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January 22, 2021


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The adventures of Bimpe Episode 19 & 20

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On the day of the wedding, Bimpe woke up in the morning and for the first time in a long while; she knelt down and prayed to God, but the kind of prayer she prayed…

Bimpe: “My father in heaven, I have no father so you are the only father I have. I know I am not worthy to be called your daughter, I am a terrible sinner, my heart is black with pain and vengeance. But Lord you understand that they wronged me first. Brian, the only man I ever loved. Father I gave him my heart and my body, and he smashed it on the floor. So, Lord, I want to fight, I want to take back my glory, I want to make him feel pain. Be with me Lord, as you have always done, and let the odds continually be in my favor, Amen” she prayed. She ended her prayer just when the makeup artist knocked on her door. It was time for the bridal rituals.

She opened her door and allowed in the bridal entourage, they fussed over her, scrubbing and pruning till her skin shone like polished gold. They dressed her up in her white sequined ball gown and pinned her hair with sparkly pins. It was time for her to be married for the second time.

Bimpe was in the white Limousine with her bridal train waiting for the groom.

Bimpe(to herself): “Wouldn’t it be so ironic if Brian stands me up? Wonder what would be my next plan if that happens. Well, I have a contingency plan, don’t i?” she smiled. Just then, she saw a black limousine decorated with nuptial flowers drive into the church courtyard. When the groom was inside the cathedral, Bimpe was led in by her train; no one walked her down the aisle. Chief Bamigboye had wanted the honors, but Bimpe had refused. She kept the wedding away from her family, but her foster father, Ladejo was passing by the Anglican church of the nativity, when he saw the wedding banner.

Ladejo: “Ha, is this not my Adebimpe?” he went in through the gate.

Bimpe was standing side by side with Brian, she turned to him, and when their eyes met, she smiled.

Priest: “Mr Brian Bamigboye, do you take Miss Adebimpe Dambazzau as your lawfully wedded wife, to be with her, care for her, and cherish her till death do you part”

Brian: “Yes I do”

Priest: “Miss Adebimpe Bamigboye, do you take Mr Brian Bamigboye as your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish, until death do you part?”

Bimpe: “Yes I do”

Priest: “Does anyone have any reason, why this two should not be joined in holy wedlock, speak out or forever hold your peace” The whole cathedral became quiet, everyone looked on, not expecting any hiccups, for this was a golden couple.

Priest: “By the powers vested in me as a minister of God, I…”

Bimpe: “Priest! Wait” she turned to Brian, with tears in her eyes. “I am sorry, I cannot go on with this charade for the sake of society, I have another man in my heart, I am in love with another man. I cannot marry you” Brian gripped her by the shoulders, and shook her desperately.

Brian: “You can’t do this to me. Who are you in love with, tell me this moment you b—h”

Bimpe: “Your father” she said and Brian’s hands fell limply from her shoulders. The whole congregation exclaimed in surprise.

There is fire on the mountain, and it will burn, who will be scorched and who will prevail?



Brian: “My father? Did you say my father? B—h?” he raised his hand and smacked her hard on the face, Bimpe stumbled and fell backwards, but Chief Bamigboye was there to catch her.

Chief Bamigboye: “I did not raise you to raise your hand against a woman, you worthless son”

Brian: “You are the useless father, were you sleeping with my fiancée?” he said and made to grab Bimpe, but she held his hand.

Bimpe: “You dare not hit me again. You think I didn’t know you were after my wealth, I know everything, Brian, and that is why I refused a court marriage. I was ready to pretend and marry you, just to make your father happy, because I thought if I married you, I could be close to him. But I cannot imagine myself bond to you with the bonds of marriage. You are a despicable person” she turned to the priest, with a sober face.

Bimpe: “I have never slept with Chief Bamigboye, but my heart yearns for him, and I know he yearns for me too. Join us now” she turned to Chief Bamigboye and held him.

Bimpe: “We can live our life; we must not allow ourselves to be bound by the chains of society. I love you” she said passionately. At that moment her father opened the big oak doors of the cathedral and walked in.

Ladejo: “Bimpe” she turned and saw her foster father, her mouth opened in surprise.


Yusuf tried all he could to locate his mother but could not, with pain in his heart; he decided to go back to the State. He was at the airport lounge waiting for his flight to be called when a woman dressed in a blue burka came to sit close to him.

Yusuf: “Assallamu alaiku”

Strange woman: “Mualaikum salaam my son” she replied and Yusuf sat up.

Yusuf: “Mother, is it you. Where have you been?”

Alhaja: “You can’t leave the country, I need you”

Yusuf: “We have to look for a way to get you out of the country, you are a fugitive now”

Alhaja: “I won’t leave the country till the person who did this to us is recompensed” Yusuf thought of Bimpe and sighed. Maybe in another life, they would have been married now. After he lost everything, he began to see that buried under all his desire to get back his father’s properties, he had fallen for Bimpe, he had fought these feelings every time, but his heart won every time. He loved her but they could never forgive each other for the hurt they have each caused the other.

Yusuf: “Mother, you cannot hurt Bimpe. Killing father was not enough? How did you turn so evil?” Alhaja Zainab turned in her seat and gave Yusuf a resounding slap.

Alhaja: “I did not kill your father, I might not be a saint, but I would never hurt your father. That girl Bimpe is the murderer; I have no doubt about that” Yusuf thought back to when his abductors wanted to kill him, but Bimpe allowed him live, even when she knew that he could harm someday.

Yusuf: “Even if she did, we have to do everything legally. Two wrongs don’t make a right

Alhaja: “She bribes everyone even the judge, even my own d–n lawyer. Nobody wants to do any investigation; they want me to be the fall woman. I will do this my way.”

Yusuf: “Then I really must catch my flight. I hope you see the light early, before the darkness destroys you. Farewell Mother” he stood up and began to walk away.

Alhaja: “Please Yusuf, don’t leave, Yusuf!” people began to stare at them, and Alhaja, afraid that she would call attention to herself rushed out of the lobby, into the morning sun. Since, the day she ran away from the stairs of the courthouse, she had met a friend of hers who helped her access her offshore accounts. So even though she was on the road, she lacked nothing, she had already recruited people who would keep 24 hours surveillance on Bimpe, she wanted to know everything she was doing.

“This time, when I strike, you must go down” she pondered in her heart.



Question: What do you think Alhaja is planning to do? If BIMPE didn’t kill Yusuf when she had the opportunity, do u still think she was involved in the killing of Alhaji?

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