The boy next door Episode 7

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Seven📘
A month later.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Would st©p stuffing the whole popcorn in your mouth,save some for me” i asked alre-ady so annoyed.
Xander and i were watching a movie at his house and he was busy taking the whole popcorn.
“It’s not my fault you are so slow at eating popcorn” he said and i threw a popcorn at him.
After that day i told him my past,we have become really close, although he is still very, very annoying,he’s actually a nice guy and a good friend.
“Oh, Zac Efron is so handsome” i said excitedly, suddenly Xander changed the channel.
“Hey, what’s your problem,put it back”
We were struggling for the remote.
“I don’t want to hear you gushing over some guy”
“You are just jealous because Zac is so cute” i said and he rolled his eyes.
“You are just jealous because Zac is so cute” he said mimicking me ma-king me laugh.
“Give me the remote,you bonehead” i said.
He stood up and raised up the remote in the air,he took the advantage because he was way taller than me so i couldn’t get the remote.
“Take the remote from my hands if you can” he said and chuckled.
“Let’s see if you can resist my tickling” i said and started tickling him.
He started laughing,i jumped on him ma-king me on t©p of him.
“Give me the damn remote” i said still struggling with him.
He immediately turned ma-king him on t©p me.
“You are not so tough” he said sm-irking at me.
“Get off me,you idiot” i said.
“Not until you say that Xander is the S-xiest guy you have ever seen” he said and i chuckled.
“But i don’t lie” i said and he rolled his eyes.
“Then i will just tickle you till you say it” he said and started tickling me.
I was laughing so ha-rd .
“Okay, okay,fine,Xander is the S-xiest guy i have ever seen” i said still laughing.
“That’s wasn’t so ha-rd ” he said and moved closer to me ma-king our foreheads t©uçh.
“I could stare at you all day” he said with his h0t breath on my n£¢k, I looked into his beautiful hazel eyes,i think i could get lost in them.
“Why would you want to say at me all day?”
“Because, Gianna Flores,you are the most beautiful woman I have ever set my eyes on” he said and i started blu-shing instantly.
We stayed in that position,him on t©p of me, we were staring at each other.
My eyes went to hisl-ips but i quic-kly ignored that idea.
“Honey,we are home”Someone said and the front door opened,i and Xander stood up immediately.
It was his parents, he actually looked like his dad but he took his mom’s eyes.
“Mom,Dad, you didn’t tell me you were coming back today” Xander said.
“Well,we changed our minds” His mom said,she looked at me weirdly,his dad just walked away.
“And who might you be?” She asked
“Am Gianna, Xander’s friend,we attend the same college”
“Mom, she’s also our next door neighbor”
“Are you in the same engineering dep@rtment with Xander?”
“Engineering dep@rtment? Xander’s not….
“Um,no,Mom, She’s in the Medical dep@rtment” Xander sais cutting me off
“Oh, that’s so nice”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Oh, that’s so nice” My mom said smiling.
“Xander,i have a special surprise for you but that’s later”
“Okay, mom” i said and my mom went upstairs.
“Xander, what’s going on? You are not in the engineering dep@rtment, you are in the music dep@rtment” Gianna said and i sighed.
“I know but my parents don’t know that,look,i really want to be a singer but my parents especially my dad wants me to be an engineer so i tricked them into thinking am studying engineering”
“Wow, that’s tough,what if they find out because they will definitely find out”
“I know,i will figure it out”
“Have they ever heard you sing” She asked.
“No, they don’t even have the time of the day for me”
“Well,i think they are missing out,you are an amazing singer and you nee-d to be heard” She said and held my hand.
“Thanks,Gigi” i said and she smiled.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Aww,you two are so cute here” Ashley said as she kept scrolling throu-gh the pictures of Xander and i on my phone.
“Ashley,you have seen this pictures before, why do you like starring at it?”
“You two look so good together,your kids will be so cute”
“Kids? Ashley,you are officially crazy”
“Am not,i know you two will get married and i will be there”
“Let’s just go to clas-s”
“Hey,Gigi” Xander said as he approached us.
“Ashley, what’s up?” Xander asked as he ruffled her hair.
“Xander,you always treat likd a kid,noe i have to go fix my hair in the bathroom” She said ma-king us laugh, then,she walked away.
Xander wanted to say something until an announcement c@m£ up.
“Good morning, Students of Hilton College,i would like to tell you all that there will be a one week trip,all dep@rtmental students are allowed to attend,we will be going to Miami, It will a way of distressing yourself from college,more information will come up after school”
“A vacation to Miami, that’s sounds fun” Xander said
“Yeah,it will be so fun,i can’t wait”
The whole school kept talking about the trip.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I got home from school and i saw my mom doing some stuff on her l@pt©p.
“Good afternoon,mom” i said and tried climbing the stairs.
“Wait,we have to talk, come sit down” She said.
I sat down in front of her.
“Am here,what do you wanna say?”
“First of,that tomboy i saw in our house,is she your girlfriend?”
“Mom, she’s not a tomboy,her name is Gianna and she’s an amazing person and she’s not my girlfriend”
“Well,i was asking because i see the way you look at her”
“Mom,is that all, can i leave now?” I asked clearly frustrated.
“No,i know about that trip to Miami”
“Someone really special is here to see you”
“Me” i turned and it was Skylar.
She jumped on me and k!$$£d my cheeks.
“Oh,Xander,i missed you so much” She said excitedly.
“Alex,she is going with you on yor trip to Miami”
“What? But it’s only for students of the college”
“Well,i made a few calls” My mom said and i sighed.
“What’s it? You don’t want me to come?” Skylar asked.
“No, that’s not it,am just surprised”
Skylar has always liked me but i have been avoiding her in my last college,i only see her as my friend, now that’s she’s here, she’s going to ruin all the fun i planned out for i and Gianna.