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Tender love batch 17

(High school 🏫 love)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 53
🍥🍓 Annabelle’s pov 🌼 🎀
“ Nelson please talk to me” I pleaded
” Please Nelson” I said
” Alright, fine Anna I will tell you just some part of the story, only if you tell me not tell any other person, cause I wouldn’t like people sympathizing on my behalf” he said and sniffled. Why is he sniffing? Hmm….this is really complicated.
” Alright, I promise” I said
“It’s my mum” he said and paused staring at the ocean
“Your mum?, What about her” I asked
“My mum left me six- seven months ago” he said
” Really?, What Happened? ” I asked moving closer to him
“It was just a domestic accident which she fell off the stairs and lost conciouness, we quickly rushed her to the hospital thinking Shee would wake up very soon, but the doctor said she fell into coma, and now for the past 7 month she hasn’t even move talkless of talking but the doctor keep on saying she’s still alive, since then I never really enjoyed the love of parenting anymore, though I know my dad loves me, but he haven’t really been himself since the incident, he is always busy 24/7, when mum was okay, she always had time for me, she always look after me and make sure I was okay, now look” he said and the tears finally rushed out of his eyes, he didn’t even bother wiping it off. I also felt like crying after hearing his story, it’s just so heart breaking and sad
I quickly took out my hanky and helped him wipe off the tears
“ Nelson am really sorry about this, like seriously I never knew you have been going through all this, am really sorry, don’t worry, everything will be fine, just don’t give up, just believe that one day your mum is gonna wake up, speak to you, and you guys will live your normal life like before, common Nelson, don’t be sad” I said sadly
” Am not Anna, it’s just that the memory keeps hurting me deeply; let’s just forget, I believe you, everything is gonna be fine” he said trying to sound normal, I nodded and smiled at him, he also smiled back at me and took my hands
“Anna, thank you so much” he said
“For what?” I asked replying him
“For Everything, like seriously Anna since my mum fell into coma, you are the first lady to comfort me this much, the lady who made me have hope again, the lady who made me believe, that one day, my mom will come back for me, thank you Anna” he said and I smiled
” Anything for a friend” I said and he smiled at me genuinely, finally he smiled
“Wow!!, So we are really friends now?” He asked and I nodded positively
“Thanks Anna, you are the best” he said and I chuckled in return.
We sat down there in silence that I didn’t even notice it already getting dark until Nelson spoke up
“Anna I think we should get going now, it’s almost night fall” he said
” Woah!!, Jeez!!, I didn’t notice, I’ve really gone beyond my boundaries, you are right we should get going” I did standing up and he followed suit
Oh God!!, Am seriously late, it’s past 6pm already, and we closed around 3pm, what excuse would I give now?
Nelson and I walked to his car, i opened the door, entered and close back the door which locked up itself automatically, hmm what a car, Nelson also walk in.
“Anna am really sorry for taking your time” he pleaded
” No problem…… At least, we both had fun, let’s just get going” I said and with that he kick start the vehicle and we were now in motion.
“Anna should I drop you home?” He asked
“Yes, I would be glad if you do that” is aid and with that he turned towards the direction of my house, wait, how did he know? Cause I don’t remember describing my house to him
“Wait, how did you know the way to my house?” I asked and he chuckled before replying me
” I have my ways Anna” he replied, thank God he is finally laughing, I thought he was still sad like seriously I never knew he was going through all that, I thought he was just a snub, hmm he is really trying, I can’t even live three days without my mum, I just pray his mum wakes up soon, I’ve heard of coma lasting for 5 months, 1 year, 2 years etc….
But I never believed until I heard from Nelson today, OMG!!, He is really trying
We were still in motion, with both of is in silence, through out the drive, he was already getting close to my house, I wonder how he even know
Oh jeez!!, It almost skipped my mind, mum or dad must not see me dropping down from a guy’s car at this time of the day
“Nelson please stop here” I said
“But why?, We aren’t yet at your house” he said
“Nothing please just stop” I said and he halted the vehicle immediately
“Thanks for today and the ride” I said taking my school bag, opened the door about to drop down , when Nelson held me back, and closed back the door I opened
“What Nelson?” I asked almost yelling cause I know am already on for danger at home
“Nothing, but you wouldn’t get down until you tell me the reason why you insisted I drop you here ” he said
” Alright, fine I would tell you, the reason is that my mum or dad shouldn’t see me dropping down from a guy’s car at this time of the night, if not I will face hell on Earth, so Nelson please just let me go for now” I said
” Uhum…. okay Anna if you insist, bye.. ” he said and I dropped down, I waited a little expecting him to turn around and move but he didn’t so I just ran towards the direction of my house.
Immediately I reached my compound, I didn’t even walk fully into the compound when I sighted mum and Stella and the frontage,jeez, thank God Dad’s car isn’t park at it’s usual spot so it means he isn’t yet back…ahh! First relief
I was still hiding behind something, thinking of what am gonna tell them since it seems they haven’t seen me yet when Stella shouted my name, jeez!!, That girl is evil, how did she see me??
I quickly walk to where they were standing to avoid disturbing the neighbours with mum shout and also to avoid attracting attention.
As soon I got to where they where they were standing,mum quickly held me and Stella by our arm and dragged us into the house locking the door behind her.
“Now Anna, begin to explain, where have you been” mum asked
“Uhum…I…..I….I was…I….uhum” I shuttered
” Talk to me Anna, where the hell were you” mum yelled and I flinched at how loud her voice was, she was really angry
“Uhum mum, am sorry I didn’t tell you, we were given a project work at school today,which involved marks, and also we were grouped two by two, Eva and I fortunately fell into the Same group,so we decided to go to her house to commence the project since she had the needed equipments at home,and since the time given to us to submit was s a short period , I wanted to call you,but I later discovered I left my phone at home” I did and it seems with that she calmed down judging from the looks on her face, God please forgive me for lying
“Anna are you sure?” Mum asked calmly
“Yes mum” I replied
” But why didn’t you call me with Eva’s phone?” Mum asked
” Am sorry mum, it totally slipped my mind” I said
“Alright Anna, don’t stay out that long again, you almost gave me a heart attack” she said
” Am sorry mum, but Raymond, am sure he isn’t even home yet” I said folding my hands together
” Anna, Stella” mum called moving closer to both of us holding our hands since we were standing together.
“Yes mum” we both replied..
“You guys need to know this especially you Anna, you are seventeen, not even up to eighteen. Raymond is above twenty, you are still a girl, and he is a man, very soon he will finish school, get married and leave this house , but you two are still under my care, I have to take care of you two and see nothing happens to you two, until you are like Raymond, so please just learn to understand me” mum said and with that , I nodded and smiled at her
“I love you both” mum said hugging us together
” We love you too Mom” we both replied
” Alright Anna go in and freshen up, you should probably be hungry by now”mum said
” Alright mum, I said walking in feeling guilty for lying to mum,I just had to find my way out of that mess, thank God am free now.
I die what mum said I should do and we all came out for dinner, Raymond also came back white late
I really thank God dad didn’t know about it all cause I know he wouldn’t buy my story at all
It’s night now, and am in my room, lying on my bed sleepless, just thinking about all what happened today, I can’t believe the Nelson I once thought can never stoop so low to talk to me is now the one seeking my attention.
Am just so happy and sad at the same time, especially about Nelson’s mum, I just pray she wakes up soon, still engrossed in my thoughts, my phone beeped, it seems I’ve received a text message or something,, I picked it up to Check, yeah!!, I was right it was right it was a message from an unknown number, I opened it,it says
“Thanks for today Anna, you really made my day…… Nelson”
Wow!! How did he get my number??
I decided not to reply him, since I just can’t figure out the right reply to give him…
I slept off smiling thinking of my life, aspiring to see Nelson tomorrow
(High school 🏫 love)
By Damilola Faleke
Chapter 54
A week later
(At school)
💚 Jenny’s pov 💐🌻
I can’t believe that i, the once normal, lively and funny Jenny people knee me as has suddenly become this lonely and a shadow of herself, all because of Dave
Common, judge for me, was what I did , wrong or bad?
Am even tired of people like him, just an ordinary hug, not that his body is even made of gold or something, not that he’s God or anything, he’s just human like me, mtcheeew such an arrogant type.
Now anytime I see him, I won’t bother hiding again because of his stupid threat that we shouldn’t meet anywhere again since that incident, I will just pass by him without sparing a glance at him, am tired of bypassing and hiding Like a criminal anytime I see him.
Am not sure he even have feelings, the way he shouted, yelled at and insulted me, he as a proper human being should know he hurt my feelings, but no, rather he is still being his pompous self.
He is just getting me really annoyed and also most importantly, I need to get rid of my feelings for him
I was walking through the passage way, which seems to be kinda empty today, well maybe because lessons are still going on. Wondering what am doing outside, during classes hour?, Well, the literature teacher sent me out of the class, just because I wasn’t able to afford the text he introduced last week..
Mtcheeew……. Such a stupid teacher, he thinks everyone got money.
I was walking through the passage way when I sighted Dave walking towards my direction, like I said, my decision still stands am not gonna hide this Time, he can do whatever he wants to do.
I could feel his eyes in me and my confidence slowly begin to fade out little by little, I was now walking slowly avoiding his gaze until I successful passed him, but I don’t think I was really successful cause he dragged me back carefully by my arm to where he was standing by my arm.
I was expecting him to shout at or yell at me or rather even insult me again for what happened the last time, but rather he just kept cool staring deep into my eyes, at a time, I got tired of the intimate stare, so I just adverted my gaze somewhere else.
“Am sorry” he said Finally speaking up
But wait…… Is he apologizing??
“For what” I replied not looking at him deciding to play naive
“You know what am talking about Jenny, am sure you know, the guilt if all what I said has been eating me deeply, and then I knew I really wronged you. Forgive me Jenny, I wasn’t myself, it was of my conciouness , and also forgive my pride for falling to quickly admit that I hurt your feelings, infact we can be friends now, okay? Thank you” he said walking away immediately not even giving me a chance to speak, I was left there speechless on what to say…………..
❤️🍬 Annabelle’s pov 🌼 🎀
It’s been a week now, and the friendship bond between Nelson and I , have been growing stronger day by day, I can even say that am now more closer to Nelson than I am with Eva. Though Eva had confronted me about that, but I was able to bail my self out………… Jeez!!, Am good at that
I and Nelson just finished hanging out some while ago, before I came into chemistry class, which is the class am in now. Right now, my full attention is at the board, the teacher just kept on blabbing, sometimes I don’t even understand his teachings except I go home to study on my own, he doesn’t have the gift of inculcating at all. God let this class be over soon……………………….
At last the class is finally over, it lasted longer than I thought it will.
I hung my bag behind me preparing to go meet Eva or Nelson, any of them I see first.
But surprisingly, Natasha haven’t even disturbed me at all, she just kept her cool, that’s really nice, I just pray she not planning anything bad.
Just as I stepped out, the bell rang. Wow!! For what??, That’s quite weird, at this time.
I was still thinking on that same spot, when I heard the announcement announced by a female voice with a sound system, it sounds like our principal’s.
“All grade 8 or final year student, please move to the hall, we have a very important announcement to pass to you all, please we are expecting you all in the next 15-20 minutes” the voice said repeating it on and on as people begin trooping into the Hall, in one ,twos, threes and so on, I just stood there watching what was going on, until someone taped me from behind, I flinched in fear before I noticed it was just Eva.
“Move to the hall, obey instructions” she said dragging me behind her as we both walked to the hall, we were able to secure at the third seat line at the in the second row, so we were close to the front. Dave was standing at the Front with the principal and other authorities, why?, Don’t he suppose to be in the crowd……… Oh!, Oh!, Maybe because he’s The school owners son.
Mistakenly, as I was still staring looking around, our eyes met, I quickly look away Immediately….. I was even starting to get uncomfortable cause I can still feel his eyes on me.
Finally I felt comfortable, when everywhere was settled and then the principal walked to the stage, cause Dave’s attention left me.
“Good day students” she greeted
“Good day mam” every one replied in unison
” I have good news for you all today, we all know that, it’s been like our tradition for every final year student, male or female, every single one of you, are all expected to participate in prom night and the dinner night party” she said and before she could talk again, the hall went noisy again with sounds of excitement
“Hey silence” she screamed
And once again there was uniform silence in the hall again
“Okay, prom night was supposed to take place last week Saturday, but due to some important issues we shifted it forward to this Saturday, that is, the next two days” she said and there was sound of rejoicing everywhere.
“Our dinner night party would take place after, on the night of out graduation” she said and almost everyone bursted into loud cheers
” Silence please” she pleaded and everyone became quiet again.
“Well, I know most of us here are really excited about this upcoming event, while some are not at all, well, good and bad news, which ever one it is for you, it is compulsory for everyone of you, even though you don’t have date.
Boys, choosing a date among your fellow girls Is allowed, but if you happen to be without a date must still come, cause it’s a social event preparing you for the future, and lastly anyone that doesn’t come, wouldn’t receive his or her testimonial either good or bad” she said, and there was murmuring underground between students
” Well as we all know, our lovely school queen Natasha hensmith is already paired with her suitable boyfriend, Nelson Bervely” she said and everyone begin applauding and cheering them but somehow I boiled in anger at the mention of Nelson’s name with Natasha’s arggh!! Jeez!!
“So can you tell step forward for everyone to see you two, so they will know you guys are already taken” she said and Natasha quickly step up the stage smiling awkwardly, followed by Nelson who kept on walking slowly, when he reached the stage and was standing beside Natasha, our eyes met, I looked angrily at him eyeing him severely, before I quickly look away, am sure he noticed my anger due to the way he stared back at me.
“Am sure we all are anxious, to see who our lovely Dave Clark is gonna go for, right? ” She said and everyone screamed yes
” Well we would see that in the next two days, right?” She said facing Dave who nodded, smiling at her, hmm, I could tell that the smile was fake.
I wonder who he would choose, am already sure that I would have to no date, thank God they said we can come without a date, gosh!! I don’t even know why they made it compulsory
“And lastly there is a new hall, some of our constructing student have been working on specially for prom night in this school, am sure you guys would really love and be surprised at what you would see” she said and everyone cheered again in excitement.
“Well, I think that’s all for now, you may now take your leave” she said walking away from the stage followed by other authorities and Dave.
All the students walked out of the hall looking excited. Even Eva was really excited about it, but she quickly left when the principal was done cause she have to complete her class work which she is to submit in the next 30 minutes, so now I am left alone still annoyed.
When the hall seemed quite cleared I walked out, because I was at the front, immediately I stepped out, I met Natasha and her crew outside, it seems they are waiting for someone.
Immediately our eyes met, she bursted into a mockery laughter.
“Anna, Anna, you’ve failed, you think you can’t snatch my boyfriend right, let me make it clear to you, you can never snatch him away from me not now not ever” she said and they all bursted into laughter, Fools!!, I eyed her severely at what she said but she just kept on laughing foolishly
“You can eye me more than that, look, even the school know we are meant to be, they paired us together, nobody told them to” she said laughing hysterically
I eyed her again, hissed and walked away.
Mtcheeew… Bitch!!


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