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The ceo’s secret episode 1 & 2

(He’s the devil☠️, She’s his secretary💜)
When Kimberly brown joined Riverside inc. as the CEO’S personal secretary, little did she know that she will be facing the biggest manhore in all history, Kaleb Eustis.
Kaleb Eustis has it all. Wealth, power, the looks of a Greek god and beautiful women falling at his feet. But what he doesn’t understand is why his stubborn but full of life secretary has not fallen for his charms yet. But what he started as a game to get into her p@nts turns out to be more powerful than he could have imagined. For he hides a secret that can cost her life.
Y- y- you’re not human? I managed to squeak out.
“Damn right I’m not!” He said as he came closer to me.
What would happen when Kimberly finds out that her boss is more than ordinary?🤷
Who’s ready for this thrilling story😁……….
Chapter 1🔥
Kaleb POV:
“Y-you’re not staying…..?” She asked breathless and her eyes already closing.
I pulled up my p@nts, buckled up and fixed the few wrinkles in my shirt caused due to fisting of her hands in them.
“No”. I answered curtly, running a hand through my black hair to neat it out as much as possible. I hate it when women mess it up. They think it pleases me well I hate it. As much as I hate staying a night with them.
When I was done adjusting myself, I bent down over her n@k£d body and pulled the sheets over. Then i leaned in to whisper in her ears.
“Forget about who you slept with. You had a one night stand with a stranger. You liked it but it won’t turn permanent so you s£nt him away. That’s all you remember”.
One thing I could never do, is that I wouldn’t take advantage of a woman. I wouldn’t sleep with her and make her forget it. That’s the lowest form of humiliation. Of using someone.
This girl was average looking. Light brown hair, brown eyes and a slightly chubby body. Insecure enough to have fallen for my charm the instant I laid my eyes on her.
Now I strode out of the room without a second glance.
My car was waiting for me right outside the hotel. Martin, my chuffer held the door open for me. He knew exactly how long I needed to finish. He was always precise and waiting.
“Where to,sir?” He asked staring the engine.
“HQ”. I answered looking out the window at a sleepless New York City. Even at 2:30 in the morning the city was alive and breathing.
“What is it?”. I asked Martin.
“Sir”, he appeared startled.
“You keep glancing back nevoursly. What’s wrong?”. I asked again.
“Your brother is waiting”, he said just as we pulled into the parking lot of my HQ.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you before, I had orders”. His nervousness increased. I knew something was wrong the instant he opened the door for me.
“The only orders you take are from me, no one else”. I got out and slammed the door shut before he could react and headed towards the office.
Truth was, Martin was one of my trusted men and he’s used to every one of my moods. He’ll understand.
I winced and came to stop a few feet from the elevator. ” Denlian”.
“Little brother”, Denlian came to stand in front of me blonde hair and blue eyes. It was clear to everyone that we bore no resemblance, each from different father. I even towered a foot over him. “You’re not with anyone?”.
“I’ve had my meal” I side stepped him and pressed the elevator button. Waiting for the door to open while gritting my teeth.
“Wha meal?” Denlian asked, astounded. “Dear God! Have some respect Kaleb. They are living, breathing people. Women!”.
” Meal is meal it doesn’t matter if you have to eat it or sleep with it”. Finally! I stepped into the elevator followed by Denlian.
“We’re incubi not demons” he said
“I didn’t know they was difference”. My head was starting to throb. ” Why are you here brother?”.
“It’s about your new secretary”.
I turned to face him sharply. “I don’t need a secretary. I think I told you that specifically”.
“Brother… please. At least have a look at her! She’s waiti-”
“You’ve called her here at this ungodly hour?” Denlian looks though innocent, told me a whole different story. I was beyond outranged. How dare he barge into my office and try to control my life!
“Ummmmm…” Dan scratched the back of his head nervously.
The ping noise indicating that we had reached the tenth floor of my HQ sounded and as soon as the doors parted I knew the reason for his nevoursness.
He hadn’t only brought a secretary to my office, he had appointed her.
The lounge was spotless and deviod of papers, everything else was piled up an stacked into cupboards and the lights were still on.
She stood by the office door. Tall, a little bit skinny. Dark brown hair, gl@sses and a p@nt suit. Professional from head to toe. And familiar. Very very familiar.
” What is your secretary doing here?” I snapped
” Her termed expired at my office and you recently fired yours so….” Denlian swallowed and turned to me determination filled in his eyes. ” Kaleb, give it a try. She’s the best we’ve ever had. She’ll be perfect”.
“At least bring someone who’s nicer on the eyes”.
“So you choose people on the basis of their looks?” I turned towards her, surprised that she would have the guts to speak up.
“No but I like the idea of beauty with brains” . I replied daring her to loose her composure.
Instead she returned a fake smile.
” Then I can @ssure you, I’ll work h@rd enough that you won’t miss the former”.
“Little brother, just consid-”
“You’re hired”.
“Wha-” My brother seemed surprised. He hadn’t thought I’d accept so easily. “Office hours start at 8am. A second late and I’ll fire you immediately. No questions asked”.
“Certainly, I’ll see you tomorrow”.
“Goodnight, Ms Brown”. I smirked as she headed past us towards the elevator.
” Goodnight Mr Eustis, Denlian.” She bowed her head and closed the elevator door. The fact that she called Denlian by his first name left me curious. Did he feed from her?
“Goodness brother!” I winced at his outburst, he didn’t wait long to pounce on me. “She’s human for goodness sake! She needs rest and she’s already done by waiting for you till 3 in the morning!”
“You wanted her to work for me so I hired her. It’s not my fault she’s incompetent”. I shrugged and loos£n my tie.
“She’s not incompetent! She’s the best secretary we’ve ever had and she’ll prove it to you! She’ll make you eat your own word, just you wait little brother”. With that he stormed out if the office.
Save me the trouble.
I entered my cabin to find it in the same order as the lounge. Impressive.
I moved p@ss my office door and down the hallway through a camouflage door to my apartment. This is where I stay. It was a huge living area and a huge bedroom with an en suite bathroom. No guest room. I don’t like having company.
After a steaming hot shower I came out of the bathroom in my robe and stared at the city through the gl@ss wall.
The day my family stop interfering in my life will be the best day of my life. But that day certainly wasn’t tomorrow.
Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day. ” Let’s see how long you last….. Kimberly”.
(He’s the devil☠️, she’s his secretary 💜)
Episode 2 💖
Kimberly POV 😘
Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep!!!
The door banged open as soon as I shut my alarm off.
“Honey, if you’re trying to wake up the entire neighborhood, I think you’ve already succeeded”.
“Five more minutes mom….” I gr0@ned from under my blanket. Soon found it flying off me and landing on the floor.
“Say that to your new boss”, mum put her hands on her waist to emphasize her point.
“Mooooom! Why did you remove my blanket? I’m not five!” I whined, the cold air making my shiver, but being the stubborn lazy person that I am I stayed put.
“Yes you’re not. You’re 23. And you know very well that I takes over an hour to get to your office!”. She said sternly. “Up, now!”.
Does she has to be this dramatic at 6 in the morning?
I sighed and rubbed my eyes. It was past 4’o clock when I went to bed last night or should I say this morning. I h@rdly had two hours of sleep. But I can’t waste time on sleep today. I have a hunch I’ll be working my @ss of this week at my new office.
Sometimes, I really need to stop. Denlian asked for a favour, to work at his brother’s office till the end of my term. If I couldn’t do it then I can go back to working with him. I should have refused but the idea of taking up a challenge with Kaleb Eustis was just too tempting. The pay was pretty high too.
I took a quick shower and dressed in a blue pencil shirt and jacket with a white shirt underneath. Pulled my hair into a neat bun on top of my head and put on My gl@sses. I checked my reflection in the mirror one more time before leaving the room. My mom was making me breakfast.
“Mom,” I called on to her. “I’m leaving”.
” Here’s your breakfast honey,” she handed me a lunch box. ” I’ve made your favorite sandwiches, eat them on your way.”
“Thanks mum, bye”, I gave her a hug before heading for the HQ.
The bus ride took an hour which gave me enough time to go over everything Denlian told me about his brother and what the internet said while eating mum’s delicious sandwiches.
What the tabloid said was that Kaleb had it easy. He was never in the office the entire day. He was always seen with different women, he was a cheater, a heartbreaker, but no matter how bad the breakups, none of his exe’s said a single bad word against him.
On the other hand, Denlian had told me that he was a h@rd-working man who didn’t want people knowing that he was talented, he came across as a spoilt rich Playboy because he had commitment issues and he was a genuinely nice person.
I wasn’t really convinced but since I’ve know Denlian for over three years, I decided to trust his advice.
I got off my stop and decided to cut the short distance by walking. I checked my watch before entering the building. Punched in my card and took the elevator to the 10th floor.
“Hey, hold up!,” I stopped the lift and smiled as another person entered the lift at the third floor. A man with light brown hair and green eyes in the usual staff attire, carrying a coffee mug In his hands.
“Here,” he handed over the cup of espresso to me. “The boss has this every morning, he gets really cranky without it. Mr Eustis asked me to inform you.”
“Mr Eustis?” I raised an eyebrow at him.
” Denlian”. He corrected with a simple smile.
“Thank you, Mr Trevor”, I said reading his name tag. “And don’t worry I’ll prepare it myself from tomorrow onwards”.
“Happy to help”, he said and excited at the ninth floor.
I stepped out of the elevator on the tenth floor, placed my purse on the desk, took out the organizer and used it as a tray for the coffee, adjusted my jacket with my free hand and took a deep breath….and opened the cabin door…only to nearly have a heart attack.
“Ah, Miss Brown. You seem to be a second late for work”. He smirked, leaning over his desk, palms on either side of a half n@k£d woman underneath him.
I tried my best to keep my poker face on. I’m a professional and I’ve seen worse. “Actually sir, I’m two minutes and three seconds early. Your clock is approximately four minutes and twenty nine seconds faster than standard”.
His smile vanished and he pushed away from the woman who got up and fixed herself as if I hadn’t just worked in on her and my boss, who on the other hand checked his iPhone 6 for the correct timing.
“Looks like you get to keep your job for the day, Mrs brown. Now”, he looked at the woman who was now standing at her feet by his desk, not a hair out of place.
“I’ll leave you to your work then”, she smiled Seductively at him.
“You actually counted the timing?”, He asked surprised.
“I would have corrected it if the clock wasn’t so high. Here’s your coffee sir”.
“Sir, if you tell me what your plans for the day are then I can-”
“Oh, I’m not going to need any planning, Ms brown. But I do have some for you”. He smirked, cutting me off as I took out the organizer. He’s face as godly as ever. “Are you ready for it?”.
“Yes sir”, I said firmly.


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