The Adventures of Bimpe Episode 4

Alhaji: “Adebimpe, you are always so unique, are you proposing to me?”
Bimpe: “Perhaps I am, that’s the only way I can be safe, by being your wife. Having a young wife such as me, is going to be a honour for you, your friends will envy you. Think of my whole being given to you”
Alhaji: “I had thought to st©p at three wives, to make you my most prized mistress, but when you put it like that, it is interesting”
Bimpe: “Let’s get married on my 21st birthday, in a court. Your fourth marriage nee-ds no much ado”
Alhaji: “Anything you want my jewel”
The marriage contract was signed in the pres£nce of some close as-sociates of Alhaji Dambazzau, in the Lagos customary court. The news of the marriage was carried on every news channel, people were shocked, they could not fathom how Bimpe made Alhaji marry him, and they also did not know where she c@m£ from. After the marriage, Bimpe moved into the big estate where Alhaji lived with his family. It was a sprawling estate that occu-pied 10 acres of land on the Lekki peninsula. Bimpe was taken on a tour around the estate to the consternation of the other wives. A week after marrying Alhaji, Bimpe was given shares in all his companies, as he has done for his other wives, he also furnished her with different credit cards and shopping vouchers, life was good but Bimpe was not satisfied, being any man’s kept woman was not her goal.
In her plenty, she still remembered her family back in Ilisan, she knew she had to help her father walk again. She talked to a specialist and they made arrangements to go to Ilisan and carry her dad for treatment. She refused to go with them; instead she s£nt one of the aides as-signed to her. She had to go about finalizing her plans; marrying Alhaji DDambazzau was just the first phase of her whole plan.
In Ilisan, people had begun to forget about Bimpe, except her family. Her father prayed in his heart that she would come back someday, her brothers missed their only sister everyday and they kept asking their mother when their sister would be back. The latter would shout at them and tell them to forget about Bimpe, that she really was not their sister. As the months went by, the mention of Bimpe’s name began to reduce, they were all getting used to the fact that she may never return. So it was a surprise when an entourage visited their house and told them Bimpe s£nt them. They brou-ght with them, foodstuffs, and other personal effects. There was an orthopedic specialist with them, who examined Ladejo’s legs.
Ladejo: “What do you want with my leg?” he asked
Doctor: “your daughter wants me to see what can be done about your leg” he replied. Everyone fell silent, even Basirat was astounded.
Ladejo: “My daughter? Where is she?”
Doctor: “I am not at liberty to tell you that, but I want to as-sure you that we will try our best to make sure you walk again” he said. He began to examine his legs, and after a while, he wrote in his little note book.
Ladejo: “What do you think doctor?”
Doctor: “Nothing to worry about, you will be fine. I will talk to your daughter”
Ladejo: “plea-se tell her that I am here waiting for her until she is re-ady to come back”
The entourage c@m£ to Lagos to report to Bimpe. The doctor inti-mated her about the state of her father’s injured legs, and told her the solution would be re-constructive surgery.
Bimpe: “How much will that cost?” she asked
Doctor: “About 10 million naira approximately”
Bimpe: “It is a whooping sum of money, but if my father will walk again, I don’t mind the expense” she replied
Doctor: “I think you should go home, your family misses you” Bimpe kept mute for a while, her head was down, and the doctor thought, perhaps she was crying. But as he moved to t©uçh her, she raised her head; her eyes were dark and ha-rd .
Bimpe: “When will you be able to commence work on my father?” she asked, her face pas-sive, with no trace of emotion. The doctor was taken aback by her indifference; he had never met a woman, with such lack of emotions.
Doctor: “As soon as the funds are re-ady”
Bimpe: “Expect it as soon as possible. I will call you when am re-ady” she replied and walked away without another word.
Bimpe was patrolling the grounds of the estate, thinking of how she would raise the money for her father’s surgery, her account had just about two million naira, and she didn’t want to tell Alhaji about her father, after all Ladejo was not really her father. She was lost in her thoughts, such that she didn’t realize Alhaja Zainab was approaching. They almost bu-mped into each other but the latter shoved her aside, and because she was putting on heels, she tr!pp£dand fell at Alhaja’s feet.
Alhaja Zainab: “Yes, that is where you truly belong, on the floor, at my feet like a slave. Where did you even come from, you little tramp” she said. Bimpe felt humiliated, she almost crawled back into her hole, she was just a little girl of twenty one after all, even though her physique belied her age. Almost…
She stood up with agility and walked up to Alhaja, her face up in Alhaja’s face, her eyes boring into hers.
Bimpe: “I am going to let this slide, just this once, but next time, you will feel the t©uçh of my palms”
To be continued…
Question: With these two in the house, it’s going to be a cat vs rat fight. What do you suggest BIMPE should do now?