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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The chef Episode 7 & 8

11 min read
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💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧

By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋

🍔Episode 07🍔



Clara’s Pov:

I was so gobsmacked as I saw Kyra on her knees.

“Get up baby….” I said as I helped her up.

“So aunt Clara have you accepted our offer?” She asked as I smiled at her.

“Uhmm… It’s OK! I have accepted…” I said as Mr Patrick quickly hugged me.

I became more stunned.

“Thank you so much aunt Clara” Kyra jumped for joy.

“But I will have to discuss this with my family first before I start” I said in anxiety

“It’s fine! As long as you will start working for us” Mr Patrick said

I was almost dying of anxiety.

“Alright! Excuse me please” I said as I rushed out of their sight.

“And sir if you need a house girl, I can help you as well” Fiona said

“It’s OK… But Clara is who we need” Kyra said as Fiona nodded.

I rushed into the kitchen panting.

💭 I don’t even know how to feel anymore… Should I be happy or sad? Am going to be in the same house with Mr Patrick? 💭 I thought as Fiona walked into the kitchen.

“Oh my goodness! Clara you are so lucky!” She said excitedly

“Lucky? What do you mean?” I asked

“Working for Mr Patrick Argus is luck girl friend, I mean that man is

super handsome… He’s so hot! And he’s rich too” Fiona said in pleasure.

“You don’t understand Fiona!” I worried

“What’s there to understand? That he’s a single father?” Fiona rolled her eyes.

“I wish so too Fiona but he’s married!” I screamed

“What?” Fiona asked as she widened her eyes in shock.

“Yes Fiona! He has a wife.. A mean one at that” I said

“I can’t believe this! But he keeps buying food everyday…Does it mean his wife can’t cook?” Fiona asked

“I don’t know Fiona but I don’t think I can cope with that wife of his… She’s so rude!” I cried

“Come on Clara! You can do it… Do it for the money, have you forgotten you want to open your own restaurant so that your dreams of becoming a great chef will come true?” Fiona said

“That’s right….i have to let my mother know” I said as I bowed my head and Fiona hugged me.

Patrick’s Pov:

I laid my little Kyra on her bed.

She was fast asleep.

I glanced at the wall clock… It was already 11:45pm.

Kyra and I have been waiting for Vanessa downstairs before Kyra slept off.

“What kind of a woman is Nessa? It’s almost 12am and a wife is not yet home” I said to myself.

I covered Kyra with a duvet as I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.

💭 Switched off? Why on earth would she switch her phone off? Does she even know that she has a daughter? 💭 I thought walking restlessly up and down.

I kept trying to call

her but it wasn’t connecting.

Some hours later… 🕒

I fell asleep on the couch downstairs.

Suddenly, I heard a noise and I opened my weak eyes.

I saw Vanessa staggering into the house and making noise.

🎶 It’s good to have fun 🎶

🎶 it’s good to be happy 🎶

🎶 Am having fun 🎶

🎶 Am happy… 🎶

She sang drunkenly as she laughed hysterically.

“What’s up Patrick?” She asked as she almost fell on her heel.

“Vanessa! Where are you coming from?” I asked as I looked at the wall clock.

It was 4am already.

“What do you mean by where am I coming from? Where does it look like am coming from?” She coughed as she reeked of alcohol.

I covered my nose with a towel.

“What kind of stench is that? You drank yourself to stupor?” I said bitterly

“Of course I went clubbing to have fun” She said and throw up right on my face.

“Yuck! Am so disappointed in you Vanessa… Gosh! You are a disgrace to womanhood” I yelled at her.

“Like I care! If having fun is making you disappointed then I don’t mind disappointing you again….” She belched loudly.

“You stink!” I screamed and rushed upstairs.

“Damn you Patrick! Fvck the hell off my life” she screamed as she staggered and fell on the ground. The story is originally written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.


Kyra and I were fully dressed for work and school.

“Daddy did momma come home yesterday?” Kyra asked

I swallowed hard…

“Uhm… Yes… She did but she’s fast asleep” I managed to say.

“You know what daddy? I just hope aunt Clara will start working for us soon so I won’t have to feel lonely sometimes” She said

“Yeah that’s true” I nodded as she hopped into the car and we drove off.

Kyra’s Pov:

I bent my head over the chair wailing in silence.

“Kyra! Kyra!! I’ve been looking all over for you….it’s lunch time! Come on let’s go get some food from the cafeteria….Are you OK?” that was my friend Stephanie.

I quickly wiped off my tears.

“Yes Steph! Am fine” I managed to say

“No you’re not! Why is your face swollen?” Stephanie asked anxiously

“It’s nothing Steph! But am not hungry” I said

“Come on Stephanie! You can tell me.. What happened?” Stephanie asked

“It’s my momma! I don’t think she loves me” I cried as Stephanie hugged me.

“Is that why you are crying?” Stephanie asked and I frowned

“Isn’t that enough reason?” I said

“Come on Kyra! You can always tell your daddy to get you a new mommy” Stephanie said as I smiled.

“Really? You mean my daddy can get me a new momma?” I shrieked in excitement

“Yes! Just tell your daddy to get you a new momma and do you have anybody in mind? I mean someone you love to be your momma?” Stephanie asked

💭 Aunt Clara? She’s really nice and she can cook very delicious 😋 food… She will make a good momma ☺ 💭 I thought and giggled

“Yes Steph! I have an idea… Thanks! So now I can tell my daddy to get me a new momma” I chuckled as we high five.

Patrick’s Pov:

I walked into the mansion…

Gosh! The sitting room was so unkempt and dirty.

There were empty bottles of wine lying on the ground.

And ashes of cigarettes all over.

The couch was messed up….

Empty cups lying everywhere…

The floor was wet due to drops of alcohol all over.


It looked like a trashcan instead of a sitting room.

“Vanessa! Vanessa!!” I yelled angrily

“Who the heck is barking downstairs? Did anyone loosen a dog?” Vanessa said as she walked downstairs with her cell phone which she was operating.

I patiently held myself to avoid hurting her.

“What is this Vanessa?” I asked pointing at the messed up sitting room.

“What is what? Oh you mean the sitting room? Uhmm… My friends and I had a little get together that’s all” She said still focused on her phone.

I scratched my head angrily.

“And so what? so you can’t clean up this mess?” I asked in anger as she scoffed.

“Are you for real? Clean that up? As your maid or what?” She snorted

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked

“It means what you heard! After all you are not handicapped so you can also clean that up besides I can’t touch that filth and I was really busy on instagram before you interrupted and my fans must be really waiting for me to upload” She sighed

“instagram my foot! Why not take a full video of your sitting room and upload it to instagram and tell them how dirty and lazy you are” I said

“Whatever! besides I have up to 3million followers on instagram and that means I have people who knows what it is to slay unlike you old-fashioned cow” she said as I raised my hand to slap her.

“Daddy?” Kyra’s tiny voice screamed from the stairs as I brought down my hand.

“Daddy don’t hurt her… Let her just go back to the states so that YOU CAN GET ME A NEW MOMMA” Kyra said as we all gasped…..


🍔Episode 08🍔


Vanessa’s Pov:

I laughed loudly in surprise..

“You want a new momma? Really?” I scoffed

“Of course! You said you wanted to go back to the states” Kyra said childishly

“Kyra! Baby that’s enough!!” Patrick gulped nervously.

“Shut up! So that’s your plan with your daddy? You want me to leave the house so that your stupid daddy can have a space to flirt around” I laughed so hard.

“I don’t like you anymore momma!” Kyra said as I landed a dirty slap on her face.

“Vanessa!” Patrick screamed at me as he pushed me roughly.

Tears rushed down Kyra’s cheeks.

“Let me go Patrick! Maybe you should teach your good for nothing daughter how to speak to her mom” I yelled at her.

“Isn’t it obvious Vanessa? You made her believe that you don’t love her” Patrick fumed in anger

“But I don’t! Why should I lie that I love her when I wished she was aborted” I said as Patrick gave me a resounding slap.

“Shut your gutters! How dare you say that in front of my child?” Patrick said as I held my cheeks and panted in annoyance.

“I hate you momma!” Kyra yelled as she rushed upstairs.

“Kyra! Kyra!! baby!!!” Patrick called but she stormed into her room.

I rolled my eyes as I blew my gum noisily.

“You’ll regret this Vanessa” Patrick said as he walked upstairs.

“Like I care… And get it into your fixed skull that am not leaving this house so you can flirt…. Pig!” I yelled on top of my voice.

Kyra’s Pov:

I rushed into my room and locked the door.

I jumped on the bed.

“I knew it! Momma never really loved me like every mommy does” I wailed as I covered myself with the duvet.

Why is momma being cruel to me? 😭

I thought she cared about me 😢

But it’s obvious she isn’t 😥

I don’t like her anymore…

She said she wants me to be aborted…

I wonder what that means🤔

I don’t want to leave here anymore…

But who will I run to?

I kept wailing bitterly.

“Kyra! Baby open the door please” Dad said knocking on my door.

“Please leave me alone daddy! I don’t want to talk to you” I cried

“Please Kyra! I know how you feel but please open the door for daddy” Dad pleaded

“Just let me be for some time daddy” I said still in tears.

I looked around and saw daddy’s phone on the stool beside my bed.

I smiled excitedly and picked it up.

Clara’s Pov:

I scratched my head in confusion

“Come on Clara! This is a lifetime opportunity for you… You will be able to save up and open the restaurant you dreamt of having” Mother said

“But mother! You don’t understand the kind of wife he has… She’s mannerless” I said nervously

“You’re going there for the money not to be treated nicely” Marie said

“I just hope I can bear it mother… I have to do this for our family as a whole” I exhaled deeply

Just then, my cell phone rang aloud.

It was Mr Patrick 😳

My heart skipped 💓

“Excuse me mother” I said as I walked away with my phone.

of course I know how mother can be, she might even want to talk to him.

I picked the call….

📲Hello sir… Good day! I said in anxiety

📲Hello aunt Clara… A tiny voice echoed and I became surprised.

📲Kyra? Is that you baby?… I asked anxiously

📲Yes aunt! Please help me… Momma doesn’t love me, am on my way to the restaurant… She cried and my eyes widened in shock.

📲What? Are you alone?…i asked

📲Yes aunt!… She wailed

📲Don’t move an inch Kyra! I’ll be there in a jiffy… I said as I quickly hung up.

“Mother I have to go” I screamed as I picked up my handbag.

“Where to Clara?” Mother asked

“I’ll let you know later” I yelled already outside.


I held her soft hand and we walked along in the park.

“You know you shouldn’t leave the house without telling momma and daddy” I said as she nodded her head.

“I don’t want to go back to the house anymore… I want to stay with you aunt Clara” She said

“Uhmm… Kyra you can’t! Your daddy must be worried sick about you and looking all over for you and for his cell phone?” I said

“No aunt Clara! I don’t wanna go back to momma and daddy… I want to live in your house” She said childishly

“But that’s not possible! You have to be with your momma” I said

“If I must go back to the house aunt! You’ll go with me please” She pleaded holding her ears with her hand.

“Is that your condition?” I chuckled

“Yes aunt!” She smiled as I tickled her and she laughed happily.

“You’re so naughty!” I smiled.

“Look Kyra! That’s meat puff… I like it” I said

“But that’s street food! Momma said street foods are not hygienic and that I can fall sick eating them” Kyra said

“Of course not! since I was a baby, I have been eating that but am not sick am I?” I smiled and she shook her head.

“OK aunt!” She smiled as I bought some from the seller.

She bit it from the stick and smiled.

“Yum! 😋” She screamed as I pecked her cheeks.

She’s so adorable and I wonder why her momma doesn’t like her.

Patrick’s Pov:

“Dammit officer! You don’t have any updates concerning my daughter’s disappearance?” I yelled in annoyance

“Am sorry Mr Argus but there is no update yet” the officer said

“Do your job!” I screamed scratching my head.

“We’re trying our best” the officer said

“Your best is not enough” I screamed and rushed into the house.

Vanessa sat on the couch with her legs crossed as she was busy on the phone.

She looked so less concerned.

“You’re such a bad mother” I yelled at her

“Is not my fault that she’s spoilt and she had to leave the house” she rolled her

“Kettle calling pot black! If she’s spolit then what are you? You better pray nothing happens to my daughter.

Just then, the door bell rang.

“You get the door” She said focused on her phone.

I sighed loudly as I walked towards the door.

I throw the door open and gasped.

it was Kyra clinging to Clara.

My jaw dropped…..


To be continued…..

And the replacement have arrived 😂

I can’t wait 💃 💃

Vanessa is such a bad mother? 😢

Who agree with me? 😒😒

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