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The curse of Cain episode 3 & 4

💘The Curse Of Cain💘
Episode 3

Of the Universe

The woman wasn’t looking bad, she looked like all these models you see on the TV. She was really thin and looked all innocent as she slept unlike a couple of hours ago when they were at it, she had displayed the skills of someone who was greatly experienced in pleasing a man and they had gone four rounds within an hour….

Her thin legs were wrapped in a blanket while the rest of her body was uncovered, her hair scattered all over the king-sized bed-as she was fast asleep.

He wasn’t asleep, he was quite awake and he looked quite disappointed just as he had always looked after sleeping with all the thousands of women he had slept with.

He had always done this with every woman he brought to his bed, check out the symbol on their back but, none had always looked familiar…none always had this octagon-shaped symbol at the back of their neck.

He had checked every part of her while they were deeply at it, and he couldn’t even find a single symbol and now he was getting more furious…just like he had done…he stood up from the bed.. she didn’t even stir.

He walked to the big standing mirror

. He was completely naked and he was starring at the big shameful symbol on his upper am-a reminder of the day he had murdered his brother….it looked so prominent against his white skin…


averted his gaze and went to the telephone….he shifted the receiver to his cheek while pressing the red button….

“Hello, I’m going to take a shower, I need the room empty before I get back.” He down put down the receiver and headed towards the bathroom.

**** *** ***

As the cold water ran down his naked warm body, his shaking nerves were coming down to normal….he had always lived with his rage all his life..his grandfather made sure of that…with this bloody symbol…

The incident of a thousand years ago was still fresh in his memory, when he had killed his own brother because of Trista, the beautiful Trista…..

He could still remember every detail about the lady that had captured both his heart and his brother’s heart…

Those lovely brows and those full lips…the first time he had seen her , he knew that all the beauty in the universe could never compare to the beauty of her eyes…they were like a pool of restless gold…but she had preferred his brother….and he was filled with jealousy…..jealousy that made him commit murder….he killed his own brother and father had banished him…worse…he cursed him with immortality and he lived each day regretting every moment of his life….

He turned off the switch, while resting his head against the cold marble wall…his rage was building up again and he was trying to control himself…he needed to control himself….

Now, he was told that his solution would be a lady again but would she be as beautiful as the Lady Trista or would she be like all these whore that he had been messing around with…either ways, he would be waiting and if it would be to kill her, he would it without blinking an eye.

*** ** ***

“She’s awake!!”

The girls chorused as Sonia opened her eyes.

“Get your lazy butt up, silly. It’s past morning.”

Sonia grimaced as Pacuto threw one of the pillows to her face.

“Look, we have been waiting for you since morning, get up and go take your bathe right now.”

“What time is it?” Sonia asked, squinting her eyes.

“It’s almost 12 Sonia!” Mandy replied. “Look, we won’t meet the discount if we you do not hurry up!”

Sonia groaned and raised her head up a little bit

. Her memory was a bit hazy.

“What are you girls talking about? Where are we going?”

The two ladies exchanged glances and stared at her in horror.

“We are going shopping for your engagement party!” Pacuto screamed excitedly.


Of course, that’s true!” Sonai replied quickly with a hint of excitement.

She finally stood up and looking down at the engagement ring in her hand. she couldn’t hide her fear…

“Oh God! How did I even end up saying Yes?”

The girls exchanged glances again.

“Babe are you okay?” Pacuto asked, wondering what took part of her friend’s brain out. The three have been best friends for many years but she was the one that acted like the mother of the two

. While Pacuto was fair and taller than the three, the other two were dark and of average height.

Sonia sighed and climbed out of the bed, still staring at the beautiful diamond on her finger.

“Don’t get me wrong girls, it’s just, my God! I’m engaged!” She shouted again as if she was just finding out.

“Urm…were you sleeping the whole time when he popped the question and you said yes?” Mandy asked, trying to sound sarcastic.

“Look guys, you don’t understand.” Sonia started, unable to even understand herself. “ I have been having this strange dream ever since I said yes.”

“A strange dream?” The girls asked same time.

“Spill it!” Mandy ordered, packing her head into a pony tail. The two were now standing akimbo while Sonia was in between.

Sonia sighed again.

“It is this hot guy that I keep seeing in my dreams….”

The girls laughed at the same time.

“Look, girls, its not funny, he was dangerous and so hot that….”

“Did he hurt you?” Mandy asked, looking all concerned.

“No..” Sonia replied and wanted to continue…

“Oh my God, did he shoot you?” Mandy asked again.

“No Mandy, don’t be silly!” Sonia shouted, looking frustrated. ” He..he…we kissed….” She said in a whisper, biting her lips.

The other two rolled their eyes.

“Some hot guy kissed you in your dream and you totally forgot that you were engaged?” Mandy asked again,

Sonai sighed, looking guilty. “I felt like i cheated you know but in the dream, it felt so right and… good…

but now it feels so wrong ..I’m not a cheat.”

“Look babe.” Pacuto said, placing a hand on her shoulders to calm her down.

. “You just got engaged, it’s normal for you to start having a cold feet, some random hot guy can pop into your dream , it’s a normal thing. Once our boo comes back from his trip, you will forget the hot guy. Okay. Now dress up. I don’t have much time!”
Sonia sighed again as Pacuto threw her the towel…she really wished Pacuto was right.

**** **** ***

Some minutes later she was in the bathroom, taking a shower while still thinking about her dreams. She used to have this dream while she was quite younger and they later went away as she clocked 18 and now that she was engaged at 23, they have become so consistent especially ever since she said yes to her fiancé.

She leaned her head against the bath tub as she lay to make herself more comfortable in the soapy water.

He was really so hot and each time she finds him in her dream, they were always connected somehow…this time, she was in a garden with her friends and her fiance… everyone was happy and everything was in a slow motion…all of a sudden everyone just disappeared and the sun just turned darker….the next thing she saw was this suited white man, he was backing her and somehow, she was drawn to him…she was confused to why everyone just disappeared but seeing him there seemed to lift those worries he turned around to look at her….the white flower that was tucked in her hair immediately became so red..strange but beautiful… and the next thing she knew was, he was kissing her and she was kissing him back and….

“Are you giving birth in the bathroom Sonia!”

Pacuto’s screams snapped her out of those terrible thoughts and she opened her eyes.

“I will be right out. Chill !” She shouted back. Gosh! She grimaced and finally stood up to finish up. She was going to keep the man out of her mind and out of her head for good. God help her.

**** **** ***

💘The Curse Of Cain💘
Episode 4

The Surprise

“I guess we’ve bought all we need to buy, is it time to go home?” Pacuto asked they all got into the car while she sat at the driver’s seat. They were through with their shopping.

“I am practically exhausted, I would really love to go lie down on the bed.” Sonia replied.

“That cream I saw you buying earlier, what is it for?” Pacuto asked Sonia, checking herself in the front mirror.

“’s just for that scar thingy I told you about at my back. I want to get rid of it.” Sonia replied

. She still never knew how she got that scar. None of her parents had any answer for it.

“You’ve been trying for a long time, why don’t you just forget about it or does boo have issue have it?”


chuckled. “Not really, I just, I don’t know why it bothers me now. it’s been itching me so much.” Well, since she got the ring actually but if she says that, the girl will just think she is coming up with too much excuses.

“Well, if it’s disturbing you, I hope that cream works.”

“Yea thanks.”

“What’s the time?” Mandy asked, sitting beside Pacuto at the front.

“Oh, it’s some minutes to eight.” Pacuto replied.

“What? Time has gone so fast, please, let’s go home, I will need to call my baby when I get home.” Sonia pleaded. She was sitting at the back and was really tired.

“Not so fast girl, Remember that new club that’s opening at Alexander park, which I told you about?” Mandy asked Pacuto, looking all excited.

‘Wait, wait, I am not dressed for some party, please, do not do this!” Sonia pleaded.

“Fasten the seat belt Mandy” Pacuto said, turning on the ignition key while Mandy jumped on her seat excitedly

. She brought out a bag from under her seat, opened it and brought out some white shirts which she flung at the other two.

“It’s not some party…it’s just bridal shower!” She screamed excitedly as Sonia looked at her dumfounded.

“Oh my God! Girls, this is beautiful but you shouldn’t have.” She said, wearing the white T-shirt which was customized with “I am the Bride” at the front. Then she collected her tiara from Mandy and tucked it into her hair.

“Seriously, don’t you think this is so soon, I mean, we haven’t even done the engagement party.”

“Well, we want to, so , we are off to Alexanders.Yaaay!” Mandy screamed again ,throwing her hands off.

“But, Alexanders is too far, why that place?” Sonia asked again.

“Because, it is the baddest, biggest, hottest club in the town. Heard it’s owned by one white man but who cares…it’s opening today!”

“Well, saddle up sister Bride! You are in for a long night you should tell your boo by the way.”

Sonial smiled. “Well, it’s not a problem, will text him now.” She took out her phone and began to text, trying to ignore the hitching on her back …

**** ***** ****

“So the club is opening tonight.”

“Yes boss. It’s the best cover up for our business and people are already looking forward to it.” Ruzo replied.

Calvin was pleased.

. “ What about Sholay, is he gonna be there? You know the guy still owes us quite much.”

“Boss, no worries about that, I have somehow invited him to the opening tonight, he will be there for sure.”

“Good. If he doesn’t pay my money, he will have to pay with his life. Get the boys ready tonight must be cleanly done and I do not want to mess up with the opening and create an unnecessary attention to my club.”

“Yes boss. The flow will go smoothly, the distribution of the merchandises has commenced, all the boys will gather tonight at the opening.”

Calvin stood up. “Good. I should quickly dress up. Tell my chauffeur, I will be going out with the Rolls Royce. Also, clean my weapons for me.”



The boy dispersed while a beep sounded on Calvin’s tablet which was lying on the table, it was Sodi.

“This better be good.” He said to himself before picking the video call.

“What do you have for me Sodi?” He demanded as the lady’s face came on the screen,

“Tonight, the Triad said not to take any drastic decision.”

Calvin groaned. “I do not want the triad to be telling me how to run my life, the only thing I want is for them to tell me where the girl is and when she will be around that’s all. Anything apart from that, they can shut their mouths up!”

“Yes my lord but….”

He hissed and ended the call. He wasn’t going to allow anyone to mess up today for him, this was to be a great day for him, a time to make lots of money and to kill some assholes if the need arises


A night to remember 1


“Oh my God! This place is off the hook!” Sonia shouted as loudly as she could so her friends could hear her

They were sitting at the bar and were just on their first bottles.

“How did you guys find out about this place? This is the best club ever!” She screamed again, more loudly into Pacuto’s ear.

She was right. The club was the biggest she has ever seen and it was just opening today

. There were so many crowds both in and out. There was a long queue when they came in, trying to get in, the bouncers were screening everyone but seeing the three in their bridal shower costume gave them an easy entrance.

The good vibes were flowing like a virus and Sonia knew she couldn’t be more alive than this. The night was perfect, she kept bouncing up and down with her friends. The music was like a drug that pushed her higher, higher than all those nightmares and the stresses of getting married, so high until her mind was buzzing with joy. She was filled with so much energy that she felt she could dance for a millennia.

Some minutes later, a man stripper approached her. He was all muscular and his shoulders were as broad as a barnyard

. He was in a pair of tight white panties and in his hand was a black rope, dark skin glinted under the disco light as he smiled at Sonia seductively.

“Oh my God! Girls! Are you crazy!”

“Please do her! She is the bride!” Mandy shouted, spraying some money in the air all over the guy who was now all over Sonia, dancing and grinding behind her. No one could see the dance floor, everyone was dancing to the music.

The whole excitement was like a shot of adrenaline to Sonia’s heart. Later on, after dancing with the guy and after two rounds of a lap dance and a rough seductive kiss, the guy’s time was up and he later dispersed to another customer.

Some hours later, the girls were pretty drunk and were just sitting at a table. Mandy’s head was on Pacuto’ shoulder while Sonia was trying as hard as she could to laugh at their stupid jokes.

“So, our beautiful baby is getting married in the next couple of months Pacuto, how proud are you on a scale of 1-1o?” Mandy asked with sleepy eyes.

“20” Pacuto replied and the three burst into laughter.

“It’s 1- 10, how drunk are you?” Mandy asked jokingly.

“Very drunk. I think I am too excited, if I’m so drunk tonight, then what happens when she finally gets married? God, I’m so going to miss us!”

“Oh, Common guys! We will still be together, you will still be my best friends, my crazy best friends.” Sonia added, now hugging them both.

“That is if Ben doesn’t ship you off to an Arab country on someplace around the Pacific,” Mandy said, rolling her eyes downward but Sonia only smiled. It wasn’t her fault that her fiancé was always a doctor and his expertise is needed all across borders.

“Well, one of the prices I have to pay for marrying a rich doctor who is very good at what he does.” She replied.

“You are so lucky and I am so proud of you baby,”Mandy said, kissing her on the cheek. “You are finally marrying the guy that has had a crush on you for like forever. There is nothing that beats that you know. I mean, look at that rock on your finger, do you know how much costs on Amazon?”

Sonia was surprised. “ You went to check out the price on Amazon?”

“Yes, babe. He better not be messing around with those nurses wherever he is because if he is, we are not returning the ring, we are selling it!”

Both Pacuto and Sonia looked at their friend as if she was crazy and they shook their heads at the same time.

“Anyways, thank God that the music is a bit lower and slower now. Geez! See those ones kissing as if they are about to do something here. Get room guys!” Pacuto screamed but no one responded to her.

“Oh, Guys! Do you remember what we promised on Sonia’s birthday?” Mandy quickly said and the two looked at her again, wondering what crazy idea she was coming up with this time.

“What is it?” Sonia asked.

“We said the next time we go to a club, we are going to make you ask a guy out,” Mandy said excitedly.

“Oh, that’s true,” Pacuto replied. “But, it’s her bridal shower, I don’t think she needs to do such again.”

“Oh Common! Let’ see if she still has that spine that she’s been bragging about. Besides, she can’t do it, but I think it will be fun to watch and she will have something to tell her daughters.”

Sonia shook her head. “This is a bad idea Pacuto!” She said quickly to the friend she trusted to be her right senses the most. If Pacuto says no, then that will be the end. The two ladies waited for her response…

“Yes! We are doing it” Pacuto said to Sonia’s disappointment.

“Pacuto! I can’t believe you allowed yourself to be manipulated!” Sonia snapped but her friends only laughed.

“Look, just do it okay. You told us you would and besides, you just danced with a stripper, you even kissed a stripper! It’s a night of fun girl! Besides, once you get married, you can be the good girl again as you have always been all your life, but this night is a night to always remember. Okay, Mandy, let’s find some dude for her.”

Sonia knew she had no choice but she wouldn’t let them think she would chicken out.

“Okay, Guys! I know you are planning to mock me tonight once a guy turns me down so I will put a bet on it.” She said aloud, feeling proud of herself, seemed the drinks were giving her some confidence.

The ladies shouted excitedly.

“That’s my girl!” Mandy shouted. “So what’s the bet?”

“If the guy says yes, you two are paying for my bridal hair and if the guy says no, I will pay for your hair!”

“Deal!” The girls shouted excitedly.

Sonia ignored their laughter, she knew they expected her to fail. She has always been the good girl out of the three, even though Pacuto was like the oldest and the tallest and was always looking after them like a mother would she sometimes act crazy most times especially to Mandy’s crazy ideas.

. Sonia has always been a good girl with enough sanity for the three of them but tonight, she would show them she could totally be a bad girl too, what could go wrong about asking a guy out…

“Alright, let’s find out a guy for you,” Mandy said, now looking sharp. The three surveyed each guy from across their table and each one Sonia and Mandy pointed to, Pacuto kept saying no.

“We just picked about ten guys now, you kept saying now, Pacuto!” Mandy shouted, getting tired.

“I know what I’m doing, my girl deserves someone better than all those knuckleheads you kept pointing to…” Pacuto said, glancing around…

Sonia was getting tired and she stood up. “ I will go and pick a guy …whoever I want and…”

“Wait!” Pacuto shouted excitedly. “How about that guy?” She said , pointing to some men that just got into the club.

“Which one?” Mandy asked.

“The blondie, in the Armani suits.”

Sonia and Mandy looked at where she pointed. There were about three to four men all on black hoods but only one in their midst was wearing a suit, his back was turned as he climbed up their staircase at the corner of the club so they couldn’t see his face but he seemed young. He moved with so much respect and dignity and his presence seemed to have an effect on all the security men in the club.

“You are crazy! I am not talking to some white man!” Sonia retorted.

“You scared?” Pacuto teased but Sonia shook her head and stood up.

“He could be some dangerous man you know,” Sonia replied.

“This is a club, chill out, anyone can be a serial killer but one thing is club is to have fun, but if you are scared, get ready to pay up.” Mandy teased further.

Sonia sighed and threw both of them a dangerous if-looks-could-kill expression. “How is my makeup?” She demanded angrily.

Mandy smiled and quickly dipped a hand into her purse and did some powdering for Sonia “perfect” she replied.

Then Sonia unpacked her long black hair which came cascading to her shoulders. After that, she removed her bridal top and rolled it before throwing it at Pacuto’s head purposely. So it remained just a pair of bump shots and a polo shirt on her. She then unbuttoned the first three buttons on her polo shirt and pulled her boobs a very exposed at the cleavages, making the girls scream with excitement and giving each other a high five.

“Go, girl!” Mandy screamed but Sonia ignored her.

*After, this, she removed her ring and hid it in her boobs. “Get ready to pay bitches!” She said to them before walking away from them towards the staircase.



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