I heard.

Lucas: Look, I’m going to advise you…. Just mind your business and focus on your work. It’s the only way to stay out of trouble.

Silvania: (disturbe-d) Fine.

(In the ocean – The Mer Kingdom)
(At the castle)

Princess Marianna: Suzanne! Where have you been?!

Suzanne: Guess what?

Princess Marianna: I hate guessing.

Suzanne: I was out swimming when I saw this…. (She shows Marianna a ph0to frame)

Princess Mariana: What is that?

Suzanne: Uh, It’s called a ph0to frame. And guess who’s on it? (She gives the ph0to frame to Marianna)

Princess Marianna: (she looks at it and sees that the person is Stephen) Wow. It’s that human that I fell in love with. Where did you find it?

Suzanne: I saw a car which sunk at the bo-ttomof the ocean, I swam to it and I checked what was in it and I saw that ph0to frame along with numerous other items.

Princess Marianna: I hope you didn’t bring any of them here ap@rt from the ph0to frame?

Suzanne: No I didn’t.

Princess Marianna: Good. Because those are what my father calls “surface objects”, And we’ll be in trouble if we’re found with them. (staring at Stephen’s ph0to with pas-sion) But not to worry, I’ll keep this one hidden.

(Old Miller Road)

Stephen: (thinks) I wonder what the issue at the company is, But Alex as-sured me he’d handle things….What could be the problem this time?

(From the mirror, Stephen notices two cars following him)

Stephen: (puzzled) Those two cars have been behind me for a while now….

(Stephen takes an exit and immediately gets back on the highway, Still unsure, He slows down his car, other cars behind him pas-ses by but the two cars doesn’t. And then it becomes clear to him)

Stephen: Oh $h!t! Those cars are following me…

(Connor pu-lls his head out of one of the cars & shoots at Stephen but he misses, And the bullets pas-ses overhead, denting the windscreen)

Connor: (To his boys) We have to bring him to a halt!

(Connor continously shoots at Stephen which causes him inadvertently go out of the main road, Into the woods)

Stephen: Oh $h!t!

(Stephen gets out of the car and turn around to see his attackers as they come out from their cars as well but they’re all masked)

Connor: (To his boys) Get him! And don’t let him see your faces!

(Stephen runs off and Connor and his boys give a h0t pursuit. Stephen keeps running till he reaches the edge of the cliff, He looks down and sees a waterfall. He then looks back to see Connor in a close range)

Stephen: Who the hell are you?! And what do you want?!

Connor: (he c0cks his gun while pointing it at Stephen) Goddamn you!

(Stephen jumps off the edge of the cliff but Connor rushes to the edge and shoots him in the back, Twice)

Stephen: (gro-an s) Uh!

(He loses consciousness and falls into the stream of water below)

The Fault in our r0m@nç£Episode 22
(He’s human, She’s a mermaid)
Written by Johnny Patel
I apologize for the late postings.
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(Stephen drowns in the water, with his b©dy sinking below. Just then, Silvania, As a mermaid, appears & swims to him then carries him to the surface of the river)

Silvania: It’s okay, Stephen… You’re safe now

(She drags his b©dy to the riverbank and gives him a mouth to mouth resuscitation but he doesn’t show any sign of consciousness)

Silvania: (panicks) No, no, no… Stephen! Wake up!

(She keeps on giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation until he regains consciousness and coughs out water on her face)

Stephen: (coughing ha-rder)

Silvania: (sighs in relief) Thank God, You’re alive! (tapping him) Stephen…

(Before he can open his eyes, He goes unconscious again)

Silvania: (sadly) He went unconscious again…

Voice: (shouts) Mermaid! That’s a real life mermaid!

(Silvania looks up to see four fishermen running towards her and Stephen with their spears and hooks)

Silvania: Uh, Not again…

(She dives back into the water and swims to the bo-ttomfor safety and watches from below. The men approaches Stephen)

Fisherman 1: It seems like the mermaid rescued this young man from drowning. (To the others) We have to get him to the hospital.

Fisherman 2: No, We nee-d to find that mermaid, A real life mermaid will earn us a fortune! (He looks into the river) But I can’t see her, I wonder where she went.

Fisherman 3: She’s still in that river somwhere. Let’s just get this man to the hospital first and then we’ll come back to look for her.

(Sir Griffin’s mansion)
(In Veronica’s room, Veronica phones Connor)

Veronica: Hello? Connor?

Connor: (over the phone) Hey babe. I know what you’re about to ask me and yes, We succeeded. Stephen is dead.

Veronica: (laughs in ecstasy) This is great news!

Connor: (over the phone) I killed him and dumped his dead b©dy in a river and he sank to the bottom, He’ll start decaying in about 24 hours.

Veronica: Very good, Connor. You’ve made me VERY happy. Be expecting me to come over later to warm your be-d… (giggles)

Connor: I sure well…

Veronica: (she hangs up) Ugh, Now I just have to keep up this false act until Sir Griffin signs all his properties to my child and then… He’ll join his beloved son in heaven.

(At Sir Griffin’s house)
(At the quarters, Silvania hurriedly enters the room amd locks the door)

Silvania: (she lays on her be-d & heaves a sigh of relief)

Lucas: Whoa, What was chasing you? And why’re you we-t?

Silvania: I was right, Lucas. Madam Veronica s£nt some men after Stephen, I just rescued him from drowning in the river close to Old Miller road.

Lucas: Ohh, This is serious. I still can’t believe this, Why would she want to kill Stephen?

Silvania: I have no idea.

Lucas: So after you saved him what happened?

Silvania: Some fishermen took him away from the riverbank.

Lucas: They’re taking him to the hospital…

Silvania: What’s a hospital?

Lucas: It’s where he can be treated….Does Sir Griffin know about this?

Silvania: No, he doesn’t. Should we tell him?

Lucas: Not yet. I don’t want us to implicate ourselves.

(Lucas puts on the TV)

News Reporter: And just in, There’s been news of mermaid sightings at the river close to Old Miller road. (She puts her microphone to the fisherman who saw Silvania) So Sir, Could plea-se tell us what she looked like?

Fisherman 1: She had long black hair, silver eyes and a golden tail… Her hair was adorned with shiny pearls, She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen…

News Reporter: (she takes away her microphone from him) Thank you. (to the viewers) Apparently, There’s been an offer – There is a $12 million reward for anyone who can find this mermaid…

(Lucas puts off the TV)

Silvania: (scared) Oh no…

Lucas: This is really bad, The fishermen who saw you told many people about it and now everyone will be hunting for a mermaid. Look, Silvania… No matter what happens, No one must ever know what you are, Not even Stephen. Okay?

Silvania: (she nods her head) Okay.

(un-derwater – In the Mer Kingdom)
(Prince Erik goes to visit Alana)

Alana: (suprised) My prince… You’re in my house

Prince Erik: Yeah.

Alana: (bows) To what do I owe this visit?

Prince Erik: I c@m£ to apologize for what my father did. I mean, Locking an innocent mermaid up for three days with no food was quite cruel.

Alana: You didn’t have to. I’m alright, As you can see…

Prince Erik: Alana right?

Alana: Yeah, I was named after my grandmother. (smiles)

Prince Erik: I see… (He looks around the house) You live alone?

Alana: No, I’ve lived with my grandma ever since my parents and siblings died due to a disease outbreak…

Prince Erik: That’s sorrowful… So, Where is your grandma?

Alana: She’s in her room slee-ping, I’ll let her know that you visited when she wakes up.

Prince Erik: No, Don’t let anyone know I visited. Just keep this between us, Okay?

Alana: Okay…

(He wi-nks at her then swims out of her house)

(That night)
(In Sir Griffin’s living room)

Sir Griffin: It’s almost 8pm and Stephen isn’t back yet, I wonder what’s keeping him.

Bethany: I texted him on WhatsApp but he hasn’t even re-ad my messages neither has he replied my calls.

Sir Griffin: (he tries to call Stephen) His number isn’t even going throu-gh. It’s saying “Not reachable”

(Richa-rd enters the living room)

Richa-rd : (despondently) Sir…

Sir Griffin: What’s the matter?

(Bethany slowly stands up from the couch, focusing her attention on Richa-rd to know what he’s about to say)

Richa-rd : Sir, I got a call that Stephen’s at the hospital.

Sir Griffin & Bethany: WHAT?!!!

Richa-rd : He was taken there this afternoon. They said he got into an accident.

Sir Griffin: (looking around in panick) No, no, no… We have to get to hospital now. Where’s Veronica?

Richa-rd : I don’t know sir.

Bethany: Forget about her! We have to get to the hospital quic-kly! (To Richa-rd ) Get the keys to the car, You’re driving us!

Richa-rd : Yes Miss.

(Hillwood Central Hospital)
(Sir Griffin and Bethany enter the hospital)

Sir Griffin: (worriedly) Dr Mike!

Dr Mike: Good evening Sir Griffin…

Sir Griffin: What happened to my son? How is he?

Dr Mike: Calm down sir, Stephen is doing fine now. When he was brou-ght here, He had two gunsh0t wounds at his back. So we extracted the bullets and now we’ll nee-d to stitch the injury closed. But that’s gonna cost a lot of money

Sir Griffin: No problem, Just do whatever you can to save my son.

Dr Mike: No problem sir. Excuse me… (He leaves the room)

Sir Griffin: (sighs) My poor son…

Bethany: (sniffles) My poor husband-to-be…

(Back at Sir Griffin’s mansion)
(Veronica calls Connor again)

Veronica: (enraged) This idiot better pick up… (Connor answers the call) Connor?

Connor: Hey babe…

Veronica: Don’t ”Hey babe” me, You incompetent maniac!

Connor: (over the phone) What’s the issue this time?

Veronica: (angrily) When I called you earlier, What did you tell me? That Stephen was dead. Imagine my suprise when I overheard the driver saying that Stephen survived and he has been rushed to the hospital!

Connor: (over the phone) Huh?

Veronica: (she hisses at him) You are a disappointment, Do you hear me? A DISAPPOINTMENT! Now listen very good, You better find a way to get into that hospital and kill Stephen or else I’ll find you and kill you myself! (She angrily cuts the phone call and paces around her room in worry) Argh! This cannot be happening…

To be Continued