The boy next door Episode 4

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Three 📘
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“re-move your contact lenses first” i said and smiled at me.
Annoying her makes me happy,her face is so funny.
“Okay,fine” She said and she re-moved the lenses.
“Are you happy? Now, give me my book”
I starred at her beautiful eyes,she continued saying somethings but i couldn’t hear because i was lost in her eyes.
“HEY!” She yelled jo-lting me back to reality.
“Oh, sorry,i zoned out for a bit”
“Give me my book,you annoying br@t”
“I will give you on another condition”
“What other condition,look,you are so close to having a knife aimed at your head”
“You have to beg me for it”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“You have to beg me for it” he said and i chuckled.
“You have to be kidding me right now,beg for my own book, ridiculous”
“Okay,you can k!ssyour novel goodbye” he said and tried to close his window.
I can’t let him take it, it’s a Tamara Blair Novel and I have been dying to re-ad it.
“Wait” i said and he pu-ll-ed his window up.
“Yes,Miss Gianna” he said sm-irking at me,oh,i really want to strangle him.
“plea-se give me my book”
“Hmm,it wasn’t that bad but you have to smile while saying it”
“Xander,i think you are really crazy”
“If you don’t do as i say,i will put your precious novel in my bo-xers”
“You wouldn’t dare”
He tried to push the book in to his bo-xers.
“Okay,fine, plea-se give me my book” i said and f0rç£d a smile.
“That’s much better,you see tge world would a better place if you justdo as you are told”
He threw the book at me which i caught.
“Now, listen to me,you little ugly looking,big nosed br@t,if you try this with me again, i will s£nd you straight to the hospital” i said and closed my window.
I could hear him laughing, such a dummy.
2 weeks later.
“Bro,that guy is so annoying, yesterday he kept throwing paper into my room for no reason” i said to Jamal.
We were watching a movie with mom.
“Maybe he likes you” Jamal said and i rolled my eyes.
“Seriously, Jamal, that’s what you can say?”
“Well,what do you want me to say? Xander’s a nice guy and he is not even a pla-yer,i ha-rd ly see him witg girls except Madison but she f0rç£s herself on him”
“Typical Madison,she f0rç£s herself on anything,she thinks because she is popular that every guy wants her”
“You know,you could be the most popular girl in college if you just start showing your real self and st©p hiding”
“Jamal,i told you i don’t want attention,Xander is alre-ady giving me a headache”
“Are you talking about Xander,like our next door neighbor?” Mom asked as she walked in with a bowl of popcorn.
“Xander, he’s such a cute and respectful boy”
“Mom,have you talked to him?” I asked.
“Yes,he usually drives me to the mall to buy stuffs, he’s such a gentleman and he always asks about you, Gianna”
“Mom,that guy is so annoying sometimes i control myself from strangling him”
“Oh,st©p it,Gigi,he’s a nice boy and i think he likes you”
“Okay, enough,can we go back to the movie, plea-se”
Jamal wanted to say something when the doorbell rang.
“I will get it” My mom said.
She walked to the door and opened it.
“Xander,you c@m£”
What? Xander is here,he walked in wearing a grey hoodie and black sweatp@n-ts.
“Hey,bro,nice seeing you”Jamal said as he and Xander did a bro-hvg.
“Mom,why is he here?”
“I invited him to watch a movie with us”
“Okay,i just lost interest in the movie,am going to my room to sleep”
“Sis, don’t be a spoilt sp©t”
“Gianna,i mean no harm” Xander said looking so innocent.
“Gigi,look at the way he is nice to you” My mom said and i sighed.
“Okay,i will watch the movie”
I sat down beside Jamal,he quic-kly stood up.
“I like sitting at that side of the living room,so Xander, let’s switch places,you come sit down beside Gigi”
“That is not…
“Okay, sure” Xander said cutting me off”
He and Jamal switched places,so Xander was sitting so close to me,i couldn’t move away because the couch was small.
I gave Jamal a “i will kill you” look,he win-ked at me.
Xander moved closer to me.
“If you move any closer,i will punch you in the face” i whispered to him,he chuckled.
“That movie was damn interesting” Xander said.
“You can say that again”Jamal said.
“Xander, would you like to have lunch with us?”
“No,He will not be having lunch with us” i said glaring at Xander.
“Oh,come on, Gianna made brown rice and salad and it’s amazing”
“I can’t say no to the food Gianna cooked,so let’s go” Xander said.
My mom amd Jamal were heading to the dinning area,i pu-ll-ed Xander away.
“Remind me to kill you before you leave” i said and walked away.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
Gianna’s mom served the food, Gianna kept giving me deadly stares which made me chuckle.
“Come on,Xander,eat”
“Okay” i took a spoon of the food,i ate it and made a funny face at Gianna.
“Is it good?” Gianna’s mom asked.
“It’s so delicious, Gianna,you are so good”
“Whatever” She said and rolled her eyes.
“Gigi,be nice to him”
“Yes,Gigi,am only complimenting you,the least you can do is to be nice to me” i said.
She gave the “i will kill you” sign,i win-ked at her ma-king her look away.
“Gigi, remember when Dad and mom would do a cooking competition,it was so nice”
“Yes,it was always fun and we had lots to eat” She said happily.
“That must have been really nice” i said sadly remembering the fact that my parents don’t even have time for me.
“Alex,what about your parents?”
“They travelled like always but it’s fine” i said smiling slightly.
“Aww, don’t worry,my kids will keep you company”
“I won’t because i have better things to do” Gianna said.
“Gigi,be nice” Jamal said.
“Don’t bother,Gigi just doesn’t like me”
“How about you and i go down to that basketball court down the street?” Jamal asked.
“That would be fun”
“Gigi can go with you, she’s also good in basketball”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Gigi can go with you, she’s also good in basketball” My mom said.
What’s wrong with my mom and trying ti make me hang out with Xander?
“No,i have homework”
“Gigi, today’s Friday,you can do your homework tomorrow”
“No,i want to do it today”
“Mom,leave her, don’t forget that she’s a nerd”Jamal said.
“Am not a nerd”
“Then prove that you are not a nerd and follow us” Xander said sm-irking at me.
“Okay, am re-ady, let’s go” i said to Xander and Jamal.
“You have your lenses on?”Xander asked.
“Yes,i don’t want anyone seeing my eye color”
“I think your grey eyes are really beautiful”
“Can we leave?”
We walked down the street to the basketball court,thank goodness,no one was there.
“Alright,you two pla-y,i will watch” i said and sat on the bench.
“You are so boring,sis” Jamal said ma-king Xander chuckle.
“Keep this going,Jamal,and mom will know the list of girls you sneak into our house”i said and he rolled his eyes.
They started pla-ying and i have to admit Xander is really good.
“Xander,you are really good” Jamal said.
“Come on,Gigi, let’s pla-y”
“No,i think am fine here on this bench”
“Come on,unless you are scared”Xander said and i stood up.
“You are on”
We started pla-ying,i outsmarted h and scored a goal.
“Am being easy on you” he said and I rolled my eyes.
We kept pla-ying as Jamal watched us,we were at 4-4.
“Okay,if one of us win,the loser has to buy ice cream for the winner” Xander said.
“Then get prepared to buy me ice cream”
We started pla-ying,it was really tough because we didn’t let ourselves win and i wanted to win.
“Look, it’s Beyonce!!!” I said excitedly,Xander got distracted and i scored a goal.
“I WON!!!!” I said and jumped up happily.
“You cheated,Missy”
“I didn’t,you got distracted”
“Beyonce wasn’t even there,you tricked me”
“Sorry for you, I won,you lost,my ice cream”
“Whatever” he said and rolled his eyes.
“Hey,looks like you can pla-y”
We turned and it was 5 guys.
“So,is there any problem?” Xander asked.
“Why don’t we pl@ya match?” A blonde hair guy asked.
“What’s the reward?”
“I don’t know, anything,just me and you”
“The winner gets a k!ssfrom my sister”Jamal said and i swear i froze.
“Deal,your sister is pretty” the blonde guy said.
“Let’s start” Xander said and he re-moved his shi-t revea-ling his abs.
I could hear giggles,then i noticed the basketball court was full witg people amd girls were drooling over Xander.
“The person with the highest score in the next 10 minutes is the winner” Jamal said.
“Start” Someone yelled.
“Jamal,are you nuts,i can’t k!ssa random stranger”
“Don’t worry,Xander is good,he will win”
“But i don’t want to k!ssXander too”
Jamal walked away to some girls,i really don’t want to k!ssanyone.