The boy next door Episode 17

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Seventeen📘
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
No,i can’t still believe it, Jamal and Madison are obviously lying to me,am so sure of it.
“No,you are lying,Jamal,Xander would never do such to me”
“Am not lying,i wanted to tell you but…
“KEEP SHUT,YOU ARE LYING” i yelled,while Madison laughed.
“You still don’t want to believe” Madison said.
“Get out of here” Ashley said glaring at her,she walked away.
“Am going to talk to Xander and i want to go alone” i said.
I walked over to his locker and there he was talking to his friends.
Did he really do this to me?
“Gigi” he said immediately he saw me,he gave his friends a signal and they walked away.
“We nee-d to talk” i said.
“Okay, about?”
“Xander,i nee-d you to be completely honest with me with what am about to ask you”
“Okay but you are scaring me”
“Did..Did you place a bet on me with your friends?” I asked and i saw the look of shock on his face.
“Well,did you?” I asked again.
“It’s a yes or no question, answer me” I said cutting him off.
“Gigi, it’s…
“ANSWER ME!” I yelled.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
ANSWER ME!” She yelled, I have no choice but to tell her the whole truth.
“Yes,i did, i made a bet with my friends”
“They said that no guy has ever gotten close to you or even hvgged you so i challenged them,but i swear i didn’t know you were the girl they were talking about.
When i found out it was you, i bec@m£ more eager to talk to you”
“No,you are lying to me,you deceived me,i was such a fool to have let you come near me, everything you told me was a lie”
“It wasn’t,i swear to you, the first time i saw you throu-gh my window,i took interest in you alre-ady and that was before the stupid bet,you have to believe me Gigi”
“No,st©p lying to me,you only bec@m£ my friend just to prove a point to your friends,i was so stupid to believe you actually cared for me when i was dressing like a tomboy”
“No, don’t say that,you are very special to me,you un-derstand me so well and to tell you the truth,i never thought i could feel this way for anyone.
During our friendsh!ptogether,i fell in love with you,am in love with you,Gigi and i swear …
I was cut off my Gigi’s hand on my cheek,she sl@pped me,i could hear people murmur.
Then i noticed the whole school were looking at us.
“You are such a bastard and i blame myself for letting you get close to me,just because i found out about all your lies,you are now telling me that you love me”
“Gigi, listen to me,i swear am not lying,am in love with you”
“Don’t you ever in your miserable life talk to me or come to my house” She said and ran off.
The crowd started reducing,i angrily punched the wall.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I walked home with tears in my eyes,he lied to me,he pretended to care and i was such a fool to believe him.
I remembered how he would always throw paper into my room just to annoy me.
How he would pl@yloud rock music so that i would shout at him.
He would buy me my favorite ice cream so that he could feed me himself.
How rude he would get to any guy that comes close to me.
How he would write poems about me and sing to me.
He would try anything possible just to see me smile anytime am sad.
It’s so painful that everything was all just because of a bet.
I thought he was the only one who cared about me no matter how i dressed, who accepted my past.
I finally got to my house,i opened the door and walked in.
“She is here alre-ady, Jamal” i heard my mom say on the phone.
“Mommy” i said in tears.
“Oh,my baby,Jamal told me everything” She said and hvgged me
“He lied to me,he lied, Xander lied to me and i hate him so much”
“It’s okay,my darling, everything will be okay”
I cried in my mom’s arm till i drifted off to sleep.