The boy next door Episode 8

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Eight 📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
Ashley was going throu-gh my wardrobe.
“Gigi,you nee-d to take dresses with you” She said as she raised some go-wns that i buried de-ep in my wardrobe.
“Why do I nee-d to take dresses?”
“How will you win Xander’s heart,if you don’t dress S-xy”
“Who said anything about winning Xander’s heart?” I asked and she sighed.
“Gigi,i see the way you look at him, it’s so obvious that you like him,so you two just nee-d a little push”
“I and Xander are just friends”
“That’s not how everyone in college sees it” Jamal said as he walked into my room.
“How do people see it in school?”
“Like for example,you rarely come to basketball game but now that Xander’s p@rt of the team,you come all the time”
“I go there because Xander wants me there”
“Am also on the basketball team, remember and am your brother” he said and i rolled my eyes.
“I don’t go there because you always run off with the cheerleaders,Xander always come to meet me after the game no matter how crowded he might be,he always comes to me first” i said, then i realized i have been blu-shing.
“You see,you were blu-shing without even noticing” Ashley said and i sighed.
“Sis,you have fallen in love with Xander” Jamal said and smiled.
“Let’s say that am in love with Xander, aren’t you going to punch his face like you did with the guys that comes near me?”
“No,i won’t because Xander is a good guy”
“Okay, enough of this talk, Jamal,you should really go pack your things” I said while pushing him out of my room.
“Gigi,we are still taking this dresses,yoy might never know when you would nee-d them and swim suits too” Ashley said and i rolled my eyes.
Ashley is so crazy.
“I hope you two didn’t forget anything?” My mom asked as we were about to leave.
We are supposed to head to school first,then the bus would take us straight to the airport, then Miami.
“Yes, mom,we got everything”
“Aww,i will miss you two but at least i would get a little rest from your bickering”My mom said ma-king us laugh.
She k!$$£d our foreheads, the we took a cab to school.
“Gosh,i have been trying to call Xander but he isn’t picking up” i said.
“He lives next door,you could have gone to his house”
“His mom is around and i don’t think she likes me very much and his window was locked all day”
“His mom doesn’t like you? Who wouldn’t like you” Jamal said and i rolled my eyes.
“Jamal,i know you are just saying this because you know i saw that c0md0min your bag”
“Thanks for not telling mom”
“Jammy,if you impregnate a girl before finishing college,i swear i will kill you myself” i said ma-king him chuckle.
“You know what? It’s good you let your hair down,you look really pretty” he said ma-kinge smile.
“Thanks, little bro”
“Am not little,we are the same age”
“No,am older,am 6 minutes older than you” i said and he rolled his eyes.
We finally got to school, Jamal walked over to his friends.
My eyes were searching for Xander but i couldn’t find him,i hope he’s alright.
“Gigi!!!” Ashley said and jumped on me.
“Ash,do you want to kill me?”
“Sorry,am just so excited,we are going to Miami”
“Yeah, it’s gonna be fun”
“Just promise me that you will at least loos£n up a bit” She said and i sighed.
“Okay,fine,i promise”
“Where’s Xander?”
“I don’t know,i called but he wasn’t answering”
“Maybe he got caught up with something”
“Yeah, maybe but…
“Here he comes” Ashley said cutting me off.
The black Jeep parked and Xander c@m£ out looking so dashing,i was about to go meet him when a girl also c@m£ out.
She locked her hands with Xander.
“And who’s she?” Ashley asked.
“I don’t know, maybe a friend..or girlfriend”
“No,i don’t think she’s his girlfriend,look at him, he’s not happy holding her”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
My mom is so stubborn and Skylar is so clingy, she’s worse than Madison.
She followed me to school,i don’t know how to cope with her breathing down my n£¢k all the time.
We finally got to school, Gianna was the first person i saw,she let her hair down and she looked gorgeous.
She didn’t dress like a girl but she’s so beautiful in my eyes.
I wanted to run and hvg her so ti-ght bit i remembered that Skylar was here.
I walked over to her and Ashley.
“Hey,Gigi” i said,she looked over at Skylar then back at me,then smiled.
“Hey, I actually called but you weren’t answering,now i think i know why”
“Who are you? You are definitely not a student of our college” Ashley said.
“Am Skylar, Xander’s closet friend,his mom made a few calls , that’s why am here” Skylar said holding my hands ti-ghter.
“But wait, don’t you have to go to your college,so you are saying you felt your own college to come here because of Xander?” Ashley asked and Gianna nudged her so that she can keep quiet.
“Xander’s my closet friend and i miss him, that’s why i c@m£”
“Um..Gigi,you look really pretty today” i said and she smiled.
“You are a tomboy,right?” Skylar asked and i sighed.
“No,am not… Ashley,i think we should go wait for the bus somewhere else” Gianna said and dragged Ashley along.
“You shouldn’t have said that”
“If she doesn’t like being called a tomboy,she should st©p dressing like one”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Something is telling me that Skylar’s a bit-ch”Ashley said.
“That’s her problem,she should do whatever she wants” i said and Ashley started looking at me weirdly.
“You are jealous of seeing Skylar so close to Xander”
“No,am not, why would you think that?”
“Because you have been staring at them for sometime now”
“No,am not jealous,am just…” I sighed,then Ashley held my hands.
“Look,Gigi, the only way you can shut the mouth of Skylar is by loos£ning up,show everyone who you really are, it’s time to let go of the past”
Maybe Ashley’s right,i have been thinking about going back to who i was and forgetting my horrible past.
“We will talk about that when we get to Miami,but now, the bus just arrived”
In a few minutes,we were heading to the airport, Xander sat beside Skylar,he alre-ady promised me that we would sit together but i guess the plan changed.
“Ashley,i nee-d to talk to my sister,cam we switch seats just for a minute?” Jamal asked.
“Okay” Ashley said, Jamal sat beside me.
He started staring at me and sm-irking.
“What do you want and why are you staring at me like that?”
“You are jealous of that h0t chick called Skylar”
“Am not,Jammy,now leave”
“You wanted to be close to Xander but she ruined it”
“She’s Xander’s closet friend”
“Xander’s my friend,i could talk to him for you”
“No, plea-se don’t do it,i really don’t want drama”
“Sis,you and i know that you are the prettiest girl here,even if you dress like a boy and if Xander doesn’t see that,then he’s totally blind”
“Thanks,bro,you might be unimaginable annoying but you do know how to make your sister smile”
“You are my twin, I have to make you smile”
He exchanged seats but instead of Ashley sitting beside me,it was Xander.
“Hey” he said huskily.
“What are you doing here,you are supposed to be with Skylar”
“She fell asleep,am really sorry about everything,my mom f0rç£d her on me”
“Then your mom must like her alot”
“Let’s not talk about them, let’s talk about us,how about i take you around Miami?”
“You have been to Miami?”
“Of course,i went there on a vacation once”
“That’s not going to be possible with Skylar around”
“We will figure out something, right now,i really want to see your grey eyes”
“I can’t take it off”
“I know,you still look beautiful no matter the eye colour” he said and i looked away shyly.
“Did i just make the almighty Gianna Flores shy?”
“I was not shy,i just wanted to look outside the window” i said and he chuckled.
“I got something for you”
He brou-ght out a br@celet,it had beautiful engraved on it.
“Wow, it’s nice” i said as i beamed with happiness.
He put it on my wrist,i t©uçhed it.
“Thanks so much”
“Anything for the most beautiful girl”
We ended up talking all throu-gh the drive to the airport.