The boy next door Episode 18

💥The Boy Next Door 💥
📘 Chapter Eighteen📘
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
After Gigi left , I wasn’t the se again,i caused it.
I should have told her from the beginning,i shouldn’t even had done that stupid bet.
Now,the one person i truly love is angry amd would probably not want to see me again.
I havr honestly never loved anyone the way i love Gigi.
I don’t even know at what point i fell in love with her,all i knew was that i couldn’t stay away from here.
I just have to make sure she forgives me.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I left school really early meaning i missed a lot of clas-ses.
I just stayed in my room and cried,i hate feeling this way.
“Little Angel” Jamal said as he walked into my room,that was the my dad used to call me when i was little.
“Jamal,get the hell out of my room,you traitor”
“Gigi, don’t say that to me,am your twin brother” he said moving closer to me.
“You should have thought about that before you lied to me”
“I didn’t lie to you”
“Yes,you did,i asked you why you punched Xander,you said it was nothing”
“That was the day i heard Xander and some of my friends talking about the bet,i got so angry that i punched him repeatedly.
I could have killed him if no one st©pped me”
“You still didn’t tell me”
“I swear i wanted to but when i saw you, I could see in your eyes how much you cared about Xander so i didn’t”
“You made me believe him like a fool,am so stupid”
“No,you are not stupid,you are in love with Xander” he said and i laughed.
“Jamal, since when did you know about Love?”
“You are right,i may not be the best person to tell you about Love but all i know is that i see the connection between you two and i know you feel it”
“Jamal,he pla-yed me for a fool”
“I know that but he personally told me how much he loved and would do anything for you and Gianna,he was serious”
“Jammy,i just want to be alone for now”
“Alright, fine”
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
I was sitting by my window side expecting to see Gianna open her window like before.
We would talk all night about silly things.
“Honey,i and your father are going on a business trip”
“Fine, whatever” i said coldly.
“Don’t sound like that,we are ma-king money for your future” My mom said.
“I rather you make memories with me than make money” i said and she sighed.
“Goodbye” She said and walked away.
I starred at Gianna’s window,it was still closed.
I took a pin from my room and threw it at her window.
“Look,Gigi, I know you can hear me and and i just want to say that am really sorry,i never meant to hurt you, you are an amazing person.
Gianna, one thing that am so sure about is that i love you so much, you are my everything.
You were the one only person who would listen to me sing and acknowledged my talent and de-sire to sing”
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
I sat beside my closed window and I heard everything he said,some p@rt of me wanted to open the window to see his beautiful face but the bigger p@rt of me wants to forget everything about him.
I brou-ght out a ph0to albu-m from my wardrobe.
I opened it and there were pictures of i and Xander on our many adventures.
I kept fli-pping throu-gh the pictures,i started remembering all the fun we had.
A week later.
It’s been a week now and i and Xander haven’t talked at all,i ha-rd ly even see him.
“Gigi,i think you are just punishing yourself” Jamal said.
We were in the living room watching a movie.
“Xander alre-ady apologized to you,he has kept his distance from you so why are you still angry at him?”
“He deceived me,you knows, maybe everything he said to me was a lie”
“No,it wasn’t a lie and you know it, you just have to forgive him before it’s too late”
“I will be right back” I said and ran upstairs.
I got to my room and Xander was sitting on my be-d re-ading a magazine.
“What.. what are you doing here?” I asked.
“I missed you” he said staring at me.
“Well,i don’t miss you, so you nee-d to leave”
He stood up and c@m£ closer to me.
“Are you sure?”
“Sure about what?” I asked trying not to get lost in his eyes.
“Sure that you don’t miss me”
“No,i don’t”
He gr@bb£d me by the w@!st ma-king our foreheads t©uçh.
“What about now?” He asked sm-irking at me.
“I..i.. let go of me” i said struggling with him.
“Gigi,st©p acting like you don’t love me too because i can’t see it in your eyes”
“Then my eyes are deceiving”
“No,your eyes are extremely gorgeous” he said and i swear i almost blu-shed.
“Let go of me” i said and pushed him off.
“Gigi, i just nee-d you to forgive me”
“Xander,just leave, plea-se”
He exhaled de-eply and climbe-d the window back to his room.
4 days later.
😍 Alexander’s P.o.v😍
“Are you sure this will work?” I asked Jamal.
“Of course,Gigi loves it when someone sings to her and also pla-ys a guitar”
I have tried everything to get Gigi to forgive me so Jamal suggested that I sing for her.
“She’s in front of our house with Ashley, now’s your chance” Jamal said as he pushed me outside.
Here goes, I hope it works.
This is first time I would be nervous to sing.
I walked over to where Gigi and Ashley were standing.
“Gigi” i called out and she turned around.
“What do you want again?”
“I just want you to forgive me so am gonna sing to you”
I started strumming the guitar.
🎶 I always get this funny feeling everytime you come around.
🎶 It’s like am walking on the ceiling,my whole feet off the ground.
🎶I know where my heart belongs amd it’s with you.
🎶 So i say hey, crazy into you.
🎶And I say hey, every minute is overdue.
🎶 Don’t care, I will do what it takes, driving all night, catch the first flight just to see you,i will explain.
🎶You got me like upside down, you standing there i swear my world is turned around.
🎶You got me upside down.
I finished singing and Ashley started cl@pping.
“Wow,that was so cute” Ashley said smiling,i looked over at Gigi,she had no expression on her face.
“Are you done,can i go inside my house now?”
“Gigi,Xander just sang from his heart,you should at least appreciate him”
“No,i won’t because i never asked him to do it”
“I did it because i want you to forgive me and i love you, that’s the truth”
“No,you don’t because if you did you wouldn’t bet on me”
“It was a mistake and am sorry, I really am”
“You are just wasting your time”
“Yes,maybe you are right,am just wasting my time apologizing to someone as selfish as you”
“Oh,now,am selfish?”
“Yes, you are, Gigi,i listened to you everytime you had a problem but you don’t want to even listen to a word i say”
“If i was so selfish as you say i am, why did i listen to your stupid songs when even your parents didn’t listen”
“Oh,so now my songs are stupid?”
“Yes,they are and i think your parents were right especially your dad,when he said you were a disappointment” She said angrily and that really hurt.
“Gigi, what’s your problem?” Ashley asked.
“You want me out of your life, it’s dine alre-ady” I said and walked away angrily.
💞 Gianna’s P.o.v💞
“Why did you say those things to him?” Ashley asked when Xander walked away.
“He deserved it”
“No,he doesn’t,he loves you, Gianna,is it that ha-rd for you to see?”
“He lied to me”
“He alre-ady apologized,Gigi, don’t be so ha-rd on him,then you will lose him forever”
“Ashley,am done with this t©pic, let’s go in and have lunch”
“No,am going home”
“Are you seriously on Xander’s side,he used me,lied to the victim here not him”
“No,am not on anyone’s side, I just don’t want to stay witg someone as selfish as you” Ashley said and walked away.
“Whatever” i said to myself
I was watching TV alone since Jamal is also angry at me.
“Gigi, there is a big problem” MY mom said as she ran down the stairs.
“What is it?”
“It’s about Xander” She said
“Mom,if it’s about that liar,i really don’t want to….
“Listen to me for once,this is serious” My mom said cutting me off.
“So what’s so serious about Xander?”
“A call c@m£ from the hospital, Gianna,Xander waa knocked down by a truck amd he is in the hospital fighting for his life”
“It’s true, Xander is on the verge of death”