The boy next door Episode 5

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Four📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
The game started and to tell you the truth,i was so nervous.
I don’t want to k!ssa random stranger and i don’t want to k!ssXander,but someone has to win.
The blonde guy almost scored a goal but Xander was quic-k to st©p it.
“Oh,i wish i was the girl getting the k!ss,i wouldn’t care who won” a girl beside me said.
If she only knew how much I wanted to switch places.
The game bec@m£ really h0t as Xander had a chance to score,my heart was beating so fast.
“St©p!!” Someone said and it turned out to be the street officer.
“It’s six in the evening, meaning everyone has to leave the basketball court” he said and i sighed in relief.
I won’t k!ssanyone,thank goodness.
Everyone started grumbling while leaving the basketball court.
“Too bad and I was really feeling the game” the blonde guy said.
“Yeah,me too” Xander said as he put on his shi-t.
“We could still hang out, gorgeous” the blonde guy said amd win-ked at me.
“Look,i only used my sister as a reward because i knew you wouldn’t win but if you try to t©uçh my sister,i will cut your di-ck off” Jamal said angrily.
The blonde guy sm-irked then walked away with his friends.
“Well,am going home,bye” i said and walked away.
I got home and sat on the couch.
“You guys took too long,how was it?” My mom asked.
“Okay, I guess”
“And how about Xander?”
“Mom,he is next door,you ask him yourself”
“St©p being so rude” she said and i rolled my eyes.
“Why did you walk so fast,sis?” Jamal asked as he walked in.
“I didn’t want Xander bugging me”
“Well,he told me to tell you that je enjoyed your company”
“Urrgh,spare me that,am going to my room” i said and walked upstairs.
I got to my room to freshen up when i saw something.
It was a cu-p of ice cream with a note that says ‘To the winner’.
Am sure it’s Xander, it’s even my favorite, chocolate, Jamal must have told him.
I smiled and started eating it.
It was a Sunday afternoon and i was home alone, Jamal went out to see one of his flings,Mom went out with her friends.
I was so bored so i decided to take a nap.
I started hearing someone singing, it’s a guy’s voice, it’s Xander.
I opened my window slightly and watched him as he sang and strummed the guitar.
🎶 I wanna ask you if this is all just in my mind.
🎶My heart is pounding tonight, I wonder
🎶If you are too good to be true
🎶And would it alright if i pu-ll-ed you closer.
🎶How could i know
🎶That i would wake up feeling more….
I kept listening to his voice that I didn’t know when he had finished.
“So did you like it?”He asked jo-lting me back to reality.
“Like what?”
“The song”
“Yeah, it’s good,you have a really nice voice”
“Wow, Gianna Flores is saying something nice to me,what a miracle” He said and i rolled my eyes.
“Today’s Sunday so am trying to be nice” i said and he chuckled.
“You wanna be a singer?” I asked
“Yeah,i love music, it’s something that you can’t take away from me”
“Your parents must be really happy” i said and his expression changed.
“Am sorry..did i say something wrong?”
“No,you didn’t, it’s know what, forget it… let’s talk about other things,did you really want me to win at that basketball game?”
“I can’t k!ssa random person”
“So you can k!ssme?” He asked sm-irking at me.
“No,if you had won,i know i wouldn’t k!ssyou because i wouldn’t have let you k!ssme”
“That’s true,so are you doing anything?”
“No, Jamal and my mom are out of the house”
“You can watch me sing, how about that?”
“Xander,this is not some ro-mantic movue where the guy sings to the girl, then they fall in love” i said and he chuckled.
“I know that,i think it would be a little ha-rd for you to fall for me”
“You got that right”
“So are you going to watch?”
“Yeah, sure”
We used the whole evening annoying and ma-king fun of each other.
The Next day,i got re-ady for college,i went downstairs to have breakfast.
“Mom, where’s Jamal?” I asked as i ate from my food.
“He left for school alre-ady” My mom said and i nearly choked on my food.
“Yeah,he said they had an early basketball practice”
“So he just left me,who is gonna take me to school,you know how far it is?”
“That’s why someone is here to pick you up”
The doorbell rang and my mom opened the door,Xander walked in.
“Seriously,mom?” I asked.
“You and Xander attend the same college,so he can take you”
“Let’s go,Gigi,we haven’t got all day” Xander said and i rolled my eyes.
I walked behind him,we got outside amd there was a powerbike waiting for us.
“I thought you owned a car?”
“I also own a Powerbike,so hop in and put on this helmet”
“Just so you know,am not enjoying this at all”
“Come on, pretty face, let’s go,i have basketball practice”
I wore the helmet and hop on the bike.
“Hold on to me so you don’t fall” He said
“Hold on to me so you don’t fall” i mimicked him.
He started the bike,i had to hold his w@!st because i really didn’t want to fall.
I had to ignore the fact that i was tou-ching his rock ha-rd abs.
We finally got to school,and of course, people started staring at us.
“Thanks for the ride,bye” i said trying to walk away when he held my wrist.
“Wait,i wanted to ask you if you could come watch me pl@ythis afternoon,we having a game with another team and i would like it if you were there,so would you?” He asked and pouted hisl-ips.
He starred at me with those hazel eyes,the sun was shining on him, ma-king his eye shine brighter.
“Gianna,are you still there?” He asked waving his hands in my face.
“Yes,i will be there” i said and he beamed with happiness.
“Thanks” he said smiling while i turned around and walked away.
I walked over to my locker, Ashley ran up to me.
“Babe,your picture with Xander is on tge school’s website” she said excitedly.
“What picture,i don’t remember taking a picture with Xander”
She showed me her phone and it was a picture from this morning when he dropped me at school.
“Who took the picture?”
“I don’t know but you two look good in this picture,you look like a couple”
“Don’t start, Ashley,there is nothing going on with i and Xander”
“It better be the truth” Someone said,i turned and it was Madison.
“What do you want,you upcoming prostitute?” Ashley asked ma-king me giggle.
“Look here, Gianna,You and Xander are on total different level,he is a popular person,you are just the boring sister to one of the h0ttest boy in college, so mind your place”
“And if i don’t mind my place? What are you going to do? Am a threat to you, aren’t i?”
“You are no match for me,look at me, technically the most beautiful girl in college and you..well,look at you, Tom boy”
“Everyone knows that everything on you is fake,you did surgery to get that b©dy unlike some people who were born with a natural figure” Ashley said.
“It doesn’t matter, Gianna,stay away from Xander”
“You can’t tell me what to do, you little prostitute,do what you know how to do best and that’s fv¢king every guy in college, Shameless bit-ch” i said and walked away with Ashley.