Bimpe: “I am not meat in the first place Alhaji. I will like to go in now” she said and made to leave, but the man held her hand with a grip too strong for a septuagenarian. Desperation made even weak men, strong, she thought with a coy smile on her lips.

Alhaji: “I like your spirit, my life is filled with docile women who say yes to my every whim, I need your fire” he said and held her by the crotch. Bimpe was the first to see Dominic coming into the garden; she slipped a card from her gold clutch into Alhaji’s sweaty palm and walked away from him.

Bimpe: “Honey, I was just coming to look for you,I am tired, I want to go home”

Dominic: “Spend the night with me, all these flesh you put on display has left me hungry for you”

Bimpe: “Not tonight, I need to read for a test” she said and kissed him playfully. The truth was that Bimpe had no interest in school; she went to class whenever she liked, and had carryovers from the previous semesters, but she was aroused when Alhaji gripped her crotch, and she never had sex when she was sexually aroused, she loved to satisfy herself, that’s why she had sex toys in the bedside cabinet in her bedroom. That was her way of maintaining hold over her emotions. It was also her way of keeping Dominic on a leash by rationing her availability to him.

Dominic: “Come on, let me drop you safely at home” he said and they walked arm in arm to the parking lot. While they drove home, Bimpe was preoccupied with thoughts of Alhaji, she was plotting her map.

Bimpe: “If Alhaji thinks I am just going to be one of his numerous bed chamber maids, he has another thing coming” she thought within herself. She wanted something more permanent with him, and more profitable. She smiled as a plan formed in her head.

Dominic: “Why are you smiling to yourself?” he asked

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Bimpe: “Just feeling content, am glad I met you” she replied. She turned and saw Dominic smile with satisfaction, he was a good man and she wished she was a good woman, but she was not, life made her so.

Dominic: “I am happy I met you too, you have brought so much sunshine into my life”

Bimpe: “I wish I met you as my first, you deserved my virginity, not Brian” she said and she meant it. She wondered what turn her life would have taken if she had met Dominic first; she blamed Brian for what she turned out to be.

Dominic: “It doesn’t matter who was your first, what matters most is who you have in your heart now” he said and kissed her hands. A single tear dropped from her eyes, she wiped it off quickly.

Bimpe: “You cannot be soft now, there is so much you have to accomplish, and being soft gets you nowhere” she chided herself.


Bimpe began to date Alhaji Dambazzau, and though she teased him with foreplays, she withheld sex because, not only was she trying to wait him out, she was also always aroused by Alhaji, the man was good in bed, he knew how to touch a woman, and many times she found herself tethering on the edge of her emotions. Many times she found herself wanting to have a taste of him, but her resolve always clicked into place just at the right time. Alhaji had three wives, his first wife Alhaja Zainab found out about his affair with Bimpe. At first they dismissed her as one of the bed maids of Alhaji and assumed that as usual she would fade away after a few weeks, but they were amazed when weeks turned into months and Bimpe was still very much in his life. Their spies,who were usually the personal assistants and aides to Alhaji, told them how Alhaji cancels all meeting, whenever Bimpe called him, and how he sends money to her account on a weekly basis. They decided to hire a private investigator to dig into Bimpe’s background, but they found nothing. Bimpe was a girl from nowhere, the only thing they found out about her was her education at the University of Lagos.

One day, Bimpe was in her apartment, she had a glass of juice in front of her, the television was on, her eyes were on it, but her heart and mind were not on it. She was thinking of the people she left in Ilisan, especially her step father and siblings, she also thought of the real man who sired her but was never to be known. She was still thinking when she heard a knock on the door. She goes to open it and three burly men rushed into her apartment, they pushed her to the floor, and one pinned her down with a foot on her stomach. She was scared but she refused to show fear, her stomach ached with the weight of the foot on it, but she refused to show pain. Instead she stared them down.

Bimpe: “What do you hooligans, want with me?” she asked rudely. One stretched his hand and connected his folded palm to her jaw; blood spurted out of her mouth.

Man 1: “Ashewo, you no see who to f–k, na Alhaja husband, you no dey fear person?”

Man 2: “Small boys no reach you again abi?” he asked pushing her legs.

Man 3: “Shebi you like f–k, make we enjoy you, so that you no go see strength pursue another woman husband” They took their turns to have sex with her, hitting her as they did. They left her unconscious and bleeding on the floor of her apartment.

Dominic had a date with Bimpe that day, so when he called her severally and she did not pick, he decided to go to her apartment. On his way, he received a phone call from a colleague in his department. The colleague intimated him of the affair between Bimpe and the CEO.

Dominic: “One would think that you being a man would not be party to petty gossip, so because, Alhaji was looking at my girlfriend at the company’s dinner,does that mean she is going out with him?” The colleague tried to tell him of places they had been sighted, but he rebuffed him, and hung up. The thought was still on his mind when he got to Bimpe’s apartment and met the door open. He rushed in, and all thoughts of her rumored infidelity fled from his mind as he saw her splayed on the floor, blood pooled at her head. Without thinking, he put her on his shoulders and took her downstairs into his car. He drove to the nearest hospital in Festac. When Bimpe became conscious, she asked for a mirror, she realized that her eyes and lips were swollen, but no permanent damage. She refused to answer Dominic questions, in her mind, she plotted her next move. She swore to herself that she would make Chief’s first wife Alhaja pay for her crime.

Dominic: “What happened to you, why won’t you talk to me?” he tried talking to her.

Bimpe: “I am fine, it was just boys from my school, probably cultists, their capon wants me but I refused” she replied.

Dominic: “Were you raped?” he asked, dreading the answer.

Bimpe: “Yes, they each took turns at me” she said, deliberately describing the gory details. She wanted Dominic to be repulsed, so much that he would leave her. She was tired of the relationship; she had bigger fish to fry. But instead Dominic became sympathetic; he blamed himself for it and swore to protect her.

Dominic: “I am here for you, baby”

Bimpe: “No! Leave me alone, I am damaged, you don’t deserve someone as broken as I am, you deserve better, so go Dominic. It is over between us” she said as hot tears streamed down her swollen cheeks. Dominic left and promised to be back when she was calmer. As soon as he left, she called Alhaji, the latter rushed to the hospital, he was galvanized by Bimpe’s cry on the phone. When he saw the state she was in, he became really angry. Bimpe narrated the ordeal to him, but left out the part of the rape.

Alhaji: “You say my wife is responsible for this? I must teach her a lesson”

Bimpe: “That will only be worse for me, protect me Alhaji. I want to be with you, and there is only one way I can be with you, without fear of your wives”

Alhaji: “Tell me my princess, anything I will do”

Bimpe looked at him, then pulled his hand to her chest, and with a small husky voice, she told him what she wanted.

Bimpe: “Marry me”

Question: What does Bimpe hope to achieve by marrying Alhaji Dambazzau? What will be the outcome of her decision?



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