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The ceo’s secret episode 3 & 4

(He’s the devil☠️ she’s his secretary 💜)
Kimberly POV 😘
Three hours later I was cursing every known god on the planet for the existence of the being called Kaleb Eustis.
Not only was the guy rude and arrogant, he was also a sadist. He gave me work alright and I wasn’t complaining about it, bit he purposely kept calling me out to do meaningless chores so that I get delayed. For example, I’ve been working on compiling data in a recent merger, bit he constantly kept calling me in his cabin to fetch files for him which simply kept pilling up on his desk. Not to mention that the files he asked he asked for were kept in places too difficult to find.
“Ms brown”.
And here we go again.
I gathered the files in my hand as soon the printer released the last page, stapled them together and put them into a file and took it with me as I entered his office.
He was sitting in his huge revolving chair with his legs popped on the desk. He was leaning back on his chair with his eyes closed and hair disheveled. He looked drained.
He opened his eyes as soon as I walked in and before he could utter a command, I spoke. ” Here are the do¢vments you requested I organise from the merger with Glasgow company”. I held out the file for him to take but he stared at me for good ten seconds before taking the files from my hand and fl!pping through, I had doubts he even read a single line of the reports but he must have because he looked impressed by the time he’d fl!pped through the last page.
“Well done Ms brown, you’ve exceeded my expectations”, he told me with a small smile that transformed his face from grenade to nuclear handsome.
“Does that mean I get to keep my job?”, I asked sweetly.
“No”. His smile disappeared and was replaced with his usual frown. “You would get to leave an hour early than the time I planned to s£nd you home”.
” Which was?”
“Midnight. Bring me that red diary from the coffee table”.
Frowning, I went to the table and brought back the diary which looked like the smaller version of the Bible we got from school. I went to hand it over to him but he held it in my hand.
“That diary has all the names of my mistresses, arranged alphabetical. I-”
“Hold on……. mistresses?” As in plural.
“You have a problem?” He asked annoyed
“No sir”.
“As I was saying arrange the names accordingly in weekly order and tell me the first name you come up with”. His voice was firm.
“Anabella Brooks” I told him the first name.
“Scratch that out of the list, I’ve already drained her”
I looked up sharply at his last word. “Drained?”
For a second I saw an unknown expression p@ss through his eyes before they became expressionless and a smirk tilted his l!ps upward.
” I’m a very h@rd man to please. She drained herself trying to do so last night”.
My hand tighted around the diary. How dare he disrespect a woman. “Mr Eustis”. I grit out, surprised to find my voice still even. “Do you have any real work for me other than fetching files for you and s£nding bouceys for your mistresses?”
Right now I’m tempted to call Denlian and terminate the contract. I’m the best secretary this company has ever seen and the CEO is here treating me like his personal bell boy! Denlian and the entire staff of Bluebird respected me. They knew I could handle any project they threw my way. Here at Riverside I feel like my brain cells are about to commit suscide from the amount of boredom they suffered for the past few hours.
“You’ve been here barely a day, Ms brown, what makes you think I would trust you with a billion dollar @ssignment?” He leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.
“With all due respect sir, Denlian he-”
“Do not bring Denlian into any conversation with me. Ever! You will remember to do so henceforth or I won’t tolerate you in my office for another second”. His word were sharp and with anger. Whatever it was between him and Dan it’s been there for a very long time. However it was clearly one-sided, I’ve never seen Dan show anything but concern towards his brother.
“Understood, sir” with that I turned and left the room.
Lunch time p@ssed without me having any lunch. I had a pile of data to finish compiling by 2:30pm.
“Ms brown”.
“Yes sir?”
“What do you know about Trevina McKinley?” He asked
I thought back on what I heard about her while working at bluebird. “Sir, she’s the newest celebrity interior designer, rose to fame In just five years and at the age of 26 considered one of the most promising talent. And also the daughter of the producer and film maker, Jason McKinley”.
“Good. Hire her. I want her to design the new branch of our hotel that would open shortly at Babylon. Having her name connected with us will give us instant popularity”.
“I’ll get in contact with her as soon as I can”.
“Ms brown, just remember that our competitors in this contract are…. Bluebird”.
Holy hell…..come again?
Trevina McKinley lived in the opposite direction to Riverside and at a distance of nearly two hours from my house. So once again, I had to get up at four in the morning despite getting home at 12:30am, dressed within seconds, have breakfast on the bus, reach McKinley office by 8:30am only to find out that I’ll have to wait till 10:30am to meet her. Apparently, she isn’t a morning person.
Sighing, I took a seat on one of the large couches laid out in the waiting room of the office building, a 4 storied mansion that also acted as her residence. To say it was posh was an understatement. This tiny building had all the luxuries in the world including including an expensive looking coffee machine on one and a fancy mini bar on the other side of the room, big enough to fit a thousand people. The couches felt like fluffy clouds when I leaned my back on them. I could definitely fall asleep in here if I’m not careful enough.
Getting up, I headed for the coffee machine, but the manual had me rethink my decision. Half the words were in Japanese or Chinese, and I had no idea what the other half that was written in English meant. Where was this manufactured, NASA?
“You need help with that?”
My back stiffened at the slightly husky and all too familiar voice. “Kieth?”.
Kimberly POV 😘
“You need help with that?”
My back stiffened at the slightly husky and all too familiar voice. “Kieth?”.
“Kim?” That old name brought a smile to my face.
“What are you doing here?”, I asked my ex-colleague and ex-boyfriend, Kieth Simon.
“I’m Ms McKinley personal secretary and you must be Mr Eustis’s”.
“Yeah……” what exactly do you say to your ex-boyfriend after nearly five years apart?
“You’ve changed alot. You look different”. He motioned to my hair and clothes.
“I had to. It was difficult to get a job when you look like you’re still in high school”.
“True. You never really grew out of your adorable baby face”. He winked making me giggle.
“Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment” I said laughing.
“I’ll get your coffee”. Walking over to the machine he pressed some buttons and the machine came to life.
“Extra cream and sugar”, he said as he handed me the steaming cup of coffee. “Come on, let’s have a seat”. He lead me back to the couches and sat opposite me.
“Aren’t you going to have some?” I asked raising my cup.
“No I’ve already had my breakfast”, he shrugged.
“Your mom, shit how could I forget? Mrs Simon was always adamant about her boys having a huge breakfast. How is she? It’s been ages since I last saw her”.
“She’s good. She been asking about you alot. She was so sure you’d be her daughter-in-law one day”. And here comes the awkwardness
“Kieth, I-”
“It’s okay kim. It’s been five years now. We’ve come a long way. It’s okay to discuss the past now”.
He was right. We dated for three years even planned on getting engaged but then he moved away to Canada after graduating, he was offered an internship there while I stayed at Bluebird. We parted on good terms since we didn’t have a choice.
We were at the point where our career came first.
Two hours went by as we sat there talking about our friends, New York, Canada and even about us. At 10:30 on the dot I was called into Ms McKinley office. The place was completely different from Riverside’s. As I stepped into the room my gaze fell on a pair of beautiful eyes.
She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever laid my eyes on, she looked like a goddess. No wonder Mr Eustis wanted her at any cost.
“Ms McKinley, I’m Kimberly Brown, Mr Eustis personal secretary”. I told her taking a seat on a chair when she motioned me to.
“Eustis, which one?”
“Mr Kaleb Eustis, ma’am”, I answered.
“Kaleb huh, what does he want?”
“To make a deal with you, all the details are in this file. Would you like me to brief you?”. She nodded as a sign to go ahead. So I explained everything to her.
“I like the deal. But I’ll need to speak to Mr Eustis personal if I’m to work with him. Now take me to him”.
Kaleb POV
It was 11:46am when Kimberly brought her to my office. I’d dreaded this moment for a while now, but this is important.
“Ms brown, you won’t be required for this meeting. Please wait outside and shut the door behind you”, he said sternly.
At first she looked stunned but then she nodded her head and went outside the room. It was only them that the viper spoke.
“My, my Kaleb. I didn’t expect you to turn out to be the rebellious one”.
“How long will it take to complete the decorations?”
“What?” she looked startled
Her laughter had the power to make both mortals and immortals her slave. With her head thrown back, her king blonde curls sliding over her shoulder with a s£nsual caress, she lived up to her name. Poison Aphrodite.
Her laughter irritated me alot.
“Oh Kaleb! What has happened to you? She crossed her leg deliberately allowing her dress to slide off and expose her skin. “You were always the playful one, fun, s£nsual and carefree”.
“Irresponsible you mean”.
“God no!” She g@sped. “You were responsible for giving me the best six years of my life. Years I haven’t forgotten till date”.
“Really?” I asked surprised. “Funny how I can’t recall them at all”, and I really didn’t. She was a past I’d long forgotten and I’d very much like to keep it that way.
Her face paled. “You’ve changed Kaleb. I used to know you so well and you, I”
“If you knew me as well as you claimed, then you know that I hate repeating myself”, I let my inner demon voice reign.
Startled she looked at me wide eyed and then lowered her gaze. “It depends on the size of the hotel you’ve built”.
“Five storied, two fifty rooms, lounge, hall, five dinning rooms, pools for each floor and an underground bar”.
“Three months” she replied almost immediately
“I’m paying you fifty million for a reason, Trevina. I want to open it next month. Wrap everything up by this weekend. We’ll be staying there for the duration of the month. Everything you want for the decorations will be made available to you”.
With that she stood up and marched out the door, slamming it shut on her way out. I sighed and then called out. “If you want to eavesdrop so badly, wouldn’t it be better to stay in the room Ms brown?”.
She came into the room a second later through the door that attached my cabin to hers. She guilt written on her face and the pure vibrancy of her life force struck me.
From the day I’d first seen her she was so pure and bright and untouched.
“Sorry” a pink blush appeared on her cheeks. “She’s really beautiful.”
That had me raising my eyebrows. She’s been working for me for two whole days and yet she finds the viper beautiful? However she has worked for Denlian for nearly three years. Did she feel anything towards him?
“Can I get anything for you, Mr Eustis?”
“Tell Martin to prepare the car and tell me the next person on the list”.
Kimberly POV
Next one in the list? Wh-oh! The red diary of entanglements list.
I went back to my cabin and brought back the diary with me. Scratching out Ms brown name, I looked up the next that I hadn’t had a chance of telling him yesterday. “Alison Smith”.
He nodded his head and stood up. “I won’t be returning today or tomorrow, so take care of the management while I’m gone and when I get back I want full details of everything. You may go home early today if all the files on your desks has been cleared. And if Ms McKinley asks for me, tell her it’s none of her business”.
With that he was out the door and I released the breath I had been holding.
Few hours later I heard the familiar ring tone of my cell phone.
“Kimberly speaking”, I answered without looking at the screen.
“Hello bestie!”.
“Good God, Mary! Five days! I can’t believe you haven’t called me in five fv¢king days!”
“Chill sunny”, she used her ridiculous nickname for me. “Everyone here isn’t an Android. Normal beings can’t handle thirty five projects at once. And why are we even discussing stupid files? So tell me how’s life working for the other Eustis? Fishing for gossip as usual.
Marrisa Stanley has been my best friend since college. We even landed our internship together at Bluebird and later on our jobs. But while I worked as Denlian personal secretary, Mary worked as a project inspector at the HQ. And now I’m here at Riverside, she’s taken my place over there.
“Please don’t ask. I’ve started to curse my existence because of him”.
“You mean he’s not the lazy @ss guy everyone said he is?”
“God no! I’ve been working my @ss off every since I stepped foot in this office. He’s always busy, either on his phone or checking old files for mistakes. And now he’s off to God know where”. I complained.
“Wait a minute!” She halted me. “You mean him too?”
“Why, has Denlian disappeared too?”
“Yeah, he said something about a wedding. Maybe they’re both going, you know what this means right?”
“Oh come on Mary! We can’t go to a bar right now. Besides I have tons of paper work to complete”.
“Look, neither of our bosses are here tonight. They’ll never know even if we finish tomorrow. Come on, please? We haven’t seen each other for five whole days! It’ll be fun. You can stay over at my apartment”.
“Okay the usual?”
“YES! I’ll see you in twenty. Bye!”
Mary hung up and it was 8:48pm. So i shut the lights, arranged all the files and decided to call it a day. It’s time to party.
Kaleb POV
“What’s the matter, brother? You look worried”. Dan came to stand before me much to my annoyance, so I decided to express it.
“Why must you loiter around me to notice my expression, Denlian?” I questioned back.
“Because it was Miaka who put that expression on your face, and she just might be the only person in your life you’ve ever loved”, he stated.
Indeed he stands correct. We may not be her brothers from birth but Dan and I, raised her since she was an infact. We both loved her dearly but it wasn’t Miaka who put a frown on my face it was what she said.
“Miaka told me something…….. something quite distressing. It’s about Erick’s competition”.
“Emiel was it? What’s so disturbing about him?”
“Alina told me something today”, Miaka spoke from behind Dan “something that indicates towards possession”.
“That’s impossible! Possession? How?” Dan asked
“We are yet to confirm but I have a hunch. If what I’m thinking is true, this is no longer a battle for the throne”.
“I don’t understand, Miaka” Denlian said “what aren’t you telling me? What’s so bad about this?”
“An ancient is waking”.


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