The adventures of Bimpe Episode 21 & 22

Bimpe: “Uncle, what are you doing here? You refused to give me out for marriage today, when you know my parents are dead. I don’t want to see you. Just leave immediately” she yelled. Ladejo’s heart broke, he tried to say something but the look in Bimpe’s eyes shut him up; he turned and went back the same way he c@m£. The guests, when they left their houses, had not bargained for the drama they were watching now. They stayed glued to their seats, not wanting to miss any p@rt of the drama.
Priest: “Are you willing to take this woman as your wife?” he asked looking at Chief Bamigboye. Chief Bamigboye was too stunned to answer. He could not believe that a woman such as Bimpe wanted him as a husband. But he wondered what the marriage would do to his family, especially his children. He felt a hand on his back, when he turned, he saw his friend, Doctor Dapo.
Dapo: “Think this throu-gh, you don’t have to do it today” he said. Bimpe looked at him and wondered why he was intent on scattering her plans, but she kept her cool. Then Dapo turned and their eyes both met. For a moment, they were immersed in each other’s eyes, but the moment pas-sed.
Chief Bamigboye: “I don’t want to wait, I want to marry Bimpe now.” He said firmly. The priest blessed them, and they exchanged their vows.
Oyinda had traveled to avoid her brother’s wedding day, when she c@m£ back, she found out the worst thing had happened. Bimpe, her former roommate, someone who was on the lower rung of the ladder, was now her stepmother.
Oyinda: “Why the hell did you allow this happen? Did you just sit down and allowed your ex girlfriend become your step mother?” she yelled. Just then Bimpe walked into the kitchen.
Bimpe: “Hello children. No bickering in my kitchen, go to your rooms” she said with a wicked grin. Brian rushed towards her but Bimpe pu-ll-ed out a knife from the knife rack and br@ndished it.
Bimpe: “Do I have to hire a b©dyguard because of you? Instead of bickering in my kitchen, you should start looking for a wife. You know what is at stake, don’t you?” she snarled.
Oyinda: “You are such a conniving b—h; you never wanted to marry Brian, did you. You always had eyes for my father “
Bimpe: “He is very handsome and intelligent; it seems to me though, that you two missed the intelligence gene. This is just the beginning my dear children” she said and left the kitchen. As she pas-sed throu-gh the living room, wanting to go up the stairs, Chief saw her.
Chief: “Bimpe, what are you doing with a knife, you want to hurt yourself?”
Bimpe: “It is for protec-tion. Brian threatened me; I don’t feel safe in this house anymore”
Chief: “What do you mean, is Brian giving you problems? I know just want to do” He left Bimpe on the staircase, and proceeded to his pri-vate study. He always took very important calls in his study.
The next morning, Chief Bamigboye called a breakfast meeting. Bimpe was not re-ady to slave herself for anyb©dy, so she had employed housekeepers as soon as she got into the house. So while the housekeepers set the foods on the table, Chief told them his mind.
Chief: “All your trust funds are in my new wife’s hands; she has a conglomerate, if she could manage that, she can manage your trust fund appropriately”
Brian: “What!”
Oyinda: “What has come over you father, to what purpose are you doing this?”
Chief: “I waited for you guys to grow up and be responsible, but I have been waiting a long time and none of you is stepping up. I do not want to die and my legacy dies with me. I will leave all I have in the hands of someone who is responsible.
Brian: “That will be over my dead b©dy” he pound the glas-s table with his ha-rd fist and the table gave in, breaking into pieces, and spewing the whole breakfast on the occu-p@n-ts of the table.
Oyinda: “The battle line has been drawn. Bimpe must leave this house or else…” she joined in. They both stood up and left.
Chief Bamigboye had gone to meet his lawyer, he wanted to change his will, but unknown to him, his son had an informant in the law firm that managed Chief’s as-sets and legal issues. So Brian was at home, when his phone rang, he saw it was his informant from the Law firm. He received the call and after listening for a while, his face contorted into rage, and his fist was folded. He hung up and threw the phone at the wall.
Brian: “I wonder how you got rich, was it by claiming other people’s inheritance? If so, you have come to the wrong house. I will not spare you” he said and walked to his wardrobe, he re-moved several piles of clothes, and then he brou-ght out a parcel wra-pped in a white cloth, he unwra-pped the white cloth, and behold, it was a silver pistol. He dropped the cloth and left his room, the gun held firmly in his hand.
Brian: “You have bitten more than you can chew, Bimpe” he said as he descended the staircase one after the other. He could alre-ady see Bimpe and his father in the living room; Bimpe had her head on Chief’s che-st.
Chief Bamigboye: “Having you handle my affairs gives me a peace of mind, because I know if I die today, my house is in order. You are so young but yet so amazing, wise beyond your years”
Bimpe: “Oh dear you flatter me too much. But truth is, when life dealt with lemons, I made lemonades” He bent to k!ssher hand, and then he got up abruptly, almost throwing Bimpe to the floor. Bimpe turned and saw Brian holding a pistol pointed at her.
Chief Bamigboye: “What the hell are you doing? Will you put that away?”
Brian: “I want to end this right here” he said, the veins throbbing in his n£¢k. Bimpe just looked on, her feet had gone cold, and she was scared out of her mind.
Bimpe: “Why are you doing this, do you oppose our marriage so much you would kill your dad?”
Brian bur-st into a hysterical laughter.
Brian: “You really think this is for my dad” he said waving the pistol at her. “This is for you, b—h. Why would I kill my dad, when I can just kill you and everything would go back to normal, as it was before?”
Chief Bamigboye: “I will not let you do that, no I will not allow you commit murder” he said and began to move towards his son, Brian quic-kly pu-ll-ed the trigger, the gun was pointed at Bimpe , but Chief Bamigboye dove in front of her, and the bullet caught him in the che-st, and he fell. At that point, Oyinda was coming downstairs, she saw her father falling, and saw the smoking gun in Brian’s hand. At first she just stood there looking at her father on the floor, blood pooling un-der him, her br@in refused to connect with what she was seeing. Then it just snapped…
Oyinda: “What have you done, what have you done Brian. Father!” she screamed and ran down the stairs. She rushed to where her father was lying. Bimpe could not react, she was frozen in place. Her eyes were seeing, her br@in knew what had happened, but her b©dy was moving of its own accord. Brian knelt beside his father crying, the gun by his side.
Brian: “I am sorry father, plea-se forgive me, this was not my intent” he cried.
Oyinda: “You b—h, don’t just stand there, do something” she screamed. It was like the scream pene-trated a block and snapped Bimpe back to the room.
Bimpe: “Oh my God, oh my God, you killed you. You killed your father” she said like she could not believe what she is saying.
Oyinda: “Go Brian, go away. I cannot lose my father and my brother” she left her dad and began to push him towards the door. Tears streamed down Brian eyes as he thought of the fact that he had killed his own father. He opened and left just as he heard the wail of the police siren. Unknown to them, the housekeeper had seen everything and called the police. But when the police c@m£, Brian was nowhere to be found, the housekeeper had also fled the house, for fear of being arrested.
Oyinda: “Officer save me, save me, she killed my father” Oyinda wailed pointing at Bimpe.
Bimpe: “What!”
Oyinda: “You murderer, father dug his grave when he told everything was in your control now” she cried. The coroner mapped out the place his b©dy la-id, as a crime scene and began to take preliminary findings. The police arrested Bimpe, they handcuffed her and took her away. They also told Oyinda to follow them to the police station, to pen down her statement.
At the police station, she was kept in the interrogation room and left to herself. She tried to avoid her thoughts, she wanted to blank out, but she could not. Her thoughts were holding her hostage. She remembered how she had gave a testimony that nailed Alhaja, even when she knew Alhaja was not responsible for Alhaji’s death. Today, Oyinda had served her the same medicine, in the same dose.
Bimpe: “I guess I have no reason to complain” she said and began to sob when she remembered that Chief Bamigboye was dead. She liked him, he was a good man, and he was not the rook she was moving on her chess board. All she wanted was to punish Brian, take control of all that he was meant to have and frustrate his life. She never bargained for chief to die. She could not hold the pain and guilt, she began to bawl loudly. The door opened and a police officer c@m£ in. To Bimpe’s dismay, it was one of the detectives who investigated Alhaji’s death.
Detective: “Well well, who do we have here? Is this coincidence or what?” he asked as he entered the room. Bimpe kept mute and her eyes were down. However the guilt and self pity evaporated with the pres£nce of the detective.
Bimpe(to herself): “Oyinda has tra-pped me but I have to get myself out, time for conscience pricking is not now, now is the time to survive” she kept up her spirit and raised her head to glare at the detective.
Question:Is karma pla-ying out on BIMPE? Will she ever survive this?