The chef Episode 9 & 10

💧(She’s my cook but I love her)💧
By: Pinky Preshy Chioma🖋
🍔Episode 09🍔
Patrick’s Pov:
My jaw dropped as I saw Clara standing right in front of me with Kyra.
“Kyra! Clara!!” I said in shock
“Daddy!!” Kyra called as she hvgged me ti-ghtly.
“Oh my little baby! Where did you go? You made momma and daddy really worried” I said as she furrowed her brows.
“Momma and daddy? Of course not dad! Momma wasn’t worried cos she said she doesn’t love me” Kyra said and I gulped.
Vanessa quic-kly got up angrily and walked towards Kyra and I.
She raised her hand to sl@p Kyra but Clara held her hand.
“That’s enough ma’am! plea-se don’t hurt her!!” She said as I exhaled de-eply.
I can’t believe she defended my daughter.
Kyra quic-kly hvgged her.
“Let go of me you freak!” Vaneesa yelled at her as she pushed her r0ûghly.
“I will teach you how to curtail that wi-de mouth of yours” Vanessa screamed at Kyra as she rushed upstairs.
I heaved a sigh of relief.
“Am sorry about that Clara… You see…” I stammered
“It’s nothing sir!” She replied softly
“Daddy! Aunt Clara is going to work for us now” Kyra cl@pped in excitement
“Really Clara?” I asked turning to her.
She bowed her head and nodded.
“Yes sir! That’s what Kyra wants” She said as smiles escaped myl-ips.
I was super excited….. 💃
But why?
She’s only going to work as a house help right?🤔
“Am so happy daddy! Finally I now have someone to stay with me” Kyra said
“Yeah! And she can also prepare delicious meal for us” I said
Clara smiled broadly.
“And she can even become my new momma, right daddy?” Kyra said
We g@sped in shock…. 😳😱
😂Kyra is talkative oo😂
“Uhm… Kyra! I bought some chocolate bar for you” I said covering up.
“Really daddy?” She skrie-ked in excitement
“Yes baby! It’s in your room” I said as she quic-kly rushed upstairs to get it.
I exhaled heavily.
Thank goodness! Vanessa wasn’t here 😁
“Let’s go Clara! I’ll show you to your room” I said as she nodded and followed me with her luggage.
Vanessa’s Pov:
I stormed into the room in anger.
“I can’t take this anymore! What nons-en-se!! I will make sure I deal with that br@t” I screamed
I quic-kly picked up the mug on t©p of the table and threw it angrily and it broke into pieces.
I scattered the be-d sheets and blankets in annoyance.
“Aarrrghhh…. So that stupid cook has grown wings huh? She t©uçhed me with her filthy disgusting hands” I yelled
Am going to make life miserable for her…
I will make her suffer for sure!
She’s going to regret the day she ever tried to cross my path.
I rushed to my handbag and brou-ght out some cocaine from it.
I sat on the stool in front of the dressing mirror as I sniffed it slowly.
I smiled in plea-sure as I scratched my head.
No-one dares messes with me….
And as for you Clara! I will make sure you won’t be an exception.
I roared in laughter.
Clara’s Pov:
Mr Patrick handed the room keys to me.
“Thank you so much sir!” I smiled
“You’re welcome Clara! Feel free” He said and walked out of the room.
I ban-ged the door and slumped to the ground.
💭 That man is super handsome! He’s very caring! Too bad he alre-ady has a wife and unfortunately a cruel wife 💭 I thought
The room was quite furnished and very big.
The be-d was very soft….
A toilet and bathroom were attached to the room.
“Wow! I never dreamt of lying in such a soft bouncing be-d” I chuckled as I jumped on the be-d.
I quic-kly picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.
I can’t wait to tell Fiona what’s going on and how beautiful the room is.
📲Hello girl! Tell me how is it going?… Fiona said in happiness.
📲Fiona! This place is so beautiful! I wish you were here with me… I cried
📲Come on girlfriend! Have fun and scatter their br@ins with your cookings… Fiona said
📲Of course bestie! You know what I can do when it comes to cooking… I smiled
📲That’s my girl! Be patient Clara, you’ll definitely be able to open your own restaurant someday…. Fiona said
📲Thank you Fiona! We’ll talk later!!…. I said in excitement
📲OK Clara! I have to go too…. She said as I hung up.
“Hmm… And someday am going to become a good chef” I chuckled.
Vanessa’s Pov:
I la-id on the be-d smoking a cigarette when Patrick c@m£ out of the bathroom.
“Patrick! What’s that girl doing here?” I asked rudely
“Isn’t it obvious? You said you don’t want your hands being filthy from cooking so I hired her to do the cooking” Patrick said combing his hair.
I blew my gum noisily and exhaled the smoke from the cigarette.
“Oh really? Why must it be her? Why not another person?” I asked
“Well maybe instead of you complaining and bossing around, why not find another person by yourself” Patrick said.
“Whatever!” I rolled my eyes as Patrick la-id on the be-d backing me.
“Vanessa would you plea-se take that cigarette away? The smoke is not good for my health” Patrick said as I scoffed.
“Really? You’re not serious!” I laughed
“What do you mean Vanessa? I said take the cigarette elsewhere and smoke since that’s what you are good at” Patrick said as I eyed him.
“You must be joking! This is what gives me joy and I can’t st©p doing it…. If you can’t sleep then fu-ck off” I said
Patrick quic-kly picked up the pillow and blanket and stormed out of the room.
🙄Like I care🙄…i sighed.
Patrick’s Pov:
I rushed out of the room in annoyance.
“Vanessa is nothing but a witch!” I yelled
I walked into the guest room…
I didn’t bother to turn the light on..
I walked straight to the be-d and lie down.
Suddenly, my hand t©uçhed something warm.
I quic-kly jumped up and someone screamed, I bec@m£ scared and screamed as well….
😂Did I forget that Clara is here with us? 😂
🍔Episode 10🍔
Clara’s Pov:
I quic-kly sprang up in fear and screamed aloud so did the person that c@m£ into the room.
I turned on the table lamp immediately.
To my greatest surprise, it was Mr Patrick…
I heaved a sigh of relief.
“Am really very sorry Clara! I forgot that you now occu-py this room” Mr Patrick said
“It’s OK sir! Am sorry for yelling at you and again sir what are you doing here?” I asked
He gulped nervously.
“Uhmm…Don’t worry Clara! I’ll sleep in the sitting room” He said as he picked up his pillow and blanket and turned to leave.
“You can sleep here sir!” I said and he quic-kly turned around.
“What? Really?” He asked in shock
“Yes sir! I don’t mind… I can sleep on the couch while you have the be-d” I said and he smiled.
“Of course not Clara! That’s bad…i can’t sleep on the be-d while you being the owner of the room sleep on the couch” He laughed
“It’s fine with me sir!” I said
“Go back to be-d Clara! I’ll sleep on the couch” He said as I nodded and l@yon the be-d.
I covered myself with a duvet.
I watched him lie down on the couch.
He looked so handsome.
I couldn’t help but steal glances at him.
I kept drooling.
“Oh Clara Jones! St©p this non day dreaming… He’s married alre-ady” I said almost audibly to myself.
“What did you say?” He asked
“Uhm… Nothing! I was just err… wondering over something” I lied
“OK! Good night!!” He said with a sweet smile.
“Good night sir!” I said as I closed my eyes.
Kyra’s Pov:
It was on a Monday and a school day as well.
“Grnnnnnnn….. Grnnnnnnn 🔔 🕒
The alarm rang noisily!
“I hate this really” I screamed as I got up from the be-d.
I yanked the duvet off my b©dy and walked into the bathroom.
I brushed my teeth…
“Why is daddy not yet here to prepare me for school?” I thought
I headed straight to daddy’s room.
I opened the door and to my surprise, daddy wasn’t there.
Momma was lying alone in the hvge be-d.
The room was filled with the stench of alcohol and cigarettes.
“Yuck!” I yelled as I ban-ged the door.
That was when I thought of my aunt Clara.
I rushed to her room and opened the door.
“DADDY!” I called in surprise as I saw dad slee-ping on aunt Clara’s couch.
They quic-kly jumped up.
“Kyra! You scared me daughter” Dad said walking to me as I folded my arms.
“Kyra baby!” Aunt Clara said yawning.
“Good morning all! Dad what are you doing here in aunt Clara’s room?” I asked anxiously
“Uhmm… Sweetheart I couldn’t sleep in my room so I….” Dad said as I rolled my eyes.
“And my room daddy? You can always stay with me” I said
“Kyra! You don’t wanna be late for school do you?” Aunt Clara said and I shook my head.
“Of course not aunt!” I said
“Then let’s go get re-ady for school” Aunt Clara said as she held my hand and we walked out of the room.
Patrick’s Pov:
I exhaled de-eply…
“Thank goodness! Clara thought of a way to take Kyra away else that little girl would have caused me a heart attack” I said to myself.
I quic-kly picked up my blanket and pillow as I walked out of the room.
Few minutes later….
I was alre-ady set to go to work.
I stared at Vanessa who was still fast asleep…
“She doesn’t even care if her daughter is going to school or not” I sighed.
I picked up my suitcase and headed downstairs.
Immediately, the appetizing aroma filled my nose and I smiled.
💭 So this is how it feels having a woman at home? 💭 I thought.
I walked straight to the dinning.
Clara had alre-ady served the beef sauce and rice on the dinning.
And Kyra was alre-ady dressed in her school uniform and set to eat.
Smiles escaped myl-ips.
Clara is amazing.
“Good morning Sir!” She greeted with a charming smile.
She’s a beauty 😘
“Good morning Clara!” I smiled too.
She quic-kly placed a plate in front of me.
I watched her do that.
Something Nessa has never done since we got married…
I mean for the past four years…
For the past four years, Vanessa has never entered the kitchen talk more of cooking.
According to her, she said she’s allergic to kitchen utensils.
What a mother! 😳
I know you want to know how I ended up with Vanessa right? 😁
You don’t nee-d to answer that 😄
I know you are eager to know but that’s story for another day and for the right time.
Clara scooped some rice into my plate and then some of the beef sauce too.
“Thank you Clara!” I smiled at her.
“It’s nothing Sir” She said
💭 It might be nothing for you but for Vanessa it’s a whole lot 💭 I thought and chuckled
“Yummy!” Kyra said happily
This is the first time my daughter is feeling so happy in the morning after four years.
“It’s super delicious” I smiled
“Thank you! Eat up now Kyra” She said softly
“Aunt Clara when you finally open your restaurant, I will become a chef there and that way I can learn how to cook for my daddy” Kyra said and we laughed.
“That’s my little baby girl” I said as we high five.
“That’s right Kyra! Now eat up and st©p talking you might choke” Clara said.
I couldn’t help but keep glancing at Clara.
She’s not just a good cook, she’s also caring and kind.
Maybe Kyra was right… She could make a good momma.
But what about Vanessa?
Some minutes later, we were done eating.
Clara quic-kly cleared the table…..
Vanessa can never do that…
Clara wore Kyra her school bag and we headed straight to the garage.
“Good bye Kyra! Be a good girl” Clara said as Kyra hopped into my car. This story is written by Pinky Preshy Chioma.
“Bye aunt Clara!” Kyra smiled
“See you later Clara” I said as she nodded shyly.
Vanessa’s Pov:
Anger burnt throu-gh me as I heard Kyra and Patrick compliment that stupid girl.
I really don’t know why I hate her so much…
I wish I can strangle her with my ba-re hands.
I sat on the couch in the sitting room waiting impatiently for that Clara to come in.
This is just the beginning…
I will make sure I make life unbearable for her until she leaves.
The door throw open and Clara walked in.
I watched her catwalk to the kitchen.
“Good morning ma’am! What do you want for breakfast?” She asked nicely.
I quic-kly got up and held her ti-ghtly by her hair…
To be continued…..
Our Clara is in h0t soup 😲😲
Vanessa no be Clara do you oo 😳
Why are you dragging her hair now? 😱
Who else noticed that Mr Patrick seems to like Clara? 😘😜
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